Public Beheading of Man Accused of Sorcery by Khalid ibn al-Walid in Syria

Public Beheading of Man Accused of Sorcery by Khalid ibn al-Walid in Syria

The city of Yarmouk in Syria appears to be under control of ISIS affiliate Khalid ibn al-Walid. The group’s Hisbah (religious police) officers are tasked with cleansing the city off those who don’t seem to worship the appropriate God.

The original video is 9 minutes long and contains the typical Islamic propaganda, and footage of Khalid ibn al-Walid members policing the citizens, destroying graves, burning seized cigarettes and destroying a musical keyboard.

At the end of the video, the Hisbah officers publicly execute an older man by beheading him with a sword. The man was accused of being a wizard, practicing sorcery and using magic.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video (ISIS propaganda removed):

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145 thoughts on “Public Beheading of Man Accused of Sorcery by Khalid ibn al-Walid in Syria”

    1. The ginger fuck is fair enoufh to be a ginger or it just maybe henna- dyed. These allan snackbar hypocrites think it is hamam= proscribe by God to dye a man hair to make him look younger, but ginger is fine. Have you seen some of the Pakis in England walking around with red/orange beards.

      Like the old ladies who would dye their hair pink or blue when i was growing up as it was shameful for them to dye it normal colours to look

        1. Clitorious. I rewatched it for your sake and you may be right. He may be an albino but his euro -looking face lends me to thinking the prick is a Caucasian ie from Georgia maybe. Not state Georgia in the US but the first Georgia in the Caucasus mountains , near Russia. I have some ancestors from there. My people would fight against these despicable Moslem renegade cunts. This fat redhead reminds me of those cute diluted -orange cats!

          Sorcery! Ha,the old man vic probably could see the hypocrite bog -catcher wearing pervs for what they are ,so they murdered him.

    1. It is in the Koran that elders can dye their beard and hair when it turns white, for the purpose of looking younger when on the battlefield so the enemy thinks the person is younger adversary.
      They use henna for this purpose which gives the hair that crazy red color. Dunno if this is the reason for that fellow, but if you ever see a Muslim man with wild red patches in his beard, that is usually why.

    1. Primitive fucks alright….
      I love the Muslim cock roach’s hypocrisy. The ‘let’s burn all these cigarettes coz they are evil’ and then they will go sit and celebrate the good job they did and smoke tobacco out of one of those bong like things. Also with the key board, it’s like ‘Allah the maggot would not like musical instruments that bring joy to the world, so let’s make an example of our irrational beliefs’ and then they put a song that’s made with Western technology (well we all know nothing worth while has ever been invented in the middle east by people like this) as the sound track. How do they do this stuff with a straight face?

    1. Exactly!!! The little brown haired Boy on the R.H.S. of the condemned, has a smile on his face, like the Cat who ate the Canary. This little dude cannot be more than 5 or maybe 6 but stretches his neck to get a better view.
      That kid will be damaged for life, and will surely be questioning “The Meaning Of Love & Life” itself, until the day he dies! Sad,,, Very Sad, state of Affairs. 🙁

  1. “If they weigh the same as a duck they’re made out of wood and therefore a wizard/witch“.

    You know, I have willingly imported many things in my time be it dvds, computer games, books etc but never peoples from the dark ages.

    In my opinion then liberals and their need to import backwards filth can go get fucked. I hope their wives and daughters get “enriched” and they personally get “diversified“.

      1. i check in here everyday but can never be arsed to comment as it takes forever for me to comment when I’m on the Xbox but just had to reply to this.(totally having kitten envy, lol.)
        My ragdoll just had his 1st b’day on boxing day. He’s a blue point called Fistandantalus, Fisty for short (he’s named after a wizard from the “Dragonlance” series of books , if you were wondering where the unusual name comes from)
        have you had a ragdoll before?

        1. @tankgirl. Wow I just read your comment. Sooo many videos and I rarely go back to check unless tagged. FIRST rag for me. I have an African bengal. I always wanted one of these. Super cute. Got her yesterday along w a shelter tabby. Named her roxi. Lol I’m in recovery for roxicodone addiction. Lil fluff tail and super cute face. Glad you have a doll. Glad u commented. GOD BLESS.

          1. @Kevin you’ll be shocked at the many quirks of ragdolls. Fisty learnt how to play fetch without any encouragement from me which is pretty cool.
            he still suckles too! he lays in my arm like a baby and suckles on the teddy bear that I use as a pillow, until he falls asleep and he’ll stay asleep like that unless it’s food or play time!
            you’ll be shocked at how big they get and how fast they get there too. im pretty sure Fisty was only kitten sized for about a week lol. he’s already bigger than my black and white moggy (10 yo Colin) and he’s an enormous neutered Tom. god knows how big he’ll be when he’s fully grown seeing as raggies take up to 4 years to finish growing!

            i love Bengals but i think their crazy amounts of energy would drive me mad lol! do you have one of those exercise wheel things or is yours content with walkies on a leash?

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            glad you’re in recovery dude, that shit must be hard? i’m actually on 100mcg fentanyl patches and take 20mg oxycodone every 4hrs as well as a laundry list of other meds due to my health probs. if i change my patch even just a few hours late im really feeling it and in agony so i’d say you’re pretty brave to tackle something so daunting and difficult.

            i’m pretty much housebound (left the house once last year, (xmas day I went to my gran’s for Xmas dinner. she lives just around the corner from me) other than the times I ended up in hospital. my kitties are my babies and always there when i need them don’t care if that makes me a cat lady because there are some days i wouldn’t make it through if it wasn’t for them!

            i wish you luck on the road to recovery! remember, your floofballs are relying on you. if you ever just want to just have a rant etc, good or bad i’m here. i check here pretty much everyday / every other day and now that i can actually use the Xbox i’ll actually bother to log on.

            p.s apologies for the long message lol

    1. @cannedkittens

      Apparently, one of the many definitions for the prefix be- is “consisting in or characterized by the taking away, loss, or lack of something.”. So, literally “taking away the head”. Personally, I kinda like the sound of “deheading”. (Heh, auto correct tries to change that to “degrading”.)

  2. Jesus Christ what the fuck did that poor old bastard do to be declared a wizard?
    Add hot water to a cup of noodles and miraculously make a meal?
    Also, and I don’t know why, but that guy with the blonde beard just doesn’t belong.

      1. Surely in this fucked up part of the world inhabited by primitive beings, this would surely be a reason for deheading?

        Plus, surely if anyone looks like a wizard in this video it’s the weird looking beard guy…. Wow there is that good ol Muslim hypocrisy again. What a coincidence!

  3. I’m sorry, but that singing is barely more palatable than the usual squalling.

    As for the old guy, sorcery is a very serious charge and deserves the severest penalty. I assume he failed the dunking-stool test. Hacking off his head was most merciful. Allah be praised.

    ISIS isn’t going to get too many infidels to convert if they don’t start offering English translations or at least subtitles. Actually, you should have multiple-language dubbing where the viewer selects the language. Let’s get with the program here. Those are some nice scenery shots, though.

  4. Why do these numbskulls always have to put a good 3/4 worth of boring bullshit then put 1-2 measly minutes of the gore they are supposed to scare everyone with? Are we supposed to be so energized by the time the good stuff happens that we need a nap session for the first 7 and a half minutes?
    Are we supposed to be intimidated by them smashing an old beat up musical keyboard?

    1. More people than you realize practice the art’s albeit most people practice the RHP (right hand path) or “kike magick” as I like to put it: some without even realizing it as even the buybull and Quran are book’s of Jooish black magick.

        1. oh yeah.. satanism is about worshipping yourself. or something like that. Its called atheistic satanism. They still have some spells and stuff although i don’t know for what purpose. These guys values stuff like intelligence , boldness etc.

          .. then there is theistic satanism which is a whole another level of crazy

          1. You’ve left out Spiritual Satanism which is the earth’s first religion and also what I myself practice. None of the Satanic branches are crazy; what is crazy are the Abrahamic programs which are a conglomeration of our works that the Joos had twisted to suit their aims of world domination and to also spiritually and in some cases literally enslave the gentiles or goyim (cattle) as they like to call us.

        2. If you want to increase your knowledge and powers then you are more than welcome to join us @ Even Anton LaVey had admitted before his death that the gods we’re real it is just that the Kikes have spent centuries trying to destroy them and getting the masses to turn against them as-well.

    1. I’m not overly familiar with the histories of sorcery, witchcraft, black magic, etc. but what magicians perform for entertainment is predominantly sleight-of-hand and special props (false bottoms, mirrors, distractions, and so forth) and therefore being a magician involves far more talent than faith, whereas the others may be mostly faith and some psychology. Anyone know more?

  5. sorcery … that word takes me back to the mr show skit regarding the hail satan network with bobby c and his wife who was the mother of all whores … the hell with both of them … AND A SLOTHFUL CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM!!!

  6. When are we going to wise up and make a self lit, glass covered parking lot of the middle east from the shit-stained Sudan, up to Egypt and all the way over to Affganny – including Israel..? All those thermonuclear weapons sitting around taking up space….

    Put them to good use.

  7. I don’t even bother listening to the audio in these ISIS videos, but that monkey hammering away at that piano really struck a chord. What was the point of that? Rather than doing something constructive, like taking the time to learn how to play the damned thing and create beautiful music, you took the path of least resistance and destroyed a perfectly good instrument.

    That act shows the extent of your capabilities, you dumb piece of shit.

    1. Allow me to shed some light into the reasons why that piano was destroyed…
      See that piano is an instrument that is used to create music.
      (It was, not no more)
      I have developed myself a theory that explains why muslims hate what they hate and I’m not gonna go in details cause its a whole book’s worth of writting so I’m just gone go straight to the point…
      To the muslims allah not only is their creator but is the creator of the world and everything in existence which us non-muslims or infidels know not to be true…
      So if you actually think about it you can say with a certainty that in order for allah to have said such a lie he’s possing as an impostor. He is usurping the real creator, our creator and his own creator….
      One of the reasons why someone would usurp someone else’s position can be because he’s either jealous or envious or both. When someone is jealous of you they gone usually hate everything and anything that has to do with you….
      And that my friend is the reason why I believed that piano got destroyed, because that piano is an instrument allah feels inferior to, why?? Cause that piano is an instrument that is used to ”create” music a power that allah is lacking….
      Now that I think about it,
      don’t every single time we see all the isis videos where they’re singing in arab there is not a single musical instrument playing, throughout the chanting thats because if there was somebody playing a musical instrument that person would be a painful reminder to allah that he’s a nobody and that he has no power of creation and that the person playing can “create” music…
      And woman have the power to “create” life even better creators than musicians thats why muslims and allah hate woman even more than they hate music creators….he hates “anything” creators another reason why graffiti artists get executed.

      1. That doesn’t make sense. If Allah created everything, then he also created music and inspired pianos, so why would he be envious of something he created and inspired?

        Also, the fundamental contradiction of all Abrahamic religions is that if God knows everything and created everything, he also created evil, in the form of Satan, which means it was part of his plan before Eve was tempted by the snake in Eden.

        Why, then, would he lay the blame on us, and then send his only begotten son (in Christianity) to die for OUR sins? And why did he have to send his son; more to the point why did he even require a son at all? And its not like that son was touring around the world, greeting the different civilizations, like the Mayas or the North American Indians, the Incas; he just spent his time in the Middle East, and now that area is the proverbial wound that never heals, enduring war after war.

        Islam goes a step further and introduces djinns, which exist apart from angels and demons, some are good, some are indifferent, and some are evil? Why? If the well-being of man was Allah’s purpose, djinns are superfluous.

        1. @cadejito let’s keep this as simple as possible.
          Today’s reality is so fragmented is the reason why shit is as complex as it is. The more you fragment a whole the more difficult it is to understand. Let me attempt to put everything back into one whole piece that way everything is easier to comprehend…..

          My explanation mentions only 1 creator, allah, muslims, non-muslims, woman and graffiti artists and thats it absolutely nothing else. ..

          So lets leave the abrahamic religion, Christianity any other religions, let’s leave god out of this and satan or the devil out of this let’s leave the only begotten son out of this, the snake the garden of eden, Eve, ancient civilizations like Indians and mayans out of this, North America and the Middle East out of this, angels and demons and the djinns out of this and good and evil out of this, let’s leave all this things you mentioned out of this. …

          Lets just focus on 1 Creator, allah, muslims and non-muslims (or infidels) woman and graffiti artists and musical instruments like the broken piano and nothing else…….

          Now back to square one, there was a creation (anything and everything that is perceivable by our five senses and that you can think of) that was made by a creator, this creator also created allah, allah became envious of his creator and decided to start rumors that he was the one that created everything, saying that he is the creator, but those rumors are not true….
          The rumors spread and became islam, muslims so those rumors were tought accordingly to what we see nowadays.
          They were tought to hate anything and everything that would serve as a reminder to allah that he can’t create beautiful stuff like music.
          I even mentioned the isis videos where arabs chant throughout video and they lack musical instrumentation.
          And woman were created to continue creating life which is a trait that the 1 Creator has the creator which allah is envious of,
          And graffiti artists possess the trait of creativity that allows them to create a new art creation thats reason why they are prosecuted by muslims…
          And thats all there is to it theres no need to complicate something so simple. Religion needs not to be involved neither does good and evil has to get involved. You know where im

  8. They are a bunch of stupid animals from hell. 10 years ago I read an article about overpopulation like rats in a cage who kill one another when it get’s too crowded. The planet Earth is already too crowded but wait 40-50 years and then see. There will be roughly 2.5-3 billion “western wealthy 1st world” people left. At that time, they will barracade themselves from the roughly 6-8 billion “have nots” who will try to break in to the 1st world nations. It will be the human race WW3 but not with Nukes but with guns, clubs, and knives. That will be the end of civilization as we know it. The more of this stuff I see, the more I believe the author of that book was 100% right. I fear for my grandchildren.

  9. This shit is weak compared to what the Japs did during WWII.

    Ask any Chinese civilians at that time. The Japs did not need to place their victims on a log to do decapitation.

    The Japs could simply wield their sword at any angle and manage to behead you “clean”.

    These ragheads need some sword lesson from the Japs.

  10. How the fuck do people still believe in magic of any kind? And accuse/execute people for practicing witchcraft or sorcery -_- hope they kill their unintelligent selves off for some other dumb reasons and get out of the gene pool. Wishful thinking, I know. The voice at the end also sounded like Kermit. I couldn’t take it seriously, but then again I can never take those guys seriously.

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