Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video is one of the most controversial death videos related to War in Iraq. Was Nicholas Evan Berg really beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi terrorists or was his death a conspiracy, a CIA insider job? The official story surrounding the beheading of Nick Berg has some serious holes, to say the least, but let’s not be premature and let’s take a look at his death from the beginning. If you can’t be assed to read, scroll all the way down to watch the video of Nick Berg’s decapitation.

Nick Berg Beheading video was allegedly the response to prisoner abuse of Iraqi captives at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

Nick Berg Biography and Wiki

Nicholas Berg was an American freelance contractor from West Chester, Pa who was in Iraq looking for work in telecommunications. While he was in Mosul, he was detained by the Iraqi police who contacted US officials and let them know of his detention. FBI came to visit imprisoned Nick Berg three times to find out what the purpose of his stay in Iraq was.

The family of Nick Berg claims that Iraqi police returned him over to the US military who kept him detained for 13 days without access to legal counsel. The family filed lawsuit against US officials for illegally holding Nick Berg after which he was released from prison. US officials however claim that he has never been in their custody, only in custody of the Iraqi police.

Nick Berg Beheading Video

The beheading video of Nick Berg begins with the shot of Nick Berg sitting in a white plastic chair. He’s wearing orange overalls, the type prisoners in Guantanamo Bay wear. He mentions briefly that his name was Nick Berg, that he had a father named Michael, mother named Suzanne and that he was from Philadelphia. He also mentions his brother and sister – David and Sarah.

The video then continues with footage of Nick Berg sitting on the ground of an empty room with five masked men behind him. Masked men aka terrorists hold automatic weapons, the one in the middle reads a statement in Arabic language which addresses “satanic degradation” of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. This pre-execution reading takes the biggest chunk of the video.

The decapitation begins towards the end of video. One of the terrorists pulls out a large knife, forces Nick Berg on the side and begins with execution. There is an editing cut in the video right before the actual beheading begins. Right before knife starts cutting his head off. After the cut, a body in orange jail suit is seen lying on the floor and as the head is severed from the body. Video is of very low quality, very grainy with little detail.

The killing reportedly took place on May 8, 2004. The body of Nick Berg was found few days later near a highway overpass in Baghdad.

Nick Berg Conspiracy – Fake Video or Not?

Nick Berg beheading video was initially released on Islamic militant website under the title “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American”. Shortly after, the conspiracy theories began to surface. CNN was first to question legitimacy of the video, saying that experts did not believe the voice in the video belongs to al-Zarqawi.

The more the video was analyzed, the more it was believed that his death was a hoax. The timing for a hoax could not be better – US military needed something to distract from scandalous news regarding Abu Ghraib torture of Iraqi prisoners of war, plus they needed an atrocity that would reignite hatred of average American towards Arabs. Truth be told, if you take a closer look at the video, it does seem rather fishy.

Nick Berg Hoax

First of all – Nick Berg barely moves. You would think he’d be nervous, realizing he’s just about to get executed. Eugene Armstrong was obviously nervous prior to his beheading and even during beheading, he struggled. Nick Berg doesn’t seem to display this type of behavior during his execution. To remain this bloody cold, one would have to be either extremely strong spiritually, heavily sedated, or already dead. Little movement given to the figure of Nick Berg is believed by many to be a digital manipulation, rather than natural movement of a sitting body.

Perhaps the biggest reason to believe the video is a hoax and beheading is fake, is the lack of blood. The video is purposefully of low quality, but when neck arteries are cut right through, there is crap loads of blood that leaks from the wound. This beheading video appears to have no blood flowing through Nick Berg’s neck and his body is not covered with blood after the decapitation.

It is also questionable why Nick Berg is wearing orange jumpsuit – exactly the type that is given to prisoners in US military prisons. Perhaps terrorists got a hold of it and used it to taunt the US some more with their own outfit. Or maybe he’s wearing it, because first part of the beheading video seems to contain footage that could have been filmed during interrogation while in US custody. That would explain why Nick Berg is seen unrestrained in this part of the video and appears calm, nothing like you would expect from a man who is about to be beheaded. It’s also worth mention, that when Nick berg states facts about himself in the beginning of the video, those few seconds of him still alive are composed of two shots, each at a different angle and if you notice the time stamp – they are 12 hours apart from each other. Would terrorists really invest all that time into video editing and recording his brief intro over 12 hours period? It just makes no sense. Could it be that this intro was put together from recordings of two individual interrogation sessions conducted by US military while Nick berg was in their custody?

The man in the video who is cutting the head off – official story has it that it’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – wears a gold ring. According to Islamic law, this is prohibited. Masked men in the video also appear chunkier than any underground militants who would have spent most of their time hiding since US invasion of Iraq would normally look. The hands of the terrorists are much paler than complexion of people from Middle East, making it looks as though those people were Caucasians, rather than locals. There are countless other reasons to believe that the video is fake and many websites all over the net have quite detailed analysis on it. We’re not gonna go this much into detail, but at one point towards the end of the video there is a man wearing a military cap who pokes his head into the video, the masked man appearing in the video on the right is wearing clean tennis shoes (Al Qaeda fighters would not wear that), the weapons masked men carry are Israeli Uzi rifles, walls in the video are same color as walls in Abu Ghraib prison, Nick Berg’s scream as he’s being beheaded is clearly dubbed in, guy who lifts up decapitated head of Nick Berg at the end of video is wearing white scarf and no vest – the only masked man out of five who was wearing white scarf is also wearing green vest during statement reading, and it just goes on and on like that…

It is believed by many, that none of the masked men in the video were Arabs. Nick Berg beheading is believed by many to be fake. But if Arabs did not behead Nick Berg, then who did? Well, one of conspiracy theories speculates that it was a CIA insider job. If Americans were presented with a video (albeit hoax) showing gruesome beheading of another American, it would certainly spark a new wave of hatred towards Muslims and that would be accompanied with new wave of support for waNick Berg Beheading Videor in Iraq. Could you think of a better way to counteract the international media pressure over Abu Ghraib, then by showing a high profile terrorist atrocity executed on an innocent civilian?

Nick Berg Beheading Video is below. Even though there is a good chance this video is fake, many could still find it disturbing. Just as all other content on Best Gore, exercise maximum caution and do not take the warning lightly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I used to live in West Chester, I didnt know Nick but his father was a counsler at my school, I think this is a horrible thing that has happened to him and his family and should not be available for anyone to see. To all you fuckin idiots who are laughing and saying you liked to hear him scream your just as sick as the mother fuckers who did this horrid thing and you deserve the same treatment. This is someones son, brother, friend, all in all a human being who does not deserve to be flaunted on the fuckin internet. R.I.P. Nick and God Bless his family and loved ones, your in my prayers

  2. First of all, RIP to Nick Berg, and I can only imagine how difficult this must have been for his family and friends, but to those of you who think that this was faked due to a lack of blood or whatever, I seriously doubt it, because I have seen all of the other beheading videos too, and every one of them was unique. Those terrorists have no reason to fake a beheading video; they have no problem at all carrying out the real thing. Not to sound too graphic, but as for the relatively small amount of blood in this video, I’m not sure, but from what I’ve seen, some bled more than others, and some went out screaming while others went quietly. Who knows, but it’s ugly, and in fact I have stumbled upon a few other videos that were far more disturbing than even the beheadings, so I am reminded of how fortunate I am to live in the U.S. and to have lived such a sheltered life from all of this nonsense, or at least until now.

  3. Ohh, now you guys get all sensitive and feel sick to the stomach? This is what your swine government does to innocent people as well. So eat a fucking dick, this beheading is nothing compared to the shit U.S did.

  4. Mhh leaving out the fact that the sound is out of sync , It’s very interesting how they grab him and put him ground at 2:44:20 .. and the next image is at 13:49 when they start cutting. Maybe they had to stop for some reason or maybe they changed the camera who knows. He spills a lot of blood .. u can see it if u put brightness of your monitor to highest setting , ( the video is dark and the floor is brown ) . If it’s a conspiracy it’s a very strange one ..

  5. It’s an obvious fake. Look at the time spring 11 hours forward when he’s thrown to the ground, and look for the moment when they edit it. I think it was either Nick Berg’s already dead body they were cutting, or it actually was the US government just cutting up a cadaver.

    Either way, all beheadings are wrong, and seeing vids like this remind me that religion is a horrible thing, killing your fellow man to appease a god that may or may not exist is completely flawed logic.

    But if this is real, then Nick, I’m sorry for the pain you felt from these idiots, I really am.

  6. And in a world of “civility” we allow this? These, for the lack of a better word, Sand Niggers, need to be striped of everything that they hold dear, including their piece of shit religion… all religions for that matter. They behead people and rob them of life for what??? I vote to destroy the middle east and all nations that have no regard for human life… even the banking “federal reserve nation”. We scratch our heads in awe, disbelief, and naivety as 1% who own 40% of the wealth destroy the humanity. When will we learn when is enough? When will we stop terrorist, drug cartels, rapists, child molesters, murders, and the worst pieces of shit the world has spawned? Tolerance is a weakness shared by people with a pipe dream for capitalistic success; not saying there is anything wrong with capitalism. It’s a system, in principle, that promotes a higher quality of life… we just need to filter out the trash in the mix and correct a political system which has been robbed from our forefathers. The demons beckon, we are waiting. May your “spirits” pass.

  7. well for one, look at the time right when there about to cut his throat it goes from 2:44.47 to 13:45.47…and that’s like a lot of time to easily like have a fake body switched around and then make it seem like there actually killing him!..and like the one Taliban touches his nose with his left hand!..that just doesn’t happen…they usually clean there buttock but they use there right hand for scratching there nose or what ever!…and you don’t hear him like try and scream or anything when there about to cut his throat or see him even squirm around! guess is that it is fake and that they used something else for the video!…but it does look kinda real1..but if you pay attention to the minor detail you will understand that this is not real!

  8. First of all I dont appreciate anyone talking bad about muslims and saying that they all should die and neither do i believe that what terrorists do is right but if your saying all muslims should die then you think just like they do because they are saying that all non muslims should die. so maybe you should think of what your saying you dumb ass. And second of all no terrorist will use his left hand to touch his face because they are strict on all of the rules of Islam and the way that they interpret it. You can also tell those don’t even look like real terrorists.

  9. It’s definetly something to ponder. The tape starts at a time of 13:26 (or 1:26 pm). Then changes over to 2:39. Only to change again at the point of execution from 2:44 to 13:45 (or 1:45). So there is argument just with the “execution” part of it alone in that there was an 11 hour delay from throwing him on the ground while wielding a knife and…well you know. I don’t know how that one could be explained. As for the video becoming blurry, the whole video is grainy, and there is alot of noise in the background. The camera is stationary and you can see pixels of the inner seams of the mans pants (the one on the right of the screen). So when the camera starts moving, it is going to pick up more distortion because of the noise in the background.

    As per the religious comments on here: Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Jahova Witness, Mormon, they are no better. Every religion has their groups that take it to the extreme. Don’t think you are one up on them because you do not commit a “crime” or “act of violence” you do far worse….you preach what you do not practice. If everyone practiced your religion, there would be no war. There would be no disrespect. However, we are not programmed like that. We are programmed to “find ourselves” and sometimes finding ourselves is to go against others. All of it, right down to the first word is an interpretation: not only in translation for reading but translation of meaning as well. For instance, when a girl says that color brings out your eyes…we mean it brings out the color of your eyes. Men interpret she’s going home with me. It’s the same thing with religion. And for those of you that still spat out religious comments yet say you are not religious, it is not that your aren’t religious it is that you are ignorant and ill informed. Please educate yourself on the fundamentals of topics before commenting on them; it’s the people like you that breed and lead the extremists.

  10. fuck allha and and the muslems and all the peices of shit that beleave that crap. allha is my bitch and gives good head for a muslem. let them try that shit on or soil, the right to bare arms is a wonderful right.

  11. It’s a shame no doubt about it, something brought this event up today and made me think about what had happened.
    I can remember talking to him and telling him it wasn’t worth the risk or money when he came in town; he was working to make some cash for his trip.
    Wish I had been wrong?
    I wasn’t sure it was him at first until I checked our work roster.
    It does make a difference when you know who it is.

    Yes, for centuries people have done this but when do we relies its time to evolve? Although I have and will defend what is mine with my last breath.

    My family has been in almost every war, including the sand box.
    I was proud to serve my country and would do it again if I could.

    There are good people ever where but there are also those who are evil and abuse those who can?t defend themselves.
    There culture is very jaded and will take time to become something better.

    For all of those people who think they have a clue or are just an idiot, I would think the obvious to you?

    Concerning the discrepancies seriously have you ever seen a beheading in real life?
    Think it will just pop off like a video game?
    Our society has glorified and glamorized atrocities to the point of being numb and when you see something that is not from the front pages of gore magazine it isn?t real?

    About the time frame it could have been several things including editing or the obvious one; multiple cameras.
    Think they only used one camera for something you only get one shot at; possibly I wasn?t there???
    Think they went to video school to prepare for this? Or gave a shit about the time code?
    How much effort would it take to fake this for something you can freely do with a small camera, light, 5 idiots, a knife, and a victim?
    Have you ever tried to butcher something?
    It is not always easy and cutting threw bone, tendons, and muscle can be challenging even for those people who do it every day?
    Hell I can find crap videos every 10 seconds online from someone who thinks they are a producer.
    About the guy scratching his nose; yes they do if they have a clean hand, OR do you really want to piss off the guy who is about to cut off someone?s head by getting in his way during his 5 minutes of fame?

    Maybe its time to move forward I personally don?t care for fanatics and would rather they ALL be gone and live in utopia but for some reason I don?t think it will happen in our lifetime?

  12. Been thinking about this one, and have also seen various beheading videos all a little different.

    First of all the time lapse, there would only need to be 2 cameras filming, one of which is on 24 hour and starts at 13:26, the other starting at 2:39 (don’t look at these as times just numbers as there’s no reason to think that they would have ensured the cameras had the correct time so its not odd that they aren’t both around half one) so the 13:26 camera starts and they then, in the final edit, switch to the 2:39 camera and show 5 minutes of film, then assuming they switch back to the first camera the time is then 13:45 so 19 minutes have elapsed on this camera, and only five on the other so there in theory is only 14 minutes missing and not hours as people are suggesting therefore there could have been a struggle in which he was killed of heavily sedated before being beheaded and the screams dubbed back on from the struggle. Also, if he was heavily sedated and with the correct drugs his blood pressure would drop to very low levels hence the blood puddle on the floor but not a great mess as they cut.

    Either way I wouldn’t say fake, some time is missing but only 14 minutes and I would say at the point of execution on the video he is either dead or heavily sedated.

  13. ok first off let me say 911 was and inside job 2nd nicjberg is dead rip if you pay attention you can clearly see tht they are useing two camras this man is dead idk by who but his dead also bestgore pleas comment back to take another look at this video and tell me do you not clearly see two camras being to diffrent angles here people need to use there thing called a brain everyonce in a while thanks peace out stay fresh

  14. I’d say it’s real.
    I don’t have an idea of who that Nick guy is but…
    I sure hope he wasn’t a good person after all.
    No one deserves to be executed like this.
    Even tho after the head is cut off he didn’t feel the pain, he did feel the pain while the fcktards trying to kill him didn’t do it nice and fast.
    It’s a 15 second slow death. Ouch.

  15. No clue as to what to say about this hoax thing. All I can say is that Nick Berg (more or less) deserved it for leaving his country to be there, knowing damn well what would happen. And his father, oh my god, the bastard blamed the president, not the ones who killed his son. I do blame Bush for starting the war, but not for Nick’s death. And it most likely was hoaxed, by the way.

  16. he appeared half dead,old blood looks brown or black depending on place and time.he showed some struggle and that showed the fact of him living at the time of death,,but splicing of video caan always play a part.

  17. My first voyage into this fucked up shit… even though it was fake it really helped me overcome the fear of carnage. I’ve bee a bestgore/gore fan and it’s probably helped me save my life, well the car wrecks and suicides anyway. No dignity in death.

  18. About time they showed american beheading. Although I noticed there’s no name calling. Nothing but false beliefs, false propaganda. But when we see a Brizillian killed they are name called flipflop nigger, he deservewd it. Innocent or not, it’s like he got what he deserved! Well in this case it’s nick berg that got what the islamists felt he deserved.
    I hear the bullshit people say he was killed in guantanamo by americans ha friggen ha. Because he was wearing a similar jumpsuit? snap da fuck out of it. Why are there no jokes or name calling here? Come on with the insults foe the dead already.

  19. I dont think the majority of the members on here are disputing that the actual murder is fake..i think the video has heavy editing and very poor at that. But that in itself raises more questions because the cia or what ever affiliated department that. Made this video you would think they would do a better. Job. We will never know unfortunately but one thing is for sure and that is the government (not Americans) cover up and fabricate tons of stuff to the public because they are scared of us.

  20. I want to say this in the nicest way possible because I don’t want to turn Nicks death into an argument…just to clear up facts everybody saying they knew him around Westchester is correct, I worked with him once or twice in telecommunications, he was a genius, that’s what he was doing in Iraq, climbing antennas and testing signals . He got abducted doing it, I heard about the abduction a week before I heard about the execution, so any of you who think this is a fake is very, very wrong. And lastly, the reason he isn’t moving at all is because he KNEW what was going on…and was a VERY religious man, he was praying, RIP Nick. We all love you

  21. check this from wiki!!!!
    “On May 14, 2004, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U.S. government’s investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg’s email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks. According to Berg’s father, Nick Berg had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg’s laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui. The FBI found that Berg had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui”

  22. Hi best gore community. My first post even though I’ve been here for years. I know this is an old video but I have to comment. I also watched this over and over, and something just doesn’t seem right.
    Did anyone notice that the point when he stops reading the bullshit, and before they even start the beheading, do you hear Nick Berg screaming in agony even while he is still sitting there? You hear a few shouts from the killers, but you hear at exactly 4:30 the screaming of the victim before anything is happening. It is like the sound is not at all matching the video. You clearly hear that it is the screaming of Berg. WTF? Something about this video seems off. Any thoughts?

  23. One of the isis hostages shed some light on why these hostages are so calm it’s because the terrorists put them through a bunch of dry runs so when the real time comes they don’t know it’s coming and I think this is way too elaborate I don’t buy this hoax conspiracy

  24. Do you guys really believe that if the CIA was to make this that they couldn’t execute it perfectly? I.e timestamps audio mismatching etc….they could easily make a fake good enough to fool any and every one

  25. Seems like ages ago, but I remember when this video made. He was literally one of the first guys to lose his head Iraq. He had no reason to believe Last I heard, there have been no Nick Berg sightings since 2004. As far as video quality is concerned, let’s not forget that it was 2004, and every camera back then was “grainy.” That video is 100% authentic. Sad to say so. God bless.

  26. Hmmm lets go back to this video, and question how real it is, now that we have seen ISIS Faked (Foley beheading), compare the similarities of the trickery they use..
    False flags are constantly being put into play, and always have been.. Even something as such as a beheading, real or fake(This video is actualy very well made, causing all the speculation as to if its real or not.) regardless real or fake, it was meant for a reaction, a reaction by the American people.. Whoever killed* him, being terrorists(US government/military) or Islamic extremists, the video did as it was intended to do.. seen this video many years ago, and always questioned the legitimacy of it.. I have no doubt Nick is dead, but the video seems to suggest some inconsistancies that suggest fakery.

    MastaRRmatt’s 2cents for ya..

  27. First and foremost, I offer my condolences and deepest sympathy to Mr. Berg’s family and friends. I cannot fathom having something like this done to a loved one.

    Do I think Mr. Berg is deceased? Obviously I do, hence my initial statement.
    Do I think that this is video of his death. No, for a myriad of reasons, I feel the f

    1. Ugh, goddamn phone! It jumped as I was typing and ended up submitting.
      Anyway, I feel that Mr. Berg was already dead at the filming of this video. There are many reason as to why I feel that it is fake. Most have been mentioned already. One thing I noticed that is quite peculiar. Watch his feet. Particularly his right one. It appears to be bent in an upward direction. In and of itself, this is nothing odd. However, the feet do not move the entire video. They APPEAR to move once but as it has already been said, there has been a ton of doctoring up done to this video. The one movement is very unnatural.

      As I said, I feel that Mr. Berg was killed prior to this video being made. I think that what we are viewing is Mr. Berg’s corpse not long after his real death. It is my opinion that this was purposely fabricated to appear that he was murdered by Fundamental Muslim Extremists.
      Not all Muslims are murdering bastards! If you are Christian, how would you liked to be lumped into the Westboro Baptist crazies…just because you are a Christian and they claim to be. Don’t lump everyone together bc of their religion.

      At any rate, I do not feel that the executioners here are even Muslim, Islamic or of Middle Eastern decent.

      Who do I think they are? Look at some of our elected officials. There within lies your answer. Sure, foreign terrorists are dangerous, murdering bastards.
      However, once you figure out who did this…it should scare the fuck out of you!

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