Murder and Dismemberment of Yoki Foods Owner Marcos Matsunaga

Creepy Gaping Mouth

42 year old Marcos Kitano Matsunaga was an owner of a billion dollar worth Brazilian food giant Yoki Foods. On May 19, 2012 Marcos Matsunaga went mysteriously missing. His decapitated, dismembered body was later found in Cotia, outside of Brazil’s largest city – São Paulo. His widow, 30 year old Elize Araújo Matsunaga Kitano was later apprehended and confessed to her husband’s murder.

30 year old Elize told the police that she shot her husband in the head with a .380 semi-automatic pistol – a gun she got as a gift from her husband. After that, she dismembered his body, wrapped it in plastic and stuffed it in suitcases she was gonna take into the woods of her home state of Paraná, but changed her plan after she was pulled over for driving with expired plates. The highway patrol officer could not suspect that the woman carried dismembered body parts inside of her Mitsubishi Pajero and released her after issuing a ticket.

Encouraged by not being discovered, but frightened by how close she came to it, she abandoned her plans to drive all the way to Parana and instead dumped the body parts in the woods of Greater Sao Paolo.

The obvious question to ask is – what the hell was Marcos Matsunaga thinking? He married a Brazilian blond bimbo gold digger and gave her a firearm? Did he not read Best Gore?

Elize also said that she confronted her husband about his alleged infidelities and shot him after the accusations made him so angry, he attempted to attack her. Because Brazilian law is more lenient toward murderers who committed a crime of passion, the obvious gold digger pulled an “I loved him so much I didn’t want to see him with other women” trick.

After she shot him in the head, Elize used a knife with 30 cm blade to decapitate and dismember her husband. Crime of passion my ass. For some reason, instead of cutting off his legs at hips, she left her husband’s underwear on and cut him in half, with that knife, through the intestines and other content of the abdomen.

Brazilian police investigators obtained surveillance camera footage from Vila Leopoldina where Elize, Marcos and their daughter lived. The videos showed Marcos Matsunaga coming in, but not leaving. The video also showed Elize leaving with three suitcases in tow and returning 12 hours later without them.

It was later discovered that before marrying the Yoki Foods executive, Elize Araújo was a call girl. Fucking gold digging whore thinks she can trick everyone into believing her crime of passion story!

Prosecutors say they have evidence that Elize started dismembering her husband while he was still alive. Pathologist allegedly determined that Marcos Matsunaga choked to death on his own blood. If she’s convicted of premeditated murder, Elize may face up 30 years in prison. If jury finds her guilty of committing a crime of passions, her maximum will be half of that. She’ll be a cougar ready to dismember another wealthy guy. Can’t beat whore out of a blonde.

Yoki Foods was recently sold to General Mills Corp. for nearly one billion U.S. dollars. Elize Araújo is expected to be barred from inheriting any of her husband’s estate, but may be eligible for half of what he earned while her pair of labia was his wife. The inheritance of their daughter, who’s 1 year old now will be in hundreds of millions of US dollars.

CCTV video which the police used to nail Elize as the most probable suspect is below:

English translation of subtitles from the video:

Saturday May 19: Elize, her baby and a nanny arrive at the apartment at 6:30 pm. Elize dismisses the nanny.

About an hour later, the doomed Matsunaga, CEO of a major Brazilian food company takes the elevator to the lobby to pay for a pizza.

Matsunaga returns to the apartment a few minutes later.

Sunday May 20 at 5 am, the nanny arrives at the apartment, where she has limited access.

Sunday at 11:30 am, Elize takes the service elevator down with three suitcases containing her dismembered husband. She told police that she drove to Coita, Sao Paulo and scattered her husband’s remains in the woods.

Sunday 11:50 pm, Elize casually returns to the apartment without suitcases

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    1. the guy’s probably a japanese-brazilian,
      they have a fairly large community in brazil, they look like your average japanese with eyes for slits, but they can only converse in portugese.
      shit, they probably can’t even pronounce “sake” properly if their lives depended on it

    1. I doubt it was planned, they’re in Brazil and she had access to untold money. How hard is it to hire a hit man for just a few spondoolies. All you need to do is ask the first person you see wearing a crash helmet.

  1. What a sadistic woman, so consumed by greed that she would go so far as to chop up her husband while he was still alive. Hopefully the next bastard she tries to seduce has more brains than the last one and kicks her to the curb before she can pull out a knife on him.

  2. He was smart enough to own a billion dollar business, but stupid enough to marry a blonde whore gold digger. Ice must flow through her body. Now her baby has no father and her mother is gonna spend years in the slammer. BTW, first time I’ve seen elevators with doors that open in and out like this one.

        1. Yea, it’s half the size of that women’s clit on the ‘freedom’ open post.
          Seriously though with all that money why did he marry trailer trash, with that bleached yellow straw with black roots showing and those clothes? No doubt she was an expert at telling him how clever, funny and sexy he was. Guys just can[t help falling for that shit it always backfires for them and this is an extreme example.

          1. I like a big one, but it’s not a deal breaker if the bloke is worh keeping around. You adapt to a smaller one pretty quickly if your lady garden is in good shape. Also I know a lot of women who hate big dicks. They will not tolerate any cervic banging whatsoever.

          2. Let me finish lol… Its not the size of the ship its the motion of the ocean… However, it does take a looong time to get from cuba to the usa in a raft…

  3. Tulio could get so much better bitches for free in BRAZIL when he was younger and drunker….living in BRAZIL and marrying a gold digging cheap escort is like living in america fuck yea and driving a japanese brand sports car….anyway, kicking aside boring legal matters what more could we add? did she had ugly feet too?

  4. Dude, I’m brazilian and this shit has been on the news since forever! Every fucking day we see something on the TV related to that crap.
    The funny part is that the CEO was cheating his former prostitute wife with another prostitute LOL.
    By the way, yesterday the judges were saying that there were clues leading to the existence of another man. A man who was the actual murderer of that CEO… Apparently, the girl shot him in the head, called her lover and asked him politely to cut her dead husband in little pieces…

  5. My guess is that Eilze asked Marcos “do these jeans make my ass look fat?” Well the jeans did indeed make her fat ass look even fatter and Marcos sadly told her the truth. Gentlemen: next time your Wife/GF/Mistress asks you if her dress or jeans make her look fat, you immediately say “of course NOT honey”! Otherwise you might end up in 3 different suitcases like Marcos did.

  6. Weird. I looked this up on several different search engines and non of them say much at all… One thing stuck out to me though and its how strongly she is swearing she acted alone… I think xander is right there had to have been sOmeone else

  7. Thats a true Piranha! LOL you can tell how nervous she was when she came back into the elevator after getting rid of her husbands remains. 30 years is not enough for taking someones life I don’t care if she is Brasilian she needs life without parole. I am sure if they lived in Japan she would do life at the least.

  8. Definitely not a crime of passion! How can you mutilate someone’s body like that, especially if it’s someone you swore you loved… She’s just a regular sociopath that wanted her money. She didn’t care about him.


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