Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child

Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child

Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child

I got this video with a claim that it shows a 9 year old child bride being beheaded in front of large crowd because she refused to have sex with \her adult husband. That doesn’t add up at all.

If you can be a slave owner of a child, you can force her to have sex with you. I can’t imagine an adult man having the power to behead a child, but not have the power to sexually abuse her. I mean – you would have to be a total NPC to think a 9 year old would “refuse” to have sex. She hardly knows what sex is. And if she was sold out at the age of 9 to be a bride to an adult man, and she didn’t have the mental capacity to “refuse” that deal, then she definitely doesn’t have the mental capacity to “refuse” sex with her “husband“.

Secondly, the beheading of the child looks far more ritualistic than it is to dish out punishment on such a ridiculous charge. The people who beheaded her may have as easily force her to have sex right there right then to undo her sin of “refusal“. She’s small and confused, and seems powerless to “refuse” anything whatsoever.

Child sacrifices is something that exists out there as a hidden knowledge, but it is smitten under the rug by the Zionist press because the chief perpetrators and the practitioners of the disgusting rituals are primarily Jews. Why? Because blood ritual are fundamental to Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud, afterall, permits Jews to sacrifice children to Moloch.

Moloch was an idol worshiped by the Hebrews. The priests burned a large fire within the idol, and according to Biblical and Talmudic references, the Hebrews sacrificed children by throwing them into the fire.

There’s also an old game theory problem: how do you get a bunch of wealthy sociopaths to work together towards a goal without anyone betraying it or going rogue? Simple – you have them commit horrible crimes on video, and then hold the tapes as insurance and blackmail. It also helps ensure that nobody with a conscience gets through into the inner circle – somebody who has voluntarily raped and murdered a child on video as an initiation is not going to expose the clique on moral grounds. Think about it…

The video that appears to show the decapitation of a 9 year old child is below. There are captions in Arabic which I cannot read, but I do not doubt they are there on purpose to serve as misdirection from the true goal of the decapitation. As are the robes used by the killers. Remember, their motto is: By way of deception you shall wage war.

Props to Best Gore member @waitingfordeath for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Honest questions, not being a smartass. If you’re an atheist n’ don’t believe in god, how can one be satanic?
            If you believe in god, you must believe in satan. If you’re satanic, you must believe in god.
            If you’re an atheist, aren’t you just atheist?
            If I’m right you could say, fuck all atheistic homo cunts, no? Or is it specifically the satanic homo cunts you don’t like?
            Idk, this shit all gets a little tricky for me, I have a very inquisitive mind. If I like someone for who they are, religious or non-religious isn’t really too big a factor as long as they don’t try to push views on me constantly, I have my own.

          2. Satanic “homo cunt” here. We’d never be as absolutely fucking retarded as these shitlords you see here. We just do our own thing privately, no need to act like fucking sheeple sand niggars beheading children for a fake god.

    1. Wish I couldn’t see this video. I swear I’ve been here long time now. Have seen lot of videos. But this one. I swear to that motherfucker of your god that was disturbing. I can’t imagine how could someone kill a baby with this nonchalant. She was heading the way, taking his hand and lying on the ground like was the normal thing to do, cause she wasn’t even aware of the horrible thing that was going to happend. I’m and I’ll be for the rest of my useless life disgusted by the human being. I’m so fucking angry fuck fuck fuck that shit. You’re all a big mass of cunts.

      1. I concur with everything you’ve stated outside of one- referring to them as human beings. There are human beings and there are shitbags. Whoever they are, they are shitbags not humans. There are lots of shitbags on this planet.

        1. @nohumaninvolved Please do NOT insult shit bags. Shit bags are basic but useful things. They tend to be single use and single function but they do have a use and a function.

          I once accidentally bit into a crunchy apple and chewed it crunchingly and accidentally loosened and swallowed an expensive dental prosthetic. A crown. Over £200 worth. I figured it had to come out the other end at some point, so this mean’t I had to work out a method of turd collection and subsequent checking until I “passed” the expensive dental prosthetic. I developed a methodology involving old newspapers, toilet roll and shit bags (they were actually zip-lock sandwich bags but they were never re-used for sandwiches – or anything – afterwards).
          Wherever I was (even at home) I had to have my little rucksack with me in case “Mr Brown came knocking at the window” to warn me I had to go “drop the kids off at the pool”. But of course the kids were dropped off on four doubled sheets of newspaper which was then tucked and rolled like a really tight Burrito and encased in my zip-lock sandwich bags until I got back home, out into a quiet section of the garden and run a metal detector over the warm brown Burrito. I know, I know… but I couldn’t afford another dental prosthetic… it was all I could think of doing. I had to retrieve it somehow! And for some reason it had to be a secret, but I am okay with telling you BG people about it (some know this sorry tale already).

          Anyway to cut a long smelly story short, the metal detector “pinged” on one of the Burritos after some anxious days. The surprisingly shiny crown was retrieved using the preferred cereal spoon of the then Lady Wankdust and then scrubbed clean with her toothbrush. A fine and highly skilled dentist popped it back on the toothstump in my jaw. So, those shit bags allowed me to collect the turds and transport them to a safe space for analysis and the eventual crown discovery. Do not disrespect shitbags.

          This pair killing this child are a couple of scrotum fleas from the shit-crusted ball-bag of a dog-rapist and they do not merit the honourable name of shitbag.

          1. Cool story, bro. However seems a bit extreme to go through all that for £200, if you can afford a house with backyard and a metal detector. And nothing to be ashamed of. Some sources claim that human mouth contains more bacteria, and can be considered “dirtier” than an asshole, yet we kiss the mouth oh so gladly.

          2. I have a crown that has been on the verge of falling out for several years which causes me huge anxiety every time I eat, lay on my side or even have sex in case the side of my face gets too much pressure applied. I only got it in the first place because my fraudster (convicted) dentist would deliberately refuse to treat me, then kept ‘forgetting’ to refer me elsewhere for a repeatedly abscessing infected tooth for years until I needed a root canal (and was over 18 so had to pay) rather than just a filling. Crown came off 2 hours after the procedure, was put back on but has been loose since I tried chewing on it. Have been chewing with only one side of my face for years causing one sided jaw pain and facial asymmetry but after talking to several doctors and dentists they all say they won’t re-cement my crown, only extract the stump and leave a gap. How did you talk them into putting it back in?

        1. Indeed, there’s no limit to the pain I would inflict on him. He would break the world’s record for the most pain received in a history of our species. Tortures like scaphism would seem child’s play in comparison to what I’d do to him and anyone else in that room.

          Alas, we’re only have a power to seat on a couch and preach, while things like that happen somewhere in the world on a regular basis. You know what? If someone could fund my travel over there, purchasing weapons and the search for that group, I’m sure I would take on that offer. All the sadder that American government have so much resources, yet won’t use it to search and elimination of those groups of religious fanatics.

      2. Something very weird there. That child trusted all the people there and was having fun. There were people everywhere sitting down as if it was a play to be watched.

        So what to make of it?
        Was it a charade or play to show the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham? After all, we do not see the decapitated head. Maybe it was fake blood and sword?

        Was it a real Isis murder? The child was not dressed like the rest of the people. Was it a Christian /Yazidi child kept as a slave for just such a slaughter. Moslems consider Yazidis as devils so an Isis who can kill a fellow Moslem child easily certainly won’t balk at a Yazidi or a Christian child.

        I can tell tell you that as late as 1923 the Turks paraded around Christian slaves on chains for ritual slaughter. Dirty Moslem cunts paid money just to get their opportunity to slaughter a Christian and thus get into Paradise with 72 ugly toothless virgins. This was seen by German/Austrians etc who were still the Turks’ friends if not still allies at the time.

        Are Zios involved here? Maybe ,they are certainly involved with ISIS and all their sick fuck Headchoppers.


        1. @hopingfornemesis
          about what you said. I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy or not. to tell the truth now I don’t even care since ill never know what’s on in those people’s minds, especially if they are psychopathic. what i know is that the video seems pretty true and this fills me with anger. cause while those bastards do whatever they want, I am here powerless watching their crazy shit on videos.

        2. In the video you read the description, they are Jews. By the way, you see the crimes of the Crusader Crusaders in the Muslim countries of Islam and the Inquisition in Andalusia. Islam is a religion that is the religion of Allah. Allah has promised the believers and the unbelievers to hell. God rules among the people with justice. Do not compare someone who follows his desires as an animal. Creator of the heavens and the earth with such precision

          1. I find it very hard to believe these people are Jews if it is a genuine child sacrifice.

            I do however believe they are probably moslems if this is a genuine murder of a child.

            They look like Moslems and certain headchopper moslems have proven they are not ashamed to slaughter even moslem children on camera and feel proud about it.

            I personally hope this is just a play reenacting the almost-slaughter of Isaac by Abraham or some similar Moslem religious story.

            In any case,if this was a real child murder, I would happily squash each culprit’s skull with a rock myself. I don’t care if the culprits are moslem,Christian,a Hindu,Satanist or Martian. People like that do not deserve to live.

            Now ,having said all the above, I am very well aware that many world-wide child- prostitution and organ -harvesting rings are run by Jews just as they were in the early1900s . Certain Jews in Europe kidnapped young boys and girls and sold them to perverted (typical)Moslems in moslem lands .many crims did this but most were Jews. Just like till the end of yugoslavia most traffickers of children for rape in Europe and the Middle East were moslems and usually Turks and kosovans/Albanians living in Western Europe and the UK. Oh .and the cops usually turned the other way. And to think that Uncle Sam made us go to war against fellow Christian allies- Serbs and Croats -to help such scum! A disgrace! Why did our populations allow our govs to do this? I know ..they are mostly dumb as fuck , too busy drinking beer,watching football /insta/facebook and playing playstation etc


          1. tapspinal68, strange you’d think of me as a tough guy for comments that have nothing to do with being tough, I’ll take that as a compliment. (you sure can’t spell worth shit.) Dat be some good England there yourself.

      3. the video is not real do not cry are rituals that show the power of a magician to cut the throat of a girl and that this is still alive but they did not show the rest of the video .. quiet the girl is still alive

      4. This is a very sick video.. I’m also happy you didn’t saw the video of the Jews that took organs of a little girl.. that was crazy also. It was a 4/5 year old girl and they took her organs to sell for money.. that’s also on best gore. Crazy world..

      5. In fact I didn’t even open it. The description was enough. It’s hard to believe in a god given that we can be so utterly ugly and, (if there is such a thing) evil. Not only are there upright walking things out there that visually pass for human beings inflicting this shit on a child, but others stand by and fully condone such (evil)

        Having said that, nature gives our nervous system a cut off point were no matter what cruelty is done to you, you eventually die and disconnect. That in itself might be a pointer to a concerned architect of our creation. So when it comes to your electrical conscious state after physical death, all bets are off. It might be that the scum masquerading as humans carrying out this shit won’t have any “pain” cut off point on the other side, if it exists.

        Remember that pain is apart from the nervous system that carries the electrical signal that is interpreted by your brain. But who’s to say it’s not simultaneously registered in your consciousness and thus if something can punish you after physical death you already have the apparatus to receive it, because you came into existence as conscious being and you might remain thus forever. RIP to that unfortunate child.

      6. Your life isn’t useless!!!! Your important to somebody!! I hate child abusers and baby touchers and I can see you are too!! So if you feel like you have no purpose then sit in silence and positively think deep deep deep inside yourself and you’ll start thinking positive thoughts that feels as if what your thinking for an answer to your purpose in life is as if either a higher power which my experience I knew it was god or you might feel as if your future self is giving you your answer!!!!! Maybe start with the thought of how you can become a hands on advocate to be the voice for abused children!? Good luck to you and I really hope your life guides you to stuff you enjoy and believe in and passionate about!!!! I suffer mental illness and it’s nothing to take lightly at all so dont be afraid to seek help as well! Some people criticize people who get help as being weak but in all reality them shallow minded people shouldn’t speak on shit they know nothing about cuz it takes real strength to speak up and help yourself!!

      7. I don’t blame you Marilyn, this is why I see such cultures as completely archaic and barbaric. To murder a child in this fashion truly boils my blood. Whenever places like this gets fucked by us even though I don’t support it, I do love seeing these assholes get blown to pieces by our bombs. But i do think the Zionists are behind this shit, after all, during the 1950s Israel did get a huge influx of jews from Iraq. I have read the Talmud which is a disgusting piece of crap I have ever read. People trash mein kampf but at least Hitler told the truth and didnt hide who he was. These lying scum have been hiding who they are since they murdered Jesus. I find these groups to be completely monstrous and it is about time that people start realizing just how dangerous the ZOG is.

      8. i am in total and utter agreeance with u! children are the true innocence of the world until a sick piece of shit grown up shows and teaches them to grow into asshole adults!!! but this lil girl didn’t deserve to die like that!!!! the evil that humankind does is way beyond what i ever truly want to understand bcuz its violent and evil and this website has proven that to me beyond any reasonable doubt!!!

      1. These folks are indeed masquerading as Sunni Muslim, when really they are zionist hiding behind islam to conduct their disgusting activities. I’d say it’s about time we start taking a very serious look at the ZOG. Why shouldnt we question these heathens? If we dont things like this will continue to happen and soon these kinds of activities will carry on over here. So I say it’s time we stop acting like theres no elephant in the room.

    2. Sick,,, Barbaric,,, Cold-Hearted,,, Scum-O-The Flat-Earth,,, Donkey Fucking,,, Donair Slurping,,,
      Jew-Loving,,, Talmud-Snorting,,, Cock- Gobbling,,, Foreskin Munching,,, Daughter Arse Fucking
      Dirty Brown Skinned,,, Ashkenazim Jew-Pigs!

      1. @carnage-2.. Brother, I’m a Buddhist, but I’m not an atheist… Buddhism is more of an agnostic religion, we believe in a somewhat of a “higher power”, but since we don’t KNOW this “higher power” we choose NOT to ASSUME that we know it’s exact intentions for everything.. I say FUK ALL ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS because when someone claims to be a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim.. It tends to strike fear and/or apprehension in people, when you say you’re a Buddhist, people tend to assume your some type of “hippie” and that’s because of the bloody history of Abrahamic religions from their initial inception to present day.. I pose this challenge to all who’ll accept… Find me a time in history where people were FORCED by violent means to convert to Buddhism, find me a time when there was a Buddhist army killing, pillaging and raping in the name of Buddhism, find me a time anyone was killed or tortured because they decided not to be Buddhist anymore… I’ve been a Buddhist for a little over 20yrs and if anyone proves any of these challenges to be true… I’ll drop it like a bad fukn habit, just like that!.. Which is why I also say to all followers of these bloody religions… If you condemn the fanatical violence and barbarism committed by those who also follow your religion, you should condemn that religion altogether….

        1. All religions and “sacred texts” were invented and written by man. If there is a “higher power” out there, I believe it is Nothing like what we think it is. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s you can’t trust anyone, writings in a book made by us human beings, I cannot take as fact. Even peaceful religions that are more about teachings than preaching, I don’t really want anything to do with. To each their own, everyone’s different.

    3. Dirty fucking beasty black bastards I want to murder EVERY fucking last one of you you don’t kill a fucking child you sick bastards cos she said no to sexual abuse fucking rat scumbag black bastards she’s only 9 year old rot in fucking hell canny wait to see you there ya interbred bastards

  1. What kind of sick motherfuckers are over there. Is there no end to a their depravity. We need to drop some MOAB’s on their fucking heads.
    Let’s see-they like to fuck little boys, fuck little girls, fuck animals, chop off babies heads if they won’t fuck, light their women on fire, kill anyone who converts to Christianity, etc, etc…
    Anyone out there Muslim I say FUCK ALLAH, MOHAMMED. MECCA, AND FUCK YOU!!

    1. fun fact, both jews and muslim are semites. Moab both saudi and israel and world would be at peace. Oh actually add murica in that list too, theyve allot of jews as leaders and even a muslim one or 2 lmao

    2. Dil Doe english is not my native language so bear with me you are being brainwashed muslim they don’t like like to fuck little boys, fuck little girls, fuck animals or chop off babies heads if they won’t fuck i know this for fact i am muslim and i live in muslim country and this people in the video they are not muslims or arabs and captions in the video its not arabic so shut the fuck up and dont sit there insulting us muslim and acting like this disturbing shit doesn’t happen in your country or many Catholic Priests doesn’t fuck little boy in the church because your contry is full of pedophile illuminati

      1. Je @saitama1
        Yes, there are pedophiles the world over, however, in the US I can guarantee its not a matter of religious doctrine, or legal. Chopping off little girls heads, public stonings, or the death penalty for changing your faith, (for examples) are openly practiced in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan.
        You are correct that the banner isn’t Arabic, it’s Farsi the language of Iran.
        What Muslim country are you from by the way, that’s non-violent, Shangri-la?
        I’m going to buy a Koran and every time I take a shit will wipe my ass with a page until it’s gone. If you’d like I’ll send you a bible to do the same. Because I say fuck all religion.

        1. you just repeating an old propaganda against muslim i am from morocco and in the majority of muslim country no one give a fuck if you changing your faith and why you keep saying Chopping off little girls or boys heads i dont get it we don’t have such a disgusting disturbing thing like this in islam this shit doesn’t happen in any muslim country even in saudi or iran and if you caught doing this in any muslim country cutting little girl head for ritual you gonna get fucked so hard so painful belive me

          1. You are dreaming if you believe what you are saying. Morocco decapitated the two Scandinavia girls. You may be secular and reasonable but most of the unwashed uneducated in your Moslem nations are exactly like this.

            Stop bullshitting or wake up.
            P.s Morocco happens to be one of the better Moslem countries . That doesn’t mean the rest of your fellow Moslems are like you .

          2. Oh really, Je?

            Let’s look at the Hadith:

            “Mohammed: ‘Who will kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has offended Allah and his prophet?’
            A Muslim: ‘I will Mohammed. Would you have me do so?’
            ‘In order to kill him, I will need to deceive him. May I do that?’
            Mohammed: ‘Yes.’”
            So, the Muslim deceived Ka’b bin Ashraf and he did kill him.

            What is this? This is the Sunna of Mohammed; it is possible to lie to the Kafir as long as it advances Islam. This is the nature of Taqiyya.

            Now there is another way in which a Muslim can lie. There’s a hadith, a fairly well-known hadith, in which there are three reasons for Muslims to lie. One is jihad, that is the struggle against the Kafir. So a Muslim can lie to you anytime he needs to advance Islam

            The other is a Muslim a lie to another Muslim if it will make the situation better. And a husband and wife may lie to each other as long as it smooths the relationships in the household.

            So deception is part of Islam. Allah is a deceiver. Mohammed was a deceiver, and therefore, every Muslim can be a deceiver. It is so special that it has a name, Taqiyya. So the next time you’re hearing something about Islam that just doesn’t sound right, and it comes from the mouth of a Muslim, you’re right. It’s not right. It’s a lie. It is Taqiyyah.

            That’s the deception part, that you’re engaging in right now.

            How about the verses of violence, those which you are instructed to cover up with Taqiyyah?

            Let’s read from the Quran:

            Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.” (See also: Response to Apologists)

            Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be ‘joining companions to Allah’). (See also: Response to Apologists)

            Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement” (See also: Response to Apologists)

            Quran (8:12) – “(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels… “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

            Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews.

            Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”

            Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

            Quran (17:16) – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.” Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is “utter destruction.” (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam).

            Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

            Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

            I could go on and on. This last one is one of many which implies that you can rape your prisoners and slaves, like this little girl in the video who probably was a Yezidi christian captured in Syria, and as shown the Quran considers them to be less than animals…

            Quran (23:5-6) – “..who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess…” This verse permits the slave-owner to have sex with his slaves. See also Quran (70:29-30). The Quran is a small book, so if Allah used valuable space to repeat the same point four times, sex slavery must be very important to him. He was relatively reticent on matters of human compassion and love.

          3. Bravo

            All correct. Some Jihadi or Jihadi -lover will come out and tell you no they are lies or they didn’t understand it. I just say ,your ignorant will believe it exactly as they say when the imam says it. Madrassa or Moslem religious schools and most imams in most western countries still teach this shit.

            Either way if Islam is so peaceful etc then why are newspapers and history books filled with Moslem atrocities going back hundreds of years ,back to 600ads? If Islam is so peaceful then their scholars and imams are doing a shit job teaching their people the peaceful nature of their “religion”!

            One or both Christchurch mosques taught militant Islam but now the NZ authorities are at pains that this did not happen recently.

          4. Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah disdaineth (aught) save that He shall perfect His light, however much the disbelievers are averse.

            He it is who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religion, however much the idolaters may be averse.

            ! the number of the months with Allah is twelve months by Allah’s ordinance in the day that He created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred: that is the right religion. So wrong not yourselves in them. And wage war on all the idolaters as they are waging war on all of you. And know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).

            Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.

            On the day when it will (all) be heated in the fire of hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith (and it will be said unto them): Here is that which ye hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what ye used to hoard.

            why you guys keep putting word in my mouth and lying about islam did i say once in anytime islam is religion of peace i said we do not kill children or rape them its not in our religion . guys tell me who the fuck want making peace with low life buttheart racist pigs full of shit and hate like you guys i dont give a fuck about this my only concern and any muslim is making peace with god ALLAH and ONLY HIM except traitor and who living in kofar country and why you keep repeating the 2 girls accident yes it’s bad and i feel sorry for them but we muslims are not all of us like this 3 terrorist guys tourist come and go in my country and many muslim country every years so ask them how muslims moroccan welcomed them and Respec their nationalities and their religion as it was
            or we all can say that :
            or all people of australia or new zealand are terrorist like the one guys who kill 49 or 50 muslim in the mosque or
            all of the catholic priest are pedophile rapist because the many accidents that happen in the church
            or all american are War criminals rapists killers terrorists Because of their government and what it did of war crimes, crimes against humanity all over the fucking world

        2. Farsi is plausible but all it means is that it may be from an Iranian newsfeed. I know of no Iranian slaughtering like this in plain view of cameras etc. Only exception maybe the Arab tribes of Iran MEK who are allies of ISiS ,Saud and Zionnatoyanquistan.


          My take ? Filthy Sunni Headchopper Muslims who certain people tried to sell to us as” liberators of Syria ” and as “moderate Headchoppers”.

      2. Nice Taqyya you got there you stupid sand nigger! Semites have proven since the dawn of time they are blood thirsty savages, animal fuckers, incestuous, pedophiles and religious psychopaths. Go lie somewhere else you stupid inbred sub human piece of shit! Priest did raped kids yeah it happened, there’s bad people everywhere on earth, that’s a fact but our society creates such monsters, in the case of islam being a monster is being a moderate muslim AH! On the other hand pedophilia isn’t part of our religion, unlike your pedo prophet political dogma that pushes grown ass sans niggers to marry little kids… you’re a sick fucking creature and deserve to be put down.

        1. why i gonna lie or defending pedo or chopping kids head you know i am not trying to convert you to islam or same shit like this i dont give a fuck about your miserable life and if this thing exist in islam which not by the way i gonna leave this religion without thinking fuck it not defend it or telling lies because i am human too we “muslims” are humans and we dont like seeing a child get hurt or molester it’s you people who lies not us and keep repeating and spreading this bullshit about us the monsters in the video they are not muslim so why you keep talking about islam because you are a dumb fuck who doesn’t want to see the truth being brainwashed by your media and the elite who controling your country sacrificing children and rape them every single day and how you guys trying to stop this blaming muslims what a fucking joke
          finally i am not a black person to call me a nigger you piece of shit i am arab muslim and proud of it and if you have a problem with this its sample

          go fuck yourself

          1. Your religion of peace just kill 500 unarmed Christians in Sri Lanka, including children as young as 5.
            How do you reconcile that to your religion of “peace”? What about the practice of sharia law?
            As a side note, I just wiped my ass with a page from the Koran, it was an especially foul turd, semi-solid that blotted out the whole page. I also started to pick up my dogs shit with it. Works great, I’ll have to buy another when this ones out.

          1. That’s the worst part nems. If the supposed majority of peace loving Muslims would come out and condem this shit it wouldn’t be so infuriating.
            -After 911 the fuckers were celebrating in AMERICAN streets.
            -THEY are claiming victim status here after 911
            -The Boston bomber was a refuge here, he was given over 100
            Thousand dollars in welfare support, then U.S. citizenship
            before the fucker and his brother set off a pressure cooker
            bomb at the Boston marathon.
            The one thing that helps keep my sanity is knowing the Islamic terrorist that get caught in the U.S. end up in the Super Max federal prison in Colorado.
            The last time they get to see the beauty of the mountains is driving up to the prison.
            It’s 11 hours a day in solitary, no visitation, no view, no contact with other prisoners, no talking, no phone, no getting out!
            It does a body good to know these fuckers are languishing for life, while slowly loosing there minds and going mad.
            Can’t even commit suicide, stop eating and they bind you up and stick a hose down your throat. Can’t hang yourself, try cutting and you’re stripped buck naked and left in a bare concrete cell.
            Anyone not familiar with this, there is a video on YouTube that’s pretty good the place is secretive but a documentary crew was able to talk to ex guards, and some access.

          2. Good! I agree with you totally. Truth be told Israelis were also seen cheering and dancing in the streets after 911 and i think it is on film somewhere.

            Also those Boston bombers? It is called blowback. They are the “nephews” of a fellow called Fuller from the US. I believe they are his moslem wife’s nephews.He was instrumental in making militant Islam to further us hegemony and the Syria debacle was his brainchild. He is a top dog in the CIA and helped bring Erdogan to power in Turkey and then tried to take it away from him during the coup. The Turks were hunting him those days in Turkey as he was there with a Zionist . I forgot his name. Look them up. Graham? Fuller and a -stein fellow in Turkey during those days.

            Also the Tsarnaev brothers of Boston? Chechen headchopper spawn and Russia warned the US not to take them .The US FBI and CIA supposedly did all the Checks and found them safe!!


        2. I agree with you brother! These goddamn sand niggers get on my fucking nerves. This guy is sitting here lying his fucking mouth off about what’s going on down there. It’s as if he doesnt acknowledge that these muzzies have been killing each other long before we Americans came there, long before the Brits and Kikes, long before the French, loooong before the Crusades. Mohammad was fucking a war lord, he supposedly seen allah in the desert. Well if your in the desert for long amounts of time, without adequate food and water your going to start hallucinating. I’m quite positive that Allah is nothing more than a religion cooked up by a guy who was stuck in the desert for weeks and talking to god supposedly when in fact he was hallucinating from major dehydration. So yeah, these faggot muzzie scum fuck inferior untermenschen need to get it through their fucking heads that lying to us wont work anymore. Them and their kike blood cousins are being exposed, I just hope soon we can get in full control of the gov and begin cleaning our planet of these parasites. Seeing this murder has boiled my blood, I’m angry and I want to see these assholes begging for the fucking worthless lives.

      1. Fuck that was hilarious !. Ya think these assholes have CGI studios with the brainiacs behind and if that kid was a goat ; then I’d say that was some great animation work loaded with cracker of an infotainment.
        But if it was for real then God forbid as I sinned watching a poor little child done to death by the believers of a sick fucking religion.

        1. newsflash u arrogant aussie cunt christians kill more children annually than any other religion, cluster bombing babies in their cribs as the jews watch it all laughing. Ur just as crazy as the middle eastern dicks u just don’t realize it. Fuck all religion

          1. By the way what kinda species, strain or a pstilece biotype are ya ? cause this ain’t no place for monophagous, oligophagous, or the polyphagous pestilence types .
            Lest it takes a back seat ; lemme ask , where the fuck your news flashes come from ? Do ya get ’em when your poopers flash seeing the all mighty Christians or is it all because you have your goat fucking pedo god as a dandy news reporter coming up with the laced up feeds .

          1. It worked just fine for me. But I have come across some videos that don’t play. You are doing awesome job Keeping those Zionist shills at the door Mark. I know it’s a lot of work.

      1. Yea me it’s the guys shot in the leg with hot sauce or whatever poured on it that won’t play.
        I Dunno if i have the balls to watch this one cause it reminds me of a couple of my nieces. Is It Super graphic Mark, @happy VincitOmniaVeritas with lots of screaming, and gurgling sounds??

        1. There’s no sound and don’t see much, it’s obvious what’s happening but no blood or head actually removed. She doesn’t look 9 to me, more like 5 or 6 she’s tiny. It’s well fucked up tho. One of them that leaves you feeling disturbed for several days

        2. I swear I just couldn’t stand to watch as I went switching to a different post . Can’t imagine how in a world of ours there is this religion of impures with such barbarity in their mind and heart spitting in the face of humanity , yet walking tall and free with an acclaim that following , ‘Islam is the way to be’ .Talk about ISLAM and one knows DEVIL is being discussed with no hope for the humanity .

          Who in their right minds wouldn’t agree that Islamism and their doctrines are the most deplorable of all and yet they thrive bringing the world to unrest .
          My hair just stood out at the back of my neck watching the innocent child brought in where the wolves had gathered for their share of witnessing and rejoicing & singing choruses in the name of the God whose writings only mislead and have not contributed anything worthwhile to the brotherhood of our mankind .

          The little one hardly knew what was to happen to her or the barbarity she’d be subjected to and they slice her head off in
          a way not even the animals are slaughtered .
          I just cried .

      2. This is the future Jews have planned for our children. They have been slaughtering the very best of us for hundreds…no, thousands of years. The Cheka were responsible for the torture and murder of countless millions, and that’s just one recent example.

        They make their Arab cousins look like angels by comparison to what they have done and will do. But alas, and of course, they have the White sheep defending their oppressors and would-be executioners, because of ‘muh Hollow Co$t’ and the 6 gazillion false tears they cry over their endless lies and projections. So they will never even see it coming.

          1. Lol, I don’t know man that’s probably even more enticing for them… on the bright side though, they’ll be mass suicides to get that to special place sooner. Maybe just promise the African men with 15 inch man meat, only for them to be greeted by being strapped down with https://youtu.be/zcSlcNfThUA on an endless loop, surrounded by 90 year old lesbian nuns that are way too into scat porn n’ have an endless amount of diarrhea shits… idk, just one idea.

  2. god warns the hebrews all through the old testament because they were so fucking evil. that’s why he wiped greater israel from the map and left only Judea, until those dumb cunts killed jesus. then he wiped those shitstains from the map. the “jews” today are fake khazar cunts because god killed all of the hebrews, so that the new covenant could begin. followers of jesus christ are the real chosen people under the new covenant. it’s by faith not by birthright. anyone saying that they are the blood seed of abraham are children of the devil. that’s what it actually says in the bible.

          1. if you were any fucking gayer, you’d be @asskingforanal all the fucking time like a major mother fucking satanic homo cunt. you’re almost at full gaytard level, where you actually give yourself a faggot username.

          2. @svarg26… Almost huh?…. So that means you’re still up there… No matter how hard any of us try, we could never best you at these GAYmes.. You are the champeon!.. Svarg the gay tard, even your losername rhymes with your adDICKtion… Nice goin SpermBurglar…You’re the biggest fag, you win..!

    1. @svarg26
      It’s rare I agree with what you say but this time you are dead accurate.
      Now I know you don’t give a fuck about me and probably think I’m a homo/faggot/mangina/pussy-whipped fucktard but, hey….credit where credit is due….this time you’re right concerning the new covenant! 😀

    2. The problem is the ratio is way off for any real hope for utopia… There needs to be 90 percent Jesus’ and 10 percent of the evil.. so evil can be killed… But it’s the opposite… Mankind is fucked just like how religion became to the well being of mankind… after destroying man’s early and celestial teachings.. religious faggots fucked Egypt hardcore…

          1. .. @svarg26… With all that talk of “taking glory in your suffering” and it building “character” makes you sound like a.. Buddhist.. But, alas you are a gay, that makes you a Butthits.. That means some CHARACTER is TAKING your GLORYhole and has got you SUFFERING… How about that..?

  3. The Muslims in my country certainly don’t take no for an answer when it comes to child sex and our police, social services and libtards all turn a blind eye to it.

    It’s their culture or something. I think it was their Prophet Muhammad that once corn holed a 9 year old named Aisha and tickled her nipples with his big bushy beard. A tradition that has long since been passed down along with goat fucking.

    1. Very true. The rotters who looked the other way should have been paraded in public and ceremonially stripped of their public service ranks. Justice needs to be seen and not just done. Even if they were sacked or made to resign it was not enough. They should go to prison as well for” aiding and abetting’ because they knew of the crimes and did nothing.

      Stupid pc dickheads …the author being a Humanist Progressive and still think they fucked up and were criminally compliant.

  4. I have no clue what brain dead fuckstick runs this site. The content is great. The blaming Jews for everything is fucking retarded. Why don’t you go fuck yourself and take your tin foil hat off, post the videos and shit the fuck up

    Your Pal

    The Jews of ISIS

  5. She probably refused to suck a smelly dick that wasn’t washed for two days. Let’s see, the “husband” took off his pants and starts showing his dick in her face, she clenched her teeth and refused to suck it, the “husband” went to his tribe chief whining “waaah, she won’t have sex with me”, and the rest is history.

  6. The amount of evil and complete lack of morality still baffles my mind to no end! To be able to take an innocent baby like that who hasn’t even had the chance to even experience life yet and brutally cut her head off like this just defy’s comprehension in my book! I hope these evil crazy fucks goes straight to hell and I’m sure that they will. I pray that when they get to hell the devil has them sliding down a razor blade into a pull of alcohol on a constant cycle for eternity!

    1. @angelicawhite
      “That is most definitely not a 9yr old. She’s about 5yrs old.”

      That was also my first thought, maybe 3-5 depending on nutrition and genetics and the height of the person with her. If this IS just a performance (we can only hope) then even the person ‘beheading’ her might be just an older kid pretending to be an adult.

  7. What You Say Makes 100% Sense Mark. It Is the absolute perfect insurance policy, if i ever saw one. Fucking Wild Man, once you’re in you’re in for life, no question. Those Dirty-Slimy Jew Bastards!

          1. You sisterslut is a cunt you dumbfucker is the ass you faggot, go fuck her , meybe it will help you , son ov an army of whores and faggot’s…

          1. .. Ok.. Well, off you go then.. Those satanic homo cunts aren’t goin to fuk themselves am I right?.. I mean.. Ya said it twice already, ya CockPuffer… If this is a game then…. Fag your it! … I win..

          2. Nah… I figure, I’ll get as much advertising in as I can whilst, I have the most famous FagKing on BG threadin the needle to weave his famous queerlts.. I mean.. Quil… No, I got that right the first time.. Good day to you sir…

      1. @svarg26
        oh honey, you shouldnt.
        I am at LEAST the fourth person you have hit on, on this page only.

        Im a fuckin dish, what makes you think i would waste my time on a used up, arse-rattled queen like you?

        You can desperately Stalk me, reply to my comments with any and every one of you filthy felching fantasies, hang on longingly to my every word.
        But the truth still stands…
        Aint gonna happen sweetcheeks.

  8. It could be fake.
    There’s no audio so you can’t hear anything (e.g. screams).
    There’s not a drop of blood.
    In fact, you can’t see much apart from a “cutting action”.
    Oh… I almost forgot to mention that the head isn’t separated from the body!

    1. Please stop. We are talking about Islam here. Nothing is faked. It just shows how much of a shithole religion Islam is. And he didn’t cut all the way through. Thats a little girl so dont expect to see a lot of blood.

  9. If you wipe your ass with one of your hands rendering it useless and filthy . Your government can afford ak47s and no schools. You bow too your brainwashed victim of a life provided by years of greedy leprosy leaders syphalated and expelled through churches and mosques. Pigs are cleaner than the book!

  10. I already know that video and yes … it’s fake.

    He is not a girl, he is a boy and at the time of recording the video he was 4 years old. The video shows a kind of ritual (I do not remember the country, but I think it was Iran) to prepare the warriors.

    The objective of the ritual is not the child itself, but the father, who is one of those present. It is assumed that, witnessing the execution of his own son, he will be prepared for any luck that may await him in the battle, because nothing will be worse than that.

    If you look closely at the video you will see that there are many details that give it away:

    1.- The video was edited to look real. It is cut off just at the moment when it could be proven that the child is still alive. There is no sound because the original sound was the music of a party and the child was heard crying.

    2.- There is not a single drop of blood

    3.- The knife has no edge. The executor himself grabs the edge with his hand at the end of the sequence.

    4.- The executor does not place the foot on the child’s neck, place it underneath and use it as a guide for the blade of the knife. In that way it seems more real because it can make a lot of force on the knife and it does not hurt the child, it really applies the force on its own foot.

    5.- The child moves his hand and the person who holds it does so lovingly and carefully, as a relative not as a hangman.

    6.- At a given moment the child contracts his right leg. If the decapitation had been real the leg would have relaxed at the time of completion, however, it does not do so at any time.

    I have this information because when I saw the video for the first time on Instagram it knocked me out. Then I wrote to the user who had posted it, (I would swear it was the same instagram that appears in the watermark of the video). The user did not speak English, only Farsi, and neither did I, but with the help of the translator, he was able to explain me what I have just detailed. If you look at his Instagram account you will see that this user posts stupid rituals performed in his country, like men hitting themselves with swords in the head, only to highlight the absurdity of their culture.

    Although ours is not that much better either …

    1. the video is not real do not cry are rituals that show the power of a magician to cut the throat of a girl and that this is still alive but they did not show the rest of the video .. quiet the girl is still alive

    1. the video is not real do not cry are rituals that show the power of a magician to cut the throat of a girl and that this is still alive but they did not show the rest of the video .. quiet the girl is still alive

    2. Nuke the middle east, restart that shit. And india too. but i want to see them suffer ::((( who would make such beautiful videos for us if we didn’t have these dirty nations :((

  11. RIP little one I am sorry that you were born into a society that did not value you as a human being. These fuckers don’t care that this child did not want some pervert Chester on top of her they are very fucked up. What a bunch of cowards and cunts

  12. I can understand people who see this and think, hey it must be a muslim thing. But there is nothing in the islamic law what can justify this. There is deadthpeanlty for certain crimes. It must be fast and clean wiyhout any suffering. For war situations Qoran is very clear: Defend youre self but dont go to far. If the other side stop with atacking or they surrender you have take care about them. This is the islamic law I know.

  13. the video is not real do not cry are rituals that show the power of a magician to cut the throat of a girl and that this is still alive but they did not show the rest of the video .. quiet the girl is still alive

  14. Moloch comes from the Hebrew word Melek which means “King” and is another name for Yahweh. The Jews use Moloch as a cover for Yahweh similar to how they use Baal…it’s done to confuse the goyim about who they are really sacrificing to which would be themselves (Because YHVH is in reality the Jewish people as a collective).

      1. Ttrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Straight facts!!!!!! Satan worshipers are weak ass small minded unintelligent goofy ass followers!!!!! Its easy to be a Satanist cuz being evil or cruel is just easy way going thru life!!!! Being a negative person is as simple as putting one foot in front another to walk!!!- they too weak to be, do, think positive cuz that takes strength, will power, self control, pride, open mind, being grounded………

  15. Everything is “muh jews” with you people (yes not all of you) but between the flat earthers and jewspiracy nuts around here there is very little room for anyone else, i admit i find it hilarious at times reading the comments, and seeing the flow of different people here over the years and how mindsets change, but acting like “jewish media” covers these things up is quite absurd, considering there are a plethora of sites out there where you can just about anything.

    Do some jews do questionable shit? Ofcourse they do, just with any other religious group l, cult, or sect.

    Are there a lot of rich jews? Obviously, but its a huge leap of faith to then assume guilt by association, and that theres a massive world wide conspiracy of super jews controlling the world, and considering a lot of nations openly detest the jews for religious reasons, youve gotta ask yourself, how can they be jew puppets?

    And yes, the mainstream media outlets are as biased as they get, in the uk for example they’re something like 90% left leaning, theyre a cult these days, openly demonising white people and openly anti west on many fronts, intersectionalality is a cancer on society, left unchecked it will be ranked alongside fascism and communism in the history books.

    No jews required for any of this shit, the people who do horrible things are open about it, their reasons expressed and shown through actions, the world is a big place, and a lot of horrible bastards inhabit it, there is no super computer behind it all (((THEM))) and the problem with the particular jewspiracy is that you can take the logic and apply it to just about any group, and you will inevitably find dots connecting to further bolster your preconceptions.

    1. Damn, you’re retarded as fuck, how come all those left leaning jewish channels never mention this shit, it’s always just anti white propaganda, how fucking dumb are you to not realize that?

      1. What are you talking about, you crack me up x

        They do mention certain things like this in articles, yiu just have to actually dig around, youre not going to see it on daytime TV for reasons i shouldn’t have to say….

        But yes, the MSM is not bestgore, theyre more bothered about “white privilege” and “female wages” in the west, which again, its pretty obvious why, given the media covers in country affairs 89% of the time, what do you expect, first world problems are a priority to these people because its an immediate “fix” you think they give a genuine shit about some backwards third world cunts hacking at a 9 year olds neck?

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