Russian Man Gets His Throat Slashed and Left to Bleed by Chechens

Russian Man Gets His Throat Slashed and Left to Bleed by Chechens

A video filmed deep in a forest shows a group of four Chechen Mujahedeen (three carry the execution out, one films it) executing a young Russian soldier by slashing his throat and leaving him to slowly bleed. The boy is laid on his side with hands tied behind his back as three Chechens have him pinned down to the ground. Epic beard Chechen then cuts into his trachea and just deep enough to severe the arteries so the blood keeps being pumped out.

Gagged Russian struggles to breathe as his captors show a sign of satisfaction that they’ve successfully put him through hell. Beheading the boy all the way would have ended his misery faster. They wanted to make him suffer so he dies slowly realizing the end is coming, but not fast enough.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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166 thoughts on “Russian Man Gets His Throat Slashed and Left to Bleed by Chechens”

  1. God damn, I’ve had myself a lazy morning, sitting in bed under these warm blankets- just relaxing. Then I watch this clip and all of a sudden, I’m ready to get up and do something! Not sure how that happened from watching this- but it did! Lol

    On another note- I felt for the guy. The fact that the middle fuck could sit there and watch with a big grin was slightly disturbing! Actually more disturbing to me than the actual throat slashing. Whatevs, but it was a nice and unusually motivating post for me. Lol

    1. Lol I see what you mean, I was half wishing the beard guy would turn on the smirking guy and be like “surprise!”… Oh well, maybe next time.

      I am also having a lazy morning however I am not going to move until I absolutely have too. Maybe finish catching up on Walking Dead or House of Cards..

      1. I was thinking the same, man it would have been great if knife guy would have turned on the others, except for the cameraman of course. I dont know, even then, seeing knife man running towards cameraman, lots of screaming, then a shot of blood on leaves would have made an excellent end to this video!

          1. For some reason I had to read the comments about this video first. Here goes. I will watch for smiley and the grimace of the blademaster.

      2. @15-That would’ve been nice and totally thrown me for a loop! Dude that did the slicing was affected to an extent by what he did- even if just temporarily. His face gave a creepy and almost distant expression. The guy next to him however, was loving every second of being there!

        1. I felt for the guy too. And I agree on that distant expression, you’re absolutely right. He did express just a TAD bit of, “Damn, what did I just do?” there. Pretty cutthroat if you ask me. Sorry, I couldn’t help the bad pun.

      1. @love- that’s what I’m going to call you from now on! Hope you don’t mind- but ooh well if you do! 😉 Disturbing is most definitely a ordinary word around these parts, but not much actually disturbs me. There’s a few that have though and fuck me, they are in my head as fresh as my clean white cotton hi-cut panties! Lol

        1. I recon when he cut the guy, within seconds its as if the russian is relieved, by his breathing or should i say lack of and his body seems to kinda relax. Maybe i’m wrong, but who gives a fuck. “RIP..Soldier”

    2. I was thinking about having my barber shave off my four month beard with a straight edge until I saw this. Now I think I’ll just go out and buy a pack of disposables and do it myself…carefully.

    3. I can’t believe how time and time again I see these videos and the victims just sit there. Sorry motherfucker but I wouldnt go out so easy. I would be tortured or shot. Fuck sitting there waiting for an axe, knife or chainsaw. Kick, squirm, try to fucking run. Call their mother’s every name you can think of, something.

      1. @bone I agree. I’d fight like hell, but in all reality they know they’re going to die no matter what so most (not all) just lay there & hope their killer gets it over with as quick & painless as possible. unfortunately this poor guy had it the other way around.

      2. That has always baffled me too. Sometimes I think they’re drugged but that’s unlikely as their executioners probably wouldn’t want to show such mercy. I would indeed be as much of a pain in the ass as I could, so much that they would say “FUCK just shoot him!”

    4. Wtf the guy is having his last breath’s and I have to look at shaggy the Muslim! Camera man should have his fingers cut off, fucking incompetent wanker. As for the 3 failed immigrants he’s filming I’m just glad they never made the grade to benefit scrounge in my country.

  2. Ok @ Juicy & BB, I noticed a comment from BB a few posts back about plane tickets, did I miss the planning of a BG members meeting?! If so, I want details, cause Im definitely up for it. (Unless this is just between you and BB Juicy, then just tell me to fuck off, but we three I think could have some hot 3way action 😉

    1. @rebelk- No BG meetup planned just yet, we’re still ironing out the details in the venue which if I remember correctly was near Chernobyl. @WM is heading up that one I believe. Yes, @BB and I have been “seeing” each other for a while and he’s moving out here to Cali, with me. Not sure how it all happened but after exchanging countless emails, millions of calls and pictures, pictures and more pictures- we fell in love! I know that he’s “the one” because of his love for bloody gore and his thirst for constant sex! Haha!! 😉 He doesn’t want me to make any plans for the next few weeks- he says we’ll be busy and tied up indoors- lol, but I’m sure we’d be down for some “3 way action” after the jet-lag wears off. We’ll be in touch.. 😉

        1. Broke…..on an earlier post someone brought up your oxy addiction. Suboxone is awesome. I’m on it for opiate addiction. Is you ever have any questions….hit me up. I was badddddd…..I have never come across anyone that took as many pills as me. Been a few months since I quit. No withdrawl…its crazy how much better youd feel

          1. Thanks Doll, I will be leaving for California this week and will be bringing a two month supply. After that I was hoping to quit cold turkey with J’s support but I know that the withdrawals will be pure hell. Guess I should have planned it better but I will keep your advise in mind just in case.

      1. They don’t care about showing their faces, they want everyone to know who they are so that the people can be scared of them and who they stand for. But I also expect them to be dead very soon. If that does happen, I want to watch the video of them dying a nice slow death.

      1. I think there’s a vast difference between allowing someone the freedom to enjoy their own sexuality however they see fit, and murderers and terrorists who delight in things such as this. Get your shit together.

    1. @Lovin it harsh-
      They?re a cowards,just like all the muslim rats are,and this video,along with others with chechen pests in it,is a solid proof.Beslan,on the other hand,is a prime example of who the muslims really are-Satan?s dogs!

  3. I always find these executions by Chechens the worst. Partly as they seem to take a sadistic pleasure in it and partly because it always seems so much creepier in a forest than in a dessert. Maybe it’s because the landscape is similar to my own so it’s easier to inadvertantly imagine myself being in that position.

      1. In England we don’t have anything scarier than squirrels in our woods and forests. Even so, the slightest russle of leaves and I freak out. It would be like being in a horror film knowing there were chechens creeping about.

  4. Out of all best gore videos, I really cant stand to watch this. The sound he makes just as he cuts into his beck almost made me vomit for some reason. This video is tremendously brutal… I feel so bad for the victim.. Absolutely hideous way to die.

          1. yes, ive seen a few things in my short time here on earth. and its not so much that i enjoy the videos, but its real life. these things are likely to happen to anyone. and as and empath i do “feel” what the victim does. its an odd thing to explain. maybe someday it wont be so hard. but this video was just barbaric….

          1. its the only way to get used to real life. not the media’s version of life. these types of videos and any involving children upset me to a degree. childrem more so than this mostly because having a child myself hits home directly. these types just effect me emotionally because i can almost feel it happening.

  5. If you go down to the woods today,
    You’re sure of a big surprise.
    If you go down to the woods today,
    You’d better go in disguise.
    For every Chechen bear that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain because
    Today’s the day the Chechen bears have their picnic.

    Picnic time for Chechen bears;
    The bearded Chechen bears are having a lovely time today.
    Watch us catch them unawares,
    And see them picnic on their holiday.
    See them gaily gad about.
    They love to cut and shout,
    They never have any cares.
    At six o’clock their mummies and daddies
    Will take them home to bed
    Because they’re tired little Chechen bears.

    Apologies to Henry Hall

    1. Woah guys this video made me feel better too! I was feeling depressed, I actually cut yesterday, after wwtching this I just want to go out and do stuff. Maybe I’ll take a walk with my dogs 🙂 thank you best gore!

        1. Lmfao. She usually flips and goes like “eww im not watching that, its gross!” after I ask her to watch something. Once showed her the blue balls case on here, she threw up on the carpet 2 seconds later.

    1. A lot are Islamic extremists, Sunnis to be exact, but I don’t blame them being against Russia at all. Though, I do believe all Muslims should be killed. They were part of the Soviet Union, now they are Chechnya, or the Chechen Republic, a republic of Russia.

  6. Note to self: If I’m a Russian soldier, never get captured alive by these bearded bastards.

    The sounds of that boy inhaling his own blood through his cut trachea is unforgettable.

  7. Heres hoping these three met up with a few Spetznaz some time after this. The vid on here quite some time ago where the Rebels did this to all those young Russian sodiers…when those fuckers were caught, word is the let them spend some quality time with some Spetznaz. The Spetznaz knew better than to film the payback less it get leaked. Maybe, that even works to their advantage. They leave it up to evyones imagination, and based on what we do know about their brutality, wow. I can imagine alot.

  8. I don’t understand how someone could do this to another human.. I mean, I like gore and everything but I could never do this to someone unless they did something equally as bad to me. Just the sound the guy makes as they cut into his neck.. I can’t imagine being in his position.

  9. That was pretty deep. The sounds he made just before the cut were horrific. Strange to see when most people just sit there and take it. Damn…

    Side note: Mark, it would be great if you had a facebook-esque feature where you could “friend” members and be made aware when they comment. Or at least get an email when someone replies to a comment. Just a thought man, keep the posts coming! 😀

  10. I can’t imagine the fear this poor guy was going through, knowing some bearded cunt is going to slice his whole throat open. The adrenaline in that moment must be absolutely INSANE. Like the worst fight or flight response you’ve ever had multiplied by a 1000.

  11. This one provided me with a nightmare last night. The almost good-natured pleading, the way they held his legs down, and the awful rasping last breaths did it, I guess.

    Or maybe that he was slaughtered precisely and exactly the same way they slaughter sheep there. Gah!

  12. For me, this was just as bad as the dagestan video. The guy saw what was comming and used his last words as pleas of mercy.
    Its the first time Iv ever seen a terrorist show signs of guilt though. Saying that, it could just be how he always looks.
    Lets face it, the kindest most peaceful man/woman could become these men, with just a correct push. For me, its my kids, the very thought of anything happening to them is my ultimate nightmare, i couldnt contemplate life without them, maybe the bearded guy was like me until his nightmare came true, then he became one to others.
    As for the victim, I hope ther is a heaven for him, its a horrible thought that, that was his last sensation in existence. thats the agnostic in me. I hope your family never sees this, and your remembered as a hero to them.

  13. I saw a beheading 2 nights ago and right after i went to bed, maybe 3 hours later, i dreamed i got my throat cut it felt like a weird itchy sharp feeling or like a parer cut for 5 to 6 seconds. my throat was getting cut by one guy i knew, the other’s i did not see their face good and my body all of a sudden felt like it was falling down which i did fall off the bed and woke up .

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