Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video

Russian Skinheads Beheading - Neo-Nazi Execution

Russian skinheads have been perhaps the most brutal of all skinheads anywhere in the world. In this video, unknown Russian neo-nazis execute two Muslim men. Obviously, these Russian skinheads wanted to show everyone that they mean it and they truly delivered. First executed man was offed by beheading and by far caught the shittier end of the deal. The second man was shot point blank in the head – definitely much faster and less torturous way to execute someone. Not to mention that the guy who was beheaded suffered a lot because of poor beheading skills of his executioner.

According to various news sources, the two executed men were from Dagestan and Tajikistan. Yes, it’s that Dagestan where six Russian soldiers were beheaded. And even though this Russian skinhead beheading hands down counts as one of the worst beheadings filmed, because of close details of cuts through victims neck, I still tend to think that beheading of the last Russian conscript in Dagestan is the worst beheading ever, simply because camera is right in victims face as his head is raised from the ground to expose neck that got slit.

Russian Skinheads and Fascism in Russia

I find it mind boggling that fascism in Russia has such a strong foundation. Wasn’t it Russia that fought fascism off when they were attacked by Hitler’s army? I guess new generation of Russians has different thinking from their fathers and see their national pride as something that must never be stomped on.

Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani

When this execution video first surfaced on the internet, it was posted on Live Journal under the title “Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani”. Live Journal took it down immediately after being notified, but once the video made on the internet, it was all over the place. Two men are seen kneeling in front of a flag with Swastika – a nazi symbol from Hitler’s rule. Russian skinheads never really expose themselves. They wear combat fatigues with masks over their heads and perform a “sig heil” – nazi greeting. The skinheads claim to be from “Russian Nationalist Socialists” – previously unknown group that definitely made its name known with these executions. The caption at the beginning of the video is in Russian and actually means “Russian Nationalist Socialists”.

Beheading of First Muslim

That first man who was beheaded definitely got the shittier end of the stick. Doe to either dull blade or (more likely) pathetic beheading skills, the entire beheading took some 90 seconds, greatly prolonging the suffering of the victim. Death grasps for air as his throuat was being slit are gut wrenching, but entire bloody sequence gains on gore when cameraman zooms in on the bleeding neck. When the executioner starts slicing the neck from the beck, nasty bloody wound is revealed in close up of a camera. The video is then interrupted and cuts back in when the bead is complete severed – obviously the executioner was not able to decapitate the victim as easily as he thought he could, so they cut the embarrassment out – same thing as happened in beheading of Mansuur Mohammed. Only these Russian skinheads further embarassed themselves by being unable to lay decapitated head on top of man’s dead body. Several attempts to lay the head on there failed, the shooting was then interrupted and the video cuts back in after the head was securely placed on top of the body – kind of mimicking Islamic beheadings from Iraq, only really sucking at it.

Point Blank Execution of Second Muslim

Second Muslim got it much better. He was forced to kneel in front of a grave and was shot point blank at the back of his head – quick and (to a point) painless death. Definitley better than screw-up of a beheading performed before. The video ends with close up of the Nazi flag with Swastika and a caption reminding that this execution was carried out by The National Socialist Party of Rus.

Skinhead Attacks in Russia

Skinhead attacks throughout Russia has been on a rise and are at alarming numbers. Russian police at first doubted the authenticity of this video, but the footage definitely seems authentic so the case is treated as murder. Even though beheading didn’t go as smoothly as Muslims can do it, many Russian ultra-nationalist groups claim that videos like this one will show Muslims that if this is how they want to play, they will receive this type of treatment as well. The video is definitely graphic and easily vomit inducing, but it would take another thousands of such beheading to only even up with beheadings carried out on Russians by Muslims.

Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video is below. WARNING – it’s a vomit inducing video. Very graphic. Do not take this warning lightly!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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176 thoughts on “Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video”

  1. There’s something wrong in all of this.

    1. Nazis doesn’t kill Muslims. They kill Jews. Have you ever saw Muslims killing other Muslims in this way?

    2. The way beheading is done in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan is with a saber. Just type in Google Images “Saudi Arabia Beheading” and you’ll see by yourself. They don’t ever put the head’s beheaded victim over his body.

    3. I doubt very much that the masked guys are actually “skinheads”. I think they’re Jews… in fact, Zionists. Because you should actually know the relation the Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini and Adolf Hitler had, at the time. Nazis and Muslims weren’t enemies at all.

    4. The USSR and “Hitler’s army” we’re allied, by the way. Nazism = Zionism.

    1. Better go to learn about Russian Neo-fagzis before saying nonsense. They hate Muslims and immigrants in Russia, cuz, they want a country only for Russians. That shit of Nazism at difference with people thinks, it’s about to created a country for those ones you considered your own people, that’s where the racism, xenophobia, lower self-stem and other inferior-complexes begin.

      You never watched Islamic-extremists beheading other ones? They do it with a knife and later put the head over the body, these fags (heroes of other fags) on the video are trying to mimic that. The style of beheading you’re talking about is used in executions, the way that extremists do it with a knife is to terrorize persons.

      If they’re not skinheads, they still are Russian Neo-Fagzis and a Political party took the credit for this act. At WWII era Nazis just met Jewish, probably if Venusians existed, they could blamed to them about of their own failures. That’s the case of these Neo-worthless hating Muslims.

      USSR and Hitler, weren’t allies, but Stalin tried an alliance, Hitler never responded and later started the invasion to Russia, that’s where USSR counter attacked.

      In fact, any Nazy new or old is a head full of shit. Like always, extremist people of any faction, country, religion, etc. It’s harming the image of a whole group. And people in the middle just suffer as those guys on the video and wrongful hatred to all Russia for those insecure-bastards killing on this video.

    2. Nazis consider all non-white people inferior, along with certain white people, like Slavs. Russians are Slavs, but oddly enough, some of them still ascribe to Nazism. Russian Nazis hate Muslims more than anything.

      And no, the USSR and Hitler’s army were not allies, do you not know anything about World War II? The worst fighting was between the Nazis and the USSR.

        1. You clearly Know nothing of nationalsocialism and hitlers view on Slavs Your either to stupid to do some research or just afraid to lose your illusions If hitler hated slavs he wouldnt give them Their own divisions in the Waffen SS and he wouldnt call them ‘Good as a german soldier” Not to mention that hitler did not want WW2 to start but Ofcourse your Not gonna research that so im wrong right?

          1. you are right a lot of people see hitler as a racist evil maniac when actually he was none,ive looked into his life and watched a lot of videos and documentries,he wanted what was best for his country,and yes he didnt want to go to war with england if anyone was corrupt it was churchill,see people are too thick or probably been brainwashed at school to believe that crap,the jews are the cause of whats happening in the world today but people are blind or scared to admit the real truth.

  2. Not only are these Russians cowards (wearing masks) but they’re also pretty fucking stupid. What they don’t realise is that the Nazis regarded Russians and Slavic people in general as sub-human. So really these traitorous Russian idiots are insulting themselves by blinding adopting the Nazi ideal.

    Its like having Jewish Gestapo.

    1. As Much As I Respect And Adore This Statement, You May Have Used Correct Grammar And Spelling While Insulting Another Person’s Mental Capacity. This Statement Makes You Look Well Informed, Yet Completely Ignorant And Unread.

  3. 1939 Adolf Hitler said the reign of the Nazi’s would last 1000 years. Many believed that it was a false dream when WW2 ended, and Germany fell. As you can see Hitler’s words were no lie. Nazism was, and will never banish from our Earth, in turn it will grow stronger. It is sad to say many of the worlds neo-nazi groups focus on white supremacy as a whole… what fools. They took the rules of Nazism and manipulated it because they do not understand its true meaning and purpose.

    One day our order will be restored, and a new leader will guide us to victory.

  4. Dominic’s reply is just stupidity. We know this is happening and that there are fascists everywhere, also among Muslims.

    Beheadings are not following an instruction book.

    And Nazis kill Muslims as well as they kill anybody. European Neo-nazis kill immigrants from wherever they are. Strangely enough, many immigrants are Neo-nazis.
    They are just assholes with weird minds, gathered under a label and a flag.

    The Russian fascists are among the worst at present, because not enough efforts are made to stop them.
    These things don’t happen without several people knowing the details. I think money could be the tool to get them.
    I.e, a large reward for info, leading to conviction.

  5. How can people be so dumb as to kill other people for the current situation they are in…blame yourselves for being so ingorant as to trust your own government like you did your trusted you’re parents…you nazi-military-fascist movents are being played big-time…These people will get theirs sooner or later, when their role is played out..I say karma can be a bigger bitch than any knife, when u cannot sleep at night from the horros you’ve commited in your life-time…maybe even drawing a gun and putting it to your own temple…

  6. Maybe the dull blade was intentionally used. As you can see, it is far more painful due to the length of time and the extensive tissue damage it would inflict. As far as all the negative commentary on his “poor” execution skills, I would like to see any of you “experts” try this for yourself. Now I could be wrong, but I speculate that the Dagestani was the victim of the blade – a possible revenge method for what was done to those young Russian soldiers captured by Dagestani muslims?

    “Not only are these Russians cowards (wearing masks) but they?re also pretty fucking stupid. What they don?t realise is that the Nazis regarded Russians and Slavic people in general as sub-human. So really these traitorous Russian idiots are insulting themselves by blinding adopting the Nazi ideal.”

    I don’t think it’s cowardly to not want to get caught FOR A DOUBLE MURDER… Since we cannot see these two individuals, you cannot make assumptions about their ethnic background. Russia is not completely “Slavic” – there are large pockets of Nordic/Germanic peoples in Russia. Not that it really matters anyways, Many of those fighting under Hitler were of full or partial Slavic extract, too.

    National Socialism is not an exclusively GERMAN ideal. Its adoption as a political system can be done by any nation. The symbolism (the Swastika) tends to go hand in hand with such ideals in the modern era.

    It is pretty obvious that these Russian Ultra-nationalists view these two NON-RUSSIAN muslims as a subhuman people. Their acts aren’t about “Hitler” or “Nazism” they are for what they see beneficial for RUSSIA.

    As far as Hitler’s adoption of some muslims into the Auxillary SS (Handschar and Skanderbeg) do you really think he LIKED them? I mean, they were there to do some dirty work… and not considered part of the real SS. To throw it out there – It has been said before… “Hold your enemies close.”

    “Nazis doesn?t kill Muslims. They kill Jews. Have you ever saw Muslims killing other Muslims in this way?”

    I’ve seen lots of Muslims kill other Muslims…. hahaha.

  7. A for the swastika..lets set some things straight;
    Below the word Om is a whirling cross within a circle. It is a very ancient symbol, found all over the world?in India, among American Indians, and in many other cultures around the globe. In Sanskrit it is called a swastika, meaning ?good.? It comes from the word swasti ?welfare,? in turn from su ?well? and asti ?it is.? In popular use in India, it is thought to be a sign of good luck. In medieval Europe it was used by Christians and called a gammadion (because it is made of four Greek gamma letters) or in England a fylfot because it was used as a design to fill (fyl) the foot (fot) of stained glass windows.

    The Nazis adopted this ancient holy symbol (which they called Hakenkreuz or ?bent cross?) and perverted its meaning, much as the Ku Klux Klan in the United States adopted the cross and perverted its meaning as a sign of hate and intimidation. But the swastika is still used as a holy symbol all over the world, for example by the Jains of India, whose religion is devoted to harmlessness.

    All crosses symbolize some aspect of manifestation. The swastika is a whirling cross, its clockwise (righthanded, sunwise, or deasil) motion suggesting the dynamic forces of creation. So the swastika represents the great process of becoming, which produces the world in which we live. It symbolizes what astrophysicists call the expansion of the universe. When the swastika is represented as turning in the opposite direction (that of the Nazi Hakenkreuz), it symbolizes the forces of contraction or destruction that bring about the end of a world when it has completed its evolution. The reverse turning swastika is not evil, but merely a symbol of the winding up of creative energies and of the process of coming to an end.

    The circle that encloses the swastika is what is called the ?ring-pass-not,? that is, the boundary around our universe and within which the creative forces constantly swirl and evolve life. The center of the whirling swastika, however, is still. When we are there, we are, as T. S. Eliot said in Burnt Norton, ?at the still point of the turning world.? It is the point of calmness and peace in the midst of the constantly changing world all around us.

    The encircled swastika, symbolizing the world in its dynamic aspect of becoming, is just below the Om symbol, which represents the eternal and absolute from which the world emanates. Their arrangement in the seal is therefore meaningful. This changing world depends on or hangs from the unchanging absolute. Moreover, the rest of the seal, which represents particular aspects of this evolving world, expands from the encircled swastika. The rest of the seal gives us, as it were, a closer look at the process symbolized by the whirling cross, the process going on within it.

  8. You nazi wannabes are ignorant cowards. Your day of judgement is coming. You fight like a bunch of pussies, 5 on 1? what about 1 on 1, you can’t because you are a bunch of fucking cowards, scared little cowards!!!! you blame others for your poverty, when it’s you who are the big fucking losers, can’t keep jobs, don’t know how to contribute to society. you are worthless.

  9. what YOU dont understand is that these people will never stop killing. its race now….next itll be race and religion….next race, religion, and hair color…itll never stop…i pray to god this ends and ends soon

  10. kill all russian infidells dog and israely dog
    islam will be the winner
    kill all enemy of islam
    we ar strong (al hamd lallah)
    and any one we can stop us

  11. Some of you are so fucked up. This video is terribly sad, I can’t believe some of your comments. Those poor men were hard working men with families, that man in the hoodie, the last time his family ever heard from him was when he called his father to wish him a happy birthday. And then some of fuckers are calling this zionism fuck you ass holes, every where I go it is always the “zionists” you think I am gonna fall for your retarted mind tricks? Fuck you and Fuck Islam! Islam is why these poor men had to suffer this torture. And why many innocent americans and europeans have died, they have died in the name of Allah you can’t tell me that they were not doing islamic prayers while cutting those men’s head off.

  12. Thats fukin sick im white and like the this kinda shit but idk after watchin that imma gonna have to rethink my beliefs i could never do something like that i couldnt live with myself………

  13. this is not good. this can bot be accepted in our community. this video should be shown to the police and they should take action.

    first of all. why would anybody be so cruel second why would the videotape it third why post it on the internet fourth nazis suck.

    plus nazis dont kill muslims they kill jews

  14. Well i sure am glad to see a muslim get a taste of their own shitty medicine. I felt nothing for those men. Other beheading videos I have felt bad for the victims, since they were innocents. No muslim is innocent.

  15. What the hell is wrong with these people? How can you kill someone like that? Who cares if they’re gay. Is it REALLY that big of a fucking problem. God this video made me puke.

  16. How could someone do something like this to another human being? There is no way that those guys have a soul, and if they do then they are going to hell for what they did. Also some of the other comments on this video disgust me. How can you people sit there and condone their actions? It is inhumane and cruel. Those poor men I can only think of how their families and loved ones are dealing with this.

  17. nice beheading
    the music rocks xD
    second death sucked xD

    How could someone do something like this to another human being? There is no way that those guys have a soul, and if they do then they are going to hell for what they did. Also some of the other comments on this video disgust me. How can you people sit there and condone their actions? It is inhumane and cruel. Those poor men I can only think of how their families and loved ones are dealing with this.


  18. This is why my followers wage war with skinheads!!! This is to be considered a warning to all armed men naming themselves skinhead neo-nazis if you have any honour in your discusting wasteful and pointless lives and ideals you will fight. we are coming to your doorstep and you better be ready for complete extermination. any left alive will have a 7′ lead pipe stuck through them from ass to mouth!!!!! one more thing, you’d better have allot of weapons if u plan on living!!!

  19. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into my friend we will fight for the greater good that is our nobel cause! we will make tonnes of these videos of us beheading all of you!!!! your offer is accepted, and we will spill your blood all over your infected lands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, I say, give the men who were lucky enough to kill those teenaged pretty boys, cigars! I would have wanted another slow, precision decapitation with the second pretty boy. Can’t believe they shot him, but nice kills, nonetheless! Loved the way the man was breathing heavily from an intense orgasm while cutting that crying pretty boy’s head off! Give him a big cigar!

  20. Finally!
    Nation Socialist rise to the occasion to defend Christians and Europeans-Russians- and all descendants of.

    Jihad or however you spell it, finally have a challenge!
    I got two dollars on the white-nationalist, there making a come back here in the third quarter for all our freedom!

    Hail victory!~14/83

  21. Here is the link telling all about Jewish NS, in fact over 150,000 Jews fought in the German regular army.

    Including the poster boy of German army was a full blooded Jew.

    WW-2 was a lot of Christian Jews-(in Germany) fighting to deport the Zionist-Jews. Also, there were no gas chambers.
    This was simply pre-post war propaganda which was first claimed in the US news paper in 1922 that 6 million Jews were being gassed in Europe.
    Google it ans find copys of the original New York Newspaper.

  22. To the first poster…

    “1. Nazis doesn?t kill Muslims. They kill Jews. Have you ever saw Muslims killing other Muslims in this way?”

    Nazi’s hated any race that wasn’t white. They aren’t “Nazi’s”. Nazism is dead. They are just wannabes who have Nazi-esque views. If you know anything about Russia, Checnya, and the war they have had going on for years, you would know why they did this. It’s extremism. But rather then kidnap potentially innocent people and do this, they should go to where the real problem is and take down the guilty.

    And to answer your last question, yes.
    I’ve seen plenty of muslims kill other muslims in that way.
    Islam is so fucked up, that they are even against eachother.
    It’s like taking Christianity, and dividing them into groups of Catholics or Protestants or Salvation Army or whatever, and they all thinking one another is completely wrong and begin killing eachother.
    In Islam, you have sunnis, shiites, Sufi’s, etc. And they are all against eachother because they think the other preaches islam wrong.

    “2. The way beheading is done in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan is with a saber. Just type in Google Images ?Saudi Arabia Beheading? and you?ll see by yourself. They don?t ever put the head?s beheaded victim over his body.”

    This has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Or criminal beheading.
    Besides that, you are still wrong.
    Generally, beheadings are done with a long sword and a single chop, yes.
    But sometimes it’s done differently. And they display the head on the body quite often, actually.

    “3. I doubt very much that the masked guys are actually ?skinheads?. I think they?re Jews? in fact, Zionists. Because you should actually know the relation the Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini and Adolf Hitler had, at the time. Nazis and Muslims weren?t enemies at all.”

    You think they are Jews? Come on. They probably aren’t skinheads, but the fact that they have a nazi flag there shows that they probably are. Skinheads or not, they are still Neo-Nazi’s. Also, I have no clue what you are talking about with this relationship and I call bullshit. But do you honestly believe that Hitler who couldnt even allow whites who were jewish into his new world would allow dirty arabs who were muslim? Come the fuck on. Besides that, any relationship hitler had with other countries was mostly bogus anyway. Russia for example. Before the invasion of Poland he sent people to meet with Stalin and they signed a deal that Germany and Russia would have peace for 100 years, and both would own half of poland during the invasion in which russia took the right side and germany took the left. He blindsided russia just a few years later even after signing the peace deal. If he couldn’t be friends with russia, he damn well wasnt going to be friends with arabs.

    4. The USSR and ?Hitler?s army? we?re allied, by the way. Nazism = Zionism.
    See above. They were allied in the beginning. Until hitler blindsided them and invaded the Soviet Union.

  23. islam declared war on all of us whites!
    Latin, Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic are the 5 cultures who make up Aryan!
    Aryan warriors arise and defend Christianity and our people, who were made by the hand of God.
    We are all the descendants of Japheth, he was one of Noah’s three sons. Arabia and Jews are Asiatic and are the descendants of Shem, Africans are the descendants of Ham. For proof, read Genesis chapter 10.

    1. Nice try buddy, but that actual Aryans were from Iran and northern India. Europeans are not Aryans.

      Islam didn’t declare war on anybody. All races are equal in Islam and a white person can be a Muslim, so that makes no sense.

      Btw go read what Hitler had to say about Slavs.

  24. i watched all ov these beheadingz n am disgusted really nt so much frm the beheadingz them selves but at the faggot sick fuckz that leave commentz that condone this shit hw fukin tough really r u 2 decapitate a pair ov unarmed defenceless boyz LMAO untie the bloke fukin giv em a knife u hav a knife fukin 1 on 1 or jst straight old skool styles in duke it out fist 2 fist az far az i am concernd these r actz of COWARDz men that canot face there own fearz n cannot handle there journey in life in r searching 4 a purpose 2 live 4 fukin bunch ov bitches screaming”allah akba” or woteva there fukin COWARz r sayin im tellin ya right nw allah guna reject ur asses in send ur scared coward asses 2 hell 2 get fucked up the ass 4 eternity u feelin me???

  25. Why does this have to happen?
    Why can’t people love instead of hate?
    Why does a man kill another man?
    You wouldn’t kill your own brother; we all share this earth.

  26. I highly agree.these cowards are the ones who should feel the wrath of a beheading.and the force of the law for committing two Hannis crime.treachery for adopting anti-Russian ideals and murder

  27. yes nazi’s and russians were allied, but they turned and were enemies also. and Nazi’s did not just kill Jews. They killed Jews, Homosexuals, Muslims, any minorities who were not of the “perfect race”

  28. The thing is, they are killing this two guys not because they are muslims, but because they are illegal immigrants. A lot of people in today Russia afraid that there will be so many immigrants that they will start dictating their will to the government. Just like in France…
    I feel sorry for those two guys though. Especially for the first one. Horrible death…

  29. Armin you fucking queer you. Shut the fuck up, you have no followers.

    As for the faggots that say Russians can’t be Nazis and Nazis kill only Jews… (for all you unknowing fucks, Jew is a derogatory term for a Jewish individual… Look it up, or ask a Jew)… How is it that we have Neo-Nazis in America that kill niggers? :O

  30. FOR ALL WHO LIKE THIS VIDEO -you’re just a bunch of sick, stinky bastards. Stop speaking bullshits about immigration, politics, white power or some greater cause. Nothing can justify the insanity shown in the video. If you like it – you are freaks, would be murderers and a disgrace for our white race.

    FOR ALL SKINHEADS: Get real and fight like men, not like coyotees. 3 on 1?5 on 1? Where the hell is your sense of a fair fight? Do you want to be remembered as cowards? Faggots, get out there and do something with your life. Work hard, play hard, create some values and stop blaming immigrants and others for your own impotence. Get real and start to live like true knights, not like a bunch of complaining wogs, barbarians and coyotees. The biggest battle ahead of you is to manage your own lives well. So start working on it. Otherwise we’ll get you real soon.

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