Playing Invisible Shots with Human Head

Playing Invisible Shots with Human Head

No exact location deciphered.

Not only did you settle for taking his head off? But you still had to make fun of his soul, playing with his head, remember that everything that is done, some dai is returned.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the post:

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32 thoughts on “Playing Invisible Shots with Human Head”

        1. LOL great idea , I love it ! They’re running out of ideas , it’s only right we give them fresh methods. Make it into a proper show , spin the big wheel to see which fucker gets tortured and killed this time

  1. By the portuguese and the poor floor decorations it’s Brazil. He tried to use those apps to change the voice sound so its not so clear what he says. But I will try to translate

    “look what happens with assholes like these motherfuckers, take care to not lose your head son of bitches”

  2. DO SOMETHING THEN , cut his eyes out give him a joker smile flat his skin and show us his skull there’s so much to do don’t let it go to waste , they tell us many ideas in my head i love it I want it so bad I want to hear him suffer I want him in pain

    1. I have said it before and bored you all but I will say it again. I am against capital punishment as a rule because I believe it can and does kill innocents as well. However ,every rule has exceptions and a reasonable person knows an exception when they see it and do not abuse the prerogative.

      This is just such an exception. The perp needs a good killing. I don’t care if he was made bad or born bad ,he is unfit for soceity and needs to be put down ,if only like I would a rabid dog who is sick through no fault of its own.

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