Riot in Another Manaus Prison Leaves Four Inmates Dead

Riot in Another Manaus Prison Leaves Four Inmates Dead

This year (2017) was kicked off in style with a jail riot at COMPAJ (Complexo Penitenciário Anísio Jobim) in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, which claimed the lives of 60 inmates, and became the second deadliest in Brazil’s history. Five days later, a riot at the Monte Cristo Agricultural Penitentiary in Roraima claimed the lives of 31 inmates, becoming the third deadliest in Brazil’s history.

What do you know – two days later, there’s another jail riot in Manaus, though this time it’s in another prison called Cadeia Pública Desembargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa (Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa Public Jail).

According to the Secretary of Penitentiary Administration of Amazonas, Pedro Florêncio, the riot started at around 1:30am this Sunday (January 8, 2017), and so far four prisoners are known to have been killed. Three of four were beheaded, some burned with their mattresses.

A yet unconfirmed information from people on the ground in Manaus has it that Cadeia Pública Desembargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which is located in central Manaus, was reactivated last week to house members of the First Command of the Capital (Primeiro Comando da Capital), who had been involved in the massacre at the Anísio Jobim Penitentiary Complex Compaj, and four from the Prison Unit of Puraquequara.

I guess it was those four that got killed. Great job – mixing them with a large group of rivals.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Riot in Another Manaus Prison Leaves Four Inmates Dead”

    1. I don’t know if you really were looking for an answer to that question or, like myself, like adding a tongue-in-cheek comment. But here I go with my thought… For God-knows-for-how-long some people believe that by severing the head from the body that person couldn’t make it to heaven or wherever they believed they went after dying. But I am sure that most of the be-headings now-a-days are just to say “Ha! look at me, I’m such a bad ass!”

      1. I agree with you Thiago. You sound like you were actually there when all of these murders happened. I have some friends doing a documentary so if you are interested in being interviewed, accept my friend request on BG and we can then exchange info Thanks.

    2. I don’t think there’s any specific reason, it’s just to show power.

      Taking the heart out is not unusual as well. I’ve heard about an inmate that took the heart out of a guy and ate it.

    1. Yes, you SAY that, until you or someone you love is charged and convicted of a murder and placed on death row. Then you will be screaming for leniency, you piece of shit. It took centuries, millions of lives, and men much more intelligent and courageous than you and I will ever be to finally get rid of those barbaric practices, so shut the fuck up. Why don’t you go live in Iran or some other Muslim country if that’s how you feel.

        1. @isuckniggerdicksniggerguy

          I never said abolish the death penalty. Some people commit crimes vicious enough to warrant losing their lives. The point I was trying to make, you little spermbucket, is that if we HAVE to execute someone, all of us would prefer it be done quickly. That’s why we have a law in the U.S. against “cruel and unusual punishment”; otherwise if your son or daughter killed someone, their fate would be left in the hands of the victim’s family, and oh HOW you would enjoy THAT, wouldn’t you?

          Stop trying to typecast me. I’m not a libertarian, I’m not conservative, I’m nothing. I just go with what makes the most sense to me. Okay, you chutiya bakrichode?

          I’ll bet you a hundred cents that you thought that last insult was in Spanish, you ignorant piece of shit.

          1. Well, if you intentionally kill someone, too bad for you. You deserve what you get. If the family of the victim forgives, then you get jail. If not, you die. That’s very fair. The victim’s family will forever be in pain. It’s their pain and loss. They deserve justice. Simply don’t kill. Don’t be a criminal.

          2. That SOUNDS like a good idea, until you realize that the pain that a grieving family has the potential to inflict on a condemned man could totally eclipse the pain their loved one felt when he or she died. Say a person shot his wife’s lover in the head, quick and painless, and his punishment is to be fed slowly into a plastic shredding machine.

            Has justice been served, or are we only allowing OTHER killers to satisfy their savagery? Believe me, having to count the days until your certain death is punishment enough, no need to beat a dead horse.

          3. @cadejito Waiting for the death, especially the week of or yet, the day of IS the punishment. It’s psychological. Once that first injection goes in; the real punishment is over although the state would say it’s just begun.
            However, I think the wait times are way too long in proven without a shadow of a doubt cases. It’s easy to forget your death penalty when it’s 10 years away. It’s a month of hell when it’s 30 days a way.

          4. Damn @Cadejito. Why are you always so uptight? Gotta be right all the time. Always taxin’ @Nigger Guy’s gig. Let a Nigger Guy live his life and be the best Nigger Guy he can be.

      1. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. If you intentionally kill someone, you must die as well. Basically, don’t kill anyone, live an honest life and you’ll be ok. Prisons are full of dangerous, violent people. It would be good for society to get rid of them. God forbid any of my children kill, then they must go too. I won’t cry for them.

      2. @cadejito your a fuckin RETARD….arnt ya? Sorry but my family or people I love aren’t killers/murders that are on death row you piece of trash.learn how how to comprehend or understand sarcasm you stupid little fag….and like the electric chair is any less barbaric than a clean instant decapitation. Gtfo this site! Your too fuckin stupid to be on here…I pray someone you love dies very soon! Which is prolly your pet,or blow up doll.

        1. You are just as stupid as that guy who lets some random ugly stranger on the side of the road put a strange hose in the middle of his forehead. (No Country for Old Men).

          Yes, I’m a retard. Learn how to properly construct your sentences and use punctuation, you troglodyte.

  1. Damn, that pile of burnt mattresses and bodies has got to smell like a hot steaming bag of assholes. I think Brazilian prisons are running out of soccer balls, okay okay footballs so now they’re just trying to make up for it by being resourceful.

    1. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. If you intentionally kill someone, you must die as well. Basically, don’t kill anyone, live an honest life and you’ll be ok. Prisons are full of dangerous, violent people. It would be good for society to get rid of them. God forbid any of my children kill, then they must go too. I won’t cry for them.

  2. If judicial system just punish them with few years more -other inmate scums like them will laugh in courage.
    You need to exterminate them for example to others. We all know this is impossible in this shitty Zionist world.

    -Look Anders Behring Breivik:
    Motherfucker have apartment in prison.
    I bet there is countless waifs who would gladly spent life in prison where is he.

  3. It would be nice if anyone in the world facing the death penalty be imprisoned in a secluded Brazilian prison where they will need to hunt for food and enforce their own rules. Maybe have drop boxes every week or something.

  4. From a financial point of view,when British prisoners riot.the clean up is millions of pounds,a few new locks,tiles on the roof,new beds and toilets.This cost is passed onto the tax payer.In Brazillian prisons,they seem shit holes to start.We all know to keep someone in jail is expensive,but is there a flip side
    these prisons where someone is executed,taking up one less place for years?Saving Brazilian government cash?Or not.

  5. And in Britain,no one’s been beheaded yet,as far as i know,whilst at her majesty’s leisure.British term for prison!in not one for the death penalty or saying it’s a Darwin thing,but the strong do seem to survive ,along with the pretty boys!

  6. Sounds like we have some smart people on this thread for once. I’m really interested in your reply to my comments and questions here. Please do so.
    Why don’t the victims scream or condemn their murderer’s during videos of their own deaths? Why are they always so relaxed, silent, and even like even relieved? There was only one video (of I think Zeta’s killing other gang members in Mexico) of the 3 guys, 2 of which were beheaded alive where the victim on far right of screen screamed the entire time. He screamed until his vocal chords were cut and even then he kept screaming until they cut off his head with an ax. Again, he was the only person beheaded I know of on video who said a word and everyone else just let it happen silently.

    My only answer is: Maybe its because they prefer death over the tortures they had already received and its a relief? Your thoughts?

    1. Another memorable video is of some Zeta’s captured and interviewed. The guy in charge say’s his boss likes to “cut his victims heads off with an ax”. I think he knew he was going to be killed and chose death by axes over any other means.

    2. I don’t know about beheading in general, but I think that about specifically in these prisons riots is because the inmates were already unconscious when they started the beheading. They don’t go straight to the beheading, they beat the person up first.

      But I think you’re right, death to them is a relief. These guys live the hell on earth.

    1. That is because in Brazilian Women’s Prisons the inmates are all totally into lesbianism and glorious sexual abandon. They do not use violence or cutting weapons like axes or knives like their frustrated male counterparts. Instead the Brazilian Women Prisoners muff-dive one another constantly and pulverise each other with massive dildos, prison workshop-built vibrators and bicycle-powered mechanical-fuck-devices. It is actually a riot of fisting, kipper-licking, titty-rubbing and anal-fisting daisy chains. Special cleaning squads have to be sent in each morning to mop out the gallons of minge-sap and pussy-juice which floods out into the corridors and dribbles down from the metal walkways. Last year a prison guard who was sleeping at the bottom of a stairwell actually drowned in Muff-Batter.
      Brazilian Prison Women are notorious for their uncontrollable wide-open splinge-festivals and week long totally-shaved pussy frenzies. The prison guards love it and many have become rich through posting videos on the Internet. Most of the guards in Brazilian Womens Prisons say they would work for free just for the fucking constant lesbo-action which constitutes their working day. There are many videos which can be viewed on various Porn Sites. There is one really great video where one particularly enthusiastic shaven-headed lesbian wedges her head up a widely splayed and shaved cunt and the guards have to pour warm butter on a couple of castigation paddles to make a set of forceps and slide her head out again! However, no sooner is she released from her fishy prison than she rams her head back in. I actually shat myself laughing when I was watching that bit.
      Some of the fisting action, particularly the group scenes, look like a weird fleshy mechanical set of locomotive pistons pumping in unison and there is a lot of minge-sap splatterback onto the camera lens. The show runs from dawn till dusk, then right through from dusk till dawn again. Many lesbian prisoners are awarded special respite holiday breaks to allow their over-stretched Haddock-Pasties to relax a little and their bacon-letterboxes to actually close for a while.
      Very different from the Brazilian Male Prisons.

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