Real Life Seppuku Performed in Public by Yukio Mishima

Real Life Seppuku Performed in Public by Yukio Mishima

Seppuku (切腹) is a form of Japanese ritual suicide usually performed by the Samurai who would disembowel themselves by cutting into their own stomach with a tantō (短刀) sword and then have an assistant, usually a close friend, deliver a decapitating blow with a katana. Seppuku has been an integral part of bushido – the code by which the Samurai warriors lived and died. By performing Seppuku, the Samurai restored and/or protected their honor – something which is rarely seen these days, let alone upheld to a point of having one cut into their own guts for it.

You may remember the scene from a movie Yukoku in which famous Japanese actor, director and author Yukio Mishima (三島 由紀夫) simulates Seppuku (or Hara Kiri, which is pretty much a different name for the same act). Well, Yukio Mishima was not merely a bad ass in a movie, he was one in real life too. On November 25, 1970 Yukio Mishima committed ritual suicide by Seppuku for real.

Life of Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima was born on January 14, 1925 in Shinjuku, Tokyo as Kimitake Hiraoka (平岡 公威). He was a talented author and poet, writing under a pen name of Yukio Mishima. His international fame sky rocketed after 3 nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Yukio Mishima also did some modeling and loved posing for re-enactments of paintings or scenes involving gore. He was also known to have homosexual tendencies and allegedly patronised several gay bars in Japan. After his death, fellow Japanese writer Jiro Fukushima revealed homosexual correspondence he used to have with Yukio.

Failed Coup d’état

On November 25, 1970 Yukio Mishima attempted to incite the armed forces at the Ichigaya Camp – the headquarters of the Eastern Command of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces in Tokyo to stage a coup d’état. After tying the commandant to a chair, Yukio Mishima stepped onto the balcony and attempted to pull off an Adolf Hitler speech by addressing the soldiers gathered below. It didn’t work.

Not only did his speech not entice the soldiers to join his Tatenokai, they scorned him and laughed him off. Perhaps Yukio Mishima thought that despite being armed with high powered rifles instead of katana swords, the soldiers still had the hearts of the Samurai, being sons and daughters of Japan, but it wasn’t the case.

After realizing none of the soldiers was gonna fight and die for their emperor, as would have been an unmistakeable case with the Samurai, Yukio Mishima finished his speech, retreated into the office of General Kanetoshi Mashita, came down on his knees and grabbed a hold of a tantō.


Yukio Mishima had his second – Masakatsu Morita stand over him with a katana to decapitate him after he was done disemboweling himself. Without second guessing, Yukio Mishima went right for it and cut deep into his stomach. His friend Masakatsu Morita was too shaken by the happenings and failed to severe his head with his first blow. Since his second and third blows still failed to end Yukio’s suffering, Hiroyasu Koga took hold of the katana and put an end to the seppuku once and for all.

Masakatsu Morita went down on his knees next. He was too terrified to cut through his own entrails and only sank the blade deep enough to slice through the surface. A katana blow from Hiroyasu Koga finished him off without much suffering.

Yukio Mishima died for what he believed in. He died in the same way the Samurai of old would have. He died honoring the traditions, the beliefs and the legacy of his predecessors. He died like a bad ass, not like the cowardly bunch of us who will rot away until old age or drunk driver claims us. He died attempting something worth dying for.

Props to Tulio_Hermil for the pics:

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    1. No not Meth, Genetics.
      A Japanese is much more likely to commit suicide, the Genes that compel them towards honor and self displine, also compels the Japanese towards suicide if the Jap feels dishonored or feel if he has let down his people. It’s natures way of having the dishonored members of the Hive offing themselves.

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      1. @Jack, my guess is they are some pure bred Bichon Freise (or other fluffy white breed!) and its ‘papers’ name or show name has Ulises in it? I wouldn’t know if they are Uli’s dogs though.

      1. I never accepted the point of view of those believers who promise to the Virgin to go to some place walking on their knees. Do something more positive! By example: forgive some person who has harmed you, or beg for his/her pardon if you did wrong.

  1. Thank you Mark and @Tulio_Hermil ! I love Japanese culture and especially Samurai’s. I think they were the ultimate warriors for their time. Too bad for this guy that his second botched it.

  2. Fuck them crazy japs, akbars, and anyone else who self harms. Something else will surely get you soon enough in this world. No need to help the process of death along. Treasure your time on earth cause you ain’t coming back!

  3. Knowing my misfortune, I will die of ugly old age:( Not even a drunk driver will find the intoxicated path to cut my failed life short. I will live a long, miserable existence being the coward that I am. Only to die all alone. I could never be this honorable. R.I.P. brave Japanese guy.

    I’m done feeling sorry for myself. Carry on, people:)

    1. There is a popular singer from Montreal Canada who committed sepukku in 1999 or 2000, André (dédé) Fortin, singer from ”Les Colocs”. After Quebec population voted against separation from Canada (49.5% for, 50.5% against) in 1995 he wasn’t the same man, especially since the results were so close to victory. His songwriting became very less joyful and even depressing. It’s only one of the reason he killed himself, but he had always been a fervent nationalist.

      I don’t know if it had anything to do with honor, just wanted to point it out.

          1. Well Tom, I suppose I could fool someone into thinking I speak Japanese if you joined me at my favorite Japanese cafe.
            Truth be told I just know a few words and phrases.

          1. With some Shochu on the side @baked.

            Shochu is a Japanese liquor (my all time favorite).
            I guess you could call it Japanese vodka – but Shochu is much finer tasting.
            Drank straight or on the rocks (which I personally prefer).

            Most people think Japan is all about Sake… but truth be told, Sake is a northern Japanese thang.
            In the south Japanese Islands (like Okinawa) you will find ONLY Shochu.

            I am in major Shochu withdrawal as you can’t get any decent Shochu here (unless you hit a certain local Japanese restaurant and pay $8.+ per one ounce glass)… only Korean and Vietnamese swill available.

            Sorry for the ramble… Leslee is baked too.

  4. The samurai were a thousand years ahead of their time at one time, their swords are the best ever made, there only flaw was not continuing to adapt with technology, it’s a shame because they were masters at everything they did.

  5. The Samurai were a thousand years ahead of their time, their swords are the best ever made, they were masters at everything they did, their only flaw was not continuing to adapt to technology.

        1. I searched it and its on youtube Thanks a lot! Too bad i’m using an internet (since few days ago)with a very slow connection right now slower than a dial-up i borrowed to a friend as mine’s isn’t working and had to be repaired by a technician scheduled next week. It takes a lotta minutes to load and view per article and commenting shows bad gateway or at least numerous tries before it makes through or not at all..but still thankful at least i have an internet and can visit BG and its woth it.

        2. That was pretty cool!

          I loved all the little tests they did like ballistics gel tests and all that… Really groovy shit.

          I remember they did a US Green Beret squad against a SPETSNAZ squad.

          The Green Berets won if I remember correctly.

          They also did Japanese Ninja against Aztec Warrior.

          Sorry to spoil it but the Aztec won… Bullshit I called.

  6. It sounds like Yukio Mishima and his two accomplice have inside help and consent from a higher rank official(s) as entering a military headquarter and tying an army commandant to a chair then persuade the soldiers to start a rebellion. What happened to Hiroyasu Koga? Did he commit seppuku too?

  7. Oh, Yukio Mishima. I read his works, the fact that he was going to commit seppuku was very much forseeable. The man was obsessed, seppuku and honor and perfection and strength were a theme in almost all of his novels and short stories. Fascinating. He wanted to go out with a bang. Only wished he had just slit his gut and left it at that, instead of making a fool of himself in front of the Japanese army.

  8. According to Charles Bukowski such “honor addict” men lives their lifes according to “what others say?” they spend their lifes seeking admiration by others, its a pity that he could not perform his last show as he planned, besides I cant think off a “homosexual samurai”.

  9. Samurai are already dead. In this way, the ego is no longer an impediment to the spirit.

    “Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake,
    falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day without fail one should consider himself as dead.” Hagakure: Book of the Samurai

  10. He doesn’t talk about it too much.
    They used to train in Judo together.
    Mishima kept a lot of “male company” and there were a lot of rumours about his sexuality, but its fucking obvious he’s gay.

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