Pawn Shop Security Guard Fatally Shot by Armed Robber in Panama City

Pawn Shop Security Guard Fatally Shot by Armed Robber in Panama City

Pawn Shop Security Guard Fatally Shot by Armed Robber in Panama City

This ocurred in the afternoon of April 28, 2018 at La Gran Estacion, San Miguelito, Panama City, Panama.

Two armed assailants walked into a pawn shop apparently intending to disarm the security guard before robbing the place, but ended up killing the guard because he was reaching for his gun.

One of the assailants was reportedly killed by an unknown shooter moments later (could have been a cop or another security guard). The security guard drowned in his own blood from a torso shot and died. Where the other assailant is remains unknown.

A surveillance camera caught the moment of the fatal shooting. Some females with a Colombian accent do pointers at the screen of the CCTV footage. This is what they talk about (props to @slavicguy for the translations):

– Look there he arrived
– There they are
– He is the one who came
– And Eric could not pull out his gun?
– No, He did not, but I don’t know who shot the other one (assailant).

Translation of the dialogue from the aftermath video footage:

– In front of my car at La Gran Estacion papa
– He was going to rob and got his firecracker (shot) in the chest
– He has been blown off with an AK
– This just happenned
– It looks like someone got hit inside the shop

Props to Best Gore members @slavicguy and @nikish for the videos:

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      1. Well SS, since I stopped playing video games after Vice City, I have reverted back to a complete “noob”. I really don’t know which one is worse, but since I didn’t know what pwned was, I can only come to the conclusion that the use of that word is worse.

          1. Would have been better off robbing the Capitol Bank next door. But this looked like a hit to me – no robbery….

      1. Creepster i like pawn stars. it’s kind of educational as well. antwaun is huge, i wish i was that big i’d go around flattening people …just anyone ..i’d start with my sister

          1. hahaha you’d be surprised, they say “oh la!” a lot.. I find myself saying it a lot hahaha another brilliant one is “oh la vache” hahahahaha

          2. Hmm this is turning into a french lesson, it reminds me of that french bitch that was screaming at me at work, ugly little thing …oh the cow! seems a bit lame.. the English are much better at put downs

  1. The human species is doomed.

    While there are far worse scenarios on this site, this one is just as good as any to illustrate what is wrong with humans. This entire site is the reality of humanity. Delusional humans want to judge humanity based on discoveries and achievements. But it’s the lowest common denominators which are the true judge of ‘humanity’. Greed, hypocrisy, materialism, murder, rape, psychosis and sociopathy.

    No- humans were not all created equal. The humans with any worthwhile substance are far outnumbered.

      1. There should be a vote here for the coolest video taker, the one with the no screaming, no oh my gods, maybe that fellow with the chopper crash would be a good contender, he was in the jungle waiting to be rescued for how long yet he was cool as ice

  2. you work as a guard in any shops that has valuable merchandises in a 3rd world on your feet on the scene… you better to be alert 101% on your surroundings w/o a blink of an eye! … be in a safe surveilance camera room on the otherhand!

  3. Looks like dude got capped trying to steal the van or hijack someone there….. things fupped duck…. someone else shot him in the parking lot….. or maybe shot himself in the head…. ?¿ ….jewlery store dude was quick on the trigger too…..

    What is with the other twinkie running INTO the shop like a wildman….. then yikes! heading out even quicker….. I wonder if he was a security guard about to attack the first robber but shots rang out, so he took off! Or was he an accomplice…… gonna fill a bag with loot….. and rubies…..

  4. Looks like the 2nd guy runs back around through the lot after first running out turning left….. whoever it is, accomplice or guard or honest citizen….. then they may have shot dude back there….. accomplice may have shot him for fuxxing up the score…… and, hey, he don’t wanna have guy snitch HIM out too and take heat for killing the jewlery store security guard….. probably death penalty…..or life….. 25 years…..

  5. Favorite part: Approximately 7 seconds remaining, one of the responders lifts the guy’s head, making his face more visible through the window, and the already-traumatized screams from the female become even more frantic.
    Thank You…Carry On.

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