Older Indian Man Decapitated by Nihang Singh Member in Gurudwara, Punjab

Older Indian Man Decapitated by Nihang Singh Member in Gurudwara, Punjab

In the city of Fatehgarh Sahib, in Punjab, India, an older man was decapitated with a bladed weapon by a member of Nihang Singh, who are an armed wing of Sikh extremism.

The victim, identified as Baba Piara Singh, was the chief servant of the Gurudwara Bibangarh Sahib (Gurudwara is essentially a temple used by Sikhs for worship).

According to the police, Baba Piara Singh was stabbed multiple times with a knife by Charanjit Singh, resident of Lohari Kalan village, who then beheaded him with a single blow of a sword.

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78 thoughts on “Older Indian Man Decapitated by Nihang Singh Member in Gurudwara, Punjab”

  1. Ahh man I thought this was going to be a video of the murder. Don’t get me wrong aftermath videos are good but sword beheadings don’t come around often. Always so swift and clean.

      1. That’s true. But I meant the execution itself is clean. No sawing at bones or twisting of the necks. I wonder who gets to clean up after the public beheadings in these countries. They probably just leave it all there until it washes away on its own.

  2. Baba Piara still can’t believe that he has been turban-ated & dead already and while his head appears kinda confused …..like a vampire he still seems to be licking at his own blood .

    1. I am told they tie knots to their pubes as they are used to the best of shampoos for their groins .
      They love to tame lices to have their heads beards & mustaches tickled and scratched .
      Balle Balle

  3. Is everybody’s last name Singh in there or something? Geeesh… and people complain about everybody being called Da Silva in Brazil… 😆 Anyways, being the executers Sikh, i bet he came to the temple smelling like a muslim… bad mistake buddy…

  4. Just who is this stupid kunt who thinks he as a badass for killing an old unarmed man with a sword?
    Fuck all religious extremists for being pansies, using religion as an excuse to kill someone.

    I want to see this extremist come towards a guy like me that was similarly armed and try to attack him. Because I don’t think he would.

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