Public Beheading by Sword in Saudi Arabia

Public Beheading by Sword in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Israelia, I mean Arabia, along with her best friends forever Israel, USA, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan (together known as the Axis of Evil), has been directly responsible for orchestrating what became known as the Arab Spring. For years, the Axis of Evil trained and financed factions of carefully groomed extremists, who then used the training and support to overthrow governments in target countries, while creating an illusion for the dim witted that their terrorism was the revolution by the people who sought democracy.

Some of the extremists they armed and trained have gone rouge, and the Saudis now fear they may be the next target for the “Arab Spring”. So they’ve been beheading people left and right, as if inspired by mass executions of Slavic Christians by the Jews during the Soviet era, whereby anyone who was in any way suspected of not supporting the regime was marked for execution, or slow death in a Gulag.

According to Amnesty International, in the first half of 2015, Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded 102 people. The Independent followed up with the report from August and by that time, the number rose to 110. Compared to figures compiled by the editors of Wikipedia who track all ISIS beheadings and recorded 65 so far this year, Saudi Arabia is ahead almost two fold. The dramatic increase in executions in Saudi Arabia was even recognized by the traditionally pro Zionism Human Rights Watch. Saudis really are desperate to kill dissent within their own borders, now that the monster they’ve created has grown out of control.

Latest beheading incident in Saudi Arabia happened yesterday. The condemned allegedly committed “unintentional murder”, which I believe could be called “involuntary manslaughter”. The condemned allegedly offered the family of the victim “blood money”, but the family refused to accept it, so he was sentenced to death.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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          1. …the saudi’s have seen so many beheading’s that it’s become old hat with them and they have become bored with it…notice some are not even observing it…

    1. yeah they heard our cries, about the previous BS mini movies before the dramatic cut up conclusion., they still seem to have a ways to go before they get it right, like they still could’ve shaved off ?, or 10 secs off of that 20 sec feature.

  1. Although I agree with the general tone (since I truly believe Saudi Arabia is a melting pot of anything wrong within Islam) you are however wrong about the Arab Spring Ate. It had nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, in fact it would harm it, because one thing Saudi royalists fear the most is political Islam, Iran btw. is the first country where it prevailed and Saudis think of it as an apostasy, since politics is against word of Allah.

    Also Saudi Arabia is having an extremely ambiguous and hypocritical relation with Israel. It doesn’t accept Israel’s right to exist but Saudis were always loyal US allies, simply because of the money. And imagine the hypocrisy when the US is criticizing Iran, a state that is eons ahead of Saudi Arabia in democratic achievements and even criticizing Russia, Syria and other Russian allies of human rights abuses, but somehow always manages to look the other way when heads are rolling in Saudi Arabia, Shias are being brutally repressed by the CGC, Kurds are being killed in Turkey or Palestinians being slaughtered and their land taken in Israel.

    This is just a tiny fraction of US hypocrisy, so when you hear your presidents talking about “liberty” or freedom, just know that in todays world “anything goes”, it’s all a load of shameless lies and what shocks me the most, everyone complies with these lies. Our education is, for the most part, indoctrination. Today if you have the potential to kiss the right arse, you’re going places and that’s it.

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    1. I agree, no cheesy special effects and 20 minutes of nonstop talking that no one gives a shit about. The only thing that would’ve made it better is a close up of the beheading but overall this was a very nice video.

          1. The executioner is a professional, it’s his full time job a chosen career path much the same as the Albert Pierrepoint’a in Britain when we still had hanging. I’m sure I’ve seen him at work before, I recognise his style.

        1. The only ray of sunshine is that the family didn’t take the blood money. I bet there is still a large majority of people that don’t know what their government is doing. But they still hold true to original principals of Islam. Are they the “sheeple” of Saudi Arabia?

  2. ich seh mir die videos an und ich mag bestgore, weils ehrliche nachrichten sind aber wieso greift eigentlich nie jemand ein , also efektiv, auf einer seite heilige aber in wirklichkeit arschl?cher. love bestgore dont stop….

      1. @mike1111- I wasn’t going to say anything but it does make me laugh, how we develop these images of what people you have never seen, actually look like……

        Assuming your new avi is you……whenever I read your comments I get this image of a middle aged, quite overweight bloke, with scruffy long blond hair, a head band or folded bandana and big moustache………sorry

        I don’t know why or how that developed…….

  3. saudi arabia is the birthplace of islam these guys are just following their religion. to all the people that say that islam is a peaceful religion look at saudi arabia they created islam and surely know how to follow it. the force some into tents and keep them hidden at home and like tho chop off peoples heads in public like it’s the 17th century. i’m sure there are people who call themselves “muslims” that are peaceful but i think it’s bc they don’t actually know anything about the religion they claim to follow.

        1. Way too many unducated Arabs, I was reading a comment on yahoo that if her grandmas Iman told her to wear a santa hat she would without question… they cant even figure out tbat they are being divided by their own?religion?as planned

      1. although atheist, for me growing up in britain through the horrors associated with the irish “troubles” is also an example.
        And for what? one lot thinks there should be a pope, the other lot doesnt – a simple disagreement over administration (NOT belief) and they are killing the fuck out of each other, and anyone else who they can kill to “highlight their cause”
        what comes to mind is a line from a song by a local folk singer about the troubles:-
        “..the priests they stood on both sides, the priests they stood behind..”

    1. yeah not just arabs but islam is the second biggest religion in the world it comes from saudi arabia / the arabs but there are millions of non-arab muslims, including bosnians, chechnyans, albanians, iranians, turks, malaysians, africans, filipino muslims, etc. great majority of them I bet have no clue what the religion they associate with even dictates. I guess that is the same with christians and other religions, celebrating christmas doesn’t really mean you understand the bible and what the religion is about. I just can’t respect islam bc their prophet was married to a bunch of children how can you respect such a person.

      1. I always see stupid comments by people that support is lams saying that islamic terrorists aren’t muslims bc is lams forbids violence. then how the fuck can they explain saudis shopping off peoples heads in public is not that extremely violent and barbaric? and are they going to claim that the country of saudi arabia does not understand islam and aren’t really muslims.

          1. @kanos

            That comment was directed to @justin love. It was posted under his comment about the article being “full of shit”, looks like they removed all his other comments on this thread to but left my reply for some reason.

            Since that was a misunderstanding on your part, I’m gonna let that slide.

            “It?s a good thing the gnomes are hungry today cause I?m too tired for this shit right now.”

            Next time think before opening your fuckin mouth, it shouldn’t have been to hard to know it was a reply to a comment that got removed. Idiot.

    1. @Jack Doe
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        1. @kanos

          personal attacks are not tolerated on BG. It says so clearly in the sidebar under commenting rules.

          The only problem is that every day there are hundreds of comments made, and we have limited manpower, so unacceptable comments don’t always get picked out. If you think you see a comment that violates our policy, bring it to our attention.

          1. “i would gladly give my address to you or any keyboard warrior on here to come and try and behead me.”

            Now who’s acting like a “keyboard warrior”?…

            You wanna talk shit come to Shenandoah County, Virginia…
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  4. True story:
    A Muslim and a catholic priest are having a discussion when the Muslim gets his wallet out and a condom falls out. The priest asks him what the condom is for, and in his embarrassment the Muslim stammers “uh, it’s for putting over the end of my cigarette when it’s raining so the raindrops don’t extinguish it”. The priest accepts this explanation and goes on his way. Next time it’s raining, the priest stops at a 7-eleven and walks to the counter, where the store clerk asks him ” what can I get for you father?”
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    For those of you who don’t get it: camel is a cigarette brand.

  5. @Littlefoot
    That nincompoop who wants @Ate shutting up and just wants him to go posting the videos must be either some sham maunderous dick head who first must learn to appreciate the trouble taken in fetching the content and uploading it for gore lovers .He must also realize that if he pin pointedly finds @Ate post ‘s ?self important blathering? then for him I think this story compliments his take on him akin to that story of a hungry fox for whom THE GRAPES WERE SOUR

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    Then he again rested for some time and made another bold attempt, but was unlucky for the second time.

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    This story, thus, proves that, people generally hate what they can’t get.

    If he is that smart a non blather-er then he must prove right here right now on this platform

    1. Haha I like that story @blucon!

      The dumbass clearly doesn’t like to read. If all he wants is to watch videos there’s plenty of other sites to visit. Whether it’s informative, opinionated, funny ect, the writing is what makes BG so great.

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    1. “Finally, don’t whine about quality of posts or style of reporting. If you don’t like what or how it’s posted, then get creative and submit the kind of stuff you’d like to see”

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    1. ….. Yeah… I’m sure they’ll love that…

      Btw the only one that hasn’t commented in a while is @tucker, @tas and @wreck are still around and @cat always disappears for a few days before commenting again

  7. execution like this is a way of death penalty in those countries. it does have nothings to do with human rights, when your countries do have death penalty as well but in a non “graphic” way. they don’t want your democracy and want to live under their traditions, and that hurts your feelings and make you angry. who is the child then? the way US propagates the democracy has already caused so much chaos and inhuman disasters in Middle East, and they still don’t understand who to blame. I admit that democracy is the most elegant and beautiful political form for huam society, but the way you mind others’ business through violent interference is totally wrong and un-democracy.

  8. now i really confused thought historicus say’s you can’t cut of a mans head with a single blow off. (reason they used axes in middle ages so that they can splinter of the heads)

    now ether they lie and don’t know crap or this is fake.

  9. The above article states….

    “Compared to figures compiled by the editors of Wikipedia who track all ISIS beheadings and recorded 65 so far this year,Saudi Arabia is ahead almost two fold.”

    …….and according to the Wiki link most of the ISIS beheadings have been conducted by Mohammed Emwazi aka ‘Jihadi John’.

    This is not true.

    The ‘Jihadi John’ beheadings have proven to be fakes, ‘Cyberberkut’ apparently hacked one of John McCain’s staff laptops while the staffer was in the Ukraine and published this video of the James Foley farce that they stole from said laptop……….

    Mohammed Emwazi aka ‘Jihadi John’ is nothing more than a fictitious propaghanda tool used to sway public opinion, he’s got bugger all to do with ISIS or extremists, even if they are also tools helping the bigger picture.

    There are real beheading videos published by ISIS and there are fake beheading videos published by the MSM, the 2 are not even remotely comparable.

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