New ISIS Video Features Uncensored Beheading by Jihadi John and Peter Kassig Post Execution

New ISIS Video Features Uncensored Beheading by Jihadi John and Peter Kassig Post Execution

After being featured in the alleged beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Alan Henning, Jihadi John – the infamous henchman for the Islamic State with the British accent, disappeared and has not been seen or heard from for a while.

Turns out Jihadi John has been busy playing a part in the latest video release by ISIS, in which he’s shown, for the first time, actually executing a man by cutting his throat – uncensored. The victim was a Syrian soldier, one of 15 beheaded Syrian air force pilots.

In the video, which is titled “Although the Disbelievers Dislike It“, Jihadi John also shows off what he claims was a severed head of Peter (Abdul-Rahman) Kassig, the American soldier whom he had threatened would get beheaded after the alleged execution of Alan Henning.

As we are used to seeing from ISIS, the video is professionally edited and extremely visually appealing. It looks and feels like a movie. Even the beheadings are edited Hollywood style – with slow motion, multiple camera angles, and agonal breathing with loud heart thumping.

The video also features an audio address by the Islamic State leader, Khalif Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and shameless self pimping by plugging groups hailing from other parts of the world, but affiliated with the Islamic State, including Sinai, Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, Libya and Algeria.

I’m not too concerned with Peter Kassig, as he was every bit an invading mercenary paid to oppress and kill the indigenous population, no different from any member of ISIS, FSA, Jabhat al-Nusra, Islamic Front or any of several others foreign capital sponsored extremists. The real tragedy was the execution of the Syrian air force pilots who died defending their homeland from the likes of Peter Kassig.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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        1. I believe this could scare people that get scared easy…but me lmao–now they’re making movies ..omg really ..who the short little shit who claims to be the leader of beheading. Short man syndrome……lol

          1. No its not but it’s a COCKNEY ACCENT not British. You can’t say Irish accent is British or Welsh accent is British. Or Scottish is British. It’s all bollox fucking yanks.

      1. wow im not even a muslim and i know how to spell allah btw screw him and his butt screwing murderous pig followers these muslim bastards need to be eraticated with extreme predujice all they have done since they came into being is kill ,maime and destroy all in their view if they can’t do any better than that those camel humpers need to go I’ve had friends who were muslims and I cn tell youbthey would galdly jump at the prospect of killing or converting an infadel and those are the only two options there are no moderate muslims and those who say they are are liars I feel bad for their children they have no choice muslims are the true savages barbarians whatever you wish to call them ppl who would gladly kill their children for being raped ie honor killings are not worth a damn and shouldn’t be allowed to continue breathing one more breath on this earth and I know many will say that is exactly what hitler said about the jews but guess what the. Jews much unlike isis and those other groups did not kill everyone in their wake. I don’t hate the muslims I just don’t. Like their idiotic ays and the fact that they are evil suckers

      2. I love how before they say anything they have to say, Allah fucktard, allah fucktard, allah is a fucktard, allah fucktard!
        Durka Durkastan. I wonder before they wipe their ass…That’s if they even do “doubt it” they say Allah fuckturd!

          1. lol and the worst part is they put women posing as civilians asking for food, water, etc… and children with hiden guns and bombs strapped to them, horrible stuff really but hey whatever gets the job done thats what i always say, (i do NOT support isis in any way shape or form and do actually agree with the comment im replying to)

        1. Well a carpet bomb would be where they send one plane over an area dropping a fuck ton of bombs, A blanket bomb (a lot less safe for the plane[s] by the way) would be where they send a fuck ton of planes to drop a fuck ton of bombs

    1. I wouldn’t give these mentally ill by religious brainwashing, uneducated, sand niggas the satisfaction of watching their BS fucking propaganda load of crap. It stands for nothing at all. Let alone the cost of watching 15 mins worth of data. Fuck that. I’m not paying to watch them, I HATE them. Who would do that?

      1. @Dutchy – I agree, once you’ve seen a couple – you’ve seen them all. Can’t bring myself to watch any more of their religious fanaticism. As for those that want to join their “cause”: go to it! Whatever country you come from will be better off without those indoctrinated idiots, just don’t let them back in… (No offence to @Baby14; and thanks for the time and effort @Acneska and Baby14. I do read the write up about the videos!)

          1. @Dutchy – sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything about you and Acneska or Baby14. I was only meaning to prevent someone from replying rudely to me about not appreciating their work. I know you didn’t mean it that way as I’ve read many of your comments previously πŸ˜‰

        1. Of course he nor
          any one else
          that does wrong
          wants to be arrested..da…iip
          As far as brain washing goes
          a lot of these people would
          kill their own political leaders
          for being corrupt
          if they could….because like here
          or any where else
          they know we are doomed,
          so they go off and get to kill not
          for Allah,
          but the simple thrill that it for them
          sadly provides… iip

          1. @ is it poetry, people like him are wasters, bums and see this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Still, if you’re behind a cause and issuing threats etc, at least have the balls to show your face.

    2. Their is a saying “its better the devil you know” America has fucked up big time atleast they knew Saddam was unjust to his own people and neighboring countries but if this does kick off America will be fighting a losing battle worse than Vietnam because like Vietnam the Americans got their ass,s kicked and was slaughtered with no mercy even the so called supper power fucked off saying how can we fight people who survive on a bowl of rice only these guys have a bigger goal and the life loving armys of the west will see such destruction they won’t recover which will be worse than nam who returned and raped their own children and killed their own family’s to get images out of their heads. Its a war that America cannot win the drone shit just makes the army stronger and they want the west to do cowardly shit so they can justify lone wolfs attacking innocent civilians in their own streets any which way America is FUCKED

      1. Just one quick response. Americans did not get their ass kicked in Vietnam. While they failed to defend south Vietnam against the commie north, the war was lost politically, not militarily. Take a peek at the death tolls. Combatant lives lost on the side of the north were much, much heavier then american lives. Yes, the overall goal of the war was not met, but by no means did Americans get their ass kicked over there.

        1. @mimeloc : you’re a funny guy……..
          Even though your sarcasm is hidden very well, I can see it, thankfully. I thought you were serious there for a minute!!

          As a fairly frequent visitor to Ho Chi Minh City, and elsewhere throughout the spectacular country that is Vietnam I’ve had the chance to visit the war memorials and museums throughout the country that document the tragedy that was the Vietnamese war. It clearly illustrates the arse whipping the USA experienced in EVERY aspect of that war by the Vietnamesea I expect you to reply saying that you would fully expect their records to contain propaganda and that is a valid point, but remember it is also a very valid point about your records as

          1. Ha… If one were to visit the Pearl Harbor, just by visiting that you could argue japan won WW2, but we all know that is not the case when you take in all the info. Read about TET. The biggest offensive they tried was largely a failure. I don’t need propaganda, there are facts available…

          2. So now the Japanese, Russians, Germans and those of radical Muslim religion are in on it… Talk about sheeple..some people you just cant reach

          3. I also largely disagree with Dutchy’s comment.The only failure was the inability, under the political boundaries at that time, to stop Northern Vietnam from invading South Vietnam. You can go check all the pro-Communist memorials and statues what were built since, but it won’t show you any truth.

        2. I think the news spoke for itself “no soldier received a hero’s welcome the one who did survive committed suicide they were burt alive the Vietnam congs had underground paths they mentally fucked anyone who survived they even took their families lives. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it with pride those guys are fighting (in their minds) for god and are not scared of dying in other words they have nothing to lose but Americans on the other hand can’t fight knowing the best result is a medal a person who loves this world birthdays charismas’ family life etc its fighting a losing battle even if its just one person that dies its not worth it

      2. The truth. Most Americans do not know the truth about Vietnam. Did you know that Ho Chi Minh was not his real name? Did you know that he lived in Boston for a few years working as a baker’s assistant? He saw Asain immigrants having a better life in the US than under colonial rule elsewhere.

        The only thing he wanted was for the Vietnamese to be free of French rule. He went to Russia not to learn about the ecconomics of Communism, but to learn how to become a revolutionary.

        The Japanese occupied Vietname during WWII and in response he created the Viet Minh…to throw the Japanese out. To that end, under Col. Wild Bill Donnovan,s OSS, the Viet Minh were supported by the US government.

        Now here is the greatest failure of the US. Ho Chi Minh would have remained a staunch ally of the US. However, after WWII, with the ousting of the Japanese, Vietname was supposed to be given back not to the French but to the Vietnamese. On September 2, 1945 Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam’s indepedence. Their declaraion of independence begins: September 2, 1945″All men are created equal; they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Sound familiar?
        His life long dream would have been realized.

        However, France complained that it wanted Vietname back. FDR had made a deal with Churchill. For the lend lease program, Churchill promised that as FDR wanted, following the war, there would be no more colonialism. However, Trumen did not keep FDR’s promise as far as Vietname was concerned. Trumen received a telgram from Ho Chi Minh in February, 1946 pleading for America’s help. Trumen ignored the request. In total, Ho Chi Minh wrote 8 letters to Trumen, none of which were answered.

        In 1945 in a letter to Secretary of State James Burns he literally begged for the help of the US. Ho Chi Minh really loved not only the ideals of the United States but its people. Much later, in 1960, in a letter addressed to the American people he would state that all he wanted was the friendship of the US. He never wanted war with America.

        Ho Chi Minh declared war against the French in December, 1946. In 1954 at the battle of Dien Bien, the French were kicked out.

        And…the rest is history. The US with it maniacal Red Scare totally misunderstood that all the Vietnamese wanted was there freedom. Their relationship with the Chinese was one of convenience….obtaining arms.

        It is for this reason that US involvement was such a tradgedy. We not only fought for nothing. We fought against a country that was our ally against the Nazis.

        “Those who do not learn from history will be condemed to repeat it.” Santayana

    3. ISIS can kiss my ass. Give me my old M60 back or even my Sniper Rifle. Why would I want a knife when I can Blow their heads off or cut them in half. Walking in a line like they do, I can take six of them out with one shot of a M60 machine gun.

  1. I just can’t help but not understand. Why…when faced with death do you not piss in their face. I get the whole don’t give them the pleasure of fighting back. But what good is that? Like my father once said “never make an enemy out of a mentally Ill person with a good income.” But if you are taken alive for beheading by these pussy sand sandwiches why not at least make a stand. To show “fuck you and your ideology, if I had you in cuffs and a colored Santa beard you would tell me to fuck myself too, it’s my duty as a human being, to verbally tell you sand monkeys to go fuck yourself.” I’d spit shit swear and even laugh at them on the way to the location. I’d make sure they want to execute me before we even get there. I think everyone there should get some teeth like in those bond movies, bite on the tooth and instant death. Love to see all guys drop dead before the pussy sand sandwiches get to do their primitive task of early theater. God damn. BTW sorry if I ranted.

    1. @tomazjetuki, I bet some people have resisted, but we’ll never know for certain. Most of the victims may be in a “this can’t be happening” state of shock. Once they have you, resistance is futile. Better to have your death be somewhat quick than drug out for days in unimaginable suffering.

      1. The other thing is that if you detach yourself from your “living self”, into some sort of dead person you will reduce your panic and fear, speak your sufffering. Fighting means panicking and terrible fear. The guys in this video are beyond fear, they are in some kind of world between life and death, freed from emotion. If you imagine not being a person anymore, but just some being that has to endure 30 seconds of cutting you might have chosen the easier path.

    2. Greez to your DAD. Dont watch so many “Bond movies” A tip : “They are not real” This here is real.
      You will spit on hers faces before beheadet? Do it.. and we see the first Video with a loooong suffering.. Maybe they cut your tongue first..your fingers..your arms.. your legs. That was the other Option πŸ˜‰

      1. Then depending on how and where I was captured would be good too, if nothing else I’d take one or two down before I blow my own head off if I was an armed soldier or pilot. If be like Dorner. The cop who exposed it in LA.

        1. I think if they’re worried you were going to fight,they’d just drug you to the point where you’re conscious but unable to fight back. The whole time I was in Iraq I kept a single 5.56 round in my grenade pouch that was for myself if I thought I was about to be captured and was still conscious. You can’t reason with these people,and they don’t let prisoners go.

          1. Either drugged or severely starved/dehydrated. They look dead before the slashes happen. & like you said, I’d be damn willing to take my own bullet before their knife, if it came to that.

    3. This parasite jihadi rubber johnny only did this spineless jellyfish act,due to the fact the government fucked up on blowing his ass into hells fire,so John..decided the next day..fuck this shit!,I’m having a period and no fucker is gonna blow that rag off my head unless I take a head with me..

    1. They do seem very intent on trying to take over the world leaving only those who believe in the same crap ad them alive. I really would not want to live in a world ruled by those creeps, especially being a woman.

    1. One of the murderers is confirmed as a native french convert. Native as in christian, central European. And white and non white is rather pointless in this context anyway. Whoever has been to the middle east or northern africa knows that there are all kinds of people. From blue eyed blonds to gingers. Thanks Alexander the Great Europeans have spread there early.

  2. They gave a lot of good Intel away during this video. Just from the beheading part a lot of them can actually be named and it’s now obvious where their exact geo location is. Should be pretty easy for any modern force to take them out or capture them now if that’s what they intend to do. Personally I don’t believe it is. Sadly this is more than indirectly caused by western leaders themselves and it’s just a shame it is not Cameron, Obama, Netanyhu. And all other co-conspirators to de-stabilise the Middle East lying down in that desert headless for their actions. Now I know about the likes of the Fallujah massacre. The tens of thousands of babies born with hideous deformities through the likes is depleted uranium shells and rounds the U.S.A drenched those lands in I cannot totally condem the gullible people who commit these acts. Had it been any of my children who’d been born a quad or an elephant child or destroyed my city and homeland thanks to the past coalitions efforts I can say without any fear of the intelligence services reading this. (V.P.N is off and not using Torr to post this) I would want to do something similar. The only difference is I would not attack the sheep they control like this band is doing. I would make it my life’s ambition to go after those directly responsible. The leaders who always seem to live a happy, healthy, rich and long Kama free life. Until we as people come together and reconciliate our views and find the strength to accept each other again they will continue to divide us and conquer us as this video clearly demonstrates they have done. I hold my hand out to anyone who’s innocent and say they are only in charge because we have been weak stupid and allowed them to be. Change of world leadership is what’s really needed. Not air strikes and front page sheep herding. Burn the newspapers then take it all back from them. WAKE UP

          1. Most definitely welcome, mate.
            Same story with me. Thought I had it all figured out, came here, then bam. The truth hit hard.

            Hope to see more of your comments around.

    1. ***Until we as people come together and reconciliate our views and find the strength to accept each other again they will continue to divide us and conquer us as this video clearly demonstrates they have done

      …excellent post

      Well thought out, and I learned a little bit from it as well…

      Thanks again balls…

    2. The reason for the obvious clues are to make the allies go in to fight i.s on the ground, he even tells us where they are, i Wouldn’t be surprised if the hostages have been killed during the air strikes, note the lack of hostage at the end of the tape.

    3. If only most people around the world could think like you and see the real evil doers are the leaders of the world. Alas there are too many loony leftist sheeple that continue to bleat about utter shit or ignorant misinformed people that just don’t care as long as they have their TV/Gadgets and MaDonalds. Or the rich ones who are too busy living in a different world to know whats really going on. I do agree thou it is the likes of Cameron and Obama and the other like them that should be paying the ultimate price, But then they are protected by their ivory castles and security that all the tax payers pay for.

    4. You sir nailed it, even thou i would still tilt the balance of sheer violence towards the extremist muslims, even considering the disproporcionate use of force that USA and its allies use against their asimetric foes.
      All i know comes from videos such as the ones found in this awesome site, but coalition forces *except in severe cases such a the fallujah uprising, most of the time seem to be profesional and serene, respecting strict rules of engagement , taking civilians into consideration even puting themselves in risk by doing so.
      While on the other side the extremists show total disregard for civlian safety with their i.e.d. and in many videos they openly attack and murder civilians, even international aid volunteers.
      So even if i understand that the only way to get peace is by leaving this guys alone and pretty much blow up a g8 summit i would still love to see this theists dissapear from the map, because to me its unaceptable to have a fundamentalist goverment in the 21 century, god is thankfully dead, atheists like me must make it stay that way

    1. I cannot understand why people continue to believe these videos are fake!!! ? These people want to instill fear and be taken serious, what the hell would they gain in posting a false video up and getting exposed and being riddiculed!

          1. @acnesk not to tell you what to do or how to do anything but why not just IP ban? or is that what you do anyway…

            NVM i’ll leave that stuff to you mods and admins…

            just thinking out loud over here…

        1. for some reason all the fade outs and fade ins make me thing they faked this also but its hard to tell with video being (pot shotting so cut me some slack here) 360p/420p and i’m viewing this on a 32″ screen so its easier to find details in it with HD video…

          but the way the blood came out looks like it was a blood bag.
          we have all seen the way the blood flows from knife beheading’s there is a lot more blood that flows out.after the heads come off we missing a lot of blood in this..

          I say fake but I’ll let the resident SFX guy confirm/deny that statement

      1. In this video the beheader instantly cuts through the neck with ease and few knife swipes. Yet in the first released videos he goes to town sawing the guys neck and doesn’t even break the skin. Did he get a razor sharp adamantium knife just for this? Also all these cunts have the same blade, pretty hard to do for a ragtag group of wild terrorists who ordinarly look like they all got their gear from a black market thrift shop (see video where guy gets sniped while he shoots like Rambo). Then you have all the fancy editing and camera zooms and whatnot that look identical to the Turkish film “Valley of Wolves”.
        This whole thing reeks of propaganda bullshit.

    1. AA ?: C’mon seriously WTF does that mean?
      I’m white and very proud of my kulture and ‘eritage. And our western governments have decided that?is allowed in the most part, ?provided you express this feeling in groups of no more than two, ?in a volume under 5 DB, in a town with a population of less than 40. ? But that is of course, unless being proud to be white, offends someone who is proud to be black. ?Then of of course there is a big problem and I am labeled a disgusting racist who deserves nothing less than a horrific death delivered by a blunt and rusty sword wielding sand nigga in a black balaclava with an english accent, in some God forsaken public square in 40 degree heat, with only 6 year olds on a class excursion as witnesses……Ad the saddest thing is it will be fucking pussy whipped whites yelling the loudest abuse at other whites who say anything negative about multiculturalism. ?Although i (and secretly the rest of the country including the whites who just yelled abuse) find it very comforting we don’t ever have to listen to, walk past, smell or look at the unemployed welfare vacuum, education rejecting, poverty stricken, smacked out ?mass mob of non english speaking garbage gutter trash talking, dodgy looking morbidly obese pregnant teenage hood rats like our unfortunate white friends in the USA, who have to accept the situation with a forced smile, or risk being arrested or shot by the uniformed street gangs there.

      ?Keeping some very well known and introduced pests out of the beautiful aussie natural environment is just smart house keeping, and an unwritten immigration rule, one law the jews did not succeed in implementing here anyway……

  3. I thought the beheadings this time were done quite artistically.

    The way they all lined up and beheaded at the same time showed excellent team work, they had the synchronization of an Olympic team.

    They even posed with pride at the end as if they had just won gold.

  4. If this video has the purpose of scaring you, i have to admit it defenatly does that to me. Those fucking muslims are crazy. The west should of never been in iraq and got of saddam and gaddaffi, all this is our doing and now the west is paying for our politicions mistakes. You never heard of this when the regimes were in power ( well maybe not as bad ) . If you are white skinned i would implor you to be very careful in a muslim country. What a sad fucking world.

      1. Trust me: I have travelled the Arab world. Most educated Muslims are sick of religious claptrap. Anticlericalism has always been strong among the Sunnis. The Muslims we call Islamists today were staunch secular socialists only a couple of decades ago. So, no, the world will not become Muslim, and the Islamist frenzy will eventually wither away.

    1. They are not crazy they are crazed. If I came to your city with an advanced army murdered all your children and put your women in prison to stop conception how would you react ? I don’t mean to cause an argument with you i’m just curious would you just accept it and say oh well ? While the rest of the world blames your beliefs and way of life ? Perhaps afterwards I could rain a little hellfire on your citizens and children from remote controlled planes while I eat a nice healthy meal behind a screen laughing at my mistake when I accidentally miss and blow up a creche or a church. After all are you going to stop me or take me to court ? To the courts I and my organisations own and control. I used to be quick to judge. Now I’m not so lazy and ignorant. Not that I’m saying you are. I was talking about myself I the past tense. Best wishes

      1. They are angry guys and gals with guns, if i lived their i think I’d want to join up with a malitia, they want to destroy america and her allies. Not surprising after what our governments have done to there land.

        1. There not as stupid as you think. Not all of them are brainless idiots carrying guns. Bet they have everyone fighting with them down to doctors, solicitors, electrical engineers , chemical physists and so on….and software engineers!! For your movie editing!

      1. ***I too was confused about that. Truth be told, with how long it can take people to edit videos, and since they did do a fair bit on this one, I imagine he already made the footage before the airstrike, if it even happened.

        …good point FL

      2. @future I think he’s still alive and uninjured. Believe it not its really easy to edit a video to that level. It can be done with fairly basic free software providing the programmer has a basic knowledge. I’m sure you could learn it and do it yourself within a day. I read Islamic State have a skilled hacker amongst them who went to them from the U.K if I had to guess I’d say it’s him editing them. I think the coalition terrorists just made that up to satisfy the brainwashed public. General elections are coming up so its smoke and mirrors time.

    1. I heard on the news that they think the beheading of Syrians and the Jihadi John bit were filmed about 3 weeks apart and In different areas. Plus “injured” is so vague, he could have stubbed his toe lol.

  5. First things first: I find it hard to believe that these beheadings are for real. Secondly, that people seek refuge in crude religiosity during times of great turmoil makes ample sense to me. Thirdly, Acneska, I really admire your well-informed social commentary. That being said, I should also point out that the paradigm applied by you is at least two years out of date. These insurgents whom we refer to as ISIS(L) are now a rather odd melange of Islamic fundamentalists and indigenous secular elements with strong ties to the Baath Party of Iraq.

  6. I used to get angry at how the West were such suckers for blatant Western propaganda, such as this. Now, I am on board; if you can’t see through this then you deserve to be treated as a sheep by our Zionist masters. I’ll gladly take a job off them helping to fool the moron Goy.

  7. This is my first ever post on bestgore, Basically i feel for these guys, America and britain have killed just as many innocent folk with there illegal jaunts into islamic territories yet no war crimes against our leaders, Im neither arab or religious and what I.S.are trying to achieve is nothing new.

      1. That cameron is just another american lap dog, im glad im scottish and Don’t see myself as british, i hate what britain has done to the middle east and i get so frustrated hearing how We’re the saviours of the muslim world. The world needs to prepare for a global war. All blood shed is on britain and americas hand.

      2. ***Agreed. This shit has been going on for centuries, millennia even. This is the modern day version of this shit, complete with ultra sharp video.

        …yeah ES

        And if it wasn’t such a disgrace to humanity, I might even ask for some buttered popcorn, and a few Niki commercials in between as well…

          1. Yeah its all about freedom of life as far as im concerned, aslong as i Don’t cause harm to people then i should be able to watch and say what i want.

        1. Putin hasn’t invaded ukraine. Poroshenko is killing innocents that are pro russia, so Putin is only defending these people. Plus, Ukraine is now owned by the IMF. Putin is the only leader with a set of Bollocks, why o you think western leaders hate him?

      1. Very true…if anything America is only making them stronger. And I’m not sure if it’s real or not…of course this one looks ALOT more real then the other lame videos, but if it is real I’m sure our leaders wouldn’t mind killing a few good men just to get the sheeple scared & on there side…sad but true.

  8. Now that was brutal and it freaked me out when they paused and the dude dressed in black looked up. ..
    Why do they show all others being beheaded but yet they edit out any American beheading..

      1. Well this one def did it’s job. I don’t know why this one freaked me out so much but it did I’ve seen so many beheadings on this site and never once did I cringe like I did while watching this.

        1. Strange, I have seen far nastier beheadings than this. The aesthetic dimension to the specatcle overpowers the fear factor. The fifth time I watched it, things got funny to boot: Jihadi John came across as an overenthusiastic tour guide.

    1. So nuking millions of children is ok, when bahgdadi goes i thing you should become the caliph, im not having a go bud but thats a silly solution, what should happen is for all these cowardly middle eastern countries should send there troops in. india, pakistan, bangladesh.This could end up being a global tragedy so the whole world needs to unite, but it won’t .

    2. @Rota

      Threatening to melt 1 Billion people because they are “animals” shows up how desperate you are. Just like that kid in school who threatens to go to the president just because he was bullied. When you have enemies, first think why you are enemies.

      Shock & Awe, Abu-Ghuraib prison, using depleted uranium shells around children & families, all these things made iraqies furious & made long-term enemies to the states.

      1. You animals have been killing each other wholesale for millenia. I, for one, have had enough. Your religion breeds hate and violence. And those who choose not to partake in the acts themselves provide moral support – if not more. When has any mosque come out and condemned the violence purpetrated by these animals??? Rarely, if ever.

        Enough! A huge number of you dream of setting off a nuke in Washington or New York. Millions of you would gladly trade your life for the opportunity to be part of such a plan. You use the Koran as some kind of defense for such an action… Just as you do for cutting people’s heads off.

        And did you REALLY mention Abu Ghrebb prison… Did that really come out of your pie hole?? My god… Any one get beheaded in there? The WORST that went on was doggies going ‘woof WOOF’, and parading you clowns around naked.

        What universe do you come from raising such things when your people make sport of killing thousands in cold blood.

        I do not know what sickens me more… Your intelectual cowardice or the kind shown by vermin cutting the heads off of prisoners.

        Yes…. Melt you all…

        1. Do you eat with that mouth ?

          First of all, don’t ignore the history of Europe which by far, the bloodiest history in man’s journey, the french revolution alone is enough to paint your continent with shame. You burned women like Joan of Arc on crosses & it is documented how Europeans mastered torture & the creation of torture machines ; mainly for the goal of inquisition. Even boiling people alive was a popular habit in Europe ; it was a capital punishment in Britian BTW. Google it πŸ™‚

          About Muslims, I don’t know in which hole you were staying, but the majority of mosques around the Muslim world condemn ISIS & all Muslim governments are at war with ISIS -check the collation forces-, and the current people who fight ISIS -and were fighting them since 2012- are all muslims : Syrian government, Kurds -PKK-, FSA, Nusra front who are Jihadists also and the government of Iraq-.

          If you didn’t notice ; who keeps ISIS alive are the western media, weapons & foreign policies ; why not bomb their headquarter in Reqqa ? why doesn’t the collation bomb there ?
          Then, you haven’t checked the numbers of Sunni mosques ISIS bombed ?

          When you’re threatened with explosives, you can do weird things.

          1. About Abu-ghuraib.

            Let me put you in a dark room for months, with a stinky bag covering your head all the time, while electrocuting you, while you’re naked, then stack you in a pile of inmates & keep beating you until your bones are broken, then bring angry dogs to chop parts of you & eat your flesh while you watch.

            Eating you while you’re naked, in a stinky room smelling like shit, piss & vomit, while receiving an electric shot. This goes daily, for years.

            No..actually beheading is better.

  9. Jihadi john is a coward IMO

    the reason he covers his face is so that he can take vacations from the fighting, go to britain to get his afternoon tea

    it’s the UK government’s fault for allowing all these middle easterners in, they’re ruining the UK and the rest of europe

    1. Allowed = they asked before coming. Did you ask before invading Iraq ?
      Did you ask before invading Vietnam ?
      Did you ask before invading Afghanistan ?

      So please shut up with your racist propaganda.

        1. @SKS

          Exactly. Muslims & Arabs are the ones who should always give the other cheek ; eh ?

          Superpowers should not whine about their shitty foreign policies when they backfire, your governments make enemies quicker than a motherfucker. Just like the moon, the other cheek of the Britian & america is something I never see.

          1. my dear british sand nigger,
            Go back to the middle east where all you muslims belong, so that any violence arising out of your existence is contained in a part of the world where you are the majority.

            There you can do all that your islamic religion calls on you to do in the name of your allah

      1. That double standard makes my blood boil. Fucking hypocritical twats.
        They want their caliphate, fine, but make sure you stay there, forever after.
        Your days of creaming the system in the UK are over.
        ( if I had my way that is )

        1. @ewestomper

          Who are they ? who want their caliphate, if your answer is “Muslims” then you just made a very racist & irrational generalization, based on ethnicity & race. If you mean ISIS, then I don’t understand how an agent of M.I6 or SAS who benefits England is creaming their system.

          One of the double standards that should boil you, is how the british system occupies countries like Palistine, then bring Jewish gangs to genocide the natives & build a jewish state in a place that a jewish state shouldn’t exist, then feel angry when the situation backfires.

          double standard wise your British system gives glorious examples. And again Brittan opened hell’s gates upon itself since the days of Palestine.

          1. @Arabic.
            I was referring to the idiots who leave the country that’s fed them, to blindly fight for this so called IS . Those that kid themselves that they are fighting a holy war, like the guy to the left of the man in black ( from Wales ) , and the man in black himself.
            The deeper politics has no bearing on these idiots.

        2. @ewestomper……totally agree with your sentiment, 100%. What really fucks me off is the fact that some of these bastards have realised that life isn’t all roses over in Iraq and a lot of them are wanting to come “home” , that is, they want to come to the UK and continue to receive their free housing, free health care , free education for their fucking brats, and a nice free weekly cash handout, all this without facing any charge of treason , the weak government is in fact letting the cunts come back to the uk and is treating them like poor disillusioned muslims that didn’t realise what they were letting themselves in for. I am ashamed at times to call myself fucking British!!!

  10. i can only describe how theyre feeling as post traumatic stress similar symptoms where you go into a daydream you feel numb and you dont feel like theres any good in humanity and youve lost faith in any humans you just space out andglaze over in your mind like your in a void thats similar to a dream

  11. The only description I have for this video, is “Ideology, stacked up emotional dumpster”, I will count the reasons I think that one by one.

    First of all, the video has two main themes -or ideological roots- which both of them contradict each other.

    The first is racist/nationalistic theme ; appearing so obviously at 4:15, when the picture zooms at Baghdad and a sad “humming” shows up whining “Baghdad, ya Baghdad” ; why would you involve such a thing within a religious film -as supposed- ? to me, this part of the video was either made by an angry Iraqi, or a CIA editor who’s inflaming the Syrian crisis more & more by invoking the Iraqi nationalism card.
    Then, another racist theme appears at 4:27, when the commentator literally says that Sh’ia Muslims are worse than non-believers. That’s not religiously correct ; since in ALL Muslim sects -even in the Sunni sect- Shi’a Muslims are “misguided” but considered Muslims because they believe in the Quran. What the shows at 4:27 is pure ethnic & political racism towards the Shi’a Muslims who -during 2003- usually gave aid to the United States to overthrow Sunni Saddam from power. Yet, Saddam was secular & mainly non-religious. To me, invoking this as an ideology ISIS is fighting for is either a slipped detail indicating that Ba’th party & Saddam’s men are behind ISIS, or the CIA is delivering a heavy payload to Iran (and by that a bitch slap to russia too) by cutting Iraq into a half ; where most oil is located in Sunni Shia hating regions (which hate iran too because they are shia) and infested by ISIS ; which means Iraqi oil would go to America instead of Iran & Russia for very low prices -black market prices-.

    The second, is the fanatic theme, which spills words which aren’t connect -like ; why would we go into full scale war for the sake of an event that happened 1400 years ago ?- No Muslim ever thought like that ; if Shia Muslims curse Abo Bakr & Umar, Sunni Muslims are praising criminals & serial killers like the Ummayads who killed Ali’s son -Ali is prophet Mohammed’s cousin-. Then, it’s 2014. 1400 years have passed. Nobody wants war over this ; except the person behind ISIS & Iranian interventions in the region ; like supporting the government of Iraq & Syria.

    This video is the worst image a Muslim can be accused of. Please don’t believe this. Muslims are not “blood drinkers who play in human flesh” like the commentator says. This is propaganda. Don’t become a pawn in the big board of chess.

  12. The beheadings in this video may or may not be real. It’s hard to say for sure because of the editing and slow motion, etc. But, something tells me that is not Jihad John in the beheading scene. I have a gut feeling that they used a stand in.

    Also, the fact that they didn’t show any of Kassig’s beheading makes me think that was yet another fake. When they show his head it’s a still photo. Why show a still photo then switch to live video after panning up? Seems odd to me.

  13. I’m getting sick of people here saying these kind of videos are fake, why the fuck would they fake it and they don’t have the means, the know how and time. All the other videos are real but the ones that IS makes are fake?? Why is that?? because they don’t have the balls?? well, by now we all know muslims DO have the balls to do it, just like the mexican cartels and all other people.

    I bet these are the same people who believe that the pyramids in Egypt where built by aliens, believe in a god and see chemtrails all over the place

    Put a sock in it, wake up. The world is shit and humans are disgusting. Sad, but true.

    1. Because, in a battlefield, one doesn’t simply roam the place with an HD camera without being a sitting duck for spotters. Spotters are scouts who accompany snipers or mortar battalions, pointing out to the sitting ducks on the battlefield.

      The theory of the fake ISIS videos came out because they film without being shot or blown up. Which simply means that either their enemies are retarded & blind -Americans, Syrian army, syrian rebels, Kurds, Iraqi government…etc-. Are all these blind ? the Syrian army alone has elite snipers that most of syria is scared of.

      So usually, for a battlefield video to be passed as real, it must be shaky, from a long distance.

      I’m also sick of your type who believes every shit they see. Even if it was in a movie.

  14. Close head shots of the soon to beheaded was nice got the boy band dream boat vibe from that last one. And I do love the aminouse line up of a the hands of blades, I seen alot of vacant stares though, I still remember the hour of the time, I shouldn’t count my own anymore. Later days. -951-

  15. until these guys behead someone who is really responsible for the mess in the Middle east I’d say it is all bought and paid for by the USA. Just behead a Cheney or a Rumsfeld and you will start getting me convinced. Now they only behead their fellow men and a few Westerners who actually try to help. You can say that the last US guy being killed (Kassig) deserved it because he was in Iraq before in the military. But this guy is only 26 yo and has been fed all the bull sh1t from the corporate media. So he was mislead and had a change of heart and is punished for this. These IS guys are bought and paid for by the USA. Of course not with hard earned money, just printed money which they export to the rest of the world. I betcha no real US criminal is being hurt, these actors in this video are being paid and back they go to the brothel.

    1. ***But this guy is only 26 yo and has been fed all the bull sh1t from the corporate media. So he was mislead and had a change of heart and is punished for this.

      …yes tonyheart, and that is why he doesn’t deserve this

      I’m not going to get into the specifics, as to the true identity of some of these people, or if all, some or any, were even killed at all…

      However, I look at our troops in the same light. I disagree with most of the reasons, as to why they go to war. Yet, I admire their courage to do so.

      I have a few members in my family, who spent several years in the military. And unlike what our Zionist media tells us here in the states, they generally agree with most of what I have said about this bloodbath.

      What’s depressing, is that many who serve, want assistance to pay for college.

      What I find utterly insane, other than the price for college, is the reason to sign up for military service in the first place.

      It’s one thing to “fight and serve” for your country, and for any reason. (no matter if I agree or not)

      However, when one makes the decision to learn, he or she’s already fucked financially, from the same branch of government, that wants to send them off to be killed in the first place.

      Think about that for a second…

      If I wanted to teach a kid how to rebuild a transmission, would I hit the poor soul with my truck, before I make him a “master mechanic?”

      Furthermore, I pay him minimum wage, as he’s learning the trade, and charge him absurdidly high shop fees, before I hit him with my truck.

      …then, I simply refuse to pay for his funeral

      Kinda makes you proud to be an American huh!!

      …btw: your post was dynamic πŸ™‚

      1. @cravingcarnage

        If he wants to go to college and he can’t, he can revolt ; so his country provide free seats in universities for all youth.

        Going to iraq makes him a merc -nobody cares why he went there-, the bloodbath won’t take place if all Americans who can’t go to college since it’s expensive revolted in their own countries.

        Rather ; going to the far end of the world to shoot arabs for your college seat means you’re selfish, racist, brainwashed & above all : a small criminal like the rest. If arabs did the same (invaded america to gain college seats back home) ; wouldn’t you shoot them to defend your loved ones ?

        and above all ; in Islam it’s forbidden to kill somebody who claims Islam -even if he was a merc-. Another point where isis contradicts islam by killing this person.

    2. You’re a fucking moron. You really think, in your twisted, demented, idiotic little brain that the USA is paying for ISIS to do these things? What a dipshit. People like you shouldn’t speak. And definitely shouldn’t reproduce.

    1. @TheProtocolsOfZion

      Something smells fishy about the video. The beheading might be real POZ, but the question is always “who is getting beheaded” ?

      Syrian soldiers are cheap, so as Arab citizens and Muslims. We are cheep fuel for this war machine, that’s why I never trust executing Arabs or Muslims, it’s real, but are these people truly pilots ? or just some poor humans kidnapped from a near local farm, with no country to back them up & no one to report them missing.

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