Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

33 year old Ivaldo Alves de Barros Filho (Ivaldinho), of Nova Xavantina in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was helping in the maintenance of the spray nozzles of agricultural aircraft in Fazenda Nova Viana, when he apparently got too close to a spinning propeller and never heard the rest of it.

The propeller struck him in the head, cutting off top half of his head along with the face. As half decapitated body dropped face down to the ground, the blasted off frontal skull landed next to the body.

Ivaldinho was agronomy student in Nova Xavantina Unemat where he was completing his thesis. He was well known in the area for being a hard worker, and often got hired to do maintenance on agricultural machinery.

Similar accident involving aircraft blades happened before.

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      1. That one I remember. Looked like somebody through a can of cranberry sauce into the propellers

        Tas its amazing how often you hear someone calling something like this fake. Everything is fake to them. I call them faketarians

          1. I would sometimes see that name when I periodically looked through the much older posts every once in a while, I had no idea that was you though lol

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    1. He missed his lunch and just couldn’t face his boss when his lack of nutrition cut straight into his day. He probably felt it best to keep his head down with his nose to the stone so his boss wouldn’t feel the need to get up in his grill about lying down on the job just to get a taste of peaceful slumber.

      His boss suspected him of coming to work “armed” but soon discovers that rumor was a twisted stretch of the truth. Bossman eventually learns, when he decides to actually stand behind Ivaldo’s performance, that there really is a “man” under all that flashy yellow

      1. With that said, Ivaldo has half a mind to keep an eye out for new employment. No more air-brained ideas of being a crop duster maintenance man.
        If he keeps an open mind, he could reinvent himself as a great half-assed employee as well. That will surely propel his career into the mud.
        He might seem empty headed in face to face interviews but Goddamn! He looks good in white rubber boots!

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          1. @Trainwreck, you said your son was sick a few days ago, is he still sick from then? I’m sorry to hear that, mate. Please give your son my wishes that I hope he feels better soon, 😉

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          3. The days are starting to run in together. Chrimeny I’m tired and the sounds he’s making sleeping soundly are like kryptonite to my energy. I’m out

            I’ll tell him when he wakes up which hopefully wont be until late tomorrow morning. Thanks and he will appreciate the well wishes

          4. He woke up for around ten or so minutes and only coughed a few times so I think he’s getting over it finally. I’m exhausted but now I’m so tired I can’t sleep. I’m thankful I don’t run any heavy machinery like that poor chap up there. I’d be up on here and not as a member if I did.

          5. @Trainwreck It’s good to see you again. I’m sorry your son is going through this also. You’re not up on here because you’re a member ; )

          6. It sounds like you are doing your best @trainwreck, I set up a spot on my big bed when my youngest is ill too, not only do they appreciate being close to mum, you are also close to them and are not up and down the rooms all night! I put big towels down, under a bucket etc. much easier to clean than bedding, after a sweaty night and/or an accidental vomit. 🙁

          7. You too Pete :).

            Tas he went to school today but when he came home he said his throat hurt. He said he felt like throwing up during gym class but apparently the nurse didn’t feel it was important to call me and tell me which pissed me off. I told her no matter how little the issue orbig the issue she should always call and let me know. I told her I didn’t sign any paper giving her tempoary guardianship when he’s at school so it wasn’t her place to decide what was best for my son. I was mad

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      1. lol, nah…I’m just overly observant at times. Ive had the feeling a couple of times but thought maybe it was just a coincidence…but today I confirmed my suspicions! lol

        Keep in mind, I like this user and there may be some explanation for it but Stacie Jaxx has the same picture as Kay Patrick…

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        There are also a couple others as well I’ll point out in the future as they comment…I’ve never been great with names but I never forget a face. Kind of like my superpower or something lol

          1. Ah!! See, there was a perfectly good explanation for it. I just get that “dejavu” feeling sometimes and it weirds me out lol. And I meant no disrespect to Stacie.

          2. Haha I can see why you’d be confused but I’m glad we cleared it up. Sometimes I associate a member with their avi picture so much that when they change it, it throws me off or if someone uses a different name with the same avi picture like @Stacie I have no clue if it’s the same person or a new member lol.

          1. Yea, @LF filled me in on that. I really like Stacie but she was the first one I could come up with as an example. Now I feel like a dick…sorry @stacie… 🙁

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            Why?…I don’t know…maybe they just use it as an excuse when I prove them wrong…

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          Also, thanks @LF and @Gnat for clearing it up for @DOS. 😀

        1. I guess that’s the only thing I can come up with to explain it.

          The only reason I even question it is because of a guy named “blucon” who used to hang around here. He was certifiably bat-shit crazy and bragged about using people’s personal photos from Facebook as his avi. He even said a couple of them confronted him on other websites lol.

          1. Lmao @shorty! That dude was out there. I just picture him walking into a room and Chris Hansen being there.

            “Blucon, have a seat over there please. I’m with Dateline”

          2. Lmao…Its a “To catch a Predator” reference.

            Not only did he like to post songs, he liked to post some of the most incoherent babble I’ve ever witnessed online…ever. However, I was always amused by how much @jack was disgusted by him. Now I’m wondering where ‘ol Blucon went with his own unique brand of crazy. Maybe institutionalized?

          3. And I know exactly who that guy is but clearly I’ve got the Hanson brothers on my mind 😆

            Haha @Jack made it pretty clear he wasn’t a fan. He was difficult to understand but other than that I really didn’t have any problems with him. I felt kind of bad everyone gave him such a hard time and when I see that happen to people I feel like I have to go out of my way to be nice.

          4. I think they kicked @blucon out of the institution @DOS…

            Everybody knows a rubber room can’t contain a guy with a Green Lantern t-shirt…

          5. Did anyone watch the video I posted at the bottom of this thread? It’s fairly old and was probably on here at one time or another. It’s fuck-ing BRUUTAL. Dear lord

          6. @LF
            I’m kind of that way too…I’m hardly ever mean to anyone (online or otherwise). Now I can be a “sarcastic asshole” as my wife so eloquently puts it but I take that as a compliment 🙂

          7. @shortyshark, thanks for b-day wishes.
            I used to ‘chat’ to @blucon, probably more than I should have, then I would get the guilts when I had to tell him off for being an idiot. For example we were talking about ‘search engines’ and I mentioned someone was looking for ‘dog vagina pics’, well @blucon thought I was saying it was me and he asked me if I got off on looking at those doggie pics! Also I fully believed @Jack left BG for a while because he couldn’t stand the guy? He latched on to @trainwreck too, the poor girl!

          8. Blucon was a fucking idiot but he’s not the reason I left. There was only one time where I REALLY lashed out at him and that was because I was already pissed off at the time about something else paired with a shitty day at work and having to see his fucking nonsense all over every single page just made it even worse. Also I did try reasoning with the fucker on two or three separate occasions to try and get him to calm the fuck down before lashing out at him but a retards a retard I guess. Honestly I’m surprised it took as long as it did for other members to speak up about him to.

            But anyway he’s gone now, hopefully it stays that way.

          9. @tas
            He definitely took a liking to you lol. I also think Jack was so thoroughly annoyed that he took a break as well.

            Every now and then, we get a looney tune around here…

          10. @jack
            I definitely don’t miss his pages of text pictures or his incessant ramblings.

            I always kind of felt like with him, the car was running but no one was in the drivers seat. Good riddance indeed.

          11. @Jack

            I remember when you tried reasoning with him, you were very nice about it trying to be helpful because, if I remember correctly, others were giving him a hard time about his comments. It seemed to me after he wouldn’t listen to what you were saying and he kept doing the same thing over and over, you lost any patience you had with him.

          12. @DOS, I watched every single episode of ‘To Catch a Predator’ unfortunately, only on YouTube, it was a couple of years old by the time I found them, but I just loved them.

          1. @DOS, yep I remember the Jewish rabi guy, some of those guys got caught even when it was all over social media and normal media that the To Catch a Predator crew were in town! One track minds.

    1. I figured it to be whatever it is that the plane was designed to spray, being that he was working on the spray nozzles.

      Otherwise, it would indeed resemble something similar to a bursted whale condom or an undercover stay puft man finally outed!

  3. Its kind of a neat angle seeing his teeth from reverse. Actually a first for me. However, couldn’t someone have lifted his face around so we could have seen his expression as the blade instantaneously ripped his face off and made him dead? I’d love to see his last facial expression. Seems like lots of us would have.

  4. Back in the 1980’s I worked at a military airfield where one of our guys walked into the rear prop of a helicopter at night. He was wearing a flight helmet so his head didn’t get chopped up, but it still knocked him deader than hell. At least he got a open casket, unlike this poor simpleton…..

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