Older Man Beheaded, Four Younger Ones Executed by ISIS in Iraq

Older Man Beheaded, Four Younger Ones Executed by ISIS in Iraq

Footage below is an excerpt from an ISIS released video titled “Support of the Weakest“. Claimed to have been filmed in Wilayat Diyala, Iraq, the video shows the beheading of a tribal leader who allegedly rejected the allegiance to Islamic State, and executions with rifles of four Iraqi army soldiers.

The old man took the decapitation pretty well. The young guys were shot by some dug out trench in the sand.

Props to multiple Best Gore members for sending this video in. Too many to mention:

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      1. That was stupid bullshit. One guy stabbing at a guys stomach who didn’t even know how to kill efficiently. And that was only 3 dumbasses. Isis is a religious movement. They don’t need all the bullshit and theatrical torture. They are soldiers, and probably kill a lot more people. Therefore, cut their head off, and done. That’s how it’s done when it’s a religious killing. No need to torture the guy bc you don’t know how to kill efficiently. They looked like amateurs who decided one day, “ hey, let’s go kill someone”. Big difference from Isis

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      Christianity long time ago was not cucked, they kicked out Arab/Turkish/moslem scum from Europe.

      Today, is “refugees welcome”, “no one is illegal”, “no nation, no border, stop deportation”.

  2. I love how instead of taking pointers from the mexican cartels beheading videos on how to properly behead their victims, they just learned how to edit out all the pathetic hacking and twisting to sever the spines. I suppose i have somewhat high standards on beheading videos since the first one that i saw was that fat spick in the pink shirt getting her head cut off in just seconds with a knife no longer then 5 inches so quickly you could see her eyes move to look at her lifeless body as he held up her severed head to the camera. Instant boner!! Anyhow, it is nice to see that religion is keeping the toweled turds killing eachother off in this day and age. They’re even isolated in the shittiest place on earth to! I guess thats “gods”way of isolating and correcting his mistake. When they’re not killing eachother over religion, the american government is killing its citizens for money and blaming the ragheads for an excuse to go slaughter them and steal their oil!! how humorous!

    1. Shittiest place on earth?!?! Haha!! The Arabic world is beautiful. Where you from? UK or America? And you think those are beautiful countries? Natural disaster will probably have America soon anyway. They believe in God much more in Middle East. That’s why it’s a beautiful place. Just bc dickhead pussies decide to go there and bomb it to shit, doesn’t mean that God made it that way. The rednecks who bomb them are just so arrogant enough to play God. lol. !!!!! Don’t confuse the two. If they were getting raped by tornados over there, like happens in America all the time, then you could say that God doesn’t like them. But they actually don’t have many natural disasters over in Middle East.

  3. This is all about oil. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Our whole civilization runs on oil. How much oil is left? How long will it last? If the rich were to depopulate the world, the oil will last longer. Who will control the remaining oil? The oil is going to run out some day, and when it does, this modern civilization will fall.

    1. You think the worlds gunna turn into a post apocalyptic world because of fucking oil shortages? There are so fucking many other sources of power you dumbass, plus we could use your land whale mothers blubber as a last resort. This ladies and gentlemen is what happens when brothers and sisters fuck. Stupidity.

    2. You’ve been duped. Fossil fuel is a bullshit theory. It has been documented that oil never runs out. Our earth is making it constantly. A supposed dried up oil well started to refill itself. Besides our new technologies are finding more and more oil reserves. Those liberal idiots will never plow snow in the big cities in the winter with some electric truck. Just ain’t going to happen?

      1. LOL What? Read all this Zabo, https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/how-long-does-it-take-the-earth-to-form-one-gallon-of-oil.667166/

        “Well, you can make oil faster than it is being consumed … that’s easy. It just takes more energy to do that than you get back from the oil.” …

        “The trick isn’t making the oil, the trick is getting more energy, economically, faster than you can consume it; which is why there’s all this emphasis on renewable sources. To turn oil into a renewable source, you need to get the energy input from a(nother) renewable source which is also economically efficient. But, if you’ve got one of those, you don’t need oil.”

        As the quote mentions, you can’t get more energy out than what you’re putting in by “geoengineer new petroleum deposits”.

        Zion is correct, we will run out of oil one day and we will need to find another energy resource.

  4. *sighs*
    this would be so much better without the propaganda and speeches.
    like, just get on with it, everyone already know the basic idea of what you’re on about.

    we need the awesome production value of some of these videos mixed together with the sheer brutality and fantastic fashion sense of the mexican cartel videos.

    i’m going to go with the mexican videos every time.

  5. Killing Other Sand Niggers doesn’t have the same effect as when a jew is slaughtered.
    I like to see More Jews getting kidnapped and tortured,
    Then we’re really Talking !
    Nobody’s going to give a fuck about a raghead.

  6. I think it should be acceptable to just completely fucking wipe out any person who even asks that question, even as a joke. Some 30 year old wizard cracks a joke about allying with Islam? His fuckin memories are now all over my wall, and I’m not going to jail for it. That shit should be counted as terrorism everywhere and that should be acceptable everywhere. You’d be a total fuckin moron to say something like that anyway.

  7. How about we stop thinking outside the box for a second and have a better looks at the situation we are given in the video.

    Isis usually isn’t keen on executing older men, at least not in this kind of war propaganda.
    My speculation would be that this was a well known tribe, ISIS used all of its intel to gather information on these guys and thus deemed that they were no match against a mercenary group that is financed by the big guys.
    So, knowing its safe to say that these sand peeps don’t stand a shit of a chance against the world’s most fought terrorist group currently they knew they have 2 choices, both of whom are in their favor.
    – So in this scenario ISIS gets new people in their ranks, they have more territory to spread their believes on etc. etc. (In conclusion: more peeps, resources, weapons etc.)
    -And this is allegedly how this video is created. They didn’t wanna join isis, no problemo.
    Burn, plunder, rape, steal, kill, make rofl videos, spread fear, etc.

    Just wanted to point out a bit what these ISIS queers think about.

  8. The one guy who liked the fastest mexican beheading ever.: yeah. I liked that one too, guy took her head off like a surgeon. So fast she was still alive looking at her body, man, that must have been scary, except she was probably so loaded on smack she didnt even know what was happening.
    But since that video i been spoiled for a good fast beheading. I love guillotines, too bad more of those weren’t filmed.
    Being a Scottish man I think I could do a lot better with a broadsword, one swipe is all it take.

  9. Oh these “men” are such soldiers, so brave, slaughtering bound and restrained men with no other way to defend themselves. Fucking ISIS is made up of fucking cunt cowards!! They can only kill cowardly with IED’s or doing in restrained men. These sheep fuckers should be dying by the tens of thousands right now what the fuck is the world waiting for??

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