Poso Massacre Video – Extreme Brutality, Dead Children

Poso Massacre Video - Extreme Brutality, Dead Children

Biggest WARNING I have issued on Best Gore so far! Poso Massacre Video contains images of many dead children. Watching a man getting beheaded is one thing, but seeing bodies of children who have not yet reached their teens sliced up all over with a machete is another. Do not take this warning lightly. Video contains extreme brutality and is hard to watch even by people used to barbarism committed by humans on other humans. Once again – dead children in the video below. Think twice and then twice more before you hit play.

Poso Massacre

I believe all of the victims in this video, including all dead children are Muslims. They were slaughtered by radical Christians as part of unceasing hatred between both religions in Poso, a town in the province of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Women and children were sliced and stabbed to death by machete, their skulls were cracked open and de-brained, and their hands were cut off. Extremists who did this stopped at nothing.

While this video shows the aftermath of Christian’s murders, Indonesian Muslims who operate in Poso are far from innocent. Their deeds are just not covered in this footage. When it comes to body count (number of people murdered), according to my sources, Paso Muslims are leading the way over Paso Christians. Perhaps the most famous and most publicized act of Paso Muslims was the beheading of three teenage girls. 15 year old Theresia Morangke as well as her 17 year old friends Alfita Poliwo and Yarni Sambue were attacked by six radical Islamists in masks while on their way to the Christian School and brutally beheaded. A note was left with severed heads saying:

Wanted: 100 more heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head

The tension between Muslims and Christians in Central Sulawesi started in 1987. Come 2001, the brutality escalated to an unbearable level and saw more than 1000 people murdered.

It’s unbelievable what people are capable of and it’s even more unbelievable that this is all done in the name of God. Let me remind you one more time that the Poso Massacre video below contains images of extreme violence, including dead children. You cannot unwatch the sight of mutilated, dead children. You will never be able to erase that from your mind. Don’t tempt your curiosity. Leave this video be if you don’t have to!!! You have been warned!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “Poso Massacre Video – Extreme Brutality, Dead Children”

  1. I cannot even begin to fathom the mindset or brain-patterns of these people. It’s beyond insanity. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or what you’re taught, every human has natural compassion when they are bored. And so, these killers are not human. There is no word for what these people are.

  2. (in reply to Satoshi)
    As far as the amount of guts and gore goes, this isn’t the most extreme video. But what makes it so horrible is that these killers deliberately targeted the fragile and innocent. Kids don’t know a damn thing about how the world works until they’re at least in the double-digits, and even that’s a stretch. Why would these religious enforcers target them? It’s absolutely mindless.

  3. yes i agree with you Poe kids are innocent ,and yes they are animals not human to target such defenseless people ,i do believe though that only god can wash all this wickedness away forever .

  4. The last part sickened me to the core.
    You’re right Poe, I wouldn’t call them human either. Absolutely barbaric, senseless, disgusting, animalistic behaviour. God-F*cking-Damnit, this shit makes me want to join the marines and shoot me some insurgents.

  5. muslim,christian,athiest or jew, black, white or blue
    what the fuck!…one thing about this video i hope it shows the racist bastards on this site that its not only muslims commiting attrocities but rather EVERY HUMAN IS CAPABLE OF THIS BEHAVIOUR.

  6. Why would anyone kill a child? Why? There’s just no reasoning or excuse. A child has no comprehension of your beliefs nor do they have prejudices that can’t be undone. Any religion, government, society, gang, or person that kills children doesn’t deserve to be called human and should be despatched like any other vicious animal.

  7. I must strongly protest against the use of word “animals” when comparing to these creatures. Animals don’t kill out of spite. Animals only kill out of need – in order to feed or protect themselves. And they only kill as much as they need. Comparing these creatures to animals is uncalled for. IMHO.

    And yes, the strength of this video is not in gore itself, it?s in the fact that it contains dead children, aka many helpless creatures who are too little to be able to protect themselves.

  8. I would like to kill every Muslim in the world, if God let me do it, I would appreciate to kill each one of ’em, I would make them suffer, I would torture ’em … Not even Lucifer would be able to do with them what I want to do!!! Kill all the Muslims in the world, they are demons, they polluted our planet, they are a plague !!!

    1. looks like you got that wrong, those are Christians killing Muslims. It’s not only the Muslims, you know. It’s people hating other people cause they believe in a different (way of) invisible man in the sky from the one you yourself believe in.
      Your statement “if God let me do it, I would appreciate to kill each one of ‘em, I would make them suffer…” shows how you are just as full of hate in your fucked up blind faith in your nonexistent god. think about it, stupid

    2. What the fuck are you talking about”if god let you”. your christian buddies are doing it day after day. Do you not know how to read. most if not all of this video is about christians killing muslims. What a fucking moron! Go back to your brainwash god worship cause your really embarising yourself. This whole video is exactly about what you want to do! Your so call peaceful god is allowing you to do this and vice versa. I’ll say it a million times, you religious fucks are just as fucked up or more than the terrorist! wake up and smell the coffee.

  9. My eyes filled with tears when I watched this; tears of joy to see Muslims hacked to pieces. Hopefully, these animals will be eradicated from the face of our planet one day — and when every last mosque is reduced to dust, when every last copy of he Koran is burned or erased, when every Muslim is either an apostate or a corpse, we will finally be one step closer to peace.

  10. I agree flayedlord, to an extent. Muslims that twist the Koran to justify killing westerners are cunts. Muslims that sneak onto the back of boats and trucks to get illegal asylum in my country are really fucking cunts. However I do know Muslims that are COMPLETLY normal and hate violence. So I completly disagree with your anger against the slain children in the video. Hate Allah not the innocent children.

  11. Flayedlord. you piece of scum, those WERE fucking CHILDREN who loved their mummies and daddies who had toys and like all children viewed their world with innocent eyes that saw a horrible death by christian hands. If there is any justice in this world you will suffer a similar fate If I was stupid enough to believe in a god capable of wathching this shit and doing nothing to stop it because HE WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS Id pray that those poor wee childrens parents see what youve wrote and then you are flung to them and then see how quickly your opinions change you pathetic coward. Go and join al quiada or the taliban because thats the only company you deserve. I have a daughter who is roughly the same age as that poor beautiful little girl you see with her head sliced open and her intestines hanging out her tiny belly, when I saw that I made a vow to cherish every moment I have with my girl to honour that girl who will never again know the warmth of her mothers arms. As long as I am alive I will do as much good for humanity as I can I will raise my daughter and ny other children nature blesses me with to fight the fuckers who did this and by ideological comparison yourself you are no better than a child killer for that comment and you dont deserve rights, pray we never meet. My love and thoughts go to the parents and families of the dead in this video, May they all know peace and true justice.

  12. fuck christians fuck muslims. children are an open book, a blank slate that have nothing to do with useless pointless wars in the name of “religion”. any religion that bases it self upon murdering innocent people and children that have done nothing to anyone in the world are fucking STUPID! this is yet another point to the fact that religion is a complete total copout for people to think what they want,when they want and for whatever reason be able to do the things they want to do and feel good about themselves for doing it. and i am with alexander the scot….fuck your lame life flayedlord. i hope to god you are a sterile man because people that think like you should never procreate this world with your absolutely useless thoughts and beliefs! Children have nothing to do with lame religion, they are just part of the bigger picture and are totally innocent of what is happening around them. F.O.A.D. flayedlord! fuck religion! think for yourself!

  13. @9

    You are wrong. Animals do kill (and torture and rape) without “reason” (which in this sentence I shall define as: “for food or self-protection”).

    Scientifically speaking, without falling back to moral judgements, aggressiveness is a part of all animals that are on the top of the evolution scale (think reptiles and above).

    The Behaviorist (a branch of Psychology) view on this is simply that the right contingencies were present to encourage such behavior (the killing and stuff), and that animals and humans alike are subject to it (in fact, we usually refer to “non-human organisms”, since humans ARE animals). One of the characteristic environmental variable that most certainly contributed to this is the extreme religious fanatism and the conflicts that issued from it.

    I am not a native speaker, so I apologize beforehand in case my comment is not easily comprehensible.

  14. I think anyone who abuses children or animals should be shot.This is why I want to do contract work overseas,they pay you like 150K a year to kill these guys.

  15. wut the balls!?
    wut is wrong with ppl. i cant even begin to comprehend how a human being can do such absolutly cruel things.
    this made me cry.

  16. Religion is a load of rubbish, it’s just a word, these people are just plain barbaric, christian, muslim, who gives a damn, everyone is entitled to live, not be murdered in the name of some god or gods who doesn’t exist!!!

  17. I take back some of what I said above, when I say everyone is entitled to live, I don’t mean people who commit murder,they don’t deserve to live. Killing innocent, defenceless children, bastards!

  18. I have been a frequent visitor of Best Gore, and this is one of the reasons why.

    Seeing the way a human body can be mutiliated is almost necessary (imo) for one to live.
    To recognize that the body is nothing but a carrier for a soul, that is way more fragile then some seem to think, including myself.

    Also, im sure i’ve seen some of this footage (the hand being put back on the wrist) on ebaumsworld or some similar site.

  19. now this was 1 vid that did get to me as a mum and human those sick fucks need their little gook diddles sawn off with a rusty n very dull bread n butter knife then they be made to watch as dogs eat their parts and then put into a pit with pigs n have the rest of them eaten limb by limb like on “hannible” well like that guy wanted lecter to be eaten anyway THE SICK BASTARDS

  20. This video was very interesting I thought. I do feel sorry for the children. I would be the first to volunteer to inflict the pain that the kids suffered on the ones that did it to them. I have no feelings for anything, that would mean nothing to me.

  21. well i just finished reading all of this but i thank im gonna have to pass on watching this video
    i am a mom myself and it makes me sick to know that sick demented people could do things like this to kids
    im affraid watching this would just mess me up in the head.

  22. when I first saw the vid I was damn scared and shocked(it was in HD, fortunately I watched it with friends) I am a christian and I have nothing against the major muslim religion, the problem is the specific muslims there in poso who are so cold-hearted, especially in the act of killing children probably both muslim and christian, that they don’t deserve to be called human, their taking jihad too seriously, even if i hate violence I can’t help but feel relieved at the punishment inflicted to the muslim(since it is likely true he did something wrong) at the last part, we need justice, let all the others in responsible for these acts get what they deserve.

    1. You want justics, stop your bullshit religion beliefs and 80% of these violent acts wouldn’t exist! Believe it or not, your part of this , it’s your fellow brothers that is doing your work for your beliefs. Make no mistake about it. God kills and so does religion!

  23. I agree with you I would very much join the marines and shoot these people. The policemen in this video were useless they were carrying guns but not using them.

  24. In response to HUMANSARESCUM, ‘muslim,christian,athiest or jew, black, white or blue
    what the fuck!?one thing about this video i hope it shows the racist bastards on this site that its not only muslims commiting attrocities but rather EVERY HUMAN IS CAPABLE OF THIS BEHAVIOUR.’


  25. Jordon, if you believe that ‘seeing the way a human body can be mutiliated is almost necessary (imo) for one to live.
    To recognize that the body is nothing but a carrier for a soul, that is way more fragile then some seem to think, including myself.’ why not u mutilate your own body and upload it here so as to prove your belief.

  26. i am a muslim and i feel sorry for you people who think this way islam is all about peace me and my family moved out of iraq about 2 years ago and up there there are organizations of terrorists who kill peacefull people muslims and christians in iraq its not about the religion sick people are everywhere just like all the gangs in usa and mexico they do stuff like this to but why arent they called terrorists they are killing shooting innocent people to thank you for reading this and i hope you understand now.

  27. You are absolutely right. I find it appalling how many people in the U.S. constantly close-minded. Saying all Muslims are terrorists is like saying all black people are steal and commit crimes. I guess home grown terrorists like the KKK, or those crazy ass Phelps,the Columbine boys,the lists goes on are saints and don’t qualify to be terrorists. *rolling my eyes*

    Bottom line, nobody is born to kill or hate, they are TAUGHT to do that and innocent people suffer the consequences.

  28. Well, this is nothing, take a look in nature and you will see this happens everyday. Humans are no saints, no divine creation or separate from the rest of the animals. The reason why the human evolved such a big brain was probably to outsmart each other in these kinds of conflicts.

  29. and this is for wat we call god…
    it god was never head of I really believe that a world would be better… really it will never end on wat ppl will do for him… and yet HE WATCHES !!!! WAT KIND OF GOD IS THAT!!! PPL SEE JUST WANT THE GOOD SIDE OF GOD AND THEY DONT SEE WATS HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD…BLOOD AND TEARS FALLEN UPON THIS WORLD!!!!! am srry but am just really pisst off…
    WHERE WAS GOD WEN PPL ARE GETTING MURDER TORTUER…WE SAY “oh god help me!! pleasse!!” and yet he never came…

    1. well said! God never comes because there is no god. If there is one, he has one sick and fucked up sense of humour. I’ve come to realize that relious people probably know there’s no god. They just hide behind there beliefs and say there is a god so they have an excuse. Do you notice, they are full of excuses. I kill my parents because god told me to, I rape little kids because god told me to, I hit my wife because god told me to, REALLY! Religion is the exact same thing as being racist. 80% of these violent acts wouldn’t take place if religion doesn’t exist. Religion is just as evil if not more than these sick fucks. And for the pinhead who acting cool about kids being slaughter, FUCK YOU TOO!!

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