Naked Corpses of Mother and Son Found in Brazil

Naked Corpses of Mother and Son Found in Brazil

On August 6, 2016, naked corpses of a man and a woman were found in a scrub along the BA-001 highway in Jaguaripe, Bahia, Brazil. The bodies were identified as 42 year old Eliana Paula Abreu Oliveira, and her 24 year old son Francis Manasses de Oliveira Souza, both residents of Alto da Bela Vista in Mar Grande, municipality of Vera Cruz in Itaparica Island.

According to police, the family of the victims reported that Francis was involved in drug trafficking, and that his wife had also been killed in the same manner, and the body was located on the island of Itaparica hours before. They also reported that the family was kidnapped and tortured before the triple murder occurred.

Police representative confirmed to the media that the young man’s father is a drug trafficking leaders on Itaparica Island.

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    1. I think you are 100% right with your assessment brother @Der Kopfsammler. But Fuck,,, if i was to kill them, i would still take the loot, no? Not like they are gonna need it anymore. But again, these gangsters are probably loaded, anyways, yea? 😉

  1. these cartels exist for money and power, built from chaos and fear the citizens live in fear. in mexico people rose up and ran them off and those who faught were killed by normal folks. it was a dream yet soon after they became legal then worse to the citizens than the cartel. a cartel not called cartel. bad people succeed when those who know better fail to to act, in brazil there are more than enough people to stop these yet most will protect them selves, carry a big gun wear body armor if they want to kill you the probly will.

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