Photos of Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş – Killer of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov

Photos of Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş - Killer of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov

This is Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş – Turkish man who killed Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş was born in 1994 in Aydın, Söke, Turkey. He was a special forces police officer in Turkish capital city of Ankara. He was reportedly fired from the force for his alleged involvement in the July 15, 2016 coup in Turkey.

His killing of ambassador Karlov is too reminiscent of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia, Serbia, that began World War I.

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      1. You are the cunt that just said that Russia would destroy Turkey while it fucking can’t . You way to fucking much underestimate Turkey. They ruled for 600 years over an empire that was bigger and more difficult to rule then Russia. Russia is just 63% unused habitat (Siberia). While the area of Turkey is divided by a lot of different ethical and cultural people. You don’t know shit how strong and disciplined they really are. By the way bitches like you write shit and man like me fuck shit. Both Erdogan and Putin knew this was a provocation so that both countries could end up in war. And you were just one of those sick bastards. Merica still backs up this Fethullah Gulen terrorist, at the end you are fucked by Turkey and Russia both, and now China don’t liek you either because of your fatass president. Suck on that

        1. Too long, too dumb. Empires fall … Turkey is another wild country to the plow, with false god and religion. It’s punishment for supporting global terrorism.

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        2. I don’t think anyone should be scared of Turkey. If this assassin was just fired from the Turkish Special Ops & this was him be stealth like and trained to kill he sure looked like goof ball. If there was any security at this event they should all be fired. I don’t know what the speech was but even before I knew the assassination was going to happen I thought what is that odd guy doing in the background. He made me think of what the 3 Stooges would have been like if they had been in Special Forces or that English Comedian that plays Mr. Bean. All that needed to happen was when he pulled gun out is either accidentally shoot himself or to accidentally hit the clip release on his gun and as he pulled it out the clip falls to the floor. He did do better than the guy who try ed to assassinate I think an Israeli politician and walked up and either forgot to pull slide back to chamber a round or possibly even put bullets in the gun. His attempt failed and everyone gave him a good beat down. How long did it take for someone to kill him. I saw footage of at least 15 sec. Of him yelling blah blah blah Allah. Sorry Allah only word I understood. Definitely looked like inside job. That or Turkey has horrible pathetic security at events foreign ambassadors are going to speak at. If I had been in the security detail I wouldn’t let some strange guy just walk from 1 side of stage to other side and then reach in his jacket a couple of times like he was trying to get the nerve up.

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      1. There will be chaos in the beginning. Only till the losing side has exhausted all options will the world burn. You will have plenty of time to face a gruesome demise. Whether it be from a firing squad due to resisting a draft or death in the tundra.

      1. Harsh yes. This is the beginning of the end. Do as you will while you can. Stray away from the computer for one day. Climb a hill and scream as loud as you want. Find a hole to hide in if it makes you feel safer. Just know this is the last straw. The bugles get louder everyday. The time is coming. No. The time is here.

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    1. Gavrilo Princip was 19 when he killed Franz Ferdinand. That jew who killed the ambassador in Paris before the Kristallnacht was quite young too, I guess 17. If you were from whatever organisation, I’d imagine you would pick ”foolish brainwashed” youngsters full of energy to do the dirty job.

  2. So, what will the official Turkish government response be, since they claim it was a coup supporter? Was it perhaps an attempt to distance Erdogan from Putin? Quite interesting the analogy to Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, a fanatic (then nationalist, now, supposedly, religious) assassinating a representative in a third country caught in between the fray, which seems to not get along well with any of the two other conflicting parts. Let us hope that history won’t repeat itself this time, as we would be doomed, although if I can remember well, according to the protocols there’s gotta be a third WW.

  3. If he was part of the so called coup how was he able to work his way back in? If you think for a second that you have a friend in Islam,they will cut your child’s throat as you look away. Jews and muslims are no different. Gentiles, infidels. We are all the same to them. Targets… Killing us through forced assimilation.

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