Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018, Hilarious Video Montage

Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018 WALLPAPER

Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018, Hilarious Video Montage

Undoubtedly, this year we have seen some really fucking brutal videos on Best Gore. The Mexicans and Brazilians have worked hard this year, some Venezuelans too, and the blacks…they have not been left behind either.

However, the hardness of the images does not always reach us in the same way. Personally, I do not shudder at all when I see the Mexicans cutting off each other’s heads or taking their hearts out. After all, they are animals and they die as such. Often the same barbarians who star in the video as executioners, reverse roles and act as victim. But this is just a sample of the vicissitudes [change of circumstances or fortune] of any criminal activity. Within their culture and their circumstances are acts that can be understood; they have a reason of being and a purpose.

But, beyond that, there are also some videos that really have shaken me because you can see human evil in its pure state. The pure hate without reason or justification with who does not deserve it.

Many thanks to Best Gore member @horqueta for the synopsis and shoutout to all Best Gore members who helped with compilation!

Warm up your favorite flavor popcorn! Relax and enjoy the wretched byproduct of the human experience. Videos below edited for climactic experience:

Time Stamps: Order of Appearance

# 1 Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico
# 2 Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán
# 5 Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel
# 3 Chubby Man Gets Dismembered and Disemboweled Alive

Time Stamps: Order of Appearance

# 4 Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico
# 6 Video of Kid Who Was Decapitated with Dull Machete Getting His Arm Chopped Off
# 7 Live Dismemberment in Venezuela – Young Man Hacked to Pieces While Alive
# 8 Woman Trapped Behind Security Bars Slowly Roasted by Raging Inferno
# 9 Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

183 thoughts on “Top Nine, Selected Best Gore of 2018, Hilarious Video Montage”

  1. bad English alert! Glory Gory year!
    Kinda sick when you know these kinda stuff gonna happen to some ppl next year 2019.
    And its disappointing when you know not everywhere they release gore videos.
    This year In Iran’s prison they tortured anti-regime protesters mentally and physically with pills and chinese torture method that some victims made it to suicide but the others tortured to death and their burned bodies berried unknown places.

  2. #3 was definitely my favorite so far, first of all I fuckin hate fat people so it’s a joy to see them get tortured to death and secondly his buldging eyes and “what the fuck are you doing to me” look on his face is quite amusing.

  3. I really enjoy all that fuckin worthless whores getting killed I mean latinos, arabs, muslims, jews, asians absolutely no mery for them. Die all whores.

    LEAVE ONLY SUPERIOR WHITE EUROPEANS. Kill all niggers, all shady faces all races. I really like when their skulls are stomped. Behead all black, arab and asian women and children. Kill all vermin.

    Thats right whores, thats right.

    BTW why this fuckin whore in the first video is screaming “aya yay yay yay” ? What the fuck is this. He should be glad he get dimsembered with that fuckin knife, he was born to entertain other animals like all latinos. I would pluck his mothers eyes and pour molten lead inside. Ayayayaya fuckin puss covered animals

  4. Was a good serie of hacking/slashing/burning, and the women who was being roasted alive behind bars took the price of ‘artful-dying’ in my opinion. Must be an agonizing death, i can imagine.

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