Photo of Patricia Ward – Woman Beheaded by Her Son in Farmingdale, New York

Best Gore Exclusive Photo of Patricia Ward - Woman Beheaded by Her Son in Farmingdale, New York

Best Gore member cemeterian hooked us up with an exclusive photo of the victim of a recent beheading in Farmingdale, New York. A man with a history of mental issues murdered his own mother who was a college professor, beheaded her, dragged her body and head through their apartment building, and left her on the street. He then killed himself 30 minutes later by way of an LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train. Passers by, at first, thought it waz a Halloween prank.

The beheaded woman was identified by Nassau County police as 66 year old Patricia Ward. Her corpse was found outside an apartment building on Secatogue Avenue in Farmingdale. She was an assistant professor at Farmingdale State College.

Her son, 35 year old Derek Ward was found dead on the train tracks. His death is considered to be suicide. He had a history of psychiatric issues and has been arrested for gun possession and criminal mischief.

Many thanks for the pic, cemeterian.

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    1. I was on the train that hit and killed Derek. We had huge delays getting home.

      His parts were definitely spread out over a fairly big area. I snapped one pic between two of the cars as we were being offloaded and rescued of some blood and small fleshy pcs. Either way it was a long night.

    1. I’ve noticed @IWM : you are a very caring creature and often show concern for the victims last moments. But if it turned the other way and I heard there was a new serial killer in town who had been nicknamed by the media as ‘Last Moment Mayhem Killer’, I would just smile knowingly to myself. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t share my suspicions with the coppers, just incase you were trying to beat the ‘most victims by a female serial killer’ record.

      1. @Dutchy, Thank you, my friend! lol πŸ˜‰
        Some members will readily reveal dark thoughts, while others carefully keep these to themselves.
        It’s true, I do have a lot of empathy. It’s very easy for me to imagine myself wearing someone else’s shoes.
        And, at other times… wearing their skins >:)

  1. I was waiting to see a picture of this… I love not being let down!!! As for the circumstances, that really does suck. Makes you wonder what kind of a parent it takes for your offspring to hate you so much. I grew up with a loving mom but I always here stories about how mean and abusive parents can be to their own children and I just can’t relate or put myself in their shoes. Not saying she was a bad mom, just makes me wonder!

    1. Yes, he was psychiatrically unwell, and the fact he has done something so unusual makes me think he was psychotic at the time. Psychotic symptoms are seen in conditions like schizophrenia and to a lesser extent, Bipolar. However could as easily have been a drug induced psychosis, for example, heavy binging on methamphetamine where there has been high frequent doses and no sleep for up to 7 to 9 days. Other causes of psychosis are much rarer but can be caused by systemic syphillis, brain tumour or head injury.

      1. I read he was on meds but had quit taking them 4 days before and family had said he had been battling mental problems for a long time but had never been violent or showed any signs of being violent toward his mother.

        1. I think he was gonna commit suicide regardless. But he was scared of what it was gonna be like to be alone in the “after life”. So he took with him the only person that ever took care of him and loved him unconditionally.

    1. I was thinking the same thing… Started with those crazy-assed cartels in Mexico… It apparently caught on in the Middle East with those whack-job jihadists. And now 15 miles away from where I grew up.

      The difference: This guy had a history of mental illness. A nut-job. Just how much parenting does a person have to do? 35 years old and still with Mommy. He should have skipped the beheading part and made his way to the LIRR tressell and called it a day…

      Same ‘loving, caring’ type parent was whacked prior to the Connecticut school shooting… The idea of putting a mentally compromised kid in front of violent video games all day is pretty fucking crazy.

      I wonder what this kid’s history was?

      1. I went to school with a guy who has Aspergers and he is still living at home with his mum, has never had a job, never been to technical college or done any other education. He is 33 and his mother guards him like he is ‘Bubble Boy’ and he has not got a hope in hell because of her. He will never marry, have kids, get a career – essentially he will never get a life. And I think it is all because his mother is divorced and with him being an only child, she is holding him back because she is scared of being alone. This way she is not alone and doesn’t have to try very hard to keep someone ( and anyone will do) dependent on her………..

        1. @rota it is more common than you think grown men/woman living at home its cheaper and they do very little,sometimes it doesnt work out…
          @dutchy as for a some one with aspergers this is a horrible illness as i no first hand as my son has it,he does very little refused to go to school most days ,he is in tech now but only goes about two or three days a week it is hard but i hope he will be able to live on his own but only time will tell..

          1. @Jasper1234: I should have been more clear that despite his awkwardness, he is fairly high functioning. To me, and of course I am only looking from the outside, lack of confidence seems to be his biggest problem. I think that can only grow after it has been watered, by doing things without his mother holding his hand and telling him it’s ok if he just wants to stay at home. That is not necessarily the mother saying that in the first instane but she certainly doesn’t encourage him to have a go, and put himself out there.

        2. Cannot believe this conversation… My bro is Asperger’s. This is a recent diagnosis. Have not spoken to him in 20 + years. Now I know it’s a pathology as opposed to a choice for this guy. He, too, is high functioning… an MD… Get this.. His choice of specialty was Rehab Med… Tramatic Brain Injury TBI… He does not have to talk to his patients…

          Autism spectrum… Everything from ADHD to Tourette’s to Aspergers to Traditional Autism. Terrible stuff.

          1. My gf has Aspergers, is pretty much a development disorder, she has a social problem, can’t explain her self right, there other things as well, she’s highly creative, full of joy at times but then her balance is thrown off when she thinks about her past. She had a very rough childhood and her father left before she was 10 her mother raised her as Jehovah’s Witness, but she never conformed she felt it wasnt true. Her mother passed way when she turned 20 and had to live with he sister who was a more hardcore Jehovah’s Witness. I met her less then a year after her mom passed over and we moved in together. She has little no contact with her sisters because they are Jehovah’s Witness and we are not. He gets help. She sees her therapist once a week and goes to group meetings once a week to seek help and its been working. She’s not mentally retarded but clearly lacking something neurologically. She also very clumsy.

            I have lost my relationship with my sister and he bf because they attacked my girlfriend verbally and physically, see its hard for her to pick up social cues and feel the emotion from other people conversations and sometimes she doesn’t pick up the point. My gf cant hold a job she has no confidence and any pressure she looses slighly verbal communication. My sister she said my gf was lazy and is retarded that I deserve someone better, but she doesn’t understand her condition. My gf just wishes she can be normal like everyone els.

          2. @3rd i rotten, You obviously have a lot of love and care deeply to deal with all of what your girlfriend is going through.That and you must also have the patience of a saint.I hope she loves and appreciates you, and realizes that you ARE a rare breed!!!

    1. A white (looks it to me) Aussie teenager (17yo) has run away from home after telling his family he was going fishing, and flew to Syria with some friends from school and joined ISIS. Isis just released their second propaganda video in English and this kid has been the star in both of them.
      On the news, tonight our Foreign minister just plain out said,” He’s a dick head !”


      1. I’d prefer that than ObamaDoYouWanna… sending money to this shitheads…

        Aussie-ville remains an OK place in my book… Had a chance to settle down there 15 years back. Wish I had done it. GREAT place

        1. Are you Amerikan @rota?

          I remember reading a while ago you are now living and working somewhere in the South Pacific – was it Fiji, Samoa or Tahiti ??

          So you are practically here mate……..

          1. Haha, not really πŸ™‚ Twas my pleasure! I’ve been a regular of this site since they had 12 pages of content. Always wanted to be able to contribute somehow. Now, I am infamous!!! Haha

      1. You sound like an expert on psychos. It really looks to me like she must have been a real psycho bitch, typical end, as for a lunatic that is. BTW shouldn’t psychotropic drugs stop a psycho from trippin’ or make it worse?

          1. True, in the beginning of the thread I was talking about street drugs though. The amount of psychotic people who regularly consume illegal drugs, large quantities of alcohol etc on top of their prescription meds.

          2. @BloodBinge.
            For sure, mixing those illicit chemicals is fraught with danger. I go bananas, not to mention a sickly green colour, if I am drunk and have a few tokes on a bifter. Just doesn’t agree with me at all !. I can’t mix booz and bud.

          3. Believe me, I know how it is to stop taking meds that are prescribed for various reasons. I take pills for pain, depression, sleep disorder…and a few others. When I stop taking them even for a day I’m a totally different person. Still…I don’t think I’d kill anyone let alone cut their head off…I think.

          4. The lady who hanged herself next door to me, was a really lovely lady. Sadly, she suffered from schizophrenia, and the night she hadn’t taken her meds, well, I couldn’t do or say a thing to calm her. It was getting out of hand, so I called for an ambulance. Poor lady was beside herself and paranoid. Totally different person when she was fully medicated, although it didn’t make any difference for her in the end.
            Such a nice person, such a shame.

  2. He made her lose her mind… πŸ˜† But hell, i wish i had that halloween “prank” here as well, there wouldnt be any other perfect day for that. πŸ™‚

    “What People Searched For To Land Here:

    Ehh…? 😐

    1. Yeah, final indignity, not only is she sans noggin but everyone gets to see her fat belly.

      But cut the bitch some slack, she’s 66. Well, New Years resolution for 2015 I suppose. Cut down on the cupcakes. Hit the treadmill. Sew head back on.

    1. Yeah, and the family makes it seem like they absolutely could find no doctor that would take Medicaid (system that covers all the costs for people who don’t work and their kids, with a few well deserving individuals – paid for by working tax-payers). Fucks sake, she was a college professor for many, many years so if she was so upset about not being able to find a doc before his meds ran out (per her family) couldn’t she have forked out the money like the rest of us with insurance and high deductibles (that we never meet so we end up paying for all healthcare costs plus the monthly insurance premiums). Now I suppose her family will try to sue someone. πŸ‘Ώ

  3. The Son dropped her head next to the body, then gave it a good kick, it rolled across the street. then he casually walked away toward the train tracks. that’s why witnesses thought it was a prank. it took some time for the cops to find the son as his body was dragged 1mi. by the train.

  4. When I was a kid I used to pull the heads off all my dolls. Sometimes I would pull their arms and legs off and switch them around. I also would draw dicks and vaginas on them and pretend to make them fuck. I know that you are probably wondering what I was doing playing with dolls in the first place but give me a brake…I was four years old.

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      1. The guy was an MS-13 gang member and he killed a 2yr old and the kids mom, Central Islip area got a bad MS gang problem. Also the one in Bayshore where this lady got dismembered by her landlord and had her body parts spread out in different areas, and in Babylon where a guy stabbed him mom to death, all happened not long ago.

        1. Yeah. I work in central islip. I’m on carelon ave every day at lempa. Getting my rice and beans lol. MS are good people you just can’t cross them. I was locked up at the farm and my bunk mate was high up in MS. I earned respect with themteaching them how to do graffiti.

          1. I would keep to myself and not bump heads with anyone but I used to meet up for work around C.I. and the black dude I worked with didn’t like MS or El Salvadorian people, he was a good dude though I don’t know what his beef was about. I worked in Bayshore too with a bunch of Spanish people and they were good people, and @NYBG I remember you saying once before that you’re Italian and from Brooklyn, my family is as well but moved out to Long Island when my dad was in HS, are you Sicilian by any chance and what part of BK you from?

          1. Funny thing, I used to work in a cemetery for a few years a while back (hence my name) and that lot in bay shore stank of dead body for a few days after they found her. Ever been to an animal farm where all the different feces smell is mixed together? That plus rotten fish is what we smell like when we decomp.

          2. @NYBG
            True, my family is from Flatbush.

            Damn that is nasty, I don’t know what lot they found her in but I wonder if it is near where I used to work, I worked right near the Bayshore mall.

          3. @24- its the vacant lot on the corner of gibson st. And maple ave. Butt up against a municipal parking lot directly behind capital one bank. Yeah, it was kinda surreal, there is a little trail that runs through the back of the lot as a shortcut to maple st. (Ferry patrons use it walking to the terminal), which is where the body was dumped.

            @ NYBG- damn really? The one at southshore? That’s nasty…luckily, on the rare occasion I go to IHOP I go to the one in west babylon on montauk hwy!

  6. See why in the fuck do people think it’s not right to kill a mentally compromised person with a tendency to kill??? THEY DON’T give a shit what you believe or think is right or wrong…they’ll KILL you anyway and everyone you care about. This women might have defending her son or believed he’ll be “better”, and she paid for her ignorance. I’m not a killer, but I’m one of those people that believe in defending loved ones by warning mental people and those that defend them to stay away…or you and your charity case will be fucking dog food.

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