Rival Stabbed and Beheaded by Primeiro Comando da Capital in Brazil

Rival Stabbed and Beheaded by Primeiro Comando da Capital in Brazil

In Brazil, a man was stabbed to death and beheaded. The video shows the aftermath of his killing.

According to the info I got, the man was killed by members of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) as part of their “eliminating the rivals” and turf control initiatives.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Rival Stabbed and Beheaded by Primeiro Comando da Capital in Brazil”

  1. Blood and brown skin. Hmm….

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  2. Wow back to savage city it is. Oh how we missed Brazil!! Just by a video miss NOT I wanna be there miss. Look at the Achilles’ tendons cut. Reminds me of HOSTEL. Please please please let me go. You want to go??? Yes yes yes. Cuttt. You’re free to go. Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh. Epic scene. Wow they are savage!! Much respect to Brazil. Feeding ground for psycho paths and in humane death!!!

    1. Much of it is due to business. CV and PCC are fighting over control of the drug traffic routes across the border and drug market in Brazil. The gangs are powerful. I read once that PCC has contacts with the ‘Ndrangheta so as to export cocaine to Europe.

      1. Fuck yeah they got connections. Money talks. Think about the United States. The portal and fuel of drugs is mexico. Billions of dollars a year. Money equals corruption. It’s way bigger Then any army to stop this trade. If they really legalized all drugs we wouldn’t have many videos to watch. They would never do such a thing. I don’t even think it could be slowed down. DRUGS are AND will continue to win the war on them.

          1. The thing is that the problem is not only the traffickers, who provide the supply. Usually they are from some poor Latin American country and just spot an opportunity to make the most amount of cash in the condition they were born in. There has to be a look on the demand side of things, if there are tons and tons of cocaine entering the US, it’s because there are people sniffing it. Now, the legalization of drugs is a complicated matter. For that to happen there should be widespread education about the matter, the drugs and the effects. And even then it’s complicated, like, there are many addicts who are educated. Then there are the differences between drugs. Marijuana seems not to be much of a problem, on the contrary, some people use it for therapeutic purposes, although, apparently an excess of it may cause psychosis and so on (but then again, an excess of any drug is bound to cause problems). But when it comes to other drugs, such as crack cocaine, it’s more complicated. I wonder that if all drugs are legalized there will be more crackheads around than there are now, and I wouldn’t like to live in a society where there are lots of zombies, for criminality increases and so on. You’d probably have to shoot a few crackheads in your lifetime, that would become a nuisance. Now, take China, for instance, they used to have a huge problem with opium, which was solved only when Mao killed the traffickers, specially the big ones, and threatened to kill users who wouldn’t quit and sent some of them to labor camps. In a couple of years China had eradicated the opium problem. Now, as you see, for drugs to be eradicated this way you tend to need a strong and interventionist government, and that may constitute another problem in and of itself…

          2. @undergroundweller Drugs will never go away but if it was legalized there wouldn’t be billions of dollars in arrests and fines for our country. So why would they do that. People will die and continue to die either way. We are born w the disease of addiction. Spending money on educating children first hand THE outcome of LETS say heroin will benefit this epedemic more then locking up sick kids. When they really need treatment. The govt is finally taking their heads out of their asses because they are realizing what their greedy asses have caused. In 2004 out of nowhere everyone and their mother had a bad back and they allowed the pharmaceutical companies to flood the streets w oxycodone. They were taxing the shit out of these companies so they didn’t give a fuck. Then when kids 10 and up were dying everywhere they decided to slow it down by making Drs cut people off. Now u got people feening sick from OXY. Now the cartels are jumping w joy cause now they can flood the streets w heroin to satisfy this need at a wayyyy cheaper price. Heroin is $2?a fucking bag. Cocaine is nothing in the United States at the moment HEROIN is the thing. The drug every person says they will never do. But when they’re sick from govt made OXY withdrawal they’re jumping aboard. The govt caused this epidemic that’s a fact!! I lived it!! I’m so blessed to have made it out alive. They put legalized drugs on the street then took it away and that’s why heroin is back and bigger then ever!

  3. Hey guys, here’s a competition for you, how many people are buried in Brazil? First one to get the correct answer wins a trip to Caruaru to spend your last days in this lifetime.

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