Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Mexicans deliver again, and make those pussy whipped Brazilian manginas look like fucking ballet dancers.

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Guerrero, Mexico. Those who have been around long enough know that the city of Acapulco in the Mexican state of Guerrero is the execution capital of the world.

A Mexican policeman was kidnapped, but to make his torment worse, the kidnappers also snatched his son. In the video, the policeman is tortured and then beheaded, while his son is made to watch. Yet that really was just a softy warm-up.

While the youngster is alive and fully conscious, the kidnappers flay his chest and belly until his intestines began to protrude. His lungs extract through the exposed cavities, and the intestines continue to pump in and out of the open abdominal wall from sheer terror, as the flayer smacks the young man to make him check it out. The flayer then cuts his rib cage apart and snaps it open, before slicing up his lungs and ripping out his heart, ending his unspeakable torture and with it, his life. The filleting concludes with the heart being stabbed onto the victim.

We’ve recently seen what set itself out to be the goriest video of 2018, coming close to what has been labeled by a significant number of BG members as the most graphic video of all time, but this video may shuffle the top spots up a bit.

What do you guys think? Is this one going down in infamy as the pinnacle of gore, or does it fall short of other videos?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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715 thoughts on “Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico”

        1. Oh my fucking God!I just watched the video now and What’s wrong with these gangs and cartels.This video literally fucked me up all damn day.To do that to another human being is unbelievable.I was praying that the kid would pass out from blood lost or shock but that didn’t happen.I want to know why these assholes do shit like that!?! These gangs in Mexico,the cartels and ISISS are literally the worst of the worst.What happened in their life to make them have such rage and anger.There are no words for this video besides one and it is called SICK! I could never do that to someone.I can’t believe we live in a world that something like this could happen to you and that’s pretty got damn terrifying.The question I have for them is WHY?!What’s the point of doing this to somebody. Is it really worth it.and now more than ever that I thank God for letting me be a USA citizen.Im just sad by this.poor dude.i don’t care if he was a criminal but to make someone suffer like that is fucken demonic.I hope someone some day will finally take these fuckers out.They don’t belong in our world that was created for everyone to share.Its Vile, disgusting,heartless,and brutal.

  1. Been around since 2001 on this type of media ! and i will admit. this is far way more than i could handle after!! Fuck i’ve gotten a anxiety attack for 5 min after watching this wish i didn’t! WTF Is this much of a hate man! damn!!!!! glad they both died and don’t have to remember all this ! poor bastards.

  2. I swear I’m backwards. This, I could watch without any problem, the psychological aspect was truly horrific, but gore wise, it didn’t get to me. But that video of a guy breaking his own toe with pliers had me wretching and curling, couldn’t even watch it second time. Something isn’t firing right in my brain me thinks.

  3. I had to log in on this one,I am almost typeless on this.I think this has to be the most fucked up video, I have ever seen on here,Yea the guy with his face peeled off was fucked but when you have the dad butchered in front of his son then do worse to the kid WOW!!!!

    1. Same here. If there was any justice in the world they’d air this unedited on the Sunday morning news shows. “This is why we need the wall, and your goddamn right your going to pay for it. When you get your shit together then we can talk about pulling it down.” Hands down the worst thing ive seen. The place is unsalvageable every aspect is a train wreck. I would bet we could toss enough dough their way and get them to pull up stakes and settle in Brazil. Seal them all in and let them go at it, toss the last few iss holdouts in just to mx it up a bit.

  4. There is no way in hell that sick fuck with blue shirt and the hat doesn’t have severe psychopathy. I doubt that he has ever emotionally connected with a single living thing in his entire fucking life. That kid had it better than him. Rest in peace.

  5. I understand a little os Spanish, they said something worse will happen with the next ‘piece of shit’ people who do something they don’t like.

    They as well were telling the kid to open his eyes and look at his father being killed.

  6. I used to work with this chic from Chiapas she had mucho chee-chee but these was dudes chee-chees were pretty hairy and also the demise was real gruesome. Even though I don’t get many visitors but when I do I got a shotty handy, never know gang, don’t be like these guys all dead and shit. Fuck that. -951-

  7. A lot of people on previous vids wondered “Why they just lie there and get beheaded? Why dont they fight for their life? They are dying, why not give them hard time?”

    Well, this video kinda answers it. They given the command to the kid and he didn’t listen. There is a cut in video and in next frame he is bruised and bloody. And instead of quick beheading he gets flayed alive first, and his hearth basically gets gouged out.

  8. After viewing the content of this website as a non member for the last 5 years i decided to become a member last weekend just so i could comment on the video of the teenage boy being roughly 85% beheaded with a machete. I thought that video was the end all be all to the most extreme gore videos i would ever see on the internet without exploring the “darkweb”. This one has topped that one a million fold. Im not sure if even the “darkweb” can compete with this one although my gut says that it probably could given that the are more innocent humans than a teenage boy in the world. Namely babies, toddlers and preteens. Never-the- less, after watching this video, i’m convinced that existing in this world is the the equivalent existing in a low level of hell.

    1. Those weren’t Brazilian thou

      The ones that skinned the mans face alive with dismembered hands were cartels from Mexico.

      Stop trying to make the Brazilian the hardcore ones. Everyone knows the Mexicans are the ruthless ones.

      Also this isn’t anything new. It has happen thousands of times already in Mexico. Worse.

      Anyone know what acid is? Children get boiled/liquified alive and in front of their parents

      Whole thing is fucked up

  9. Allright, i’ve been lurking in this site since 2010 maybe even in late 2009 and just recovered this account to comment in honor of the goriest video i’ve ever seen in my entire internet life. Hats off to mexico.

    1. Yeah I’ve been lurking a long time and never felt the need to comment. But this fine example of human barbarism is something else. I wonder what the backstory to this is. First video in a long time that truly disturbed me. Even a little more than face-peel guy or hammer guys . Hard to imagine a more terrible way to die but I’m sure some some Brazilian scum will now see fit to get their crown back. Straight up wars! Gonna be a good year for BG.

  10. Alright, i’ve been lurking in this site since 2010 maybe even in late 2009 and just recovered this account to comment in honor of the goriest video i’ve ever seen in my entire internet life. Hats off to mexico.

  11. I think we are seeing a new trend here. Skinning and ripping out warm internal organs….I don’t know what else they could do, maybe impalment ? Very creative methods, even though pops got off too easy. I think this one takes the win over the face peel vid.

  12. Anticipating very nasty ghosts, when that’s all over (no I couldn’t watch further till the end). Have not yet seen the other two videos. This a bad one. -the father did something to deserve it? Cause if he did I will watch till the end. I wish that could be the fate of all attorney’s and shit talking people in the workplace.

  13. No one has mentioned that they pretended like they weren´t going to do anything to the son the whole time when the sicarios said a couple of times ¨tu relax, tu tranquilo.¨ but at the same time they were getting him ready for torture… And then the first time the boy gets stabbed he pretends he´s dying and the sicarios also play along and say ¨let them die like that, like rats, slowly.¨ Then the sicarios stay quiet on porpouse and then stab him hard enough for him to open his eyes. and the other guys say ¨A la verga!¨ in a tone to cause shock for the youngster as if something worst is coming for him.

    Another thing thing worth to mention after that, the sicarios mock him and say ¨Que hay¨ (What´s up) as if that was the exact words he said before they were kidnapped then they reply; Hay vergazos eso es lo que hay (There is a narco war. that´s what there is) and another guy says ¨Aqui no hay nada¨ (There´s nothing here)

    One of the guy´s nickname is Wacho (Slang for: Mexican Soldier)

    I think he uses a shocking technique to keep the boy on a high adrenaline rush (conscious) telling him what he´s gona do to him most of the time.

    1. Good observation skills man ; )
      Saw the boy pretending to die also , too bad he didn’t knew they have just begun.
      I understood “que hay” which is similar in my language with the meaning “What happen or what’s up with you?”
      That sicario was VERY into it , poor boy

  14. Damn that was fucking brutal! Smh if im not mistaking they got caught giving out info or snitching, couldn’t really understand, plus all the gore faded everything else out , but either way fucked up way to go!

    Oh yea and I do believe he did say they would be going after the rest of their family as well*

    1. Somebody else made this comment:
      “A lot of people on previous vids wondered “Why they just lie there and get beheaded? Why dont they fight for their life? They are dying, why not give them hard time?”

      Well, this video kinda answers it. They given the command to the kid and he didn’t listen. There is a cut in video and in next frame he is bruised and bloody. And instead of quick beheading he gets flayed alive first, and his hearth basically gets gouged out.”

  15. Someone help me out this is translation Part 1 (Beheading of the father)

    Mire a su hijo como esta, de su puta madre asi como esta el otro. (Look at the son, how he looks like shit just like the other guy.)

    Abre el ojo wey (Open the eye)

    Pasame la navajita, mochale aqui. (Hand me the little knife and cut here)

    Por que no nos estabas diciendo como estaba el pedo? (Why weren´t you telling us how things actually were?)

    Sabias una cosa que no nos gusta la gente chapulina (Did you know we don´t like traitors?) Sabias eso (You knew that?) Y por que hijo de tu puta madre, no nos decias que el pinche Tecuan te pedía información y tu se la estabas pasando. ? (And why you son of a bitch why didn´t you tell us that the fucking Tecuan asked for information, and you were giving it to him. ?)

    Tu tranquilo, tu tranquilo, tu tranqui, tu tranqui, tu tranqui. (You stay calm ok, you stay calm. You stay relaxed.)

    Abre los ojos! Y tu acomodame al chamaco. (Open your eyes! And you help me with the boy,)

    Que vergas sabe tu mujer (What does your woman know?)

    Nada (Nothing)

    Y si me la traigo? Sabes una cosa ira Tecuan te voy a decir una cosa hijo de tu puta madre, con nosotros nadie a jugado hijo de tu perra madre. Y te voy ad ecir una cosa, para que te metas a la plaza te va a costar un pedo!, Primero te va a pasar lo que a este pedazo de mierda! Ven a quitarle los vergazos hijo de tu puta madre. (And if I bring her? Do you know someting? Look, I´m going to tell you something motherucking, nobody has ever fucked with us mother fucekr, and I will tell you one thing, for you to come to our territory it´s going to cost you a mess, come take the pain away from this piece of shit.)

    Y te voy a decir una cosa, nosotros somos Los Viagras y la verga es la verga y todo ese tipo de chapulines que anden ahi de chivas dando información teniendole miedo a cada pendejo se los va a llevar su puta madre. (One thing I´ll tell you we are Los Viagras and we are the best and any kind of informats going to other groups with information being scared of anyone is going to get fucked around with.)

    Fierro viejo! (Proceed sir)

    Abra los ojos chamaco. Y si cierra los ojos partanle su madre (Open your eyes buddy. If he opens his eyes beat him up.)

    Parate (Get up!)

    Mira Tecuan! (Look Tecuan)

    Parate, yo te voy a depertar (Get up I´m going to wake you up)

    Parate papa! (Get up bud)

    Esto es lo que tu provocaste Tecuan y vamos por toda tu familia. (This is what you caused Tecuan and we are going against your family)

    Se sabe que con nosotros nadie juega (No one fucks with us, everyone knows that.)

    Tu regalito de año nuevo perro (Your New Year´s present.)

    Todo esto por que te metiste con un junior de mierda. (This is all because you fucked with a fucking rich kid.)

    Y te va a llevar la verga (You´re going to get fucked with.)

    1. It’s unclear the the whole family is involved, but it sounds like they’ve been dealing with a competing cartel or possibly being a mole and they found out about it and now killed his entire family.

  16. when the kid took all the pain that should be taken by the father @_@
    the father get away pretty fast and probably didnt felt the pain since
    his head got beaten up making him dizzy to feel his head getting loose
    from his neck . While the kid got toyed with slowly got poked from his
    sides to his heart, got skinned alive while his intestines going ballooned
    and giving away his heart for them. I think brazil needs to get nuked
    to make them get extinct from the face of the earth.

    1. … at least it’s real you know. It evokes real feelings. The fear it inspires, and the bravery shown by the young man are reflective of true human nature…I could only hope to display such courage.

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