Public Beheading of Three Men in Saudi Arabia

Public Beheading of Three Men in Saudi Arabia

Video from Saudi Arabia shows an executioner wielding a sword publicly beheading three men kneeling down and blindfolded. The beheadings take place on the side of a road with active traffic.

Despite its abysmal human rights record, the Kenyan recently OK’d a $1.3 billion weapons package to Saudi Arabia. What a nation to be allies with.

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    1. That was rather uneventful…I mean, crap, even the blood was so calm it kind of just went about diddy-bopping without any big rush! I sure hope he realizes he’s dead when they bury his ass!

    2. @boozer if I hear of any openings for that kind of job I’ll pass it on to you. I think you’d ensure our continued enjoyment here with an abundance of high quality vids and all angle views. You’d be legendary and, well… Probably completely stress free brother.

    1. I was so ready to type an angry comment about public transportation and how fucked up it is for ruining the last beheading…but the bus was on time “what are the odds” and we got to see it all…I hate when needless stress is self inflicted.

    1. I thought the same thing , bit public excution in saidit are mostly similar.
      This one is new. And there is new 49 public beheading will take place the next days. There is a huge conflit between Iran and saudit ciz of it

      1. …yup Iran vs. Arab Saudi, where have I heard this before, just another same ‘ole skirmish on different day.Just hoping these goons will escalate that killing of their holy departed(forgot what is his name) that sparked fresh outrage within Syias vs. Sunnis for this one..,so we Gorians all have more contents to enjoy.., Ya?

        1. Shi?t vs sunni
          im moroccan (with canadian origins and living in france) i hate them both so let them fight maybe we gonna get some gore material soon ( with vertical filming cuz these motherfuckers are dump af)

    1. They probably learnt that behaviour from watching the spectators at American golf tournaments, ?wooooooo. Come on, get in there?..get in that hole(ball goes in hole) booyah, wooooooooooooooooooooo.”

      It?s as if everyone in the audience is a Ric Flair impersonator.

          1. Well thats an improvement. 😕 But even more annoying than “OHMAHGAWD!” is when people say 8907435987359873 fucking times “y’know” in a single fucking phrase… ugh…

          2. What I really hate is when someonesays “like” every other word.. “you know like I was like driving one day and like this da silva just like walked right out in like front of me like and I like flattened him like a pancake and his flipflops like hit my windshield…like” as an example.

          3. @Der, argh! the “y’know” every few words, it drives me nuts. I notice it when people are being interviewed on TV or on the radio. Believe me, it’s not just the Americans who say it.

          4. @tas tiger – Yeah, the english language is the main problem here… Whoever decided for it to be the world’s main communicating language should die with cancer, and his family (or predecessors) burned inside their fucking homes… I vote for all to learn Chinese instead… At least when one doesnt understand what they are saying, if they write it down on paper, any other derivation of the language or even if they dont speak it at all, they will understand it.

            @Annapocalypse – I just re-read that example… 😆 how did i ignored that da Silva being flattened example? Im really not im myself this days… 😕

        1. Those are all annoying for sure. I hate when someone says “ummm” as a filler, because it means they really have to make up their next comment. Listen to Obama speak, it makes me want to punch the balls off of myself.

      1. Oh lol they could easily switch to a better alternative, but they would lose their funding. Why use injections and electricity when you can just use a finely sharped sword? Lol. You can always reuse it on other people! Very efficient, quick and cost effective! 😀

  1. Once upon ah time back in the early 90’s the Saudi religious police arrested a woman for having an affair with a married man. At the time the law said they had to be executed before 2:00 pm, next day right in the middle of the street ….chop chop she lost her head. The man of course walked away as he was not at fault……according to Saudi law. Women in these country’s are treated extremely harsh, they treat their dogs better.

  2. Saudi Arabia has too many sissy men in dresses. I wonder if they are naked under their dresses or if they wear undies. I know they only shower once a week or only after sex so I know they are very stinky men.

  3. i saw one day that those executor learn for 5-10 years of how to sue this sword for perfect beheading. its like an luxurious job in there.
    also, i must say, that a good point of arabia. execution. same as USA of course (lethal shit injected). here we didnt have this anymore . fuck , i loved the guillotine

  4. i saw one day that those executor learn for 5-10 years of how to use this sword for perfect beheading. its like an luxurious job in there.
    also, i must say, that a good point of arabia. execution. same as USA of course (lethal shit injected). here we didnt have this anymore . fuck , i loved the guillotine

  5. Beautiful technique. The lifting of the arm, followed by that smooth forward motion is tillating and admirable. The necks probably felt like butter to such a prolific swordman. Loved it. Two snaps up.

    Memo to be header, grab the bus driver next time.

  6. As fucked up as it is to behead people, this particular style is probably more humane than strapping someone down and injecting shit into them to slowly kill them. Funny how a lot of western societies see this as barbaric but not other methods. But I suppose you’ve to do slightly more bad shit to get the death sentance in other countries. We’re all fucking mad at the end of the day.

  7. It looked like he didnt quite cut all the way through the second head he cut. Like a flap of skin stayed connected….anybody see that? I wonder if that ruined his whole fucking day….probably beat himself up all night about it lol

  8. I think the bus driver asked his passengers “there are executions happening at corner of Chop and Hack Streets today, shall we take a detour?” Everyone on the bus shouts out “yeah, Allah Ackbar”

  9. Americas ally Saudi Arabia, supporters of ISIS. America calls iran a crazy dictatorship and supporter of “evil” when the Saudis are a million times worse and they sell them weapons and buy their oil. hmmmm.

    1. as different to other country, arabia use the original charia.
      i would say.. the modified charia is shit (and heavily abused) so , what can we expect from the original one ?

      well, in a ses i m for this, and in another i m not.
      i m for because if one guy do sexual abuse tochilds or something bad like that, he deserve nothing else than death, whatever the way he die
      but i m opposite to this, because its always overused and modified and they still are some innocent peoples or peoples who do simple small shit, that been executed by “true” savages. in simple , i m for the “eyes to eyes” justice (death for murderer) but as always, humanity want more, even in bad way

      1. @hollyEat, I think we’d be surprised, the way they fold those robes, they can carry/hide an incredible amount of bombs, oops I meant stuff on themselves. Especially the women, they carry a lot of stuff in amongst their robes.

  10. I really condone this method of dispatching our least of society. The end is actually painless! The build up has so much contemplation that it brings relief to the victims!!!!! We should do this and do it right after the verdict!!!!!!!

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