Naked Man Hanged Upside Down Beheaded and Dismembered with Handsaw

Naked Man Hanged Upside Down Beheaded and Dismembered with Handsaw

Video from Mexico shows exceptionally brutal execution by beheading and subsequent dismemberment of the corpse. The victim is naked and is hanged with hands tied behind his back upside down from a trestle ladder. Because Narco sicarios are notoriously useless with knives when it comes to decapitations (except from this one), the beheading and dismemberment are carried out with a folding handsaw.

The sicarios in this video are members of Los Aliados de Jalisco, a new group of Mexican drug traffickers that recently announced their establishment in Jalisco to with a goal to exterminate the members of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (C.J.N.G). Los Aliados accuse CJNG of extorting innocent Mexicans. Sounds like a noble cause, except that it’s like watching history repeat itself with CJNG a few years ago.

Back then they called themselves Mata Zetas and announced their establishment with a goal to exterminate Los Zetas whom they accused or targeting innocent Mexicans. But as their influence grew, CJNG quickly became an organized crime group no better than Los Zetas themselves. Now we have Los Aliados pleading to fight CJNG – history does repeat itself and at the end of the day, it’s just the poor and powerless that pay.

Props to Mao aka Best Gore member Banned for the tip, Between 7:50 and 10:00 he totally touched victim’s penis:

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208 thoughts on “Naked Man Hanged Upside Down Beheaded and Dismembered with Handsaw”

      1. Bro this is where they learn to use the saw then they jump across the border and start making some usd’s with there new talent. this is a well thought video i would say these guys a little higher up given there up to date camera, i wonder if it was there mother who decided to play the nice music in the background, i would say there alright but there mothers a whore.

    1. i think they have to start to show those videos to their employees. i think that is were their doing wrong, unless their employees are that crazy, so please just show your workers these video’s and maybe you will have less problems in the future.

    2. A really sloppy to disassemble a human body. Usually for torture, you would begin with cutting off the penis and testicles and stuffing them in his mouth, then slicing off the head.

      But once the head’s off and the blood’s drained, the rest of the body is choice cuts of leather and fresh meat.

    3. Fuck, can you imagine Health and Safety getting all over this – No Hi Viz jackets, no hard hats, safety boots, no guard on that blade, slip hazard and fucking about on a stepladder…………….!

      Is this the Mexican version of ‘Changing Rooms’..?

  1. Man these guys suck at beheading people.
    They use that tree saw and it only complicates the task. Invest in some Ginsu knives you cheap ass mother fuckers. Then go out, get you another body and try again…fucking amateur’s..

    1. @kill, yeah they do suck at that but damn it was nice to see them try somthin’ new! They should have cut him longways while he was still alive, then beheaded him, that woulda been the shit!!!! Hey shhhhh, maybe they’re listini’n!!!

      1. @Stalker The knife cuts clean through the flesh whereas the saw actually rips it… The saw is meant for harder things and something soft as flesh only makes the job more difficult. It is without a doubt much more painful.

          1. i am from buffalo new york so if you are a metalhead CC is a must…i have many favorites anything from Tool, Deftones, Mastodon, Meshuggah, Gojira to the other extreme like the Black Dahlia Murder,Skeletonwitch, Whitechapel, Devourment…listening to new Amon Armath right now…what are yours?

          2. Hell yeah dude. CC, skeletonwitch, the black dahlia murder, and devourment are all some of my favs too. Cock and ball torture, last days of humanity,regurgitate, begging for incest, cemetery rapist and on and on

  2. Horrible way to go. I mean seriously I would hate to die to that music. I would much prefer the tune from “the good the bad and the ugly” the one on the Syrian videos.

    You know if it was just gangs killing gangs I wouldn’t give a shit but Its kind of depressing knowing that like Mark said the innocent also get involved and die. Sad sad world we live in 🙁

      1. I actually get disgusted watching these videos and wonder who the hell does disturbing shit like this. But I for some reason find my self coming to this site once in a while. Hate watching this but i just had to.

  3. Oh yes, this is what I like to see. Wonder how long he has been hanged like that, the blood must been to his head and made him possibly light headed before the beheading. Brutal video. Thanks Mark.

  4. wow at 3:26 ish when that guy started the dismemberment process and the beheading gives him a weird look. in my head he wasn’t expecting that to go down, looked at him like yo man wtf you doing, remembered he was holding the dudes head and just got on with it lol these dudes always amaze me such composure. they better have good humour though because there’s plenty of moments for it

      1. i am now not when i said that but really? really man damn didn’t think it was that easy to spot anyway to anyone interested the site this came off has some pretty fkked up videos it’s pretty good watching but still not as good as B.G however lot’s of mexicans!!

  5. Call me old fashioned and all, but i like the traditional right side up beheadings. I’m all for nice chop jobs, but the amount of time it took him to get that first arm off, fucked up my climax! I’ll stick to favoring the chainsaws and machetes! I wasn’t disappointed- just not as juiced as usual. I wonder if his halal meat will make it to sidewalk taco vendor stands. =/

    1. Ok they may be new at the game but fuck, this beheading wasn’t that slow really compared to some of the other vids done by ‘pro’s’ in the cartels – give them time and I’m sure they’ll be better……………or dead.

    1. i agree. from 2010-2012 they were cranking these execution videos out like a motherfucker, but NOW we finally have a new video (with much better quality thank god). They must be getting tha point to not even fuck with anything drug related in Mexico.

  6. finally an HD quality video too bad a asshole keep pointing at camera no fucking and he sucks on hacking other dude well….he same but with all the decapitation from narcos so good video but they need work hacking pieces up.

  7. Could be the funniest beheading video I have seen. The saw was dull as fuck…looked like he was cutting a Christmas tree. Cut so far on one side…had to switch sides to finish the job. Then tries picking up the head and it is soaked with blood…looked like he was juggling a fish…looks like he finally said fuck it and grabbed the poor bastard by his ears.

  8. These guys should learn some basic human anatomy; it would, then. take far less effort to dismember someone.

    Another, top tip; practice on a few chickens; joints are all fairly similar and if you cut through the joint space rather than cutting bone, you will be done in just a few minutes.

  9. Oh Wow We Just Witnesed THeir First Rodeo, The Guy Holding The.Rifle Starts To Hold It Tighter As The Other Onebegins To Cut And The One Cutting Has Trouble Cutting, Its Hard Of Life Even For Them Roaches Killing roaches

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