Rival Gang Members Beheaded in Brazilian Prison

Rival Gang Members Beheaded in Brazilian Prison

The Pedrinhas prison complex in São Luís, in the state of Maranhão, Brazil is notorious for murders of inmates. Last year, 62 prisoners were killed there. A few weeks ago a group of inmates attacked another with bombs.

Latest video from the Pedrinhas prison, recorded on December 17, 2013 starts with a view of Brazilian flip flops. As the inmates walk across rainwater covered floor, the hues soon turn to those of blood.

Three gang members, identified as 21 year old Diego Michael Mendes Coelho, 46 year old Manoel Laércio Santos Ribeiro and 34 year old Irismar Pereira were each stabbed multiple times and beheaded.

According to the Government of Maranhão, the inmates are divided between state and federal prisoners and the rivalry between the two is high. The CNJ (National Council of Justice) report concluded that the Government has been unable to curb the violence. The report also cited the overcrowding at Pedrinhas (prison for 1,700 houses 2,200 inmates) as one of the reasons for violence.

Three Brazilian men were beheaded, none of them was Da Silva. What the fuck?

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      1. @scholar i read stories about that prison and i really admire Dr Bara Sarraj
        What kind of lifestyle this is when torturing others like that. Do they really have nothing useful to do with their lifes
        We need more love in this life
        If things has been communicated differently in the past, maybe then wouldnt have been so much war on earth.
        This german sheppards story you shared is good example. Both are capable of doing good and bad. But if you channel your energy, potential into right places. You can achieve amazing things in your life.
        All this politics, war. They focus on 1 thing entire of life. People must evolve mentally to become better, stronger person, but instead of this they walk in same snow trails and doing same mistakes.
        And new generation thinks all my predecessors and relatives think like that. I better protect and become one of them too.
        Its like family tells a child. All in family tree are high educated doctors etc… You must become one of us too. But if this child is different and is good at something else, he needs to find another path. If he continues to follow hes parents life she/he will not be happy in life
        And all potential is wasted, flushed down from the toilet.
        No! It cannot happen. In the end of the day you live your own life and need to put your priorities straight

        1. doctor bara’s story is sad as it is chilling.
          *he’s the ultimate metaphor for survival too 😉
          he survives that the tadmor hellhole to go on and become the esteemed harvard immuniologist who engineers white blood cells that survives disease..

          the only thing in this world i know to be true is something something my father told me, and my daddy has never ever lied to me.
          the more ivilized sicierty appears the more uncivilized its really become
          and that is a sad truth ;-(

          i never found out what yur old nick tyyt meant but i bet you daddy will know

          1. @smut wow you remembered that old word game. Im really impressed and amazed by you.
            Nickname was tyyp
            Maybe i can teach and give my hand about typing lessons to you one day 😛

          2. Your father is right. I mean people wear those masks everyday. They hold themselves back and act somebody who they are not. Nothing good will come out of this. Maybe in big group of peoples indeed its different but im talking about most importnant things: family, relationships, friends.
            If your garden post is high enough, instead jumping over same heights and your open you can achieve so much more and enjoy life more. Besides its always easy to come back to your comfort zone.
            And what concerns Edrogan Cardamom Tayyip. Reading on wikipedia so far he looks like a good man @smut

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          4. I would like to visit you, Travelling around, experiencing new culture, food, etc
            And im sure i would be very amused by watching you serve tea or red wine 😛
            Travelling probably would make me excitedhungry? so you can feed my frankenstein
            Hungry for love and its feeding time 😛

  1. This is population management ….
    They need to step it up if it’s gonna be effective though.
    If you have X amount of new prisoners coming in and X amount leaving naturally then the numbers are gonna remain virtually the same.
    If you increase the number that are murdered to 5 times the current #,,, then you will have an effective decrease in population.
    Now don’t expect the prisoners to like this but hey..
    Fuck em…

    1. Pretty much don’t go to prison… anywhere. Especially places like Brazil, Mexico, etc. where the inmates not only have shanks, but real fucking knives and even guns!

      I’m sure to inmates of other countries, US prisons probably look like a 4 star hotel. Don’t get me wrong, prisons everywhere suck shit, but at least US prisons have floors that aren’t dirt and you get 3 “meals” a day and a “bunk”. The point of prison is punishment, so maybe dirt floors are better?

    1. This is the result of 500 years of miscegenation with the nearly 6 million blacks we brought from Africa.

      The South American countries that experience some degree of development and safety are those with a large white majority (mainly Argentina, Chile and Uruguay).
      This is just another proof of how multiculturalism doesn’t work.

      Funny enough, Brazil is still the third country with the biggest white population on earth, after the US and Russia, with 98 million white people, still, the non whites compromise the other half of the population, turning Brazil into the shithole it is.

      There are good people in Brazil though, and sadly they have to put up with this violence every day.

      In cities like S?o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bras?lia, Salvador, Fortaleza, those who can afford it have to get bullet proof cars. No one stops at the red lights after a certain hour, etc.

      I have talked to a Brazilian actress who was a friend of my ex girlfriend called Mariana Ximenes (look her up) and she told me that she doesn’t even go outside in the rich area of S?o Paulo she lives in after a certain hour.

      This is what awaits to countries like the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Denmark and Sweden, where the Jews have successfully infiltrated and are destroying via massive African and Arab immigration.

      1. so even Brazilians hate Brazil? that’s sad. and i have noticed that their skin colors and skull structures vary so widely its impossible to discern any inherent traits in this south american species. just a genetic mish mash of different shit, like pitbulls.

        1. Not all of them hate their country. They hate the corruption in government, they hate the slums, drug dealers, the massive prostitutiion, the scams of tourists, all these things that make life for them difficult and give a really bad image of Brazil to foreigners.

          Brazil actually has a lot of pure white people, close 100 million, 50% of the population, especially in th Southern states of Santa Catarina, Paran? and Rio Grande do Sul. It has nearly 30 million Italian descendants, 20 million German descendants, and many moor from other nationalities.

          Thing is, you don’t get to see them here on bestgore because they have normal lives like all of us, and are not involved in violence.

          There is an undeclared ethnic and socio-economic segregation in the county, where whites stay in one side, and the blacks, mixed people stay in hone other.

          Foreigners may see it as a multicultural country where everybody gets along, when it’s very from that reality.

          1. very interesting. however, being poor drugs addicts does not excuse their behaviour in any way.
            they all blame their corrupt government. but i don’t see their corrupt governments and police in these posts, i see average everyday people doing horrific things to each other pretty much just because.

            so how am i supposed to feel anything other than contempt for them or any other third worlders?

            i suppose i got carried away earlier.

          2. Portuga ,n?o fale oque n?o sabe.tu n?o conhece o brasil ,provavelmente nunca veio aqui. esta pais transborda de mesti?os e miscigena??o.eu trabalho na rua e conhe?o quase todo o brasil,por isto falo com conhecimento de causa que os brancos aqui s?o apenas 5% da popula??o e 9 de cada dez escolhe um n?o branco para casar e constituir fam?lia.

            quanto a mariana Ximenes -ela ? mesti?a:

            a foto acima ? dela com sua m?e

      2. there only 20% of whites in argentina,no more than this!
        Argentina is largely a mestizo country nowadays (riddled with crime in many areas) and many of the few whites remaining are mixing with mestizos at a huge rate.

        In Argentina, the situation is not all that different of brazil . Just substitute “black” for “Amerindian” DNA.
        It’s a big problem, yes. As a consequence of this, in Argentina, whites and light-skinned mestizos mix almost indiscriminately.

        The Census in the Brazil is a total scam, which is why I don?t have faith that the white brazilian populace is 50 percent, its BULL, our numbers are below 5% in my opinion, they constantly mingle Mongrels with the Real White brazilian population.

        Brazil, due to its racial situation, is a lost cause.The few whites that lives here (not more than 5%) don?t mind to racial preservation.
        Out of 10 whites which are in a loving relationship 9 have non-white mates.
        But this are far from being the most sad.
        Here in Brazil, for more unbelievable that it can be, a lot of racialist, white girls are in interracial relationships, and for more inimaginable that it can be they don?t see nothing wrong with this absurd.

  2. Off with their heads!!!!…lolz..I love Alice in wonderland.yet here I guys it’s Alex in terribleland….I think we should send all our piece of shit people over there to be housed in their prisons..you know like the pedos and trash population….apparently they give out free beheadings there…

    1. But I will say I believe we should send all our trash convicts over there instead of wasting all our tax dollars to feed..clothe..and shelter pedos and shit have em go to a Brazilian prison and see how that goes….lolz…apparently fuck with the wrong people and you can lose your mind fucking around in those prisons….literally..

    2. But I will say I believe we should send all our trash convicts over there instead of wasting all our tax dollars to feed..clothe..and shelter these pieces of shit have em go to a Brazilian prison and see how that goes….lolz…apparently fuck with the wrong people and you can lose your mind fucking around in those prisons….literally..

    1. Happy Birthday to Capricorn, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to youu
      ( Acoustic guitar playing at the background) And thanks for all beheadings who took their time to come here to make gunkgirls day happier. bless you
      You say its your birthday. We”re gonna have good time. Yes we are going to party
      Im glad its your birthday. Happy birthday. Dance…

    1. Brazilian prisons are not actually ‘prisons’ but a mini city with gates, closing it from the outside world. The guards are just there to make sure they don’t go out, and other than that, the prison belongs to the inmates.

      They have all sorts of things there, guns, hookers, drugs, cellphones, they can kill at will and the deaths are rarely investigated, they engage in shootings and there’s little the guards can do others than wait for the shooting to stop, etc.

      You might as well kill yourself if you ever happen to land in one of these prisons. You’ll never leave alive either way.

  3. All jokes aside, these assholes probably had it coming, although there are innocents who end up in these shit havens. It’s downright sad that this type of event doesn’t surprise me anymore. I can understand killing someone in a hellish place like that, but then to go ahead and mutilate and play with the corpses like some adolescent who just got his first BB gun and decided to break her in at the ol frog pond?

    Humanity is the virus of life. I am glad however, for this site opening my eyes to the truth. Seeing true colors after removing the rose-colored glasses society puts over our eyes as we are brought up and brainwashed, indoctrinated into the gluttonous machine that is government and Zionism. A wise man once said “Tune in, and drop out.”

    1. Well put counting..it’s crazy the shit we see on here huh?..I’m so grateful MM started this site and for the people on here who keep it alive…..I’ve already brought my whole house full (minus the kids of course) plus more here..more then a few times and I even get asked if new posts are up yet and if they can see em…I guess people are afraid of coming here on their own…but yeah…I love bringing others here and watching their wool fall off..it’s great… 🙂

      1. Same here. I don’t have kids unfortunately( long story), so I don’t have to worry about that, but I’ve turned almost all my co-workers on to BG. We’ll have conversations for hours about the stories we see on the site, and a couple of them are curious but too sheltered to visit the site so I’m also always asked about updates. Makes me feel “in the know” and there’s almost a togetherness about it.

        I agree too that it is very cool watching their “wool fall off” as you so eloquently put it 😉 Maybe if people like us can get enough of the sheep to learn to accept the shears and open their eyes, humanity may someday still have a chance.

        1. That’s what I’m hoping to do…shear as much wool as possible…that’s awesome your co-workers are open minded enough to be willing to come here…we’re lucky..not everyone is..I’ve been considered a freak of nature because I love this site so much..but now those who thought that are regular lurkers here….lolz…I hope MM’s proud of us for opening others eyes!!..I know that’s the reason why this site’s here… 🙂

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