New Jersey Cops Execute Man for Carrying, Brainless Bootlickers Rejoice

New Jersey Cops Execute Man for Carrying, Brainless Bootlickers Rejoice

New Jersey Cops Execute Man for Carrying, Brainless Bootlickers Rejoice

In Paterson, New Jersey, the cops executed a guy for walking in public with a gun. You can tell the citizens killers were just drooling to draw blood and were not going home without a new notch on their belts.

Best Gore member @drennor973 notes:

Our shitty state doesn’t allow open or concealed carry for regular citizens. This guy looks like he’s looking for suicide by cop and boy does he get it. That’s all the backstory I have unfortunately.

When you live in a police state, all you need to die by cop is to exist. They will do the rest – find the reason and the excuse, and will also kill your dog if you have one.

You can tell the victim knew. He knew the cops went to work that day desiring to kill. He knew they were just playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse before delivering the death blow. He knew none of the trigger happy citizen killers is putting their gun back in the holster without emptying their mags. And he knew that against the deadliest organized crime gang in the country, he stands no chance.

The brainless bootlickers behind the video demonstrate why police states are not encountering due resistance from the populace. Reading between the lines, they yell:

Oh come let us adore ye the almighty donut eater. We humbly ask that you stomp our faces the harder, for we are not worthy and the sole purpose of our sorry existence is to lick your boot.

Thanks lot for the video, @drennor973:

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  2. Interesting how these niggers all of a sudden want the police to kill a suspect, because he is white. This video should be made viral, because there are a lot of ignorant, brainwashed white people, who think the world is what CNN or MSNBC tells them it is. Never in my entire life have I ever trusted niggers. Even when I was 5 years old, I knew in my kindergarten class that they were enemies. My instincts tell me every single time one of these african troglodytes crosses my line of sight that they are an enemy and my kill instinct becomes hyper activated. They are offensive to all of my senses, and I firmly believe in trusting the instincts. However I also understand repercussions, and so what I actually want to do, is not possible for the moment. But things change, sometimes rapidly….

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  3. People are desperate in the US. Paterson used to the be industrial hub with Newark of NJ. Now people are workign all the time to make nothing for a house thye dont own. Meanwhile the government bureacrat living next door hs early retirement, full insurance. Only so much people will put up with.

  4. By reading the description I can tell the author has no clue. I live one town over from Paterson and most of that town is a cess pool and the cops there really earn their pay. NJ doesn’t need a bunch of people running around with guns and the cops here aint gonna play nice with you if you are flashing a gun around. If he wanted to die by cop he chose the right place.

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  6. Thinkin bout it, dude started aiming at the cops after the intial 2-3 missed rounds. General rule in defence is engange when under feeling of- or direct threat. Anti-gov protest? Maybe. He did have his handgun in a “ready”pose (just had to aim his weapons, as shown on video after the intial 2-3 shots from the LEO). I believe first shot that hit him was the upper chest leading to his head, seeing how his hat flew off. The rounds could have been some types of 9mm hollow 124grain +p , considering the FBI swap from .40 to 9×19. 17+ rounds fired. 4-6th shots were the fatal shots, so 11-13 extra shots for no reason. Trigger happy LEO.

  7. “If he was black. He woulda been shot.” Now, One thing I notice other than the crispy black spook repeating himself with his shit grammar. They are all the same no matter what part of this fucking country you are in. Most of em harbor hatred for whites for what reason? None really they do just because they can. Its really that simple.

    Jigaboos are petty. They look for any petty reason to start a confrontation. Especially against whites. But at the sametime I come across plenty of white rednecks scumfucs who are no better. The bottom line is… People = Shit

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