Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico

Mexicans deliver again, and make those pussy whipped Brazilian manginas look like fucking ballet dancers.

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Guerrero, Mexico. Those who have been around long enough know that the city of Acapulco in the Mexican state of Guerrero is the execution capital of the world.

A Mexican policeman was kidnapped, but to make his torment worse, the kidnappers also snatched his son. In the video, the policeman is tortured and then beheaded, while his son is made to watch. Yet that really was just a softy warm-up.

While the youngster is alive and fully conscious, the kidnappers flay his chest and belly until his intestines began to protrude. His lungs extract through the exposed cavities, and the intestines continue to pump in and out of the open abdominal wall from sheer terror, as the flayer smacks the young man to make him check it out. The flayer then cuts his rib cage apart and snaps it open, before slicing up his lungs and ripping out his heart, ending his unspeakable torture and with it, his life. The filleting concludes with the heart being stabbed onto the victim.

We’ve recently seen what set itself out to be the goriest video of 2018, coming close to what has been labeled by a significant number of BG members as the most graphic video of all time, but this video may shuffle the top spots up a bit.

What do you guys think? Is this one going down in infamy as the pinnacle of gore, or does it fall short of other videos?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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715 thoughts on “Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico”

  1. When it reached to the flying part i started to feel squeamish which is something I’ve never experienced since the first beheading video I watched and that was in 2005. Desensitizing us one video at a time, thank you bestgore.

  2. When it reached to the flying part i started to feel squeamish which is something I’ve never experienced since the first beheading video I watched and that was in 2005. Desensitizing us one video at a time, thank you bestgore.

  3. Shitttttt well done Mark this is officially the first video i could not watch to the end, had to turn it off before they touched the boy, his crying got to me. I hope someone finds those fuckers and gives them a slow death by 1000 cuts!!!!

  4. Hey someone should make a clip of some of this best gore stuff and then show them to liberals. This is what you’re letting in to your countries. This is what your sons and daughters will suffer from unless you change your mind now!

  5. While this video doesn’t top the “Struggling Man with Peeled Face” for me, the Mexicans now own the two goriest videos ever. Killing a conscious man by removing his vital innards is as ruthless as it gets. No matter how much gore I have seen, videos of this level shock me for a few days.

  6. man…after watching bestgore for years, i have finally found my limit… The kid got it so much fucking worse than the dad and I really hope I dont meet my end in anyway similar to this. For the first time, I regret watching a video.

  7. In my opinion I think the goriest video was the old middle eastern man getting slowly poked in the head by a bayonet… I couldn’t watch that video, worse thing ever. The old man refused to die and took the knife through his brain.. over and over

  8. This is so brutal. So much hate toward these fellas. These 2 must have done some really fucked up shit to the executioners gang members (beheaded 2 young guys). I watched it once and was hard to watch. Full body sweat. I will watch it again but by far all time brutal and scary. Peeled face and passionate decapitations videos are the best at sending a message. I feel like they’re coming for me now….

  9. one of only a few I found hard to watch. couldn’t help but wish for a quicker dead for that kid, no matter what he did. apparently, they are from a rival cartel. truly the stuff nightmares are made of. I hope those fuckers share their victims agony soon.

  10. This one right here , holds a spot in top 3 alongside the face peeled guy . The way he was killed , just brutal, are you kidding me? Having your organs teared off while fully conscious? Jeez
    The most brutal videos are like this , where they kill for “fun” inflicting more pain possible

  11. I have been looking at gore since I was a little girl, and this is the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life. After many years of lurking it actually prompted me to create an account and post.

    The scary thing here is the executioner seemed to have known exactly what he was doing. I know that the face peel guy is ranked up there, but I believe this is worse because these people were very precise and didn’t look sloppy. Can’t you all see he knew well how to butcher a human?! If that wasn’t enough, they slayed a father in front of his son, then took the kid, flayed his chest and literally cut his heart out while alive. Holy. Shit.

    I thought I was tough. I thought I was hardened to it all, but this gave me violent dreams last night. I don’t care that these are Mexicans outside my culture, just by them being human being I feel deeply for them. Utterly saddening and the most horrific thing I have seen in my entire life.

  12. I don´t consider myself xenophobe but i got to say, i don´t like Mexicans, here in Argentina they come here just to expand they drug business, and on the internet i mainly get attacks from Mexicans. Years back they were a great people, now they are the worst trash of the continent, and what´s worse is that they are trying harder by the day to be the worst.

  13. Damn. Worst video I ever seen. It was not just brutal gore wise, it was psychological torture at it’s finest. This video filled me with sadness, anger and disgust all in one. That dude in the green shirt deserves a slow death. Hopefully he gets his soon. I can’t stand the fact that demons like this walk the same planet that I do.

  14. Damn. That’s the worst one on here by far. I’d like to think he went into shock pretty early in the process and didn’t feel much but he seemed to be at least trying to scream when they sliced that big chunk off him. I’m a little surprised they didn’t do the executions in reverse order and make the dad watch them do that to the kid since the dad was the real target but I guess if their idea of revenge is to traumatize his kid as much as possible in his final minutes what they did works. Between this and that other teen a few days ago 2018 is off to a rough start for the kids.

  15. Here is a full translation from a native Mexican:

    Video starts

    Torturer: “Look at how your son is, son of a bitch, just like the other one. Open your eyes, open your eyes (untranslatable Mexican slang word (Guey), means dumbass and used like dude is in English depending on context)”

    Beating on cop with log starts

    Torturer: “Open your eyes, (talking to the son). Hold him up to watch. (to another cartel member) You dumbass, what the fuck does your wife know? (to cop)”

    Cop: “nothing!”

    Torturer: “And if I go get her?”

    Cop: “nothing, she knows nothing…”

    Torturer: “You know one thing (to camera), look Tecuan, I’m going to tell you one thing, son of a bitch, nobody messes with us son of a bitch. And I’ll tell you one thing, In order to come into the plaza it will cost you dearly, first the same thing will happen to you like this piece of shit, (beats cop again) Come here and take their beating son of a bitch I’m going to tell you, here we are “Los Viagra” (The Viagras, name of the cartel) and the shit is the shit, all of these grasshoppers that are being mules giving out information, fearing any dumbass, their bitch of a mother is going to take them. (Slang Word for knife) literal translation: Iron old man. (to another cartel member)
    Open your eyes boy! (to cop’s son) And if he closes his eyes fuck him up.(To other cartel members)”

    Comences slicing into cop’s neck, son starts screaming

    Torturer: “stand the fuck up! Look! (to cop’s son) Tecuan (to camera), this is… (Cop’s son faints) Get up! (beats unconscious boy)…(slicing continues on cop) Get up…. I will wake you up! (Picks up boy…. Boy then wakes and screams again)”

    Scene switches, cop is now headless and son is laying on cop’s headless body covered in blood.

    Torturer: “this is what you caused Tecuan (to camera), and we’ll go get your whole family…(to boy) and you know what I’m going to do with your head, I’m going to send it to your mom dumbass…huh! Look here let them die like the rats they are, son’s of bitches, (kicks son covered in cop’s blood)…little by little let them suffer the bitches, huh…huh bitch!

    (Stabs boy’s chest, boy screams)

    fuck!.. (indistinguishable).. What ahh!? (To boy) what ahhh!?.. What ahhh?! Son of a bitch here is a beating, it’s what there is, son of a bitch, we are escalating every single day…(screaming) you are howling like a dog you soon if a bitch, of a bitch.
    Grab the boy’s other hand (To cartel members), hold him, hold him, hold him, hold the boy’s feet, hold him good, hold him from here Guacho from here. I’m going to take his heart out, (boy tried fighting back) that’s right dumbass, hold him, hold him guacho.”

    Camera man: “you record Diablo” (cameramen asks a guy nicknamed devil to switch places)

    Torturer: “leave the rifle there Guacho, there hold him good hold him good hold him, with balls!”

    Other cartel member: “straight to the point old man”

    Women on Radio: “What happened, did the man come…All good over here, he comes he comes this way, that way I’ll send you…”

    Boy starts screaming as they commence slicing into chest/stomach

    Torturer: “grab his hand, hold him…mother fucker…fuck…shit, shit fucker, hold him good, huh! Huh! Huh!…Im going to skin him alive the bitch mother fucker… Huh! Huh!”

    Cartel members start howling jesting

    Torturer: “the fuck out of here dumbass huh! Did you see son of a bitch, fucking dumbass mule!”

    Other cartel member( most likely to the first camera man that could not keep filming): “A cigarette…A cigarette…, You should show some balls… For what they did to your nephew?!, There’s the butchers’… Fuck, fuck, such a beating…”

    Torturer: “Mother fucker… (heart comes out, sliced off) this is your new year’s present mother fucker…(slices heart up then impales heart to now dead boy’s chest)…(to camera now) And this if for Tecuan, Tecuan and for all of you that are trying to get into the boss’s plaza, sons of bitches and all you that come to the plaza the bitch of a mother will take each of you dumb assess and you’ll end up worse than these dumbass dogs, you’ll end up like the worse dumbass, because not Tecuan not anyone is going to come save you dumbasses. And Tecuan come here mother fucker because we’re waiting and we will wait for you, we’re ready to receive you dumb fuck.”

    Cartel members start howling again yell “puro viagra perro” (just Viagra dog!)

    Cartel member: “they look real pretty there…don’t they, so that all these dead fuckers show up…”

    End Video.

  16. Dammmm… Aqui la verga es la verga… Hear them words in Spanish my g guaranteed that mexican vato is ready for some blood like them good ole Aztec days… My hood in Mexico is Cuernavaca right next to Guerrero where foos get chopped up for buying a dub of bud. That’s less than 2 bucks for a decapitation.

  17. 1. This video the best by far!
    2. Mexican man that gets chopped up alive with the axe
    3. Guy with face peeled and they cut him with box cutter.

    If there is aliens with a death star blow the earth up. This place is fucked.

  18. PINCHES ANIMALES…this is heartbreaking… how could these pieces of shit do this to a child. OMG I cannot even express my anger or disgust. This has nothing to do with drugs.. how can an innocent child be a part of this.. These bastards will reek the retribution of karma. That’s something that they will never run away from. Pieces of fucking shit! I am crying typing this. These pieces of FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!

    1. Yeah. Also, I wonder if these murderers were trying to send a message to parents in the police force. “Your children will be next if you continue to mess with us.”

      At first I was wondering why they treated the son so much worse, when his father was the cop, and likely the one with whom they had the bone to pick. Often times it’s more effective to threaten your enemies’ children than they themselves.

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