Overcrowded Indian Train Moves Away After Decapitating Woman

Overcrowded Indian Train Moves Away After Decapitating Woman

Overcrowded Indian Train Moves Away After Decapitating Woman

This one hails from India – surprise!

At the end of the ride, lies a poor soul that decided it was better to die than live in squalor. You can tell from the acceleration of the overcrowded train that it’s moving away. Decapitated corpse at its wheels be damned. Got to deliver all those people sticking out every car’s orifice somehow. Though it’s rather amazing the train could still run with all that extra baggage.

I love how the damned souls on the other side of the tracks can’t wait to get a glimpse of a fallen woman.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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117 thoughts on “Overcrowded Indian Train Moves Away After Decapitating Woman”

  1. Still can’t believe how fucking packed full, like a can of sardines, these people ride the trains.

    Also, forgot to say that apparently, she tried killing herself same way, day before she was successful… She was moto-vated and determined to leave her place on Earth, called Hell

        1. Public bathrooms? Porto potties?? C’mon guys, we all know where these dirty motherfuckers drop there deuces… anyone here live in liberal San Francisco? You know what I’m talkin’ about.

          1. Yes i’ve seen that stuff about san fransisco, it’s literally a shit hole now. I doubt Hitchcock would use that city for one of his films now.

          2. Tony Bennett may have famously left his heart there once, but today’s San Francisco has a lot more lying on its streets than the crooner’s atria and ventricles. Large swaths of the city have been taken over by an increasingly aggressive homeless population who are treating the city, quite literally, like a toilet.

          1. Imagine, you can even line up all the holes now she’s in two pieces, fukkin heaven, i could get used to this

          1. @illegalsmile55 Haha well the line up is where it counts. “Err madam can you describe the chap who invaded your home.” “Hmmm Black, short hair, black scary eyes.” “We’ll do our best you’ve been a great help”
            Imagine if those sheboons stopped wearing that fake hair, then they really would all look alike

          2. I’ve noticed the sheboons also like to grow their nails super long and paint them fancy colors, one way or telling which troop they belong to. 😀

            Edit: my tablet took the word ‘sheboons’, and replaced it with, ‘surgeons ‘. This made me laugh, I wanted to leave it because I know how you like those crazy typos.

          3. @illegalsmile55 yes the silly nails and now it’s also those wierd looking eyelashes that give them a dead person stare. I think your tablet is a democrat. But i’m glad you corected it because i might not have understood surgoen, it’s jsut too far removed from sheboon. as you can see all typos left in. only because i know you’re a super intelligent lady and can understand

  2. She was probably married to an arsehole with shit for brains, and divorce is frowned upon amongst the Hindus. Divorce is even more of a social anathema to the Hindus than it used to be to the pre-conciliar Catholics. Even the constitutional law of India is extremely stringent with regard to divorce.

    ‘More than 20,000 housewives took their lives in India in 2014.

    This was the year when 5,650 farmers killed themselves in the country.

    So the number of suicides by housewives was about four times those by farmers. They also comprised 47% of the total female victims.

    Yet the high number of homemakers killing themselves doesn’t make front page news in the way farmer suicides do, year after year.

    In fact, more than 20,000 housewives have been killing themselves in India every year since 1997…’ (BBC, 12.4.2016)

    1. Self respecting women leave any place with ‘stan’ as part of the name. They treat women like shit, and when her dowery isn’t big enough they throw kerosine on the woman and light her on fire. There isn’t a way out for women in those fucked up countries.

  3. @carnage-2 Poor girl. Probably got fed up with having to shit at the side of the railway tracks hey carnage ? If those dopey assed paki men could just put running water in their houses instead of coming to the west , fukkin cunts i hate them so much, stinky pakis. I wish i could have brought this girl to england, converted her to Christianity and gave her white babies , she would’ve been happy, happier than with a stnky worthless paki man cunts…

    1. Do I think it’s a good idea to try and convert a woman like this to Christianity, possibly make a wife out of her and giving her white babies is a good idea?…
      Does an Indian shit in the woods?… No! It shits on the side of the tracks and kicks it in.

    2. For once I agree with you.

      Also, making babies in a shithole like that is the stupidest thing you can do. Stupid cunts can’t live without making more babies, literally dooming them to life in hell, and pretending it’s a good thing, because “family, love” and all that shit.

      1. @ankun256 Well after that video carnage showed me about them not building toilets in their houses due to religion i hate these cunts even more, fukkin stupid as fuck and then they come over here for clean water and toilets, if they want to breed stupidity in their won country that’s fine but don’t come to the west when it all fails. They should burn and rot in hell

        1. Thanks for the videos, the situation is dire indeed. Those open shitters should be shot on the spot, that’s for sure. However, you should not throw all hindus in one basket – I’m pretty sure there’s at least one hindu over there who look at this whole situation in the same way we do, but he can’t do anything about this nor escape this gutter of a country.

    1. I always said women are braver than men Pigsy. have you seen some of those bitches fight? Can’t work out why it’s traditionally men that go to war

      1. Because women stay home with the babies if they have them. America doesn’t allow women to partake in combat. They are used for support jobs like moving supplies in a big truck. It’s a shame that women aren’t allowed when they are qualified.

        1. I say women should be allowed to actually fight, look at those , i forget the name, middle eastern anyway, they’re always fighting the turks, anyway they’re good fighters and ours are even tougher , let the gays load the trucks

  4. the poor soul was too good to live in squalor like the other billion fuckwits. well i say, fuck her straight to mother fucking hell. jesus christ didn’t even own a back pack and you didn’t see him cry about it and kill himself.

    1. Thanks bro! I wrote like literally all that but a sentence and a rearranging of words. lol As @carnage-2 says, it’s a group effort.

      Mark is good at arranging my thoughts for a lot of the other videos, though. He is a very smart man. Something I wish to be in a different life.

    1. This is very recent, but Steve Perry is under discussion with Journey for a reunion. No kidding, I could hope. This is in my back yard, BTW. I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager and I never stopped being a fan.

      Second vid makes me miss John Lennon.

      1. Steve Perry has an awesome voice, and Like Yourself i too was a big fan in my teenage years being born in 1965 & all. And as you said, and if A Journey reunion would happen, and they launch a North American Tour, it would be great for sure Girl! Hopefully they come to Ottawa, or Montreal, as The Wife, & I would surely attend the concert.

        As for John Lennon, i still remember the day when they announced at “School of all places” the Sad News That He had been shot, and killed in New-York City while i was in Grade 7. Man i cried like a baby as i was a huge Beatles fan since a very young boy, & still am today!

        And if ever Journey decides to only do one reunion Concert near his/Your Hometown,,, well maybe The Wife & I Could meet you there, cause that would be just too cool to be able to meet, & share this Historical Rock, & Roll Moment with another Best-Gore Member eh?? 🙂

        You Know what,,, You sound nothing like an Obnoxious Bitch, My Good B-G Sister, but a Real Cool Gal Instead!

          1. Hey brother @Pabloescobar
            Well it took 1 hour to perform, and there was 2 girls instead of just one, like in Usual Ultrasounds. While one was marking the affected areas on a computer screen picture of a Liver, The other one was doing the actual Ultrasound Itself.

            But man they pushed so fucking hard on my chest, and liver that me almost farted, lol. But i held back from Showing Any Pain, but especially from farting, as they were both quite pretty, lol.

            But on a more serious note, i heard the lady doing the actual ultrasound say the word calcification to the other girl while she pushed, and concentrated on the exact same area in my chest just under my rib cage where i have been experiencing this acute pain.

            So God knows what they found. And the fact that they said that They would expedite the results in time for my Doctors appointment Monday July 30th. So Monday, i will surely know more. But because they did find an abnormality in my Liver and possibly elsewhere, i might have to undergo a series of more tests.

            But because i have booked, & Prepaid An Important Trip to visit a dear Friend Abroad, and i,ll be gone from the 05ft. up until the 21st. of August,,, Any test that would fall between those dates will just have to wait being that this trip has been on the Very Top Of My Bucket List Forever, and not knowing if i would ever get the chance to do it again, is more devastating to me than any test whatsoever.

            Thanks for asking, and for caring my good brother. 🙂

        1. I definitely admire your desire to run through your bucket list & definetely hope that you get some good news on Monday. Well, as good as it can possibly get. I’d imagine in this day and age, something can always be done. Keep me posted on your condition brother, not a day has gone by recently where I haven’t wondered, “hey, I wonder how TheDre’s coming along..” stay strong brother, or should I say, Stay Dre aha

  5. It’s fake. No blood. And the head is just “conveniently” placed next to the body like that? I dont think so. The head was also in perfect condition, which wouldn’t be possible for a train decapitated victim. The head would either be totally smashed and ripped to pieces or the head would be on the traintracks underneath the train. Plus, you never see anyone fall off the train. It was all staged

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