Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video is one of the most controversial death videos related to War in Iraq. Was Nicholas Evan Berg really beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi terrorists or was his death a conspiracy, a CIA insider job? The official story surrounding the beheading of Nick Berg has some serious holes, to say the least, but let’s not be premature and let’s take a look at his death from the beginning. If you can’t be assed to read, scroll all the way down to watch the video of Nick Berg’s decapitation.

Nick Berg Beheading video was allegedly the response to prisoner abuse of Iraqi captives at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

Nick Berg Biography and Wiki

Nicholas Berg was an American freelance contractor from West Chester, Pa who was in Iraq looking for work in telecommunications. While he was in Mosul, he was detained by the Iraqi police who contacted US officials and let them know of his detention. FBI came to visit imprisoned Nick Berg three times to find out what the purpose of his stay in Iraq was.

The family of Nick Berg claims that Iraqi police returned him over to the US military who kept him detained for 13 days without access to legal counsel. The family filed lawsuit against US officials for illegally holding Nick Berg after which he was released from prison. US officials however claim that he has never been in their custody, only in custody of the Iraqi police.

Nick Berg Beheading Video

The beheading video of Nick Berg begins with the shot of Nick Berg sitting in a white plastic chair. He’s wearing orange overalls, the type prisoners in Guantanamo Bay wear. He mentions briefly that his name was Nick Berg, that he had a father named Michael, mother named Suzanne and that he was from Philadelphia. He also mentions his brother and sister – David and Sarah.

The video then continues with footage of Nick Berg sitting on the ground of an empty room with five masked men behind him. Masked men aka terrorists hold automatic weapons, the one in the middle reads a statement in Arabic language which addresses “satanic degradation” of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. This pre-execution reading takes the biggest chunk of the video.

The decapitation begins towards the end of video. One of the terrorists pulls out a large knife, forces Nick Berg on the side and begins with execution. There is an editing cut in the video right before the actual beheading begins. Right before knife starts cutting his head off. After the cut, a body in orange jail suit is seen lying on the floor and as the head is severed from the body. Video is of very low quality, very grainy with little detail.

The killing reportedly took place on May 8, 2004. The body of Nick Berg was found few days later near a highway overpass in Baghdad.

Nick Berg Conspiracy – Fake Video or Not?

Nick Berg beheading video was initially released on Islamic militant website under the title “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American”. Shortly after, the conspiracy theories began to surface. CNN was first to question legitimacy of the video, saying that experts did not believe the voice in the video belongs to al-Zarqawi.

The more the video was analyzed, the more it was believed that his death was a hoax. The timing for a hoax could not be better – US military needed something to distract from scandalous news regarding Abu Ghraib torture of Iraqi prisoners of war, plus they needed an atrocity that would reignite hatred of average American towards Arabs. Truth be told, if you take a closer look at the video, it does seem rather fishy.

Nick Berg Hoax

First of all – Nick Berg barely moves. You would think he’d be nervous, realizing he’s just about to get executed. Eugene Armstrong was obviously nervous prior to his beheading and even during beheading, he struggled. Nick Berg doesn’t seem to display this type of behavior during his execution. To remain this bloody cold, one would have to be either extremely strong spiritually, heavily sedated, or already dead. Little movement given to the figure of Nick Berg is believed by many to be a digital manipulation, rather than natural movement of a sitting body.

Perhaps the biggest reason to believe the video is a hoax and beheading is fake, is the lack of blood. The video is purposefully of low quality, but when neck arteries are cut right through, there is crap loads of blood that leaks from the wound. This beheading video appears to have no blood flowing through Nick Berg’s neck and his body is not covered with blood after the decapitation.

It is also questionable why Nick Berg is wearing orange jumpsuit – exactly the type that is given to prisoners in US military prisons. Perhaps terrorists got a hold of it and used it to taunt the US some more with their own outfit. Or maybe he’s wearing it, because first part of the beheading video seems to contain footage that could have been filmed during interrogation while in US custody. That would explain why Nick Berg is seen unrestrained in this part of the video and appears calm, nothing like you would expect from a man who is about to be beheaded. It’s also worth mention, that when Nick berg states facts about himself in the beginning of the video, those few seconds of him still alive are composed of two shots, each at a different angle and if you notice the time stamp – they are 12 hours apart from each other. Would terrorists really invest all that time into video editing and recording his brief intro over 12 hours period? It just makes no sense. Could it be that this intro was put together from recordings of two individual interrogation sessions conducted by US military while Nick berg was in their custody?

The man in the video who is cutting the head off – official story has it that it’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – wears a gold ring. According to Islamic law, this is prohibited. Masked men in the video also appear chunkier than any underground militants who would have spent most of their time hiding since US invasion of Iraq would normally look. The hands of the terrorists are much paler than complexion of people from Middle East, making it looks as though those people were Caucasians, rather than locals. There are countless other reasons to believe that the video is fake and many websites all over the net have quite detailed analysis on it. We’re not gonna go this much into detail, but at one point towards the end of the video there is a man wearing a military cap who pokes his head into the video, the masked man appearing in the video on the right is wearing clean tennis shoes (Al Qaeda fighters would not wear that), the weapons masked men carry are Israeli Uzi rifles, walls in the video are same color as walls in Abu Ghraib prison, Nick Berg’s scream as he’s being beheaded is clearly dubbed in, guy who lifts up decapitated head of Nick Berg at the end of video is wearing white scarf and no vest – the only masked man out of five who was wearing white scarf is also wearing green vest during statement reading, and it just goes on and on like that…

It is believed by many, that none of the masked men in the video were Arabs. Nick Berg beheading is believed by many to be fake. But if Arabs did not behead Nick Berg, then who did? Well, one of conspiracy theories speculates that it was a CIA insider job. If Americans were presented with a video (albeit hoax) showing gruesome beheading of another American, it would certainly spark a new wave of hatred towards Muslims and that would be accompanied with new wave of support for waNick Berg Beheading Videor in Iraq. Could you think of a better way to counteract the international media pressure over Abu Ghraib, then by showing a high profile terrorist atrocity executed on an innocent civilian?

Nick Berg Beheading Video is below. Even though there is a good chance this video is fake, many could still find it disturbing. Just as all other content on Best Gore, exercise maximum caution and do not take the warning lightly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. its very easy to say why didnt he run? and why didnt he move? his arms are tied and there is no way he could have known he was to be killed, plus he was probably shitting himself so getting up and running would be extremely hard to do, they also have guns and there are 5 of them and one of him, plus they may not even be a doorway out of the room, and even if he did get out, where would he go?
    i dont know about the US “holding him” and even if they did they would obviously deny it, but what proof do you have except speculation that this actually happened?

    1. I bet this was not the only time they did this to him they must of did mock attacks he probably thought here we go again they will make me feel like its my execution then laugh” poor kid the only crime he is accused of is being an American I just don’t see how being judge jury and executioner is Islamic me being a muslim has never heard of such violence but there again I never heard of cowards sending drones from miles away playing judge jury executioner two wrongs don’t….. I don’t know what’s this world is coming to

    2. WOW WEEEEEEEE no matter how many times and years go by this video never fails to give me a boner… I call it my Viagra when I,m fucking an American girl I excuse myself to the bathroom and return all guns blazing… The timings a bit off screaming is heard early but if you fuck an American up the ass record the screams they are identical

  2. The death is probably not fake. He’s really dead, in my opinion. But, the walls are the same as the Abu Grahib prison, the orange suits are the same Abu Grahib and Guetamala suits as well…

    BUT look at 2:49 of the video. Look closely the 2nd guy to your right. He uses his LEFT hand to poke his nose. Arabs CAN’T do this. It’s something educated very early in everybody’s life (arabs, of course) that you use your left hand only to wash your buttocks and not on your face. You have to use the RIGHT hand. It’s something the arabs MUST do since a very very long time. It’s clearly not ARABS, in this video.

    They are Americans. It’s in Abu Grahib prison. It’s propaganda. It’s completely lies.

    1. he’s got a gun in his other hand and he is not poking his nose, he is adjusting his mask. this is so typical of distorting the facts to push your twisted views. The mans body was found days later so his is dead. I’m so tired of hearing how their excuse is that the Americans kill their women and children yet not one can give you an instance. They want you to hate them and when you do, they win. Its an old saying but true. We need to come together and understand the truth about each other. IF we want our views to be accepted then we must accept theirs no matter how twisted. Only then can we share the truth and find ways to live together in peace.

      1. As for all those questions as to the identity of the killers, it’s obvious they put rings on and made themselves act and look like others so people like you can fall for it. The group admits to it. You will only know that by researching and finding the truth instead of venting hate and looking for reasons to justify it.

      2. I never want to accept the views of bunch of inbred towelheads who have no respect for basic human rights and spend their lives trying to force their ridiculous religion on the rest of the world by use of terror. Why must I have tolerance for a people who have invented the most intolerant culture in the history of the world. I will never “live together in peace” with people who want to return to the stone age, and neither will you. If you think those people want to live with you in peace take a vacation to the middle east my friend. See if you come back.

      3. I think people have every right to think that. Americana has done some evil shit and no better than Muslims scums. If you say otherwise, you need to wake up! America is in trouble at home because of there own doing. They stick there nose in everyones business, pour money into stupid shit instead for there own people.

        1. Hey man, come on, its our government They are the ones evil. Dont say America, quite frankly i completely agree you about the US Government sticking their noses in everyones business. Example, the Ukraine thing going on, the obama administration and obama whining about what russia is doing with the Ukraine. Its ALL the governments doing, they with hold info or just dont mention at all to us, and we cant do anything about it, im pretty sure ill be in a revolutionary war during my lifetime.

    2. I have watched this video over and over. Each time focusing on a different area. One thing I saw that stands out to me is if you watch Nick Berg his image appears to be on a loop. Watch him closely when his shoulders drop it starts over then again after the sequence shoulders drop. Anybody else notice this?

      1. I thought the same thing. The way he moves – the only time he does- just doesn’t look natural at all, in fact it is a very strange unnatural movement. Even if he was dropping his shoulders in a deep breath.. it wouldn’t look like that.

    3. ok well not EVERY single jail, prison, or camp have there own damn jumpsuits and they are walls i could make my own damn wall and make it look however i like and say its a local jail and video tape me in uniform beating a fake prisoner and post it so it could be the arabs and by saying all that crap about their left hands is stereotype and he was clearly adjusting his mask your clearly a right winged liberal who tries to make america look bad or at least its government if youre an american and your trying to undermine it then you bring shame to your county.

    4. I don’t think he is poking his nose. That is just an assumption. It appeared to me that he was adjusting his face scarf and rubbing his eye. Now if that is something a Muslim can no do them, I am at a loss. As far as blood. I see a shit load of blood. I think it is real. You can’t tell the skin color in this video, and their are lots of light skinned middle eastern people It is all speculation.

  3. Ok. So lets put aside the difference in time delay between the guy talking about himself to the point of that beheading.
    This is a conspiracy. Done by the united states government. And lets not get into the whole what proof do you have thing.
    Our governments and kingdoms and every other kind of power in history have done what they wanted when they wanted to get whatever they want.
    Brainwashing is one of those ways.
    Taking One or twenty lifes and blaming it on whoever can turn nations against oneanother.
    Examples- this guy. 911. Many other extremist things. Eventually whatever it is they want they will get. Even if it means destroying the world.
    Take into account all the things that just don’t add up and put them into respective.

  4. I live in West Chester, PA and yes, Nick is really dead. I went to the same school as him…its def not fake. I live close to his parents home. This is real.

  5. Anyone who thinks this is fake, is a fucking idiot.
    Simple as that. It’s clearly real. No bullshit anyone says can back up that it isn’t.

    Yes it’s possible that he was sedated.
    But, the lack of movement doesn’t mean anything at all.
    He moves yes. He isn’t getting up and running around, obviously.
    Who in this situation does?
    Also, he doesn’t necessarily know that he is about to die.
    He probably thinks that they are just filming another video to show that they have him captured.

    Yes it’s possible that this was actually the american government or whatever.
    I’m not going to rule that out…
    But, I don’t believe it.

    Some conspiracy theories are real. Many, are real.
    But people these days are going to hell with it.
    There are people out there who think george bush is a reptilian alien who shape-shifts.
    Come the fuck on. If they were aliens they wouldn’t need to hide shit from us. They would just fucking do whatever their agenda is, and no human would be able to stop them.

    The man is dead. This footage is real.
    I believe that like said, radical islamists are responsible.
    Just like they were responsible for 9/11, not george bush.
    Hell, maybe he KNEW it was going to happen and didn’t try to stop it…
    But the fact is, muslim extremists DID hijack those planes and fly them to their targets.

  6. as far as the conspiracy theories go, who knows? there’s so much deception in the media and from the government these days who’s to say what is and isn’t a hoax anymore?

    anyway, this is pretty gruesome and disturbing regardless, beheading videos always kinda effect me a little more, just cuz you know the person didn’t die as quickly as they would have if they got shot.

  7. What the hell !!! Its fucking sick omg u fucking iraqis :@ and americans, u have to explode this country it sucks omg fuck its so sad im from russia and russian ppl are beheaded by iraqis terrorists to… :X no words just piss off this video :X

  8. In my opinion it is very real and not fake. The nose thing is a lame excuse. People scratch their nose with whatever’s available. Obviously not going to use his right hand because it will cover the other guy. Next, the video is not in sync with the audio. The man clearly screamed for his life while having his head cut off. There is a pool of blood beneath his body (just look, no to mention the blood dripping form the head and nose). He was scared and knew something was coming. He shrugged a bit because he couldn’t do anything, and near the end of the speech, you can clearly see him swaying forwards and back. It’s sad. It is a gruesome way to die (he was still alive while they were getting the spine cut). Even cutting from the back would be a bitchshit load of pain. Anyone who theorizes about the authenticity of the video is clearly an asshole. A man died that day for no reason.

  9. fuck you guys that think this is funny and fake this guy was helpless and haha guys i happen to live in philedelphia PA and yeah he’s dead…faggots thats just right out sick didnt you hear him yelling when they started cutting his neck?

  10. Eye for an eye. We have seen their war tactics, and boy that knife looked sharp. Now it’s our turn. I would love to see the look on hodgies face when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find the sun out. I say we nuke their whole shit hole of a country, build a Golden corral and turn it into another Branson MO…. cowards

  11. ok im not smartest guy in world but why is it that when i look this vid over and over many times going over the vid and the time line im trying to figure out why this vid during his execution happens between time line of 2:44 and jumps to 13:45 on vid time. and why do we hear a woman scream starting at tim line 2:44 all of sudden? not sceptical just curious why we have the indifferences.

  12. Omg…this has got to be the most horrific video I have ever seen. Those muslims are fucking sick, sick in the head. How could somebody do that to another human being, not only that, but he’s completely helpless. He cant fight back, cant run. Basicly in a nutshell, he doesnt have a chance. One of those hajis has to have a conscience, but then again, theyre muslim. A piece of shit, scum of the earth muslim. I fucking hate muslims. I cant stand them. They ALL need to die. Everybody who praises Allah needs to die. This is discusting. And for what? All because hes American? This is wrong. And for you faggots who think this is fake, or a conspiricy, or funny, you all need to die with those camel-fucking hajis too. You are no different than they are. You are all fucking retarted to think that these werent ragheads killing him. They were. They do this all the time over there. This is nothing new. Theyre sick and they all need to die. It’d make the world a better place to live for everyone if Islam didnt exist anymore. No more wars, no more attacks, no more beheadings by a bunch of pussies.

    1. I find so many of these comments just sad and pathetic. If we all have the attitude of, “they should all die,” we are no better than they are. Hatred is what leads to these videos in the first place. History has shown us that hope and a small few with love in their hearts can change the world! God bless you all!

  13. for those who dont believe or laugh..i hope you die a sad death… this video has impacted me since the day it came out… i saw it then and again here now…. listen to the gasps for air all the way thru along with the cuts back and forth and you can clearly see,even with the time lapse cause idiots couldnt even do that fast enough…they were freaking out themselves i believe,cause the fucking dick couldnt get the cut done… its real!!! and i think those people above who laugh and have stupid shit to say are actually just scared little pussies who have to react that way because their true colors will be exposed..and we cant have that now can we “pussies” …fucking idiots! show some respect!! im so pissed off @ those above who just dont know or get it….and morons probably never ever will… grrrr fuck heads~~~

  14. omg if i had a chance and those 5 mother fuckers were lined up i would blow the fuckers to hell with a boozooker poor guy he was still alive when they were cutting his neck rest in peace.

  15. This is THE WORST thing I’ve ever seen to date.
    I’ve seen executions via shots to the head, the aftermath of a big mob hit, autopsy footage, a man get blown up with a bomb strapped to his chest, that show Scarred, animals being smashed to bits by rally and police cars, 2 Girls 1 Cup, US Army soldiers bullying kids from other countries and kill animals for fun, and the BME Pain Olympics video, but this tops it all.
    How can you compare that all to the sights and sounds of someone getting tortured by the process of removal of his own head? I can’t.
    I almost left the page when the cutting started, but reminded myself of why I was watching. Those reasons are to open my own eyes to the further and darker aspects of humanity, and to the desensitize my mind to these harsh things, just in case I encounter it in my life (because panicking always sucks).
    I know it sounds redundant to say screw the conspiracy nutters, screw the people who think this is fake, or funny, but I don’t think it’s ever cliche to say something like that about something so serious.
    I don’t believe this to be a hoax.
    I just feel it in my heart that it’s real.
    I don’t care if Muslims or the US or Eskimos are responsible for this, whoever did this deserves their very own execution.
    There is NOTHING funny, sexy, or cool about this.
    Those who believe it is need to rethink themselves and figure out what kind of person they really want to be and represent. Those who hate me for saying these words can meet my fist with their face.
    Anyways, I found this educational, disturbing, but not exactly “fun.”
    I think those who are ready should see this.
    Although I am strong enough to watch this for days, I’m only watching this twice and never again.
    I wish this type of death on NO ONE.
    May Nick Berg be happy where ever he is now, for it has to be better than being where he was on his last day.


  17. I think we can all safely assume that the people saying: LOL, haha, fuck this Jesus, etc, are twats. People who have had a hard life, like a lot of people, but who don’t have the strength to deal with it. So they become angry. Then when they see videos like this one they feel bad and scared, feel that nausea in the pit of their stomach and want to cry and say r.I.p nick berg. But because they are so full of hate due to their bad life and weak mind, they think ‘fuck it my life is shit, life is shit, fuck nick berg that beheading video is funny’. When in fact they know they are in the wrong. They want to seek attention from others, the attention they didn’t get from their parents. I majored in psychology btw. ; )

  18. Grant, you are an ignorant fuck!! To blame all Muslims, an entire culture of people for the act of 5, only shows that you’re just as sick in the head as these fuck-tards. I’m an American soldier. I’ve served 7 years in the Army and I’ve been to Iraq several times. I’m also a Muslim. My family is from Morocco. This video makes me just as sick as anyone else. Is it fake or staged? I’ll leave that to the conspiracy theorists out there. What I will say is, fake or not, what this video depicts is horrifying. Muslims do not hate Americans. Muslims do not just go around beheading people. I’ll admit, when you go to that part of the world, it’s like going into a time warp. People there are vengeful, and they believe more in taking justice into their own hands. These fucks are sick and claim to be doing this in the name of Allah, but Islam is not about violence. Islam is about finding peace with your neighbors. If you want to get into hating a religion for the acts of violence commited by a small group, the Spanish inquisition killed thousands of Moors (Muslims) in the name of Catholocism. I don’t hate Catholics for that. Your ignorance is deplorable, and that kind of attitude is what is going to fuck Americans over in this war. To the rest of you dip-shits who find this video funny, or are trying to make a joke of it, that was somebody’s son, asshole. You’re probably the types who lost your virginity watching internet porn and have still never felt a woman. Love and respect to the Berg family.

  19. omg!! people who are leaving childish comments like ”dis shit giving me a hard on” n ”the screaming was ace” YOU want to be put in his place to u low live fuks. i say just drop a nuclear bomb on ther country. the dirty low lived, smelly, insest, cock wankin fuks should be shot but a very slow dead. This video is ReAl n i give my respect n love to his family. poor guy R.I.P .

  20. You’re an idiot. Yeah, let’s not get into the “what proof do you have?” thing…we don’t need any proof in order for there to be a conspiracy, now do we? We should all believe it just because you said it, shouldn’t we?

    You stupid moron.

  21. I accually think your right about him allready beeing dead when they cut his head off…

    Try pressing play, and dont look at anything else than Nick during the video… Its obvious that the movement you see from him was faked (Its the exact same movement looped over and over)

  22. Hands down, this video scares me. It shows how truely screwed up the world is. You can only imagine on whats to come. To those who THINK this video is fake, you ever heard the phrase: you believe what you want to believe? If you want to believe this video can not be real, the brain will convince the heart to do so. Maybe that reason could be blamed on movies that thrives off of murder scences and violence, making it hard for our minds to seperate fantasy from reality. You’ll see more beheadings happening in movies than real life, and this is what makes it hard to believe that this man really did get his head cut off while he was breathing and yet experiencing the knowledge of his own end in death. If people can not see real and unreal,(even in this time of high advanced technology)than humanity will suffer a world mass devistation. We need to start opening our eyes to this world, and reconize how HORRIBLE humanity has become.I do believe in God, and I will still believe in him when a 2yr old child is murdered, or an innocent man is beheaded in front veiw.God will let this let this happen in the world because he gave us all free will, and with that, we chose to murder,rape,lie,cheat, and steal from each other. With all this said, it’s time to open your eyes, and prepare yourself be punished by God.

  23. for all you kid-morons that continually say the terrists are awful people and are sick….. CUT THE FUCKING CRAP! WELCOME TO EARTH, WEVE BEEN DOING THIS TO PEOPLE SINCE EARTH HAS EXISTED… this discused me, and made me want to go blast some alah praising son of a bitch-ass camel riding sand nigger…

  24. Ask any physician what happens when you slice into a live person’s jugular. There should have been blood all over the walls and all over everyone standing around. There was nothing but a small puddle on the floor. This person was already dead.

  25. people that say he was dead and that the video isnt real piss me the fuck off, even more than the fuckin “9/11 Truthers” and if he was dead before the video, than these mother fuckers killed him which brings me to my point, HE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN KILLED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  26. If you think an arab won’t wipe his face with his left hand hyou are wrong. I’ve been in hte midddle east for over four years they certainly do. Especially if he has not defacated since he last washed his hands. If you think hte US did this then I’m sorry for you. You probably think Obama will fix the economy too.

  27. This was as fake as 911 i appreciate that you listed all the inconsistincies with this video (the walls being the same as abu gharib, gold ring, tennis shoes etc)

    rom smith we dont htink obama will help the economy, we know he is a bilderberg insider just like george bush

  28. Ok theres no way of telling that the time frame was 12 hour apart. it was more like 22 minutes. There’s no AM or PM to tell what time it actually is. Anyways, that’s not to say that this was fake or not. Whoever did this to this innocent man is sick. There was not nearly enough blood dripping from the head… or on the clothes of Berg… This is just one F***ed world were living in…

  29. Why is it that whenever a horrific event like this one happens, morons come out of the woodwork with the most senseless, absurd, ridiculous, lame conspiracy theories? Is it just stupidity, or is it a disease of some kind…a psychiatric condition? Jeeez.

  30. If it weren’t for forward thinkers who think outside of the box, we’d still be living in the caves, fighting among tribes with clubs. That’s about where you still are, charmichael. Puppet on a string from the short bus who does as he’s told, cause he’s unable to think for himself and notice that there’s whole forest behind those trees. Never thought backward idiots like that still existed…

  31. I feel sorry for Nick but if I were in his shoes I would have done something other than sit there. The man lived in that country for a bit so he had to have picked up on the language a little. That man knew he was going to die. If it had been me, i would have bite and scratched and fought until they had no choice but to shoot me. I would be dead either way but a quick bullet to the head is better than beheading with a knife. Fuck those towel head motherfuckers. I WOULD NOT have given them the satisfaction of dieing the way they wanted. Rest in peace Nick.

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