Older Man Beheaded by Young Whippersnapper for God Knows Why

Older Man Beheaded by Young Whippersnapper in Brazil for God Knows Why

Older Man Beheaded by Young Whippersnapper in Brazil for God Knows Why

Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata suggests wicked titles.

Backinfo I got says this happened in Brazil (not sure about that, though). The video shows a young whippersnapper in a ski mask beheading an older man in the backwoods, as a pal behind him creates the background scene. No backinfo on why the old man was beheaded. That whippersnapper couldn’t behead a caterpillar if he tried.

Props to @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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93 thoughts on “Older Man Beheaded by Young Whippersnapper for God Knows Why”

    1. They’re speaking Bahasa. I suspect this happened in Indonesia or southern PH.
      The beheader whispers something like “your fate will be like them”. His voice is too low to catch everything but this is some kind of Pro-Islam Group, or resistance movement..

          1. You know what it was, I put them stupid straps on my pedals weeks ago for hipster points and I had been fine until yesterday.I had a hangover, nothing too major, nipped to our local McDonalds but on the way managed to mount a sidewalk at a funny angle too fast and I started to fall but as my foot was strapped in I couldn’t put my leg out to save myself so all 18st of me came crashing down on my knee. Bet everyone in their cars had a good chuckle as it was very busy at that time.

  1. Boy, he was really inept. The victim didn’t have enough hair to get a grip so he should have stuck his fingers in his eyes to get good control like the filthy ragheads do. Crank that melon back and get ‘er done ya dumb fucking gook!!

  2. This could be the cartel retirement plan, similar to the bee hive retirement plan for worker bees. In this case, your final assignment is decapitation practice for the up and coming gang members. It’s always a surprise when it happens.

  3. could be a really another video of some retards training to become someones killer.. stuff we usually dont see… but this cheap… could be also his step grandad…. so cheap… hopefully we will see this fucker gettin burned alive soon

  4. I know what happened. The guy flipped his shit because the old man stole his bucket of all his savings in change. He then took the bucket of rusty coins and threw it in the water to make a wish. He wished to be young again, “I wish I was in my youth, God.” but little did he know, he was kidnapped by the karate kid with a smiley mask while wielding a machete. He begged, prayed and pleaded for the Spider-faggot to let him go. The old crispy man had no chance, his head was removed by a steelildo, forest machete and he went to hell.

    Where the fuck am I going with this?

  5. Damn… they need a public library with an anatomy textbook.
    He had the right idea… but the blade has to slide between the vertebrae from an anterior approach. Posteriorly, the spinal processes make it much more difficult unless he actually swung the damn machete.

  6. Those headchoppers look like hipsters! Backpacks and shit!
    The guy in the back was walking around as if picking posies or something…maybe like one of those hipster German mushroom pickers.!

    I agree maybe Indonesia and maybe this is happening in Aceh where those Acehnese hate the stereotypical Indonesians from Java.

          1. I think you’re right about the brekky thing. I’m a girl and wouldn’t say that… what a fag. Sorry, but that kind of stupidity pisses me off. Brekky…. how fucking stupid. Maybe he’ll snapchat his balls in someone’s mouth.

          1. Matt Jack- off, and the 666 thing.. okay, lol. Yeah, whatever. I think it speaks for itself. At least it does for me… it makes me laugh.

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