Ripped Out Heart Still Beating Outside of Decapitated Body

Ripped Out Heart Still Beating Outside of Decapitated Body

It’s fascinating how “heart would go on” (reference to the Titanic song by Celine Dion is purely accidental) even when body is already toast. This is not the first time we’ve had a video of heart having been ripped out of body but still beating outside of its former owner’s chest but it still amazes me how it’s possible. Heart – being a muscle of its own – needs oxygenated blood to properly function. Yet even without any blood supply, even without impulses from brain, this ever tireless part of body which works even when we sleep, can still beat ever on. Fascinating.

Props for this video go to the new Best Gore member from Brazil, who – incidentally – bears the ever so popular last name: da Silva. She was kind enough to provide following description to let us know on what happened:

It was a motorcycle accident, the people in the video are saying that one of the involved in the accident (it was a collision between a motorcycle and a car) crossed the intersection when red light was on but nobody was able to confirm whether it was the motorcyclist who failed to stop or the car driver. The dead man was run over by the wheel of his own motorcycle which ripped out his heart out of his chest but it continued beating on the road to the horror of the presents. Notice the extreme coldness of the meticulous cameraman. Really. All this mess occurred in an interior city of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo (saint spirit) – a relatively calm coastal state.

Video of the decapitated man whose heart still beats despite having been ripped out of his rib cage is below. Thank you @brazilian-da-silva for your contribution.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Not to be an ass or anything but with that heart beating in middle of the street like that means the heart supplies it’s own power and rhythm. It doesn’t get signals from the Brian stem like everyone says!!! Very interesting!!!!

    1. The heart has its own electrical system. It doesn’t rely on the central nervous system to function. In most cases, the heart will still beat after death until the muscle completely dies. That is unless death was caused by cardiac arrest or trauma to the heart.

      1. im sure people make up these ‘facts’. why would a site like this attract people with such knowledge

        I thought it was mostly older teenagers and some adults interested in what happens at beheadings etc.. That we read about

        who knew that actual surgeons were here

  1. The fac that no electrical charge from the brain to cause the heart to move at all is weird, I guess his husband who liked to fuck his ass with D batteries did more for him than knock his socks off! KICK START MY HEART!!

  2. Your heart is totally automatic. It has electrical – mechanical – and chemical properties that all together create the charge and dissapate it, starting the cycle all over again. The natural pacemaker for the heart is called the SA node which initiates the charge and then the charge goes to the AV node, and down through the Bundle of Hiss and Perkingie fibers. That is the rough break down for you. It is far more complicated when you get into the Sodium and Potassium and cell walls, etc. etc.

    But this is how you can go to sleep and not wake up dead. Your heart works all on its own.

  3. In Brazil there is a kind of witchcraft called “macumba.” Unlike quimbanda, that focuses on good fortune and making money, and umbanda, that is about healing and a long life, macumba is still mainly about killing people you hate.

    One of the most used curses is the “perda de coração” –meaning losing your courage, but also literally dying because something happens to your heart. It may be a heart attack. It may be something much weirder, like having it explode inside your chest or get extruded out of it during an accident.

    That’s a very unlikely event but, according to what I saw while living there, it happened surprisingly often in accidents. Back in 1989 a construction worker fell from a seventh floor and his body broke and the heart literally jumped out and was beating in the middle of the road for a while. Everybody said he had been cursed, having your heart jump outside your body like that is typical of the macumba curse.

    Look at this one. It’s weird how cleanly the heart got out. So who knows, maybe macumba works. How did that song go? “E com meu coração inquieto, resolvi voltar…”

  4. i think i’ve seen this video before i don’t know how that could happen i wonder if the soul is still attached to the heart like is he’s still alive if his heart is still beating? who knows

  5. He looks like T-1000 but he aint morphing himself back together. BTW, unless his motorcycle was about 2000lbs, Im saying he got ran over by the car. Hes pretty squished for being run over by a street bike and I dont think Harley’s are a big seller over there

  6. Dead then? Brutal. I wonder if he took and passed his Motorcycle Test at the ‘Thailand school for Motor-cyclists’. Mad bastards. Oh well at-least he never took a innocent pedestrian with him. I wonder if the heart flew out of his clavical (collar bone)? Its a good job because had it have stayed in..and without the spine being severed, he may have stayed alive for a few seconds and may of been the recipient to some major pain. At least until he bled out anyways. I’m told from a medical POV that the more someone bleeds out the less pain they feel! Whether that’s true or not I couldn’t say. Anyway as Mark would say, “one less crazy fuck to worry about”.

  7. I would have picked up the heart so I could feel it beating. I always wonder how they clean up these types of accident scenes. Do they pick up the random parts and put them on the stretcher or in the body bag with the body? Or do they come along with a trash bag and scoop up the remainders separately?

  8. I feel so much compassion for this accident victim…it’s so tragic…I feel touched looking at his beating heart…can’t help wondering how the accident happened…noticed how nice the weather was…

  9. ok uh… where’s all the blood? there’s a ripped head and a disembodied heart and a severed ankle but hardly any blood, just a faint schmear on the pavement. i’d expect a river of that shit running down the road….

  10. I always thought that when you see in movies and someone gets their heart ripped out with it beating in the killers hands – well, I guess this confirms that it just might not be an exaggeration! An unfortunate death..

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