Nigerian Muslims Brutally Executed by Getting Their Throats Cut

Nigerian Muslims Brutally Executed by Getting Their Throats Cut

While the mainstream media is at full steam promoting Boko Haram as a Nigerian boogieman the ZOG Military Industrial Complex needs in order to increase their presence in Africa, what they fail to tell you about is that the rest of Nigeria is not any better. Now don’t get me wrong, Boko Haram have done horrific things are deserve to be condemned. All I’m saying is – don’t make the mistake of falling for a one sided picture of Nigeria “they” want you to believe is complete. It is not.

British The Independent reported that the US government is to spend £200 Million to turn RAF Croughton, one of the US Air Force military bases near Milton Keynes, UK into one of its largest intelligence hubs outside the mainland United States. The new military intelligence base is to have 1,250 staff and will cover US AFRICOM (Africa Command) operations in Africa. Alleged Boko Haram kidnappings seem to be an excuse for the US to further entrench itself in Africa. Nigeria, BTW happens to be the biggest oil exporter of the continent.

Video below alleges to be from Nigeria and shows uniformed men executing a line of captives by cutting their throats and throwing them into a hole to bleed out. While propaganda shills were quick to republish the video with a claim that the executions were carried out by Boko Haram, fact of a matter is that Boko Haram are hard core Jihadists who would spare no moment to recite Allahu Akbar five dozen times after each slashed throat. Judging by outfits of some of the victims, I’d say it’s much safer to assume the victims were Muslims who may have been killed simply because Boko Haram are also Muslims, whether they supported what Boko Haram stands for or not.

Bottom line is – Nigerian Christians are no better than Boko Haram Muslims. But Boko Haram’s activities work much better to get the people riled up to invade Africa.

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Originally Published on: Jun 1, 2014 @ 22:38
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278 thoughts on “Nigerian Muslims Brutally Executed by Getting Their Throats Cut”

        1. Praise satan. The sheep lined up for their slaughter like meek Christians should.
          Good boot work , kick them bleeding into their brothers embrace.
          Hint: every soul one takes in battle becomes ones in slave in Hell

          1. Oh Roxi,you have no idea at all,anyway Ive seen all I need to see here,take care,good luck on that tough guy evil hateful may be next

    1. At times I wonder if blackmen are human being…Nigeria is just an awful- godforsaken- jungle…No christian can submit 2 death like this…The almighty never sleeps.He who kills this way must also die in an astraying way.

      1. Color is NOT the issue at all here. I am a white woman who has dated almost every race, and have one son who is biracial-half black and half white. He is one of the coolest, funniest, happiest, non-confrontational people you could ever hope to meet. He isn’t full black, but I think that it is really all about nature vs. nurture. But in this case it’s usually nature AND nurture.
        I believe it is the culture…how the person is
        raised, what they are taught, etc…if they are taught hate and violence, and don’t receive love or hope it’s no wonder that any child, regardless of race, color, or creed, would grow up to be anything but what they’re now imitating. And sadly, they’ll teach a new generation, and so on-until we help stop the cycle. I can’t save the whole world, but I can live my life with love, kindness, empathy, and generosity; and pass that on to my son. I can treat those how I want to be treated, and do small, kind things everyday for others, that in turn may put them in a giving/helping mood themselves! 🙂
        Corny? Absolutely. But also truthful, and how I live my life. Good luck, and God Bless!

        1. the fact that you have met and married a nice black man does not allow to infer anything about wether race is an important behavioral factor or not. A very large sample is necessary to get an idea of the average behaviour. One , two, or even a dozen individuals are not significant enough. You will always have great individuals in any human race. But, take a really large sample, like a black country or even a predominantly black neighbourhood, and then the average behaviour will prevail, no matter how many nice individuals there may be.

        2. Sounds like your son may have a chance in a cruel world. It all starts at home and with good parents, a kids get’s a head start among others that do not have a mom n dad to teach them right from wrong.

    2. I don’t get why none just don’t run away, and get shot? Wouldn’t it be a less painful death? Or maybe a chance to live? None of them talk, fight, argue, beg, cry…I don’t understand. I can’t be the only one to wonder this, can I? Or if they did, would they have a fate much worse? Such as if so? And why do they bury them? If they’re trying to conceal, why record a video? I’m very new to all of this, and it’s a bit confusing. Thanks to any replies/explanations! 🙂

      1. That was my first thought and rather than sit there watching the rest get butchered slowly to end up in the pit…a run for it might get you a bullet in the back. Then again they may only wing you and then the real torture could begin.

      1. @sidebob, yeah that dude didn’t want one ounce of blood on his Saturday night big pimpin WHITE shirt. NBA? Fuck the way that black Frankenstein uses a knife you wouldn’t expect the fucker to dribble a basketball? Fuck Stevie Wonder could cut a better throat.

    1. Regardless of what one may believe in, the act of physically laying one’s self down to die, without a tear and without a struggle, is an act of immense courage and devotion. Whomever they were, whether men of good or bad intention, I am impressed by their bravery.

      1. That is NOT bravery. That is lining up for the slaughter. Not so much as a whimper. Not so much as a complaint.

        Bravery is the lot of them getting up and sprinting in all directions – or just trying to take one of those bastards down with them.

        It could be that they had family at stake… or children threatened. Then, bravery.
        This was akin to cattle being butchered.

        Regardless, these people are animals. Fucking savages. Feral in every sense of the word.

        Nigeria is RICH in natural resources. And yet, AGAIN, these people cannot get their shit together for a second. They are so busy slaughtering each other that they forgot the reason to be alive is to have some piece and tranquility.


        1. aile ler de tehdit altında olabilir ama ölüme bile bile gidilmez şerefli bir ölüm mücadele ederek ölmektir hiç bir şey yapamaz sa kaçmalı insan böyle bir ölümü reddediyorum !!

      2. They will have been told that if they cooperate they will die quickly but if they act up and spoil the video they will be tortured and die slowly and painfully. I know I would choose to behave.

  1. Totally disgusting video , its a disgrace what they do to their own people , they are straight evil . Why the fuck are they waiting to be slaughtered and actually walk calmly to their death and what in the fuck is up with those giant sized soldiers? Theres no escape .

  2. So the ‘Muricans are now moving to destabilise Nigeria !

    Here’s some interesting news about Chuck Hagel from the weekend :-

    “The US defence secretary has accused China of “destabilising” the South China Sea, saying its action threatened the region’s long-term progress.

    Chuck Hagel said the US would “not look the other way” when nations ignored international rules

    “We firmly oppose any nation’s use of intimidation, coercion, or the threat of force to assert these claims,” he added, referring to the way China has claimed territorial rights over areas of the South China Sea close to Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam”.

    He says the US will not look the other way when nations ignore international rules. I’ve one word to say about that…Israel !

    I also believe he meant to say “We firmly oppose any OTHER nation’s use of intimidation, coercion, or the threat of force to assert these claims,”

    1. She’s probably surprised. I know I am. I’m Nigerian, and did not expect to see what I saw in this video. These things are rare, and very much so.

      Two things I can say though: One, it is definitely the army doing the slaughtering. It’s very clear they are doing it because they are upset, and to prove a point. They also obviously have no clue how to do it.

      Two, the people they are killing are the Boko Haramites. No other Nigerian would willingly lie down and get his throat slit like a chicken. Also, they referred to the one in the white djellaba as “armourer” – basically, the one in charge of the armoury/weaponry for the Boko Haram folk.

      I have no love for the Boko Haram folk, but watching them get their throats half cut and kicked into a ditch to bleed out isn’t my idea of justice.

  3. They do the same to innocents and Christians. I hate Religion with a passion and by no means do I condone killing someone for their beliefs and I don’t really care how they want to go about their business but from a reference of Muslims killing Christians by the truck full in Middle East, Christians getting a little payback or any others made to bow down to S law giving them their own medicine makes me all fuzzy inside cause I’d be lying if I said That I’m not sick of this Muslim Extremest shit and Allah Achkthsbar can Allah SHUT THE FUCK UP OR GET YOUR THROAT SLIT! There I’m through venting deep Breath and carry on! I Love this Site it’s my morning cup of Jo.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were Christians. Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world not to mention being a Christian is illegal in 51 countries. I’m a Christian and I would get my throat sawn open for Christ like these did.

  4. When people who aren’t afraid to die meet people who aren’t afraid to kill them we get GOOD videos like these. Thanks to all who played their parts so well.

  5. That has to be the oddest thing I have ever seen. The guys just casually walking up there without resistance and laying themselves down to be slaughtered and dumped into that pit. It almost looked like they were waiting in line to get haircuts and popped right up there when it was their turn.

    1. They each took it like a boss that’s for sure. Didn’t have to tie them blindfold them or anything. If their religion lets them fight like fanatics one minute and then lay down like sheep the next, these people are very hard for me to figure out.

    2. Selling is all about presentation. I think the choice was framed something along the lines of this:
      Gentlemen! I have some bad news and some good news for you today. The bad news is that you are all going to be buried this afternoon. The good news is that I can have your throats cut first. Anyone who doesn’t want their throats cut before burial, please raise your hand now! I see, all you want my extra special service today, so let’s go ahead, please get me the first on the line to the right…

      1. Yea, they don’t even make a sound… weird and very sad that this kind of slaughter is going on in our world. It’s much wiser not to be born into this world. That’s why I enjoy sex, but refuse to create humans.

  6. Wonder how long it took.. All those cattle and really slow butchers. Must have taken a good forty five minutes. Crazy. Just crazy.

    But… Who knows, maybe those piling bodies will make the ground fertile? Pfft.. Horrible suggestion. Bet you the salts and etcetera will mummify them.

    Be a pretty cool thing to uncover down the line. Can picture it now.. ‘And here’s a common sacrifice pit from the primitive age of the atom who worshipped blah blah blah…’ Because it will probably get all twisted and warped like the rest of history.

  7. Africans were freely living in caves and huts with no taxes to pay. Ever since the invaders came to the motherland, they introduced and imposed their way of lives on us. Religion was one of them.

    Nigeria was invaded by Arabs and Britons to the north and south respectively. As you all know Islam and Christianity are like Immiscible fluids and they don’t co-operate. Whatever is happening in Nigeria I will condemn religion and people who introduced it there at large.

    1. Do you work with chemicals ? . I have done plenty business with Nigerians in the past . They were always on the edge , always in a huge life or death hurry . Always addressed a person with Mr followed by their Christian name eg Mr George .

      Had some fun working with those nut cases .

        1. Very difficult to understand them at first , but one does get used to their crazy way of speaking . I mean , I couldn’t communicate in their local tongue , so for play to them .

          I’m fine @African Angel , not too bad for a Monday . How are you today ?

  8. I see there was at least one guy roughly 20 yards back , so I’m assuming , being an ass ! , that those killers formed a perimeter . Other than the perimeter , I see no reason to lay down and submit to having a knife cut through my jugular .

    No restraints , no blindfolds , no nothing . Only thing I can possibly think of that may lead to such a tame ending is captured family , who could receive the same fate if these guys don’t cooperate .

    Would I lay down in the same manner , under the same possible circumstances ?
    In a heartbeat yes .

    1. Damn, I thought those lines at the back were death cheering squad until they walked up there to be slitted. Crazy shit there. More like death volunteer squad I say..

      1. They certainly didn’t make a fuss , which has to be admired in a way .

        As has been said , we know not the true circumstances , so , it’s difficult to assess whether they are hugely brave or pathetically meek .

        1. Funny enough, the jews were the ones who propelled the slavery industry here in Portugal, who bought ships and financed the voyages to Africa to get slaves to work in the plantations of Brasil but hey, that just gets swiped under the carpet.

    1. If your young and family were threatened with the same ending , would you not do as these victims did ?

      It’s a hypothetical question BTW , as we can’t be certain about the real circumstances .

  9. How are people not only able to stare death down without even a flinch, yet continue doing so as the knife rips through the throat? A natural instinct is to kick and scream. Plus, trachea squeals. Where are they?

  10. I’ m a bit dismayed, the murdering nigerians are identified as christians because they do not scream snackbar every other second.

    But the whole walking like a sheep to the slaughter is a thing christians are known about. The whole going to heaven in a minute makes it a little bit less hard to endure mentally.

    The fact that Ate so easily labels the killers as christians and the victims as muslims seems very short sighted to me.
    That everybody just accepts it without wondering if its true, is all the more silly.

  11. Well if someone like Boko Haram who is a typical militant Islamic commits atrocities in your society, can there be too much to read into this?
    Maybe this is just ( quite understandable) revenge murders of a few of Boko’s henchmen. I’d be inclined to do much the same if my family had been attacked but that wouldn’t mean I am the ‘same’, as the motivation is totally different.

    But at the end of the day, RESULT !!… I just watched some nig nogs get offed and they were Muslims too…..hope that pit was full by sunset.

  12. If I had family out there and they threatened to kill them if I didn’t cooperate then I can understand them taking their deaths like champs. That is surely the only reason why we never see people try to fight back in these vids (even if it would be futile). If they just said cooperative or we will make you really suffer then fuck it…I would make a dash for it and hope to god one of the useless fucks accidentally shoots me in the head.

  13. It’s not just the calmness of the condemned that is surreal. The thing that gets me is that the last one in the hole is still noisily sucking air in.
    Laying above that guy knowing your wheezing is to replace the formers…that has got to be a crappy last thought.

    1. Boko haram is a terrorist organization which killings millions of people yet and so on and all those morons who support them they all are the very evil and sadistic turds even the conservatives

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