Out of Control Truck Rams Multiple Vehicles, Kills Ten People

Out of Control Truck Rams Multiple Vehicles, Kills Ten People

CCTV video from China depicts an out of control semi truck ramming a line of vehicles, including motor and bi cyclists, destroying a number of them as it kept moving forward. According to the info I got, ten people were killed when all was said and done.

That one bicyclist pedaled for dear life, but when the truck hit the lamp post, it squashed him like a bug.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Out of Control Truck Rams Multiple Vehicles, Kills Ten People”

    1. No shit! I commute on bike almost everywhere, and I was on the edge of my seat watching this, saying “Pedal faster, pedal faster, you’re gonna make it.”

      Then, as if it were an act of Allah, that pole bent just right and crushed him like a bug. If the pole didn’t kill him, that out of control monster behind him finished the job.

      This happened in China; why am I not surprised? Watching this, now I’m realizing I’ve never seen an Asian driver behind the wheel of a semi here in the US. Automatically disqualifies you from applying for a CDL. And if you’re female, they prolly won’t even let you park your car in the parking lot.

    1. I honestly was like ‘well ain’t that some bad damn luck!’ He was pedaling his little legs off and that light pole literally devoured him. Reminds me of that video from China where the woman’s just walking with her kid all normal and shit then as soon as she walks under this sign it just falls and flattens her ass.

      1. Anyone remember the CCTV footage of the drunk guy stumbling down the road, where he gets struck by lightning, picks himself up, and gets struck by lightning again half a block later? Sometimes Fate just picks someone at random and focuses an enormous “fuck you with a side of overkill” directly at them. RIP cyclist, props for going out with style!

  1. Damn! Was terminator driving this truck? Poor guy got squished like a fucking cockroach… and bbqued at the same time , I had to recover my pass for my account and make a comment on this one .. I had to do it..

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