Public Beheading by Sword, Executioner Fails to Severe Head Clean

Public Beheading by Sword, Executioner Fails to Severe Head Clean

According to the information I got, ISIS has advanced into northern Aleppo in Syria, and now is moving toward Idlib. In this video, ISIS in northern Aleppo publicly behead a Jabhat Al-Nusra legislator.

The public beheading was carried out by sword to the back of the neck, but the executioner failed to severe the head clean with the single blow he had available to him.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

53 thoughts on “Public Beheading by Sword, Executioner Fails to Severe Head Clean”

  1. Mm, at least he almost cut it clean on first try.
    Japanese always have the best clean beheading in histories since due to super sharp katana blade… Their blade can easily slice paper out of the air.

  2. The need to got on with it and stop all the hanging around shit before the execution. Also the people started moving forward far too early and spoiled my view of the head being chopped off 🙁

  3. The Swordsman summoned from Calais to execute Anne Boleyn, would have held his head down in shame had he failed to make one decisive sweep of his sword like this rotund executioner.
    He wasn’t fit for the task.

  4. I can watch anything dicks being cut off nasty puss filled infections name it but be headings I can’t most of the time there’s a nasty high pitched scream and gurgle that comes and it fucking makes me wanna puke.

    Good video tho

  5. What this whole region needs is a Caesar or an Agustus s good tactician to end these petty military conflicts crush them then someone to rebuild the city education infrastructure economy someone good with the common folks but will do what needs to be done. Someone to bring a true balance between Islam and invdividual freedom some who enters the city and it being a pile of bricks and to leave with it being built In marble and prospering. While not perfect it was much. Enter off before the west showed up

    1. They had one. Saddam Hussein. The Mid.-East (an already violent, unstable region) exploded with violence after his capture and execution.
      Like him, hate him, whatever. The guy (Saddam) had a knowledge and understanding of the region and its issues. Relative to the job that the West has done, it’s safe to say now that Saddam had a pretty good grip on the region and its issues.

      1. Totally agreed saddam was not a good guy but he got the job done that region was not perfect by any means but he knew how to handle it he kept the region so much more stable once the invasion of Iraq happend and him being removed from power it went so down hill such a sad thing to realize that the region was better off with a dictator

    The ONLY reason he didnt completely sever the guys head was because he hardly put any effort into swinging the fucking sword!.. Figures FAT FUCK cant be bothered to swing hard enough..he just might break a sweat!

    1. They were supposedly supporting ISIS but that fell apart because ISIS pigs killed Abu Khaled al-Souri, one of Bin Ladin’s buddies. “Al-Nusra Front has declared war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Abu Mohammed al-Golani gave ISIS five days to provide proof of its innocence regarding the killing of Abu Khaled al-Souri along with an ultimatum: either stop the fighting, withdraw apostasy edicts and return to the community or face a war, even in Iraq.” Even Al Qaeda hates ISIS.

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