Russian Army Chief Beheaded with an Axe in Chechnya

Russian Army Chief Beheaded with an Axe in Chechnya

This old gore classic was filmed long before any of modern digital cameras came to exist. This fact is reflected in the quality of the image.

What’s known about this video is that it was filmed in Chechnya (conflict in that part of the world has been going on for decades). Where it gets a little bit conflicting is in who decapitated who. The most common conclusion is that it’s a Russian army chief who was beheaded by Chechen rebels so I’m gonna go with that notion.

Despite its age and awful quality, the video is incredibly brutal in the way the execution was carried out. The victim had his neck placed on a tree stump like a chicken and had a masked militant chop at it full swing with an axe. Unlike Saudi Arabia beheadings by sword (cutting took with long blade), I don’t think this beheading was done after first swing. Unfortunately, there is a cut in the video so how many chops it took to severe the head completely with the axe is left for the debate. I’m betting there had to be a few of them.

Brutal axe beheading:

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          1. ballymun is most defo rough….but we dont walk around with knives or guns……we sort it out the old fashioned way….with our hands and feet… have to know how to fight to live where i live

          2. yup i am not from there but i know the areas well – living in IE for 7 years – Balbriggan (jungle) … hint: finglas — the public transport is not going there after 7pm, and thats a part of capital city… not the worsest in the world but scary! 🙂

          3. @Razorblade_Grin you know whats funny? really funny? i know Gary!!! sound lad! i went with him few times out… 🙂 saludos :))) what a small world we are living in… take care.. 🙂 keep it up

      1. That shit was legendary.

        We heard about it across the water… Who would have thought that a couple of Irish prostitutes could have murdered someone so efficiently.

        Did they ever find any of the remains of the skull?

        I remember one of them took the head to a park and smashed it up with a brick.

      1. That iguana is bad business man.
        the whore banged me then she stole my television and ran off with my half snake/half pine tree.
        Tell your squirrel to marry my little gecko, He has a beautiful smile

    1. Putin’s a little corrupt mobster that handed over most of Russia’s riches to a handful of JEW OLIGARCHS that act as partial frontmen of his own inmense fortune, while the rest of the population is about as fucked up as in BRAZIL…….what kind of nazis are you two? Henry Ford would had given you two thumbs down…

      1. That’s sheepy thinking, trooper. The fact that the prices of most commodities that Russia exports (oil, coal, metals, natural gas, etc) skyrocketed in the last 10 years helped a lot more than Putin’s “enlightened leadership”…..the dependence of most europe on natural gas imports from Russia doesn’t hurt either (where are these 100% oinglish coal heaters??), and it will become deeper as gay euro-retard pseudoambientalists protest against nuclear plants. In political terms, Russia is still run by a Stalinist bureaucracy plebiscited for 4 or 6 year terms.
        Banana Republic Sheepy population also thinked that the economic boom of the last 10 years was due to (retarded) Kirchners “political savvyy”; while the fact remains that its just the dumb luck that China’s demand made a bubble out of agro-commodities like soybean, combined with the leonine taxes imposed to agro exports, that’s about it. When this bubble blows to shit im going to laugh my balls off watching who they blame for the upcoming armaggedon (the british and the fucklanders?? obama??) hahahaha….Retardland….

        1. True.

          The commodities boom is responsible for the vast majority of Russian growth.

          But my reasoning is as such…

          The fact that Putin managed to hook all of Europe on his ‘commodities’ is an act of Genius anyway!

          And the way he treats the bastard Russian Muslims in Chechenya/ Dagestan is something we all can take a lesson from in dealing with our own Snackbar problems.

          He takes no prisoners in people fucking with his command.

          I agree with you about China being one, big, bastard bubble set to POP in about 5 years.

          I learnt a terrible fact a while ago, that highlights the severity of the Chinese bubble.

          3/4s of all Apartments and residences in Peking are unoccupied.

          They are owned as second homes by rich feckers looking to cash in on the House bubble.

          The crash is going to fall down hard on all our ears.

          The beginning of the New world order. One should hope.

        2. hehehe, its not an act of geniusness, he’s just sitting on the biggest oil and gas reserves in the world (discovered and surveyed by the Commies in times when they would had saved a lot of money by just importing from Saudi Arabia). It’s like cement, an “open doors business”: you open the doors, set the price and prople just flock to buy.
          Regarding the anhilation of Akburs in Chechynia and Daguestan, that’s been going on well before Putin’s term, if i’m not mistaken most of those classic gore vids about russian conscripts getting beheaded are from our drunk matie Boris Yelstin’s era. By now, these “white akburs” should have find out that playing akbur-terrorism with the URSS-Russia was the biggest mistake in akbur history since some akbur from Baghdad thinked it would be cool to riot against the timur mongols and behead their garrison in the city…..

    2. Putin is a no-nonsense Brute of a man.

      He sticks up for his Nation’s interests.

      Back when he became President in 1999, Russia was in the middle of a depression twice as severe as the Great Depression in the USA.

      Not too mention the ravages of Drug addiction and AIDS that was burning through the country at an alarming rate.

      Putin stabilised the economy. And tore down the Mafias that ruled most of the country with a brutality that would put Stalin to shame.

      Of course people would say that he just replaced one mafia with another.

      But the fact is inescapable.

      Putin increased the average wage for a Russian from $77 a month in 1999 to $1,200 a month in 2008.

      A pretty impressive record. The ends justify the means in my book.

  1. HiiYAH!

    Now I’m no expert in the chopping off of heads, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have him face down over the stump, thereby exposing the ever so stubborn spinal cord to the first whack of the axe? Or maybe they just like looking foolish?

    Either way… Off with his head!

  2. I love this conflict almost as much as I like watching people in flip-flops get dropped. This more so however, as the rate at which flip-flop owners get dropped is just ludicrously high. Anyways, this guy should help me with my lumber.

  3. This is hot Russian army chief !he just construction worker ,he and 2 hi is freands been capture by Chechen gunsters. this is Russian staile raceteering femile not pay in time they chop head of

  4. Who gives a fuck? Just some fucker getting killed.

    It does not factor into much. This is what I’ve come to realize about violence, it’s usually just a means to an end. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter, not the by the time you resort to violence at least.

    I find this all highly amusing.

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