Nicaraguan Man Lynched for Beheading Teenager with Machete

Nicaraguan Man Lynched for Beheading Teenager with Machete

Earlier today, a Nicaraguan man decapitated a 16 year old youth, and was later lynched by witnesses of the attack, according to the Nicaraguan National Police. The man, identified as 49 year old Jose Hilario Olivas Umanzor, reportedly cut off the head of Oneydi Chavarría Borge with a machete.

The beheading occurred in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Wiwilí de Jinotega, about 270 kilometers north of Managua.

According to the preliminary investigation by the police, the teenager did not have a chance to react. He was sitting on a plastic chair in a local eatery, when the attacker approached him from behind, and quietly, without saying a word, cut his head off.

The attacker attempted to escape, but was captured, tied up and beaten by witnesses. The police saved him from total lynching, placed him under arrest and transferred him to Jinotega hospital. He was later reportedly transferred to Lenin Fonseca Hospital in Managua.

Olivas did not immediately reveal the reasons for killing his victim. Rumors have it that he did it because the kid was seeing his daughter behind his back.

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  1. that’s rough but at that age the kid had a powerful URGE TO JIZZ and the old man wasn’t having it. i’m cursed. at 52 all i can think about is BLOWING LOADS of DEMON SEED. it never goes away until the sweet embrace of death.if i’m not doing it i’m THINKING of doing it. THE POWER OF PUSSY.

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        1. You really are one of the worst attention whores ive ever seen, plaster. Do you realize how worthless your words are when you comment on EVERY god damn thing you see? I like my words to fucking mean something, thats why i dont spew them out all day, uncontrollably. It seems like you desperately need a new hobby, and from the looks of it, the gym might not be a bad idea.

    1. I think MGTOW is great for the very few men who actually live it. But very few men truly embrace their own talents and hobbies. IF a man is not online and says he’s MGTOW, he probably is. He doesn’t spend his time online. His hobby isn’t talking about women. He lives a full, independent life that doesn’t involve women. Those guys are doing great and I hope them happiness.

  2. So, the guy managed to lop off the lad’s noggin with one swing, is that right?. Has to be, or he wouldn’t appear to be taking a nap in his comfy chair. Oh well, at least there’s one sharp blade in South/central America.

  3. I have to side with the father on this one. I come from El Salvador, and in the rural areas, you have to watch your daughters like a hawk. It would be much different if the suitor was cultured, well-mannered, educated, going on to big things, and at least acting with seemingly good intentions, but when one of these loser/scrub/scumbags comes calling, strutting his stuff and putting on charm, you can bet your cardigan that he’s not going to stop until he gets your daughter pregnant, after which he either crosses the border or moves in with relatives in some far off place. You won’t see hide or hair of him again, and even if you did, how do you enforce child support on a boy who’s still sucking off his dad’s tits?

    No, when a boy comes calling, you’d better have that machete nice and sharp. The only mistake this guy made was that he got caught, because now he’s going to prison and ANOTHER boy will just come in and finish what the first one started.

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