Prison Riot Footage, Dead Prisoner Cut Into and Beheaded

Prison Riot Footage, Dead Prisoner Cut Into and Beheaded

Prison Riot Footage, Dead Prisoner Cut Into and Beheaded

Not much back info is known about this prison riot except it hails from Latin America.

All I do know is these prisoners have way too much free time on their hands.

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  1. looks like Bra’ziw, I mean those damn flip-flops are a dead giveaway. Also the way they use those knives is pathetic typical of Brasileiro criminals. And thos hysterical stabs at the end, incase any of you investigators haven’t noticed skinnies from Bra’ziw tend to do the funniest shanking imaginable. Poor Bra’ziw so close to god so far from actually practicing it!

    1. I want to see them be racist to each other every day because they do it with such stabbing movements and it’s fun to watch!

      I love how evil they are in that country towards each other MUAHAHAH! Fuckin’ Bra’ziWacists!

    2. If it’s a Prison Riot then one question remains : How the hell did those bloke get weapons and a mobile phone also?
      Surely this was a set-up, and seriously Brazil’s crime rates are increasing day by day.

        1. @eraserhead-2

          Precisely, my friend…!

          While watching, I thought to myself, “What the hell is wrong with you people?” Just imagine, this is what they are doing to their very own kind – what would they do if they ever invade any other country ??? Which is highly unlikely, since they do not have enough skill set, adequate resources, and/or wisdom, but still. You are very right, they are Satan’s offspring.

    1. Es obvio, mira numas como hablan y su actitud. Nuestra raza cuando mata lo hacen rapido y sin pendejadas como estos chancleteros safados.

      oh and before anyone comments you know who you are XD

      burrito taco taco burrito taco taco 🙂

          1. Sounds like you have read on a lot about what has appeared here recently. Good to see someone well educated about real life and history though. Very appreciated.

        1. Like many of the country’s government sectors – like health care, education, etc -, the prision system is flat broke. I mean, there are prisions running under so calamity state that the guards walks among the convicts and the only reason they don’t do riots every day is an internal rule of the prisioners itself. They can do it whenever they want, but there is always the right time to do that: when they need to “clear off” the prision of a minority of enemies; or when they have a plan to a mass escape, etc… Most of prisioners has knifes, machetes and even guns, not to mention mobile phones to keep in touch with outside criminal activities. Then you ask: Why they stay in jail if they can escape? Because unlike that failed jail system, the police is very good, and they actually do their job, arresting or killing criminals. 99% of a criminal’s fate in Brazil is either jail or cemetery. They hardly get to elderly age. So being arrested is like a second chance in their life. So they prefer those riots where they draw their guns, kills their enemies, get back to their cells and no one is filed with those crimes, everything keeps the same next day. End of history.

    1. I shit on a car windshield once. Not because I shit indiscriminately around the neighborhood. It was a prank, and a pretty good one. What are ones options when someone shits on thier windshield? Use the wipers, pick it off with a stick or drive to a car wash with a turd on thier windshield. It’s the most perfect prank.

  2. Hey what the fuck dude I’m trying to hack his forearm off don’t drag him away!

    Fucking total animalistic vermin roaches pieces of shit! And so we are just supposed to let these animals infest our country? Nuke anything south of Texas, and the sooner the better!

  3. Esse vídeo é antigo, isso aconteceu devido a uma guerra de facções, Devido as cadeias super lotada. Diferente de um país de primeiro mundo e desenvolvido. Alguns brasileiros são honesto e tem caráter. Não julguem todos como um corpo só. Todos os países tem seus defeitos e diferenças.

    1. Olha, eu acabei de entrar nesse site e só o fiz por curiosidade, mas nesse pouco tempo percebi que essas pessoas daqui não parecem muito inclinadas ou interessadas em saber realmente o que de fato acontece, dando preferência a fazer comentários estupidos enquanto fingem saber de algo. Mas não da pra se esperar muita coisa quando a pessoa acha que ter como única referência um site de gore é o suficiente para julgar uma nação inteira.

  4. Pretty soon this will be happening in America once that stupid Caravan gets here, and the democrats let them all in just for the sole purpose of getting them to vote for them illegally. Democratic governors in several states are so power hungry and desperate to get elected, they reinstated the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of convicted felons in their states ONE BY ONE, because they know criminals and monsters like the people in the video will vote for them with over 90% certainty, they went to extra lengths to stack the electorate. To hell with the JEWnited states of America. This is what this stupid country gets for siding with the JEWS during World War 2. The jews are mostly behind these migrations and open borders. All the open borders candidates are jewish democrats. Keep drinking their coolaid you goyim. You will be butchered by Putos like this very soon, and the dems will tell you its RAAAAAAAAAAACIST to criticize the illegals who killed your family member. Liberals are beyond evil

  5. Like the one fellow said .. More fun if dismembered while alive. The reasoning I believe is similar to the one used by those whom believe themselves a “Superior class of people” cuz they wear a better class of costumes having apply a ritual in there terrorizing of those they dice up to get, the adrenaline flowing Then drinking the blood for that narcotic effect. The Queen herself in England participate in the drinking of the blood after the terrorizing of .. usually pregnant women. The baby is cut out the blood drank after producing a higher fashion of adrenaline filled blood for a special kind of buzz. Classier yes… yet the same level of mind set be applied. But these folks in the jails waste the adrenaline filled blood. The 1%ers would pay good money for that blood if it could be assured, to be virus free.

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