Photos of Yarob Zahreddine Holding Severed Head of Decapitated ISIS Mujaheddin

Photos of Yarob Zahreddine Holding Severed Head of Decapitated ISIS Mujaheddin

These photos allege to depict Yarob Zahreddine, son of Syrian Brigadier General Issam Zahreddine holding a severed head of a decapitated ISIS mujaheddin. The decapitation was allegedly in response to the recent beheadings of Syrian soldiers by the Islamic State in in Deir ez-Zor.

The Syrian Republican Guard General Issam Zahreddine has been one of the key figures in the fight for liberation of Syria from the terror of the CIA and Mossad backed mercenaries.

87 thoughts on “Photos of Yarob Zahreddine Holding Severed Head of Decapitated ISIS Mujaheddin”

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      1. I was reading comments about an article of the two hostages killed in Australia and a former Muslim from Turkey living in OZ brought up her grandmother living in Turkey that only was educated until age 8… She said if her grandmothers imam told her that women should wear Santa hats she would without question…religion is easily used to control uneducated people in the middle east, thats why groups like the taliban want to keep the masses uneducated to control them…

          1. Yes you should and don’t watch CNN, the media likes to make a big stink out of one little thing. Stick to this website sweetheart you be just fine. They tell what the media is to chicken shit to tell.

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    1. Because this guy kills soldiers, not rapes women and children. Syrian Arab Army and Bashar al Assad are heroes! They are one of the last countries standing against the Jews! Bashar al Assad protects Christians and gives religious freedom. He is a saint.

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