Russian Documentary on Atrocities Perpetrated by Chechen Extremists

Russian Documentary on Atrocities Perpetrated by Chechen Extremists

This documentary is basically a compilation of videos of Russian people killed by Chechen rebels. The commentary is in Russia, but even for us who don’t understand it, there’s a lot of interesting footage, including some old gore classic, such as the Chechclear Video aka Beheading of Yevgeny Rodionov. Because Chechen rebels are Muslim extremists, many executions are carried out by beheading the captives. There are several beheading videos throughout the 13 minutes long documentary.

Chechen rebels are a group of separatists from the North Caucasus region of Russia. They lived under Moscow’s control for centuries but after the fall of the Soviet Union, the rebels launched a bloody campaign for autonomy. The insurgency resulted in two significant wars, but slowed down after the Shamil Basayev, leader of the Chechen rebels was killed in July 2006. The rebels are however regrouping and terrorist attacks from their ranks continue. Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB), a Chechen terrorist group considered by the US Department of State to be the primary channel for Islamic funding of the Chechen guerillas is said to have close ties with Al Qaeda.

Chechnya has a population of about 1 million people most of whom are Sunni Muslims. Second Chechen war which lasted from 1999 to 2009 resulted in death of an estimated 300,000 Chechens and 15,000 Russian soldiers. In 2002, The United Nations named Grozny – capital city of Chechnya “the most destroyed city on the planet.” The documentary is below. Russia is far from innocent but since this is their video, it is one sided and only portrays the Chechen rebels as the bad guys:

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      1. Agreed! “Muslims must be stopped”?…How the fuck do you stop a whole idea?..Islam claims to be a religion of peace,this video shows the true Islam!..If you are in Britain?..join your local EDL division,we protest against Sharia Law and all it’s evils!..NSE.

        1. the EDL really

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  1. Great film with WITH THE HUGE exception of the EXTREAM FAGGY RUSSIAN DANCING. What the fuck was all that gay shit about?
    The dude that was having a conversation (although be it a short one) with the dude that shot him, stripped him of his sleeves and then CUT OFF HIS FUCKING HEAD was a pretty gnarly part.
    At least the guy was still alive, unlike pissing or cutting on corpeses. This was something that one COULD actually feel for the dude. Pretty hard to feel sympathatic over a few DEAD dune-coons.
    Thanks for this one Mark, oh, and by the way, even if you copy and paste the info leading into the video/pics that you post, you do a very intresting and well worded work. If you write that shit yourself then you must have a fucking degree in history and study this shit 20 hours a day!

  2. durp……i’m gonna really appreciate if someone make a subtutlte of this movie….

    anyway, god;; it’s sooo terrible.

    i’m really glad that that kind of things doesn’t happenning in korea, where i live, but it’s also hurt my feeling inside
    that those kind of unhummanity things still occuring
    in north korea, right abbove to north only 100km away.

    i’m typing a keyboard by smartphone now, right next to the hell.

  3. At some point is like Dancing with the stars, but instead of kicking the losers out of the show, they get them fingers blow off, shot in the head and beheaded….mmm, wait, got make a phone call.
    [Hello FOX?, good morning i’ve got an idea for a new tv show…]

  4. The Chechens, the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs…lots of crazy sadistic fucks in that part of the world that have a pemchant for videotaping their violence. Not that I was ever thinking of vactioning there anyway, but one more reason not to go that shithole corner of the world.

    1. The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs were young, stupid and curious. These fucks do it in the name of a book full of bullshit based on Muhammad’s teachings and actions. After all, Muhammad personally beheaded hundreds of men by his own hand.

    1. A Few? I don’t recall too many Mexican or Brazilin Germans in the 40’s do You?
      Aside from non-extradition, Brazil seems like a fitting place for REAL Nazi psychopaths to go spend the rest of their lives doing what they do.

      People seem to think that the darker the race, the more their brains don’t work.
      For the most part, this does seem to be the case. However, on the larger scale oh-shit factor, whites rank waaay up there, but all the shit in the east is as ever brutal as the Holocaust was, and they are both on purpose, unlike a few hundred Los Angles monkeys looting and beating the shit out of one another just because the opportunity arises to do so. That is just a real demonstration of how stupid those people are as a whole. (if they were on point, do that shit IN SOMEBODY ELSE’S NEIGHBORHOOD, NOT YOUR OWN!)

      But as far as crazy white people being few and far between, it is very stupid to think that the actions of the human are dictated and limited by what color skin they were born with, as opposed to what is going on inside their head and what their capacity for violence is, be it an outburst or controlled, from a simple brutal murder to a massive genocide, humans are an absolutely horrible monster race of life.

        1. nations were built on barbarism the very values we believe in are just manifestations from some form of act of atrittion to each other , we never goin to change .thats always will be always has been

      1. we act like aliens,parasites sucking the life out of the beautiful planet we call home, swarming over the entire world like ants, destroying everything in our path, extinctions,pollution,desertification ALL irreversible.

  5. Good music at 9:00. Nice melody and beat.

    I read about these guys in a book called “The Hunter, The Hammer, and Heaven” by Robert Young Pelton. I recommend it to anyone who is fascinated with guerrilla warfare, or things that are seldom reported on by the media or censored beyond recognition.

  6. Russians are as bad .. And looks like they’re taking over pattaya.. And bringing all the illegal activities.. I’m a piece of garbage to their eyes .. Well they”re a piece of garbage to my eyes too .. Im angry two Russian tourist killed my friend by racing on a high powered bikes and crash and my friend was just at the wrong place at the wrong time .. Now the hatred starts here

    1. It would be nice if humans were equiped with a “power off” option in situations like this. If horrific painful death is a few seconds away, we could just turn ourselves off and avoid going through it.
      No such luck of an easy out for us, or for that poor dude. Same with the guy on the grass that was having a little chat, than had a little hole put into him, and then was butchered.
      Even though it didn’t take too long, it must have taken what seems half their entire livetime for it all to be over.
      The fear would be worse than the pain itself.

      1. There is a power-off. Shock usually sets in during extreme pain or fear. The beheading victims probably didn’t feel much a few seconds into the execution unless he was drugged. The drawback is that it CAN be difficult to bring someone back from shock. It is interesting that even though it is not a survival response, the brain contains this mechanism to prevent agonizing pain during death. RIP to all who passed violently as a result of this conflict.

  7. You know it’s after watching these type of actions that you really realise just how pathetic humans can be, how heartless, and lack of NATURAL feeling, even a bitch dog will go hungry trying to feed a pup, and humans treat other humans without any affection or sympathy whatsoever …. and we’re the intelligent ones? While nature can appear brutual , at least with animals it’s about survival, with humans it’s just for entertainment, oil, and having the upper hand (very seldon about survival) I imagine that we will one day totally destroy one another, before nature gets to do it for us!

  8. Pathetic men why are they so evil. You can’t blame it on war, because there killing there own kind. Plus you can easily kill someone in a more humane kind of way. Not cut into someone neck while there fully conscious with a butter knife. Men have no “emotion” Even the ones about to have there heads blown off, they don’t scream or cry, there cold right to the last minute. All over the world, most of serial killer’s are men. Soldiers are baby killer’s Now matter where you came from round the world, when your blown-up streets, builder’s or what ever soldiers never know how many women and children they are killing. Why are men so fucking evil. It shows most men no matter what kind of back ground they come from, they can easily be tuned into the worse killers possible by just joining the army.

  9. Uncle Sam did this . He greenlighted Turkey to fund Chechens via Mili gurus? :n Erdogan / gulen/muslim Brotherhood organisation that also sent Turk headchoppers to train these cunnuses.The same Turks also did all the training and leading for headchopping in Yugoslavia. Cunnuses!

    That is right! Back when Erdogan was USA ‘s favourite deputy! And he and Gulen -the so called muslim cleric(read terrorist leader) were bumbuddies .

  10. Any dead russian is always a good russian. Not a fan of islam or any religion, but I Love the way they kill the russians. Keep those krokodil shooting, vodka guzzling, partner killing, primitive minded skin head soulless demons miserable and suffering. Then they can blow themselves up with suicide vests and post it too and read the comments with allah and gangbang fuck some little kids in heaven with ALL those fag catholic priests.

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