Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Man Found in Manaus, Brazil

Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Man Found in Manaus, Brazil

A young man was dismembered and decapitated, and his body parts thrown on abandoned ground in the district of Tancredo Neves in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. In addition to being decapitated and dismembered, the body had perforations on the front and back of the torso.

Officers from the Homicide and Kidnapping Division, and an expert from the Institute of Criminalistics, said the young man appeared to be around 20 years old. The officers also stated that this type of killings and quarterings have been trademarks of criminal gangs linked to drug trafficking in Manaus.

The victim didn’t have any identification on him, none of the locals recognized him.

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  2. Why did they just dismember the body instead of getting rid of it? I mean, they clearly had time before anyone saw them, just get rid of it so police file it off as dissapearance instead of murder.

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