Russian Drug Addicts Decapitate Their Friend While High on Spice

Russian Drug Addicts Decapitate Their Friend While High on Spice

According to the info I got, this happened in Russia and it was all done because of drugs.

A group of friends apparently got high on a drug they call “spice“, and while tripping, two of them decapitated a third. His headless body is in the bath tub with his feet up, while the two show his severed head for the camera all the while having a hearty giggle. Like seeing their friend headless is the funniest shit they’ve ever seen. Like beheading him was the funniest shit they’ve ever done.

Thanks a lot for the video, Nik.


I got this pic of a corpse that was found in a swamp in Russia. The corpse was decapitated and dismembered. I think it could be the same guy. Take a look guys and tell me what you think. Same guy or not?

Decapitated and Dismembered Corpse Found in Swamp in Russia

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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160 thoughts on “Russian Drug Addicts Decapitate Their Friend While High on Spice”

      1. Was thinking the same…. Also, id love to know why that guy and not one of the others. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of blood and decapitating a human head isn’t that easy especially if you aren’t familiar with anatomy and techniques… wonder what they used to do it?!!!!!

    1. @haydolf_hittler you’re making it sound like the soul could leave a body and then return.
      Idk where you get this doctrine but just cause you have some knowledge bout the other realms of existence doesn’t mean that you know exactly the working mechanisms of this occult mental planes.
      You don’t really have to have knowledge of the occult to know that the only way a soul departs/detaches from the body is at the moment that the spirit of life leaves the body.
      In other words death is the separation of body soul and spirit.
      What you said sounds like a person’s soul and body can reunite without the spirit after they have permanently divorced.
      It can’t happen like that.
      There must be a different way that makes more sense to your approach.

    2. @haydolf_hittler you’re making it sound like the soul could leave a body and then return.
      Idk where you get this doctrine but just cause you have some knowledge bout the other realms of existence doesn’t mean that you know exactly the working mechanisms of this occult mental planes.
      You don’t really have to have knowledge of the occult to know that the only way a soul departs/detaches from the body is at the moment that the spirit of life leaves the body.
      In other words death is the separation of body soul and spirit.
      What you said sounds like a person’s soul and body can reunite without the spirit after they have permanently divorced.
      It can’t happen like that.
      There must be a different way that makes more sense to your approach.

      1. “It can’t happen like that.”

        You have no proof, just like the guy you are arguing with. if you do, present evidence (I’ll take a research paper from accredited source). So why not shut the fuck up and let other people believe what they believe?

      1. One time we held my friend’s brother down and squeezed mustard up his ass. It was spicy mustard too so you know that shit burned his insides like a mofo, most of us got a good laugh….ahhh good times. Haa just joking(or am I??)lol

      2. I have a friend who super glued her ex-husband’s penis to his thigh. He had to take a trip to the hospital to get it sorted out. She caught him watching porno and jerking off in the living room with the kids asleep in their room. Rule was only in the locked bedroom where the kids could not accidentally see it. He was drunk and passed out with his cock in his hand. She taught him a lesson.
        “Stuck on you…”

    1. I was damn hellion did all sorts of crazy shit. way too young to be clowning around as I was. I did shit I am not proud of, lame stuff no real bodily injury , super soaked some prostitutes. set massive field on fire, accidentally. broke some stuff , tore wallpaper off hotel room to reveal lovely pattern beneath. but I finished the peel, didn’t leave it all jacked up. but hell it was all done with crazy pack of friends and alcohol and weed and maybe bit of acid , shit was fun but all I did on that was stare at stuff and drink a lot of beer and weed,shit just disappears on that. notgoing to lie if I ever met up with my onks id laugh my ass off reliving crazy shit we did. but was rather harmless and never got heavy never stole anything but Pabst beer from parents and hell no was no heroin or meth I haven’t a clue what ecstasy is and I had to google spice. what a shit drug. and what a shitty end for headless fella regardless what brought them together.
      sick kids

      1. “Spice” the nastiest high I’ve ever experienced.
        I took one single big ass hit off of a one footer and before I could exhale or as I was exhaling I had a religious experience unlike anything I’ve gone through.
        I truly felt like if I was gonna die.
        My hearth was pumping/beating so rapidly I thought I was gonna have a hearth attack and I remember walking a bit all dazed out and felt the need to grab/hold on to a fence cause it felt like I could collapse. My corporal temperature went higher than my high and had to grab the hose and let water just pour in my head to cool me down for like 20 fucking minutes.
        “Spice” ain’t no joke if you ever want or consider using it be sure that that shit is a trippy high and take it slow until you feel what it does to your body.
        I’ve known people who smoke spice like tobacco and they don’t get all crazy and shit.
        In California where I’m from you can walk in to most every smoke shop and buy a $10, $20 bag of spice with no problem. Not even ID required if you look +18yrs.

        I’m rolling a blunt as I Swype and I’m feeling tempted to…. Nevermind, I was thinking of spicing shit up a little bit but I’m cool on that.
        Who knows if today’s spice is the same as the spice 3-4 yrs ago. I’m gonna pass on this one…
        Peace ✌

        1. I’ve had two horrible experiences, once with Salvia, the other with Mr. Nice Guy.
          With Salvia, I ended up screaming until I lost my voice because of the horrible hallucinations, backing myself into the bedroom closet.
          The Mr. Nice Guy gravity bong hit, rocked my whole comprehension of the universe.. Then after believing that I was dying from a heart attack, I searched for a sharp object to kill myself with, fortunately it was a jigsaw, and they wrestled it from me before reaching the outlet.
          Then, I jump up like a enraged maniac, bolt for the door, scream like a banshee, kick over a crotch rocket, and bolted for the woods, becoming Rambo, tearing pieces of my shirt off to throw ‘them’ off my trail, rubbing dirt and leaves on me to blend.. I showed up four miles away after coming back to my senses. Completely not fucking cool. I will never be tempted to try that synthetic kibble again.

          1. they used to sell it at gas stations. don’t even think you had to be 18 to buy. I just remember big crusade to ban it not even ten years ago. seems on level of inhaling aerosol cans for a buzz. stupid. drink some PBR , from a can even. make you tough

    1. only thing that would remotely justify that would be if he tried to rape them but even then I bet they’d cut off his dick. that is ghoulish, how did them fucked up kids over take him? maybe it would be best if he was passed out drunk

      1. When people are/get high on these new readily available drugs they basically can’t die that easily.
        I have beaten motherfuckers trying to rob me that are so fucking wired/lit up that it’s unbelievable the amount of blunt blows they can take without feeling then and without being knocked out.
        I’ve even ran a couple of them over and straight hit them with my car sending them flying good ten feet into the air and they get up like if nothing has happened.
        Then a few days later they’re sporting black eyes and casts in their arms from broken bones and are all complaining bout feeling like they got hit by a train and shit.
        But at that moment they truly don’t feel shit.

          1. Maybe they were on some bath salts called Flakka. Look it up. Its hella funny. Some guy ran butt ass naked and jumped straight through this minivan’s back window lol. Not only that, but this other guy straight ran into traffic and tried to jump through a guy’s windshield. They call it the ‘Zombie Drug’ cause apparently some people actually start eating other people too

  1. I’ll just be laughing my head off when those dickbrains get found out and sent to prison.
    Chumps who can’t even handle their drugs. Betas trying to ham it up to look tough.
    If you can’t handle it, don’t do it. Ain’t rocket science.

  2. On the other hand, the decapitated guy may have wanted this done to him. We don’t really know the whole story here, and there have been cases where guys answer ads to be voluntarily killed. The one that I remembered the most vividly is a German guy who answered an ad to have his dick cut off, and both the killer and the victim cooked the dick and ate it, before the victim was left to bleed to death in a bathtub. Might this be another such a case?

    1. @Asian Dong
      That is in fact a sensible suggestion – that he may even have want it done to him.
      I remember that weird German bloke you suggest who wanted to be killed and eaten. They did in fact cut his dick off and eat it. That dead German must now be burning in Hell for committing suicide. I hope realising his fantasy was worth it.

    2. @Asian Dong: I once worked in a jail psych unit where we confiscated a letter with a picture of a pretty girl. The girl wrote her mate that she had a fantasy of being decapitated by him and him fuck her bloody esophagus. Humans are capable of whatever they can imagine. Nothing surprises me anymore

    1. Agreed bro. And by the way @svarg where do you reside man, in Europe, or in North America?? I don’t want to know what city, or even what Country brother, i am just curious to know if there is a major drug problem where you live, that’s all.

    2. @svarg26 based on your comment I doubt that you’ve ever put hands on a person that is really high on anything.
      You’ve probably never even gotten in a fight before.
      If you did that just because of that then the real retard is you.
      A real motherfucker doesn’t waste energy kicking the shit out of retards who abuse drugs.
      That’s dumb af.
      Maybe you should consume drugs, see if that helps with the nonsensical fantasies of yours.

      1. i nearly kicked the shit out of a retarded cunt this morning. so, i don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. mother fucker was walking around like a zombie high on some shit, eyeballs popping out of his head. i usually clean my area of trash. the cunt was lucky.

    3. True story in my younger days.

      My friend and I pulled up to my driveway as mom was watering the lawn.
      I open up passenger door and proceeded into the house then I can hear my mom ask/tell my friend… “I know why you come here when I’m at work, you come here just to do drugs”

      My friend looks at my mom and responds… “No senora, yo no hago las drogas.. Las drogas ya estan hechas””

      I just started LMAO like crazy…
      That was some funny shit!

      Basically my friend told my mom that he didn’t do drugs that drugs are already made…

  3. This, ladies and gentlemen, is atavism in action. This is a primordial force: the genes of the Slavic peasant compounded with Mongol fury. Stalin knew the secret of the Russki DNA and that was why he was so successful in transforming a nation of village idiots into one of the leading lights of the world. God bless Mother Russia. God bless Comrade Stalin. God bless the CHEKA/NKVD/KGB/FSB.

    1. You better Watch-Out @Alois, My Good B G-Brother,,, because Mark, or @vincitomniaveritas is Slavic Himself, and he might just hunt you down, Grab you by that Flower-Child Wearing 60’s Afro, and end-up Cutting Your Head-Off, Dude. 🙁 And Then, He Will Send It Back To Your Mother In A Cardboard Box, So you better “”Run Like Hell””

    1. Vlad won’t see the funny side and neither do I to your idiotic post. Uri is not even a Russian name, you premium dork. You sound as thick as Kopfsammler, that braindead Portugese dago feigning Deutschtum.

      1. Sooo… What exactly are you trying to say here.??
        I mean, if you use ambiguous language like this people are going to struggle to grasp your meaning.!
        I think your congratulating me for my original & witty post.
        Then you go on to tell me how clever you think I am.
        I don’t know how you could know that I’m so great in bed but thank you for your compliment anyway!
        It’s so nice when someone is nice to you, it makes you feel all gooey & tickly inside.!
        Thank you.
        Same right back at you.

      2. YOU, are a fucking disgrace to mankind @Alois,,, and should not cut down our Veteran B-G Brother @Derkopfsammler cause You are the one who Looks, & Writes exactly like Don King’s retarded, Illegitimate Son, and Buckwheat Impersonator, “”Gumbo the Silly Clown”” with your Flower-Child, Retro-Sixty’s,,, Jizz-Catching-Afro, that you think looks cool on you,Newbie Troll.

    1. Don’t blame drugs. I have consumed lots of strange substances during my lifetime and never did it occur to me to resort to violence, although I hail from a ‘clan’ of soldiers. This is far more deep-seated than than the mere abuse of ‘wrong’ drugs.

      1. You hail from a “clan” of super soldiers do you.?
        So your camouflaged as a mentalist gayboy narcissistic junkie fag that people love to hate.?
        Is that your “deep cover” is it.? You’re just waiting for the call to arms, then you & your “clan” are going to strike.!
        I should know.!
        I hail from a “clan of super human cyborg homo fag hunter/killers”.
        I mean do you really think people are going to respect someone who claims to “hail from a clan of soldiers”.??
        ROFL, ROFL, ROFL.!
        Did your mummy say to you..”who’s my little soldier then.. Yes.. You are.. Yes you are. ”
        Now stop crying my little soldier.. We’re all sad that” one direction have split up”.!

          1. Thanks mate, calling them out & showing them up is the only way to ensure the rest of us normal people can see who they are, and then avoid them.!
            Would you be Mark, as in the creator of this site Mark.?
            Forgive my ignorance but I’m quite new to posting messages.
            I usually just watch the vids for a few minutes then fuck off somewhere else.
            There seems to be a very strong comunity on this site, so please don’t take the piss out of me if It looks like I don’t know what I’m talking about.!
            P. S. I’ve got some photos of inside my mouth when I had all of my teeth pulled out.
            I’d been a heroin addict for about 17 or 18 years & when I finally kicked it I went to the dentist & he sent me to hospital to have them all yanked.
            Anyway most of the gums came with them & exposed all the jaw bones.
            That & some of the remaining infection sites is a bit gory’ish.
            I’ve thought about posting them but I’m not sure that’s something people would want to see.??
            I can tell you it was the worst pain I’ve ever known.!!
            Anyway.. See ya.!

  4. That is why the only illegal drugs that i now do, is smoke Hash (Pure,,, not repressed Hashish), Yummy. 🙂 Although i do take my daily dose of prescribed Painkillers, no more hard
    street drugs for this dude, as i did my share ( enough to last me a lifetime), when i was a younger man. Do you Boys, & Girls honestly think that i became “This Weird, & Strange Fucking Arsehole of a dude” just because of my good looks??? C’Mon now,,, there usually is a good reason for why a person act the way that they do, yea, lol, ?? 😉

  5. dear site admin in reference to UPDATE I would like to register my opinion as yes. yes I believe that is our decedent.

    I look forward to unprecedented double UPDATE or how about newly formed ADDENDUM.

    hey I could collect all the votes and tally and have our decision by 2pm Tuesday. submit proposal and done . less work for you

    EDIT : lol. smile already geez

  6. Best Gore should have a livecam chat comment section to add to the written comment section.
    And a like or unlike click button.
    Who gives a fuck that FB and IG have this feature.
    The likes or unlikes would pretty much sum up Bestgorian’s community collective mind as a whole.
    Then you can say who is the most “popular” BG members based on likes and who is the least based on dislikes.
    (Not that I gives two fucks about it)

    That’s a more making sense “popularity status” way as opposed to the one this site currently goes by by who has the most friends.
    That makes sense but not too much cause everyone can navigate the site and endlessly send friend’s request to all registered members.

    1. he looks same to me, be ideal to see side of his head in video. get a look at his ear and how low/high he was cut on neck for comparison. I’m seeing same clothes, kinda looks like tattoos on tub arms. I am not seeing age difference you speak of but that is ok as this is what this time is for. to analyze , collect data , brainstorm and make our decision. think it out we have until tomorrow evening as I will need first few hours of tuesday to type up submission and fine tune spreadsheet as we have 2pm deadline. I could try to extend to 6pm but I would rather not do that. thank you

  7. It’s hard to tell, I keep looking at the body in the tub and the pic, you can see the left arm looks like a full sleeve as does in the pick. The head to me is different. There is at least 2 inches of skin coming down from left ear in video but pic only looks like maybe an inch. Skin can shrivel though. Both had black pants.. why these guys video is such low quality is shitty with all the hi quality video recording devices out there!

  8. Spice. That shit is no joke. I’ve witnessed, in Manchester city centre, numerous people in a zombified state after smoking it.
    Highly addictive, too, apparently.
    Basically, these idiots are smoking highly toxic chemicals which are sprayed onto random bits of plant vegetation. This shit can kill without doubt, and in this case, was the conduit to a highly amusing slaughter (to the friends), of their toxic shite smoking victim/pal.
    What a world.

  9. I smoke that shit for some years to me all it does is make me pass out but only when I’m chilling but the chemicals in it fucks you up when you run out so yeah it’s fucked up in a bad way damn I gotta quit lol

  10. @vincitomniaveritas 100% The same guy, right down to the pants, socks, and that distinguishable face. So it is undoubtedly him, for sure. I betya that those 2 gumby’s are not laughing so much now that they have discovered the body.

  11. so many questions this video leaves me. were they laughing simply at how funny it was that his head was cut off? or is that the left over steam from how funny cutting it off was? if you’re going to make a video damning enough to put you away for life in the wrong hands, then you might as well do it well, damn it.

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