Preserved Severed Head of Cesare Lombroso

Professor Cesare Lombroso Donated In His Will His Own Head to the Cesare Lombroso Museum

Banana Republic professor Tulio sent this photo of Cesare Lombroso who lost his head in a brave dive to save life of his girlfriend as part of the Phineas Gage case but I thought it was worthy of its own dedicated post so here it is.

Cesare Lombroso was an Italian physician and the founder of the phrenology discipline (now accurately regarded a pseudo science) which, among other things, stated that by simply measuring a person’s head and observing certain traits known as “atavisms”, such as an overdeveloped tailbone or oversized ears could determine whether the person is predisposed to be a criminal. The phrenology discipline applied equally to both men and women.

There’s a lot of interesting reading to be had about Cesare Lombroso who among other things collected human brains, skulls and skeletons while taking specific interest in body parts of deceased madmen and criminals, but I’ll leave it up to each individual should they want to learn more to look things up. It would be a long essay to write on here.

What is worthy of a mention on Best Gore is that fact that because Cesare Lombroso wanted to show the world what a civilized non criminal looks like, he donated in his will his severed head to the Cesare Lombroso Museum in Turin, Italy – the very private museum he founded and stocked up with body parts he collected over the course of his career as Professor of Forensic Medicine.

Late 1800’s were the golden age of gore. People could have their own collection of human body parts in their own laboratories and study them in the name of science. You try to go to a mental asylum or a penitentiary and speak with a warden about taking a few body parts from deceased inmates to conduct research on at home and see where that gets you nowadays…

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  2. I’ve always wanted a shrunken head, but I don’t want to risk getting eaten by a cannibalistic tribe just to obtain one. Anyone who’s seen the movie Predator can appreciate that dreadlock wearing monster’s habit for ripping the spines out of his victims and collecting them as trophies.

  3. lucky fucker…had an army of bersaglieri grunts hunting and chopping inferior rebellious southern italian brigands for him…
    All in all, he’s still the father of criminology, and all those stupid FBI warner channel PROFILERS still suck Lombroso’s cock to this day…

  4. Wow, that is some interesting stuff. Ive never really been a areader until i came here and its because the posts are always sinfully interesting and i have googled and wikid more more than ever too!!

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