Pedestrian Cut in Half and Decapitated by Speeding Car

Pedestrian Cut in Half and Decapitated by Speeding Car

Talk about total annihilation. Getting cut in half would do just about anyone, getting beheaded certainly anyone, but getting them both in a “two in one package”, that’s brutal.

Poor fellow. Reckless, speeding driver hit him. The driver is a representative of the sheep who always bitch about Best Gore and do all they can to take it down. They don’t like the fact that I point out how dangerous they are and prove it with real life examples.

But I must say I’m glad the sheep hate me. The greatest reward a man can achieve in his life is to have the sheep disagree with him. The moment he gets the sheeples’ approval is the moment he needs to put a gun to his head, cause that’s a solid sign that he’s a sheep himself.

The way head flew through the windshield and landed inside the car reminds me of the case from Thailand in which nasty twink of rich parents kept driving with top half of Laotian girl the prick halved speeding.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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56 thoughts on “Pedestrian Cut in Half and Decapitated by Speeding Car”

    1. If he even survived the ordeal, he deserves a new underbody and now has a good reason to be partially man and partially robot. That would grasp the world around cyborgs and having robot parts connected to veins with other tissue.

  1. Goddamn…. talk about total annihilation. o_O.
    The look on the driver’s face must have been absolutely priceless the moment this poor bastard’s head crashed through the windshield and landed on the upholstery. He must have screamed as loud as the old guy who woke up to see a horse’s severed head on his bed in the Godfather. πŸ˜€

    1. I bet there’s no worse feeling than that millisecond you’re sure you are going to die. Goddamnit (God’s surname is not damnit though) body wreck compared to the car is severe carnage.
      There are at least thousands of deaths a year from car accident and only a few hundred death cases from drink driving…. So be safe, and be sure to heavely drink before you go home…just kidding

  2. I think about this happening to me every time I go for one of my walks. Every time a car passes me. Even though I’m on the sidewalk I don’t feel safe, and the thought of one of the self-stereotyping cattle-minded masses putting an end to me with their reckless driving chills me to the bone with a Fear that I can’t even begin to describe. I think I deserve “better” than that.

  3. You don’t want me in a band… I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. My trying to perform on stage would probably be worse than any of the gore you’ve seen on this site. I sound MUCH better in text format! (Can’t speak for my fellow posters, however.) With some lessons, I might be able to back up the percussion section?

    Hand me that cowbell!

    1. OK, my post would make a lot more sense if it were up there under Razorblade_Grin’s comment about forming a band, which is where it was supposed to land.

      I’m sure all the new traffic is helping Mark with revenue, but damn, the site is poky and odd these last few days!

      Thanks for keeping it up & running, Mr BestGore! Your efforts are appreciated.

  4. I don’t know why I’m barely registering with Best Gore when I’ve been coming on here every day for weeks!!!

    I swear to god if someone does this to me, I hope my head lands on their lap and I’m able to wink at them. Being that they’re is supposedly oxygen in the head still.

  5. Okay. So everyone knows , here is how this works. The mans head didn’t go “flying through the window”. The man was hit by the car in such a way that when his head impacted the windshield and went through, the car was still moving forward. The glass combined with the cars momentum and the fact that the mans head is now through the windshield while his body is not, combined to sever his head from his body. If his severed head had hit the windshield alone. it would not have enough force to go through the windshield on its own.

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