Rapist Receives Mob Justice – Has Head Impaled

Rapist Receives Mob Justice - Has Head Impaled

Another wonderful day in Brazil. Some drink caipirinhas in Copacabana, others play Volleyball in the beach, an American has sex with a shemale, a few rich men/women arrive in their mansions in their private helicopters/jets, many hide inside their homes as a shooting between police and drug dealers takes place, and this douche felt the rage of a mob of people who accused him of being a rapist, got the beating of his life, and had his head chopped off and impaled on a wooden stick.

It just seems that everything in the vastness of possibilities that can occur, eventually happens in Brazil.

If this guy was truly guilty, who am I to judge the way the population acted against him? I can understand the people’s indignation, especially when the authorities seem so ineffective to bring criminals to justice. Rapists and pedophiles deserve to be punished, if in public the better, for taking advantage of those who are weaker and more fragile. Of those unable to defend themselves. Thing is, how do we know he was truly guilty? Because a woman said so and pointed the finger? Is that all it takes to commence an execution?

I do believe many guilty ones have been rightfully lynched, but I am willing to bet many, and many more innocent were killed in barbaric ways all because of false accusations/evidence. All it takes is someone who feels some sort of animosity towards you screaming “rape” or “thief”, and that is enough for a mob of third worlders to lynch the hell out of you without even blinking.

This is scary because these people have a very myopic view of the world and can’t act in a civilized manner. This is no way to enforce justice, no matter how poor the country’s judicial system might be. Innocent people die like this. Guilty ones die too, I know, but how far can blind justice, carried out by people who themselves can’t discern what’s appropriate or not and could care less about any proof other than mere words before acting, actually go?

The scarier part is that these people are coming to Europe in large numbers. This will probably be a scenery to expect in the near future.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Strip a man down to his tighty whiteys and lop his head of and stick in on a post… It amazes me that there is still so much crime in brazil when mob justice continually puts this type of punishment on display….

        1. you’re wrong my friend, i am brasilian, savage is your country, black and white still fight, and yes he was a motherfucking rapist e had proof, he was arrested twice and set loose but not for long, we caught him and we did what we did, and would did all over again, everybody inside himself is a sevage don’t forget that racional animal!!

    1. yeah yeah,m america has more like this than here ok, so just shut the fuck up asshole and search, first off, this dude was arrested 2 and set loose, and yes, be a rapist and we will kill you for sure even in jail they do that, just don’t be a rapist so easy!

  2. When did they start killing members of the Earth, wind and fire tribute act?.

    Oh and welcome back Portuguese Dude, your sunglasses were very much missed.

    Seeing as your sunglasses are your alter ego I believe a good avatar for you to use, should you choose to, would be a close up photo of your sunglasses placed on a park bench or on a nice chair with plump cushions, maybe even rotate the photo weekly where your sunglasses can be seen.

    It was good to see you again P Dude.

  3. Little head amputation and a mouth stuffing would have been the cherry on top. The flip flop Mafia’s losing their touch. If you’re gonna fucking mutilate a suspected rapist by lynching and you take it that far, might as well go the extra mile.

  4. How fucking cool! PD, you came back, you sly devil. I loved your post! I especially liked the new twist on decapitation. At the end of the day, mob mentality always prevails. Like sharks circling a bleeding victim… PD, glad you’re back! 🙂

  5. I’m not a fan of mob justice. Unless someone is caught in the act, it’s all too possible to kill an innocent person. Look how slow and plodding the judicial / legal system is and they make mistakes and send innocent people to jail. All it would take in Brazil is for someone to intensely dislike you, they could plant evidence on you or start a rumor, and the next thing you know, you’re at the mercy of a howling mob.

    Welcome back, PD.

    1. Agreed, this is 3 world shit even tho it might seem right,but we cant live in the wild west.I mean next thing you know someone is going to kill me or my family member simply because they dont like us and claimed we raped someone

    2. By making the conscious decision to reside in a place where such mindless vigilante justice is “law of the land”, are you not also deciding to accept these laws as your own? I can’t decide to reside in a place and only complain of the injustice of punishment when I commit a crime (or don’t). By living in a given environment, aware of what it may consist, I’m making the decision to be subject to the punishment deemed fit by the majority. While the acts in question may seem terrible, is it really a stretch to say that individual did not consider with an ounce of skepticism that that couldn’t happen to him?

      The point I’d really like to emphasize is: while the acts may seem cruel to some western onlooker with a skewed opinion of what is just, they are not. The acts are not surprising for the civilians; they are very well aware that this could happen to them, but they make the decision to leave that possibility open.

  6. Awesome post Portuguese…it’s great to have you back hun…as I was reading this posting I was thinking wow this reminds me of one of pd’s postings..and sure as shit when I scrolled up to see who wrote it…I already knew..we’ve missed you love!!! Welcome back Portuguese… 😉

      1. Uhhhhh…please don’t tell me you have a Brazilian girl fart fetish it something spectreeigh..lmao..just passing…actually I think they’re pretty hot..IF I had a dick I’d have many…many demonspawns running around this planet… 😉

  7. In my humble opinion, The act of “Vengeance” for personal crime serves a much better cause…That piece of shit won’t offend again. We can argue about the semblance of justice in this scenario but it boils down to two important facts, he wasn’t an angel and by lessening the rights of our victims we become weak in the predator’s eyes and fuel their anticipation for another victim.

  8. Potuguese Dude, I liked the way you stated emphatically that being accused of an awful, emotionally triggering crime is not the same as being guilty. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who is denied the right to due process & the presumption of innocence until proven guilty to an ethical certainty is innocent by default. I honestly don’t care what this guy did-if he wasn’t proven guilty, he’s not guilty.

    And I invite anyone who thinks that I’m being too idealistic to take a trip to one of these turd-world shitholes & piss off the wrong flip-flop. You’ll be singing a different tune-I good & goddamn guarantee you that!

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