Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil

Prison Riot Results in Beheadings Brazil
Prison Riot Results in Beheadings Brazil
Prison Riot Results in Beheadings Brazil

Ah Brazil, will you ever stop breeding shit. That isn’t even a question. These videos are from a prison riot that occurred on July 29th. Not only are Brazilian prisons home to frequent riots, but they are also blessed with cell phones to record every bloody minute of it. This riot was caused by gang rivalry.

The video interrupts the inmates challenging each other in a bowling tournament. Six heads are placed very neatly against a concrete wall, okay besides the one that comes ploughing into the others. One inmate throws up a gang sign, while another takes special pleasure in feeling a severed head roll underneath his foot.

The riot took place in Altamira, Brazil. It lasted 5 hours, claiming the bodies of 52 people, 16 of which were decapitated and the others suffocating from smoke inhalation. The Prison was supposed to hold 200 inmates max, there were 311 at the beginning of the day, maybe they were trying to lower the numbers and get things back in order over there. Also not a question..

Props to Best Gore members @african-angel, @void33 and @harukill for the videos and image:

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  1. He guy in the video speaks a mangled sort of Portuguese which is standard for criminals, but he seems to say “CV cu”, which would translate as “Comando Vermelho asshole”. Comando Vermelho is a well known gang in Brazil.

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  3. for me this is not free entertainment. as a brazilian taxpayer, im gonna have to pay for this. Cause the families are gonna sue the State government for money reparation, and public money will be granted to the families of these criminals.

  4. I said I wanted to get ahead, not a head. But hey! Ya know how they eat monkey brains in some places?

    Wait a minute, but those monkeys are still alive. WAIT UNTIL THE POTENTIAL MEAL IS DONE BEFORE KILLING ‘EM NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!

    (Did I just give someone an idea to make a more interesting video for future reference? I mean, what can be better than a vid of having someone having their brains eaten whilst they are still alive on this site?)

    Can I get a ‘HELLO THERE’? (Sorry Ralph Smart. I just couldn’t resist.)

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