Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018, Hilarious Video Montage

Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018, Hilarious Video Montage

Undoubtedly, this year we have seen some really fucking brutal videos on Best Gore. The Mexicans and Brazilians have worked hard this year, some Venezuelans too, and the blacks…they have not been left behind either.

However, the hardness of the images does not always reach us in the same way. Personally, I do not shudder at all when I see the Mexicans cutting off each other’s heads or taking their hearts out. After all, they are animals and they die as such. Often the same barbarians who star in the video as executioners, reverse roles and act as victim. But this is just a sample of the vicissitudes [change of circumstances or fortune] of any criminal activity. Within their culture and their circumstances are acts that can be understood; they have a reason of being and a purpose.

But, beyond that, there are also some videos that really have shaken me because you can see human evil in its pure state. The pure hate without reason or justification with who does not deserve it.

Many thanks to Best Gore member @horqueta for the synopsis and shoutout to all Best Gore members who helped with compilation!

Warm up your favorite flavor popcorn! Relax and enjoy the wretched byproduct of the human experience. Videos below edited for climactic experience:

Time Stamps: Order of Appearance

# 1 Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico
# 2 Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán
# 5 Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel
# 3 Chubby Man Gets Dismembered and Disemboweled Alive

Time Stamps: Order of Appearance

# 4 Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico
# 6 Video of Kid Who Was Decapitated with Dull Machete Getting His Arm Chopped Off
# 7 Live Dismemberment in Venezuela – Young Man Hacked to Pieces While Alive
# 8 Woman Trapped Behind Security Bars Slowly Roasted by Raging Inferno
# 9 Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

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          1. @jadedcunt

            There are no blacks in Argentina, Brazil is not only mixed but very diverse… Peru is 90% Indian… what we all have in common is our church, and Murican involvement in politics during dictatorship years and beyond 😛

          1. @jadedcunt

            Well… My country does’t have half as much serial killers as yours. We are not so different, most Brazilians are good people (except women) living in difficult situation… and merica is a strong ingredient in destabilizing the region. There is a war over there and the crazy ones get promoted 😛

          2. 60,000 Murders last year.. that’s fucked up shit lol.
            There’s always a war over there… it’s part of their culture.
            I’m sure there’s some nice people who aren’t involved in murder and who survive.

    1. Of course it’s in our DNA we have the savagery of the white race via the Spanish and Portuguese, the bloodthirst and barbaric attitude of the nigger race and the animalistic tendencies of the natives.

          1. @pigsonthewing I’m working on ridding myself of that degeneracy. I’ll always jerk it but I’m really tired of that Jewish programming and mind poisoning.

        1. @Stubyone At first I felt like I had to tell everyone I knew about this shit.. like I needed to voluntary therapy myself by trying to share it or have others kind of ‘guide me through’ or ‘explain to me’ why/how, etc..

          Now I feel like I know much more than everyone around me and I’m stronger than them.. it’s weird…

          1. I felt the same way i feel in touch with the fact that anyone can be savagely torn apart by anyone
            everyone’s just led to beleive it wouldn’t happen or it couldn’t
            It can and sometime will sometimes your savage
            Your the savages prey

  1. when i first stumbled on the dagestan video by chance i was not expecting the brutality and was in a mild shock, it stuck in my mind for a few days. Before that video the only gore video i had seen was a grainy stoning video which did nothing, i didnt break myself in gently and after seeing dagestan i did what most do and search out more. this is going back ten or 12 years now and now i feel like i am coming full circle with how i see this shit. now i have matured and i am coming to understand this is an evil world we are all in i am watching videos like the tomboy getting her arm cut off in that filthy ditch and it sort of fills me with a kind of despair, a despair that we could all live in a paradise in this planet called earth.. its literally all here for us if we made an effort .. but we just cant get it right and we instead do this nasty evil shit to each other. the number 1 video for 2018 is spot on, the flaying video was a mindfuck.

    1. I don’t think the world has ever been as evil as it is now, and that doesn’t bode well for any of us. Something is building and it’ll culminate in a world wide orgy of violence , destruction and megadeath.
      Ok in medieval times they did torture and brutal executions, but it was , for right or wrong, mostly wrong. The religious beliefs that caused that cruelty.
      But this is different, this is mindless, demonic and gratuitous violence.
      Yes the world has never been so evil as it is in 2018.
      And 2019 will be worse .
      And then when the Great War comes, there’ll be no barriers, no limits, no boundaries, no reference points as to right and wrong. And people will say ‘how did we come to this’?

      1. it does feel like its written that we will have a third world war, all that military hardware they have worked on this last century and you just know some of them are dying to light that fuse that will spark WW3 so they can test it out, and then you got scum like john bolton and netanyahu constantly pushing and pushing for its battering ram america to do some damage across the middle east for israel then its like a doomsday clock slowly ticking down.

        1. ‘The Jews are the old experts at getting other countries to fight for them.
          Eradicate the Jews and you have world peace for sure.
          But now the Jews are all powerful and as a result of this human catastrophe another and much greater catastrophe will surely soon come.
          I don’t want war, not at all. But it’s coming. It’s sort of here already. But the main act is yet to come.

        2. @haydolf_hitler Hopefully many of the children of the warmongers get to burn up in the flames of WWIII just for the sake of balance.

          I’m cool dying as long as I get to tear these motherfuckers down with me and burn them in the next life again.. I’ll be a very powerful entity if we get to float around magically in the supernatural realms. They will be fucked.

    2. The real reason, well for about a good 90 percent why the earth can’t be peaceful is one word….MONEY. They don’t say it’s the root of all evil for nothing. Just as long as man kind uses currency or needs money to live a lifestyle they want… you will have people doing anything and everything to get and protect as much as they can…. especially in places like third world countries. Almost, if not all the murders videos on best gore is people murdering others to either protect there wealth or drugs ( same thing as money ) … cause someone stole drugs or money…. or just plainly wanting to freak people out by showing the world thats what will happen to them if they try to steal or cause any problems in there business. SO lol don’t plan on things changing any time soon… all conflicts or the brutal murders on the planet is either money /drugs or religious.

    3. First time I came across extreme gore was that video of a woman inside a car after accident and her fave was like rolled off and one eye still hanging through the flayed face. It was kind of traumatizing at first but in the end, was actually a good thing. Kind of a nice welcome mat for me.

  2. I just arrived and I am amazed that one of my messages has been used for the synopsis of the article (Thanks @VNJNZ).
    The funniest thing is that I do not speak English, I write everything thanks to Google translator! xD

      1. your list was way better than this shit, because a bunch of homos were not voting for it. good work @thedre and if no one is talking to you, then you are doing an awesome job. it’s just the same dumb cunts with multiple accounts anyway.

          1. @svarg26
            And it would not Ever be the same without you @svarg26 either because we are, and have always been One (1) brother, And the fact that “Our Only Crime” has always ever been, to be speaking truthfully about real life topics. Now is that so bad, and a reason For Us To Be Hated ??? 🙁

    1. @Evillain

      Hey Man. It,s been awhile since i seen you. Hope all is well with You, And Yours, and that you will enjoy A Nice, And Merry Christmas with your loved ones , and nothing but best wishes the for a the upcoming 2019 New-Year.

      Cheers B G Brother,
      Andre. 🙂

  3. No 1, the video with the flaying was the most brutal of all time and even for me, being the thick skinned best gore veteran that I am, I was freaked out by it. I also enjoyed (for want of a better expression) the recent one where they beat a young Russian drug dealer to death for stealing their drugs. Roll on 2019.

    1. No remorse, consciousness, chivalry, stealing only from rich, but from very poor to. No just beating of enemy but heavy torturing and sadistic molesting. I never saw such an animals in human form than in Mexico and Brazil. Those are worst than men eating tribes in worst shitholes on Earth. Lower of lowest.

  4. Yeaaa so, this was pretty much every video I skipped over this year in my squeamish moments. What did these fuckers do for christ sake? And why was there no sound? Christ, if I’m gonna go all in I wanna go ALL IN!

  5. I watched these compilations twice. The second time, I played Frank Sinatra’s “It was a very good year” on repeat in the background. It reminded me of the “Dark Side of the Rainbow” mashup a little bit. Rad.

  6. Too bad it wasn’t 9-11-2001, when the woman trapped behind the bars in video 8, was burned to death. Those steel bars would of melted in plenty of time, for her to escape.

    (or at least soften up enough, for her to easily pull the bars apart)

    …Popular Mechanics told me so

    1. @pickmynose123 The actual body of the building would have totally disintegrated long before the fire got that flamey or hot. There would have been no debris left on the ground except the diagonally cut thick steel girders and bits of scrap metal. The actual body of the building would have been vapourised before it hit the ground.
      Also the body of the poor cooked victim would not have been pulled to the ground by gravity with a fairly regularly articulated skeleton after the strange disintegration of the building with its weird dustification and liquification. The charred human carcass would have been pulverised into Lego-brick-sized chunks and scattered across the roof of buildings up to quarter of a mile away. By some kind of “pancake-driven anti-gravity force” which has never been seen before or since.

      Just saying.

  7. Another year looms towards its sticky end. I suppose I feel a little glad that I do not have some of these violent fuckers for neighbours or any of these bloody-pulped victims for family or friends. My cold, damp, rainy and quiet little corner of Darkest South-Central Scotland actually seems quite homely in comparison to the Hell which is the Hieronymus Bosch designed shitholes some poor flip-floppers semi-exist in.
    C’est la vie.

  8. I mean holy shit niggers people, I dare you to look me dead in the eye and tell me that poor fucking spic kid in #1 did not experience the absolute worst of humanity in how he was killed. That was fkn brutal and unfathomable pain. I double-dog fkn dare you.

    1. @MoreBlood he died in horrible agony as well as being psychologically tortured the entire time. Those murderers were vile and vicious. I wonder if they’re still alive and what their childhood was like and if they ever have strange nightmares or flashbacks. Gross shit man.

  9. I haven’t cringed this bad in a long time. First one was hard to watch… ripping at his heart like that and watching him still breathing… was wondering how it all works and what he feels… my insides kinda hurt during that. I’ve seen like 80% of these and that burning lady had always stuck out. What a painful and slow way to go having ur insides melt. Thanks for all the gore! Who would think a girl that takes care of nuns secretly has such a strong curiosity with death? Honestly I feel like I know more then most ppl…. I’m super aware of my surroundings now …… death is lurking around every corner

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