Perfect Train Decapitation

Perfect Train Decapitation

Perfect Train Decapitation

I kind of ponder – when committing a suicide by train decapitation, do you load yourself up or do you just arm up with lots of determination and lay on the tracks sober? Cause if the latter, then it’s pretty fucking admirable. You hear the train approaching, the tracks are rumbling, then the whistle, then whole ground shakes like crazy – if you’d still keep your neck on the tracks waiting for that first wheel, then your determination to die deserves a medal…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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12 thoughts on “Perfect Train Decapitation”

  1. Briliant!

    But it does make me wonder… how stupid would you look if the train actualy ran on the tracks next to the one you chose to lay down on?
    Obviously this guy was a winner ’cause he succeded, but what about the Carlos Mencia’s of our nation? Do retards know how to commit suicide?? O.o

  2. We had one hit last year just down the street. I live on the 9th floor and can see the train whiz by about 7 or 8 blocks away, over the bridge and keep on going.

    This time it stopped before the bridge, I knew something was up, but did know until the next day. Two old guys crossing, maybe drunk? One made it, one didn’t.

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