Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Mexicans deliver again, and make those pussy whipped Brazilian manginas look like fucking ballet dancers.

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Guerrero, Mexico. Those who have been around long enough know that the city of Acapulco in the Mexican state of Guerrero is the execution capital of the world.

A Mexican policeman was kidnapped, but to make his torment worse, the kidnappers also snatched his son. In the video, the policeman is tortured and then beheaded, while his son is made to watch. Yet that really was just a softy warm-up.

While the youngster is alive and fully conscious, the kidnappers flay his chest and belly until his intestines began to protrude. His lungs extract through the exposed cavities, and the intestines continue to pump in and out of the open abdominal wall from sheer terror, as the flayer smacks the young man to make him check it out. The flayer then cuts his rib cage apart and snaps it open, before slicing up his lungs and ripping out his heart, ending his unspeakable torture and with it, his life. The filleting concludes with the heart being stabbed onto the victim.

We’ve recently seen what set itself out to be the goriest video of 2018, coming close to what has been labeled by a significant number of BG members as the most graphic video of all time, but this video may shuffle the top spots up a bit.

What do you guys think? Is this one going down in infamy as the pinnacle of gore, or does it fall short of other videos?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. BunkerMentality….I want to know that tooo!!! I know how to open “PIP”…pic in pic, but doesn´t do it! 🙁
            I also wanna know why I can´t open some videos. DAMMMIT!!!

          1. at the beginning the radio voice says: ALL CLEAR, then later appears that she is speaking in some code know only to them, because she says also: look look look, I am sending you a sleepy one, one twenty eight.(appears that the voice in the radio is a lookout somewhere nearby located in a strategic place), there is also a men voice in the radio that says: clear, clear, clear.

          1. I wish! All violent, perverted, sick brown people must be eradicated. Total fucking genocide of any useless, violent, criminal brown vermin! The good ones can stay though.

          2. hahaha, instead doing that, every fucking drug user should be executed in this way, round up all the drug users with a few bombs, so DRUG TRADE will NOT cause people killing, and problem solved, so see your idea can be used in this way too, hahah, because if you have a little bit of brain left in you , you can see that anywhere where drugs and money are at stake this things happens

        1. Thanks for the info. I’ve been having to goto blogdelnarco to see my gore bc 80% of the BG vids don’t appear for me on either chrome OR Firefox soo… anybody have any input on what’s up w that crap? This vid got me back on the site after two years off now and now I can’t quit running thru it. But, can’t see many of the vids that are here. Btw, this video. Hands down. The worst. Way worse than isis slaughterhouse. Way worse than face peeled. For me anyways. ‘Worse ‘ is subjective to the eye of the beholder. If you think your dad is a dick, this one may not bother you. Etc etc

      1. flip flop guy, did you know that Spain was once a Muslim country and there was no difference between the Arabs and Spanish? if they had no turned Christians wich is also a middle eastern religion we would have all been one race, and the Native americans from the north are also our race, they dressed the same as us and everything, but they had to deal with the whites while we with the Spanish, also Italians are our race and Indians from Indian and other countries where people look Spanish, sure some times you can see if someone is from the middle east, or India, but also when they are Colombian or Mexican believe it go to Colombian videos on youtube and look for Colombian faces, or you can continue my search on what distance it takes for people to have native faces from different regions of Latin america, and Spaniards probably look more middle eastern since they are native from the other continent the same as the middle eastern, and you will find Mexican faces in the middle east or India from what I have seen, not yet Colombians but I think the Mexican features are there as much as they are in Mexico so much that if you go through all the Isis Videos you will find two Syrian soldiers that look more Mexican than any Mexican you could see this year if you watch videos from Mexico in youtube, I don’t remember the name of the video but it is in this website,but for the most part all people whether from India, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Colombia or Mexico they will look the same, and with that name you are making fun of your own race and did not know, And tell me would you do that for the fun of power? I feel for those people, not that I am sentimental but I do love my race which is why I have every video of one of us killing the blacks downloaded in my hard drive.

          1. well it does not change the race but apparantly it chnages it in peoples minds, and if you can not understand why all this people are one race because they look the same and it has all been nonsense thinking it was a bunch of races, than you have a thinking problem, any person from the tan race can move to any country where people look spanish and they would fit in, but if you ask them and they are from pakistan all of the sudden they are a different race? it does not make sense if all this people look the same and are considered to be a lot of different races, it would be like thinking russians and british and scottish are different races, or south africans and haitians, or chinese and japanese, it really is like that, what race are italians? now they go into the tan race, that is the name the race should be called, so if you can’t understand why people from different countries and look the same means that they are from the same race then you have cognitive problems, and not just religion can change the view of races language as well, the italians were thought to be a different race and it was just the language that was different, if those people on the video were speaking in Arabic, italian, or indian or any other language from countries where people look spanish, you would have thought that which ever language that is where they are from, but if they were speaking haitian native language would think they are black? or if they were speaking russian, or chinese would you think that is the race they belong to? so my discovery makes perfect sense, all tan people are one race noatter the language or religion.

        1. Why does everyone think drugs are so bad anyway???? If you can’t stay alive or continue to function normally in society while using, you had awful genes and you were never gonna make it anyway. I’m surprised more conservatives don’t see it as a natural form of birth control or natural selection. I agree that we need a wall, and we need to stop letting people casually walk into the US…. all of that bs. But wtf people? It’s 2018. You’re not winning any special prizes for living your life as a wet blanket and never getting high. Nobody ever attacks alcohol… alcohol is just great right? No problems whatsoever with that. Or is that just bc our amazing, wonderful, all-mighty, super fair govt put that in your heads and you never had the balls to question it? Our puppet leaders wanna work us like modern slaves, steal whatever they can from us, and you all think it’s right that they also get to choose what we do or don’t ingest when we come home from a long days work? Come on. You guys gotta be shitting me.

          1. Why does everyone think drugs are so bad anyway???? If you can’t stay alive or continue to function normally in society while using, you had awful genes and you were never gonna make it anyway. I’m surprised more conservatives don’t see it as a natural form of birth control or natural selection. I agree that we need a wall, and we need to stop letting people casually walk into the US…. all of that bs. But wtf people? It’s 2018. You’re not winning any special prizes for living your life as a wet blanket and never getting high. Nobody ever attacks alcohol… alcohol is just great right? No problems whatsoever with that. Or is that just bc our amazing, wonderful, all-mighty, super fair govt put that in your heads and you never had the balls to question it? Our puppet leaders wanna work us like modern slaves, steal whatever they can from us, and you all think it’s right that they also get to choose what we do or don’t ingest when we come home from a long days work? Come on. You guys gotta be shitting me.

          2. Well, the American government did bomb Heroshima and Nagasaki. I can’t picture anything more brutal than dying a slow death caused by a terminal cancer of some kind. It is one thing to be skinned alive but to feel like something is slowly eating you from the inside is another. As for the government part of your rant that’s sadly the only shred of truth that one inevitably awakens to as he or she becomes an adult that this world of ours is controlled by mainly evil forces. You can say what you want about people making a difference in society. Whether it be working with special needs kids, feeding and helping the poor…but the reality is that the bigger picture reveals a much darker side of humanity, and it is this side that makes it to front page news virtually everyday. After all, where would BestGore be if it was merely a depository of the pope’s most memorable toilet experiences? Call my sense of humor crude, if you will, but you know it’s the truth. Hence why now war crimes against humanity has been turned into a holiday, often referred to as Christopher Columbus day. Ya, go look for morality and conscience in the government.

          3. P.S I was joking when I compared being skinned alive to dying from a terminal cancer. The only thing worse than this would have to be the initial fear and shock that must go through ones head when they’re forced into the gas chambers. Naked, helpless, surrounded by god knows who, in pitch black darkness. What form of evil has humanity not conjured up yet, me wonders!

          4. I agree with everything you’re saying. A wall is necessary at this point. We need to keep these kinds of people out of America. They are trying to make our country as horrible and uncivilized as their own.
            Drug use shouldn’t be a crime. It needs to be regulated and taxed. All drugs should be legal, accessible, standardized, and pure. It would solve so many problems in our society. It would hurt no one but the individual that chooses to use the substances. Alcohol is worse than most if not all drugs. It is literally a hard drug. Has the worst and most dangerous physical withdrawal, it is the cause of so much violence, impaired drivers fuck peoples lives up etc… Yet it is legal and taxed.

        2. @Lrevito I don’t know about the part where you look like Indians and Pakistanis, but I am sure you know many Moors (Arabs and Berbers) rather than leave Spain, decided to convert to Christianity. Moors formed the majority of farmers and laborers, at least in Andalusia, at the time. So you can bet a lot of pesos a LOT of them were on those ships invading the Americas. THAT is why you look Arab 🙂

          1. dumb people, I don’t look middle eastern I do look like most people from the middle east but not the native features from the region, but lik I said all one race so most look normal like me where you could never guess where I could be from, dumb people once this confusion is officially addressed people will think all of you that don;t think that you are really slow thinking people.

      2. Narcos sending a message to the police. Pretty fucking strong one! What a fucking shithole that place is! Those mexi-cants laughing as that is going on is beyond me. I’ve skinned animals, but a live human? No fucking way!

          1. Assolutamente pazzesco, non capisco come un essere umano possa fare una cosa del genere ad un altra persona.
            C’è tanto di quell’odio in questo mondo, l’essere umano dovrebbe essere cancellato dalla faccia della terra.

        1. There’s the ones that are linked in header description.. but I’d say the slaughterhouse isis, the bayonet to old dudes head til dead… There’s a prison video of a heart being cut out of living dude while clenching it.. I wish there were backlogged videos re-uploaded here but that probably will never happen. There are really too many good ones to choose from… What are your favorites; if you have any?

          1. Indeed the bayonet and isis slaughterhouse is in top 5, i also miss the one from a brazilian favela where a guy is being tortured in a shed of sorts, bashed with pipes and then stabbed and slashed in the back which makes him twitch around in a pool of blood until he finally dies. But this one is absolutely top 1 or 2 along with the mentioned all-time video, guy with peeled face beheaded with dull box cutter

          2. It doesn’t seem that gory, but there’s one that made my top 10 just because of the shock factor it had on me. It was a Brazilian prison where a small dude and a huge guy were matched up to fight, and you could tell the smaller dude was either being forced or just trying to defend himself. Either way, the big dude knocks him up a bit, slams him to the ground, and starts choking the shit out of the guy. The dude clearly passes out and starts convulsing, but the brute keeps squeezing and it weirded me out because it was a bit different than the normal Brazil prison violence and shit where they’re all laughing and stuff. The guy choking was in such a blind rage, and none of the others were bothering or were too afraid to stop it.

            I just had to make that honorable mention. Not the goriest, but the whole thing just kinda stuck out to me.

          3. for top 1 maybe the one with the guy who gets hes hands chopped, face peeled, throat slithed with a dull knife and stabbed in mouth while having to listening to some crazy lunatic music as hes last song.

      1. Am i the only one here with the urge to go avenge that kid?.. what i have just witnessed is the most fucked up thing i have ever seen in my life. period. I dont even know him, but causing so much pain to someone that is defenceless and not capable of even screaming is beyond this fucking world… this really makes me boil with anger inside. if i was in the same family as them. then i would make sure to make it my life’s mission to do the exact same thing to those lowlife rats.. this just basically proves that there is nothing called a god. and if there is.. well then he is a selfish mean mother fucker. I cant believe something like this takes place still in 2018.. i mean seriously?.. dont they have some kind of special ops to deal with kidnapings like this. surely there needs to be done some serious justice here… i dont care what they’ve done, this is absolutely insane. how the fuck can you do this to a little kid?.. sorry for posting this long comment.. but i just gotta come out with some of my anger towards these inhuman merciless bitches..

        1. Definitely the most fucked up video I’ve ever seen…I found myself wishing for the mercy of death for this poor fuckin kid. I wonder why, if pop was the cop, why his death was so quick and his son’s death was so much more fucking violent. Fuck Mexico.

          1. It sends a message to the rest of the cops. This is what will happen to your children if you fuck with us. If the guy is in fact a cop in the first place. According to a comment below, he is not a cop.

          1. Swedish Viking, people here tend to use dark “humor” to cope with things easier… like, I would write something edgy, but this shit really took me off guard… I am wondering what did they do to deserve this kind of punishment…

        2. jesus christ, I thought to write some what you did, really I do know how to call those fuckers they deserve to be erased from this planet, I really do not understated what makes “people” to be so brutal, I can only hope they got what they deserve

          1. Seriously I’ve been watching this site for years and this one so far is the only one to actually shake me if it would have just been the dad whatever but the kid didn’t do anything

          1. Very funny just a shame it wasn’t a nigga , I do despise the black animals , oh well hope a lot more black males die this year , nothing makes me happier tbh

        3. I feel exactly the same. Hearing the kid scream just broke my heart. How can they be so heartless and have no empathy. This kids only crime was being the son of the cop and that gives no reason to be butchered that way. Fuck these animals!!!

          1. In all my years here on BG.i actually opted out when the fucktard stabbed that lil dude in the chest ,then i logged back on FuckMe!!!.i think this video is the worst ive ever seen.my chest hurt just watching it..
            Oh by the way! Ive not been back to BG.in awhile so. Happy new year Fuckers!!!!!

        4. How this proves that God is not existing?
          Believing in God and His angels, is like augmented reality which will structure your brain and give you power and sense, as believing in nothing or whorshipping the devil will, but just different outcomes…
          Islam says:
          “God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”(S13, v11)
          “…and We are closer to him (the human) than his jugular vein”(S50,v16)
          “We created man in the best design. Then turned him into the lowliest of the lowly. Except those who believe and lead a righteous life…”(S56,v 4 5 6)
          Which means:
          -God is in ourselves and Human is such a wonderfull creatures in its potentiality but also, the lowliest of the lowly creature in potential too
          -Everything is on our hands
          Do not blame God, the source of the Existence.

          If you want to chase those people down, you must be ready to die the same way, or even worse. Are you ready for such a martyr?

        5. I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s absolutely nothing funny about that shit. All these tough guys who say they masterbated to it and makes them so happy would scream like little girls too if their were them.
          Sure, I look at this shit too but this one makes my blood boil as well. We flip out over these baby deaths, but how’s this different? It’s still a kid. And he wasn’t stealing or doing anything other being this guy’s son.

        6. Your rant doesn’t make sense. You say that you would like to do the same thing to the perps , then you say you don’t care what the victims have done they don’t deserve this . What if the victims had done some evil shit themselves ? Wouldn’t they deserve this ?

    1. Just wanted to bring some real background info the executioners belong to “Los Viagras” cartel (a relative New cartel) and the “victims” belong to “Guardia Guerrerense” cartel known for kidnapping and dismembering their victims if they dont pay “floor rigths”

      1. Tá aqui pra ver coisas interessantes que não se vê facilmente ou só ta aqui pra pagar de valentão radical que fala coisas agressivas e infantís na esperança de que alguém dê atenção, igual a praticamente todo mundo aqui?

    2. wow…
      some obvious points.
      Thats not the first person that guy has filleted with a knife…
      Poor kid. He should have slit his throat and tortured the dad..
      I want my knives sharpened wherever that cunt gets his done… crazy sharp.
      *Ding*… my ubereats just arrived

    3. Why does everyone think drugs are so bad anyway???? If you can’t stay alive or continue to function normally in society while using, you had awful genes and you were never gonna make it anyway. I’m surprised more conservatives don’t see it as a natural form of birth control or natural selection. I agree that we need a wall, and we need to stop letting people casually walk into the US…. all of that bs. But wtf people? It’s 2018. You’re not winning any special prizes for living your life as a wet blanket and never getting high. Nobody ever attacks alcohol… alcohol is just great right? No problems whatsoever with that. Or is that just bc our amazing, wonderful, all-mighty, super fair govt put that in your heads and you never had the balls to question it? Our puppet leaders wanna work us like modern slaves, steal whatever they can from us, and you all think it’s right that they also get to choose what we do or don’t ingest when we come home from a long days work? Come on. You guys gotta be shitting me.

    4. Wow that was one of The most fucken craziest video I seen closiest one Brazil prison riots I feel bad that the kid had to pay for his father mistakes in the worst way …..plus he was alive when alllllll was happening to him fuck……. they cud look black pink brown whatever fucken race .when u evil u just fucken a animal a beast …..you don’t have to b from Mexico Brazil or the Middle East alllllll evil Is the same comes from every part from the world ….sad to say but MÉXICO out did Brazil this time … we now alll waiting for something more from Brazil …..

      1. There is nothing that will bring back any of the poor fuckers in these vids. May as well have a laugh for the peeps that aren’t alive to do the same. Also, you have to have tougher skin to roll with the crazy fuckers on this website.

      1. You are breath of fresh air, Daemon. Some things just aren’t even remotely funny. This is one of them. It’s bad enough we watch it, we don’t need to laugh about that kid being put through the most excruciatingly painful death imaginable. Plus, he had to watch his dad beheaded. Then, they were pushing him right on his headless body. Pushing his head where the dad’s head wound was
        So fuckin disgusting, awful, inhumane.
        Very bad things awaits these savages.
        And the people getting a big kick out of it all…. Wouldn’t be so funny if was someone in your family? Didn’t think so.

    5. I will score this an 8/10. Perhaps, to improve future ratings, the child would have to be a girl, slightly younger and maybe brutally torture her first in front of her father. Then do something extra like cut her heart out and put it in her fathers mouth. That to me would score a point higher. Perhaps even a 10.

      1. No you’re not alone my friend ! That kind of stuff makes me hard as well . What I love most is when the guts are pulled out . Awesome ! I’d love to see a man disemboweled or skinned alive in HD with many close-ups !!!

    6. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Makes me appreciate life though, that’s for sure.

      I don’t know how people can make jokes about this though. I find it much too serious for that. Educational, serious, but not funny.

    7. What I don’t understand is that the way this story reads it sounds like the target was the cop father and the son was taken as an afterthought. Probably to keep him from seeking revenge. So logic would dictate that the son would be beheaded in front of the father to punish him before cutting the old man up.

      Yet the son somehow seems to be the focus. I think there’s more to this story we don’t know. They had a beef with that kid is what I think. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

    8. That team of cops and Forence surgeon are the stupidest I see in bestgore.com. The Police look like a bitch holding the kid in what the surgeon pulls out of her skin. In my award opinion the cop deserves a vibrator up his ass and the award surgeon deserves a dick in he’s ass.

      Ese equipo de policías y cirujano de Forence son los más estúpidos que veo en bestgore.com. La policía parece una perra sujetando al niño con lo que el cirujano saca de su piel. En mi opinión sobre el premio, el policía merece un vibrador en el culo y el cirujano del premio merece una polla en el culo.

      1. it was bone-chilling video I’ve ever watch, period. I even didn’t dare to turn on the sound when I watch it for the first time. Seriously though, what the hell that they did to receive those brutal death?

        what’ve been seen cannot be unseen. I slightly regret watch it to be honest but it was also a great experience.

    1. We are decendants of Aztecs. We make the pussy Comanche indians and sissy Arabs look like 5 year old macaroni & cheese eating suburban sheltered kids that get to go to yearly disney trips.

      1. Sissy Arabs? Let’s see… Arabs (with North African Berbers) invaded Spain and ruled all or part of it for 800 years. The influence from those 800 years can be seen both in the Spanish genetic make-up and in the Spanish language (many, many words of Arabic origin, eg most Spanish words starting with Al.)
        Then the Spanish invaded, conquered and ENDED the Aztecs.
        Who is the pussy again?

    2. I agree. This is one video I won’t even watch. I think these type of videos are even too brutal for even me. At the end of the day the killers will suffer more because they most likely will die in the same way; and in hell for all eternity ☠️

      1. I agree I’ve seen just about everything bestgore has to offer…( Five or six years also ) And I find it increasingly difficult to sit and watch a brutal murder happen right before my eyes on video…. Some things after you’ve seen it once, it’s pointless just sit and watch things like this again and again…. It just hurts me on a deeper level… I don’t have the stomach anymore to watch people murdered or innocent children hurt… Although I do love a good car accident as much as the next guy , stupid is as stupid does… if you walk too close to the highway. .. expect to get sideswiped if you’re a shity driver … Expect to be seen smeared all over the highway because you can’t drive… I’ve seen Al Qaeda videos and beheadings and I just can’t watch those anymore either…. It’s enough to know that it happened I just don’t see the point in wallowing in it

      2. This takes the cake for me. I’d rather have my face peeled than to watch my old man get tenderised, slowly beheaded and then see my own torso get mutilated while I cling to life and watch my own ribcage get rearranged while he tries to remove my heart. How the fuck did he stay alive for so long? Wow @happy today I got that same anxiety I used to get when I first started watching executions. This is the worst shit ever haha

        1. 8 seconds left his hands were still moving. Wonder why they went all out on the kid. Yeah this video is Def up there. I think if I see a full face peel I would throw my phone. We have yet to see that. Brazil is brutal but Mexico is fucking ruthless

    3. Yep I watch this sick stuff from beginning to end. Normally I can watch stuff on BG for minutes on end, and sometimes even an hour without flicker of emotion.

      But this one made my stomach turn. Absolutely traumatic. Yep, this could be the sickest vid I’ve ever seen in BG. Imagine your dad being brutally decapitated and then you are made to rest on his headless body whilst you die an extremely slow and agonising death. I don’t understand this. Ok so they had a vendetta against the cop, but how come it’s the son that gets the slow and horrible death? I don’t think he’s the one that did stuff to them.

      Death by A Thousand Cuts has got to be the most horrific style of execution, where pieces of someone get sliced off over several hours (yes, including the dick). It was banned in China in 1905.

      I would like to see it done to these murdering assholes.

        1. @Steven Verdell, you’re a dude!

          I know of the Brazen Bull, I saw it in a TV documentary a couple of years ago.

          For the benefit of other BG viewers who may not have heard of it:
          It was used in Ancient Greece. The idea is that you put a person inside a golden Bull statute which has the acoustics to turn screams from the inside into sounds similar to an angry bull on the outside. and then you light a fire under the bull. The person inside roasts to death slowly and the audience hears angry bull noises bellowing throughout.

          1. Ha! I’m gushing hardcore! Also I’ve seen the same documentary a few years back, which ultimately lead me to this site… Also the man that invented the device, was killed in the brazen bull.

          2. That’s a good one. I actually have a “coffee table” book called “Infernal Devices” that I bought off eBay for around $5 hardcover… https://www.amazon.com/Infernal-Device-Machinery-Torture-execution/dp/1932857893. It’s a great book to read up on any torture devices/methods you may not have heard of…like the Brazen bull. I kinda call Bullshit on those who say the Iron Maiden did not exist. I bet some whackjob must have built one, whether it metal, wood, or whatever. If you rather just watch a video because you are a lazy fuck, then I would recommend 2 videos that are pretty hard to find these days. One is called. “Executions”, no explanation needed. There is a used DVD on eBay at ..https://www.ebay.com/itm/DVD-Lot-Buried-in-the-Sand-The-Deception-of-Executions/273059407371?hash=item3f939be60b:g:snoAAOSwUd9aeu-E., and I’m sure if you’ve found yourself at home on Bestgore, then youve probably seen or own it. The other hard to find the video is called, “More Than Smashed Pumpkins” which focuses on the carnage left post car accident. They sell it on Amazon here… https://www.amazon.com/Infernal-Device-Machinery-Torture-execution/dp/1932857893. If you’d rather check to see if a cheaper copy is available to buy, check out the store where I saw it first which is the San Jose/Campbell Rasputin Records on Bascom Ave near the Pruneyard and across the street from Eriks Delicafe. They should have a small section on gore in one of the aisles closest to the register. I”ve not been there for a long time, but I bet they have a good selection of gory crap that isn’t Faces of Death or the other semi-real videos.

    4. Ive seen alot on here and that was sum fuked up shit.i always thought one day they would start doing more drastic things because were getting use to it.the last one a couple of weeks ago they took out his stomach and threw it at him alive.when i heard flayed i knew this was gonna be bad but poor kid

    5. If it involves humans (all ages) getting tortured, I love it. I’ve never come across any video that has freaked me out, not even the arm jellification videos within the Brazilian prisons. Here’s to hoping WWIII happens this year. What I can’t stand is humans messing with defenseless animals, like those Asian fuckers stepping on kittens, or tying them in a porous bag and throwing them off a bridge into a body of water.

          1. White supremacists is just a slur or anti white attack label. White nationalist is more accurate. Trump was put in there to control whites so there would be no big white freak out. Trump is a jew puppet.

    1. Here here White Man. This is the kind of SHITHOLE potus Trump speaks of. And all those American hating cunt liberals are crying over that one truthful word. I only wish the Libby’s could get a taste of this hombre action. They would rather protect these filthy beaners with a dreamer tag than our sons and daughters. Death to all nigg-noggs & Libtarded traitors. The South will rise again.

        1. Why does everyone think drugs are so bad anyway???? If you can’t stay alive or continue to function normally in society while using, you had awful genes and you were never gonna make it anyway. I’m surprised more conservatives don’t see it as a natural form of birth control or natural selection. I agree that we need a wall, and we need to stop letting people casually walk into the US…. all of that bs. But wtf people? It’s 2018. You’re not winning any special prizes for living your life as a wet blanket and never getting high. Nobody ever attacks alcohol… alcohol is just great right? No problems whatsoever with that. Or is that just bc our amazing, wonderful, all-mighty, super fair govt put that in your heads and you never had the balls to question it? Our puppet leaders wanna work us like modern slaves, steal whatever they can from us, and you all think it’s right that they also get to choose what we do or don’t ingest when we come home from a long days work? Come on. You guys gotta be shitting me.

  1. Bravo! I was impressed, however I strongly feel as if this video could’ve been more gory. It’s time for these Mexicans to buy cellular phones with better cameras. Being that they’re involved in a multi million dollar drug empire. They could at least update the cameras for us to get a better look at the gore.

    1. if you think about it though, they are probably using burner phones. can one get a high quality burner?

      maybe they will listen to the fans and go for quality next time around? the dude doing the flaying is obviously skilled, showcase those skills in hd, man. 😀

    2. They are drug dealers. They don’t want to be tracked by smart phones with a good camera. Drug dealers buy the cheapest phone they can, because they constantly throw them away and get new ones with new numbers so it is harder to tracked by police.

    1. True, seeing a face peeling on video, especially if they leave the eyes in and then hold up a mirror so the victim can see what’s left, that would be like the holy grail of Best Gore, still waiting for that, maybe someone down there will read this and take a request

  2. Graphic as fuck! As a father i would have been fighting all the way unlike that so called police officer excepting his fate i guess thats the difference between a Maori and a mexican and to have my child there with me even more to fight for. I know behind the scenes they were out numbered and no doubt guns but fuck it die fighting. His son put up more resistance than that doughnut eater.

    1. Yeah, I would have abandoned all reason and also try to fight. Fuck the odds, death will happen anyway. Most likely that would get me a quick bullet in the head. Well that’s better than being decapitated in front of your son.

      No way would I accept fate like a bitch.

  3. It’s not HD enough to be the goriest IMO. There’s a good few videos that I found hard to watch, must’ been the HD.
    People such as the perpetrators here shouldn’t exist, but they do, hahaha!!!
    Let’s save the world, #NoMoreButchery loooooooool!

  4. To be quite honest, I had to stop it. Usually, I can watch them til the end but had to break. Unfuckinbelievable!!!! Felt bad for the son though as he had to watch his father beheaded. Also, it seems as though he may have been the real target as received the worst part of it all.

    1. The father was the target. The son was brutalized to this extreme so that the ones that watch it can see that, if they aren’t afraid for their OWN lives, then be extra afraid for your children. This is all a mind fuck and I’ll bet it’s effective! I couldnt watch it…

      1. Its really good to in a least see more people like you and other who thought in that way around this place. As far as I know, We ain’t living in an Eden’s Garden to pretend all being are living in harmony and want to do no harm to each other, and that’s the fact. However, “This” is beyond any violence I have witness so far, Its filled to the brim with malicious purpose and cold cold heart intention to delivered. Damn it.

  5. The kid watched his own heart get cut from his body. The war on drugs is to blame for this shit. Due to the fact that it is illegal, cocaine is worth more than its weight in gold. End the war on drugs, and you greatly diminish it’s value, and thus, the motivation to kill for it.

  6. Pretty damn entertaining,impressive considering most executioners botch beheadings,this guy flayed a man alive pretty quickly…can’t imagine that’s very easy to accomplish.Also the heart beating in his hand,like in that one video of Brazilian prisoners, that always skeeved me out.9/10 gore video.

    1. Well we are creating our own demise, nuclear waste poisoning the oceans. Weapons clearly used to end lives all over the planet and even little things like antibacterial wipes killing 99.9% of germs(that might actually be doing good with balance) as now the 0.1% is multiplying and we can’t kill it. Short term gains, long term negatives. Who’d of thought

    1. Because the father was a police who send info between two “carteles ” and the leader kidnapped this guy and his son who was tortured for betray and warning do not enter the “plaza” idk what the hell that means

  7. wow.

    okay. so… wow.

    mexico does NOT play! love these guys, yet they terrify me!

    now, my love for mexico aside…

    i feel so terrible for that poor boy. i had to stop the video when he started to scream. i’m shocked he stayed alive and around during that terror.

    i’m still shook after half an hour.

    fuck. yeah. this has got to be the top gore of 2018. or ever.

    love you, mexico!
    (please don’t murder me though! lol)

    1. How dare you love a shithole country that is breeding like fucking rabbits who in turn are over running our country and sucking us dry. God bless Donald Trump and I hope to fuck he accomplishes getting those beaners the hell out of here and back to their shitty country with their poor taste in clothes and decore. Fuck you. Go to mexico. Maybe we’ll see you flayed and beheaded. Dont get me started….

      1. Kathay you are the immigrant this continent was full of one race, the mayas and many other civilizations had written languages and used of modern math while the europeans were in the dark ages, the thing that happened is that because of the tan race, andd you see the tan race is not only the spanish but all people who look spanish, includes countries like indian, or syria, iraq, italy you all the countries in the world where people look spanish, not just those examples, over on that side you know how to read and write because of the egyptian math and persian writting, you whites have done nothing but to copy us, and what does beaner even mean? your mom is red bean, I think we got more pale people than your race, well we do because now we are more, but you got a lot of red dark red necks, who are not pale, and your country is poor, so much that you are ignorant to which country is the richest in the world, is Qatar, a middle eastern country, in the United Arab Emirates the minimum wage is 2700 dollars monthly or 10,000 UAE dirhams while in the usa is like 1000 I think, and those are only some rich countries there is more in the middle east, in chile some parts people make as much as any north american, you did not know that there is central and south america, so when you say american it could be any, if you compare colombia which is an example of latin america wages, 600 monthly you 1000 the UAE 2700, the tan race makes you seem very poor, the richest man in the world is carlos slim and he is mexian and lebanese, puts your donald trumpet to clean mexican skyscrapaer floors, and we have prettier girls too, sure you got blue eye blonde ones but there face ususaly is very average while our girls get really really good looking, with tiny thin noses, and perfect beautiful faces, had hitler noticed this he would have tried and kill all other races, and pretended he was from ours since he had black hair, and there is me I control the world, you think donald trumpet has power soon I can easly rise to physical power but for now i rely on the prediction of the mayas, on 2012 it happened, and now I control the world, you see I make you angry, I make girls ignore you, I make you fell even more shy in front of girls than what you already are, I make you feel scared of girls, maybe I dont make you angry only certain people that, but I know my powers make you shy of woman and they ignore you a lot because all of the m are mine and for my race, I could easly wipe out your race, from suicide, cars, shots, but I am not going to let you get to me but I do feel disrespect , but my focus is on black people, I kill them all, even the good looking girls the few they have, now I know you are scared that now you know why girls ignore you and you are even more shy of them then what you were befire my powers took effect, I control, I could make it so i can be the richest dictator to have ever existed, and I did, last year I made it so I could be the best singer, I even forgot about it and started doing things to sing without remembering that what I did was controlling my life so I would be the best singer and guess what i now sing really good and gave me confidence on my powers, so I went and made it so I would unite as many countries of tan people as possible into mine, i could be iraq, india, colombia, mexico, italy, egypt anywhere where people look like me, it might not say on books but all tan people from anywhere are one race, so for all I am aware of me writting this is leading more into acomplishing my goal,I am just waiting for it to happen, I will be fucking so many beautiful tan woman, and as you can see my girlfriend you would not find a blonde better looking then my girl woman, I made it so girls like her would rain on me, I got her and then I thought about becoming a dictator, now I see that making the girls rain made it so I would want to be a dictator because it will make a lot of girls rain for me, so you are a red bean no one knows what that means, the bean part, only some of us are dark are underneath the shirt we are more pale than you, so you are a bean because I see youtube videos from dubai where I see a lot of how to: migrate and succeed in the UAE videos from white north americans.

        1. Dude, learn fucking English..second…….us poor whites invented the automobile, the airplane, the computer, not abacus, an actual computer. That’s just the top 3 that I can think of. Donald Trump has nothing to do with anything in this video. Btw, this should be considered for THE most brutal video on this site…..so far. One quick question…….When people cut flesh off of a fish, or be it a human , isn’t that called ” filleting” ? Not spelled “flaying ” . Idk, maybe I’m wrong.

        2. Lrevito Vhega.. It might be best if you really want to get your point across is to learn proper English first. That Mexically gibberish is hard to read and understand. I get it that you are now a great singer in a mariachi band and want to rule the world, but geezus dude. You want girls to rain on you ? We call that golden showers where I come from, but I love re fried beans so keep growing them for me. Taco’s are pretty good also and you guys bend them just right. So good luck with your quest to rule the world and bring your ropes and ladders to get over that big beautiful wall. ……………….Much respickt…111NOS.


    Ask the illegal Mexican who killed two cops in California in 2014 what he said during his trial.

    Ask the Brown Supremacists who march and rally in the name of La Raza of Atzlan what they’d like to do.

    Ask the Muslims and Africans who saturate Europe everyday what they’d like to do.

    This would be it, right here. FUCK, it’s already happening here. Ask the hombres in Long Island, Takoma Park and Fairfax. Only they’re currently killing each other.

    Give it time. With enough unchecked immigration into the US this will be common in US cities.

    By then it won’t be just brown-on-brown. It will be open season on anyone white.

    Barring an open civil war in the streets, this video is where open borders leads.

    If that civil war happened, it won’t be good for white liberals, Brown Supremacists, Black Power or Muslim Terrorists.

    Thanks for the video, BG.

    These motherfuckers are beyond words!

  9. Very possibly, the most unlucky, poor prick I’ve ever seen on Bestgore. Watches his old man get beaten like a red-headed stepdaughter, watches him get his throat butchered, then he himself gets gutted like a fish. I can’t think of another soul as restless as this kids. Hot damn. 10/10 for the brutality. 8/10 for the video and gore itself (these cartel fuckers need better quality cameras).

        1. DEFINITELY..I THOUGHT I HAD IT BAD, WHENEVER YOU ARE HAVING A BAD DAY, SIMPLY WATCH THIS. Problem solved……………….hopefully. Also, when using an iPad , some of these videos won’t, or don’t play…..is that bcuz of the format of which Apple uses for their tablets? It almost always seems like it’s the vids I really want to watch, I scroll down, and there’s nothing to play……when there’s supposed to be the video. Just curious.

          1. Oh I know the message! I’ve seen the baseball video… Motherfucker wasn’t even the target, just the D.A brother… These guys have reputation that puts any other nationality to shame. Luckily the message can be heard through this site. If anyone stupid enough to cross these guys… Grab some popcorn and press play.

          2. True, guess the movie-goer in me wanted more drama. And i dont think they wouldve been able to hold the pigg down if they started on his son first. Not enough of ’em, had enough trouble with the son. ¡Poder a los Sica’s!

  10. Nope it is a great gore video but the peeled face has got to be the worst form of torture and pain anyone could ever imagine.. This is a close 2nd but to see the guy bite the box cutter blade shows desperation to live!!! The new player wont let me full screen is there a way to do this?

    1. The only complaint about SKINFACE is that they DIDNT SHOW THEM CUT OFF HIS FACE, or did I not remember that video right? Other than that, it’s not even close to as good as this is. Any human that can do this to someone else, unless they killed and or raped one of the captors family members, is seriously fuct up. But that’s actually good for us , otherwise we wouldn’t have this video. I agree that they should have done that poor innocent kid first, just to see what the dad would try to do, that would have made this video the absolute goriest vid EVER.

  11. This was certainly masterful Mark, however I still have to go with the struggling man with peeled face video as the best torturous footage I have ever seen due to the brass balls on that fucker in relation to the state he was in and his willingness to fight to the very end, including biting the fucking knife that was shoved down his throat. What a guy.

    This man on the other hand whilst suffering an horrific torturous death as well remained totally submissive, which I cannot blame him for considering struggle merely prolongs suffering in these kinds of situations, still it does dilute viewer recognition of plight when one chooses to submit rather than shine bright.

    The interesting point here though is that the Mexican gangsters seem to have accepted that their opposition are ready and wiling to die for their goals and so they have taken to involving family members and innocent people in general in their battles so long as they can make the point that resistance against them is futile.

    In the above it is no surprise that many Americans want an end to Mexican and South American migration. Controlled, legal migration prevents the trash and promotes the brightest and best however the free for all as it stands now is hated by everyone and for good reason.

    1. nah, speak for yourself. i’m all for immigration. the united states is a melting pot and i, for one, think it’s a beautiful thing. screw walls. people want to escape from the heartbreaking poverty and violence to make better lives for themselves and their families. not one thing wrong with that. most migrants are not criminals. as an american i welcome them.

      1. Drug dealers are constantly throwing phones away and buying new ones. They buy the cheapest phones available for obvious reasons. Smart phones with good cameras are expensive and have gps tracking. They are not going to constantly buy expensive phones, they get turfed too often.

        1. They don’t have to use a phone to record this , I know they’ve jacked enough American tourists, and they take expensive cameras and then use them , just like Isis. Or isil….whatever the fuck it is. Daesh has good quality cameras , like the Sony DX 1000. Perfectly non-traceable pieces of footage. Only difference is those cameras use some kind of tape or video storage SIM card.

  12. I that was a good fap!especially enjoyed when he was buchered alive and seeing his what looked like his spleen come out synchronised with his breathing! That was really cool to see oh yeah and also when he ripped his heart our while he was alive which funnily answers my question on If you would still be conscious if your heart is removed that way ? Looked like he instantly got lights out what a video best one of 208 by far gg Mexico super sexy

    1. A very cool video which would have been much more arousing if recorded in HD and filled with many close-ups . Moreover they should have done their work more slowly and add some additional tortures : slowly gouge his eyes, skin his face, open up his belly and tear all his innards out . Gosh it would have been awesome !!!

  13. hi guys im new and I have a question.

    Is there a vid here that truly shows a horrendous torture and killing, I will explain.

    Is there a vid on here or ever been one that shows UP CLOSE and filmed well, someone getting tortured and killed with a BLOW TORCH? or is there a vid on here that shows someone tied up and getting their eyes gouged out, nose cut off, lips cut out, tongue cut out, and getting hit with a sledge hammer and screaming and the vid showing everything.

    Is there anything like that on here? thanks alot

  14. Pretty shitty way to have not just your dad taken away but your own life too.

    It was dificult to watch from here and impossible to imagine wtf for them, definitely one of the most brutal I’ve seen.

    I guess just another day in Mexico

  15. This is the holy grail.Peeled face dethroned having your father beheaded in front of you and knowing the you are going to have the same fate and then being told they are going to send your head to your mother while being peeled alive ….This is the Holy grail! This is the only video that made feel the victims pain ..Face peeled is also horrible but I’d rather have my face peeled my hands cut and throat slashed .Than having a family member decapitated in front of me and sharing the same fate ..I can’t imagine the mental and physical anguish the young guy was feeling ..VIVA MEXICO PUTOS !!

      1. That was definitely brutal and the psychological impact high.
        Still…..it was relatively quick for the guy who got the chainsaw.
        His relative next to him witnessed that & then got the blunt rusty knife beheading which was no fun & prolly worse in my opinion.

  16. That’s a real professional butcher with the knife, no fair using a ringer.
    Beats out peeled face and jellified arms. But tough to beat the poured -on plastic guy that ate his own fingers.
    Can we get more translation though? Besides “son of a whore”. ¿ Cmon, Mexicans, por favor?

    1. He is basically saying that the police officer is a rat and passing information to a rival cartel .He states that this going to happen to anybody who crosses them .He tells the young man to open his eyes and see his father get killed .Also says I’m going to rip your heart out.While is slicing him up tells him I’m going to send your head to your mother ….Damn

    1. Did you ever think things like this are the reason why the Spaniards nearly wiped out the Mayan civilization all together…. Of course they should have destroyed the whole thing…. These people are the same ones who used to stand upon the pyramid in Mazatlan or some fucking place and Slaughter 20000 people by cutting out their hearts… Read your National Geographics people… The people who do this shit are sub modern humans

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