The Same Decapitated Syrian Girl Used in Another Video

The Same Decapitated Syrian Girl Used in Another Video

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf sent us this gruesome video from Syria and as I watched it, I thought to myself: “This looks strangely familiar”. Of course it does – because it’s the same decapitated girl we’ve seen before in another video from Syria.

I imagine there is a line of people behind the camera waiting for their turn to raise drama with the same severed head. It’s as if they were auditioning for the role of the best whiner in Syria.

The tragedy of this poor child’s death is undeniable. It’s sad that someone this young was never given any decent chance at life. People who brought war to Syria, and sustain it with support from western war criminals have her blood on their hands.

DerSteppenwolf also provided translation of the speech:

@0:01 : Here is the Syrian nation! Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, look at us. Mecca and the custodian of the two holy mosques, look at the Syrian people – dismembered people and decapitated heads.

@0:25 : a man comes with a headless torso and says “show them this one”

@0:34 : the first guy adds “look, look at the meat”

@1:00 : the camera man says “these are the results of the Geneva II Conference”

Thanks a lot for the video, DerSteppenwolf:

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  1. When the war in Syria began I had sympathy and respect for the ordinary people that decided to stand up and change a political system that gave them no choice in how the country was run and who would lead them, The people said they wanted no outside help form the western world as they felt outside interference would lead to years of occupation by foreign forces. They started of very well and were bringing the government to it’s knees until the point came when it was realised neither side could win this war. Obviously both sides are now being armed and supplied by outside interests and the goal that the people were fighting for has become lost in their quest for revenge. It has become a war of Shi’ite against Sunnis with both sides being as bad as one another, how can either side expect sympathy and support from the outside world while they behave like animals?

    1. No, she is real @ Juicy. But how much more of a degenerate can you be to swing her around like a rag-doll. Gees man, disgusting behavior. You think they could come up with a better way to advance their cause than to use a dead body, over & over again ? 馃檨

        1. You never know with today,s technology @ Juice. But just the way it looks, to me i think it is a real child, and they did a whole lotta sick video,s whit her within a day or two, to use later,,, maybe ??

          1. Your right Dre, this little girl had been dead for less than two days when these videos were shot as there is no signs of decomposition in the skin for example discoloration. As you say they probably made a whole load of videos while they had the chance, very disrespectful to the little girl but that’s the way these people are.

    2. @Juicy – I agree, that is despicable carrying that girls head by her hair like a hunter bragging and displaying a rabbit that he shot. And yes she is still a girl and someone’s daughter and niece etc. Just because of the tragedy that unfolded for this innocent child she still carried a soul and deserves to be treated with dignity. Those arrogant and blood thirsty people just keep wondering why this shit keeps happening to them! After all this time, learn some lessons you FV….

  2. Sad , very sad . Makes you wonder how these folks tick . I mean , do the relations of this child not want to bury her ? . Perhaps there’s no family left , who knows . Sometimes I feel like counting my lucky stars , we know Nada !

          1. You’re making me blush ny….lolz..she’s my lil mini me though….

            Z I don’t blame you hun…before my my daughter I couldn’t stand kids..never had a desire to have any…shit happens though..ssometimes AWESOME things come from it and in my case it was yaya…I owe that child my life…ONLY advice I have for you Z is make sure you’re there for your children no matter what… <3

    1. Best idea for a solution I have heard yet. I think all of the “holy lands” would make excellent radioactive parking lots. And plop a super Wal-Mart right on top of the temple mount. Problems solved.

          1. OK,,, that is funny, you guys lol. Don,t feel bad Obli, I once asked a woman how many months she was at because of that ball in her tummy. I then stood there red-faced,, studdering like a retard, after finding out she had a medical condition that made her abdomen swell abnormally. 馃檨 Fuck,,,,I almost felt as stupid as the other day accusing Portugese of nonsense! lol

  3. yes i dont like it too, when they play with childs head like that. I already get to think, that its the same syrian girl from the last week
    Those syria Mec forces are real master of puppets, who like to play childs head swaying like marionetes twisting peoples mind and smashing childrens life

  4. IN the 70’s and 80’s there was talk of nukes causing a ‘self-lit, glass covered parking lot’ the world over. That scenario can be used today for the entire middle east given how these miscreants behave. These people are animals… the whole lot of them. Barbarous, callous animals.

    The whole lot of them deserve nothing better than having hundreds of air-burst nukes going off simultaneously from the Sudan right up and through Afghanny – and that includes Isreal.

    1. Glad you mentioned Israel, because all this bloodshed is their doing. Actually, the Muslims are the biggest anti Zionists around. It would be a mistake to attack them. Muslims and whites need to team up to bring the Jews down. We wouldn’t have any problem with Muslims if it wasn’t for Jews.

  5. This video was made on the same day as the other one. If you look at the guy in the first vid, you can see what he is wearing at the time. White shirt, Black Leather Jacket , pants & belt are also the same. In the second video he shows-up in the background wearing exactly the same clothing. Notice also the same blanket that she was on in the first video. Fuckers made a bunch of video,s to further their propaganda later on, and in one day! DIRTY BASTARDS.

    1. Hey @Dre,
      Just wanted to say that I wasn’t trying to beat you down back on the Indian couple hanging post. I appreciate you looking at it from another viewpoint.

      Also, in answer to your question,

      CoonJuicer is a play on “Conducer”

      con路ducer (k蓹n-do虆o虆s鈥, -dyo虆o虆s鈥)
      To contribute or lead to a specific result: “The quiet conduces to thinking about the darkening future” (George F. Will).

      [Latin cond奴cere : con+ d奴cere, to lead;

      1. to lead or contribute (to a result)
      [C15: from Latin cond奴cere to lead together, from com- together + d奴cere to lead]

  6. Since he mentions Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, etc. we know it’s propaganda meant to encourage more fighters to pour into Syria.
    We’ve seen two of these videos using the same child, it’s probably safe to guess they were made at the same time, just released at different times.
    Thank you DerSteppenwolf, for the video as well as translating it for us.
    RIP little Syrian girl.

  7. Even if this is a repeat, that poor kid deserves to have the truth be shown. This really pisses me the fuck off. You wonder why I rant on Jews constantly. Shit like this is why. All the people murdered because of these cocksuckers is why. FUCK JEWS!

          1. You’re talking about Machiavelli right? It’s funny, because I have that book on my bookshelf, I just haven’t read it. I bought it years ago and stuck it on the shelf, never got around to it, forgot about it.

      1. dre – I’m curious what you mean by that; Jew – Troll? Are you inferring that this person trolling is more than a normal troll(person of lesser mental faculties, insane, childish etc) ? The reason I’m asking is that you are a frequent and I’m guessing respected poster on here so your opinion carries some weight. Is there a history with this user that I have missed? Have seen the avatar popping up here and there lately..

          1. I can’t really discern much from those posts. Save for a few references to books that might raise a few eyebrows on here and a fairly obvious wish to troll users for whatever reason I don’t really see it. Maybe it’s out of place to discuss other users in this manner but I think it’s potentially a crucial issue for the community. I would hate to see the environment inhere become ridden with fear of so called internet shills. Sure, they are very real but is this guy one? How do we know? I post this only because I support the site and I mean no ill-will towards you dre, you seem like a nice person.

          2. No reply????,, Well i guess you got the picture then. I do not want to sound like an asshole, but honestly,,, B-G and their quest for Truth, & Justice are under Attack by the Zionist supporters, and must be stopped at all cost to protect our beliefs and mission to expose the lies and injustices committed against the innocents worldwide.

          3. I didn’t have much new to add. Paint me a picture perhaps? What is it in particular that strikes you as out of the ordinary? BG will face a lot of trolling as any site growing in popularity would.

    1. Allah Arkbar, (god is great) is what the Muslims shout often after an Attack, or when one of their own,,,, or our own for that matter gets killed or maimed ! Go figure eh? But we make fun of it cause it sounds funny!

  8. @proto, yea man go for it, make sure you have a nice stack saved up, there expensive as shit, my kids take me to the cleaners man, but as long as there healthy n happy that’s all that matters.

  9. Geez. Same little head, how decrepit. It’s strange how even in the low quality of the video, that there’s false emotion behind the eyes of these people. Well, actually not so strange. Predictable is the word I’ll use to replace that.

  10. what a bunch of BS. I hate that whole region. They are all ruthless killers, haters, uneducated, no ethics, and dirty. I sincerely enjoy watching videos of them dying and think that they just can’t die off quickly enough.

  11. I’m a piece of shit but I can’t watch this. Not saying anyone here is for watching it. I just have trouble watching something with dead kids on it. Maybe if I didn’t have kids of my own. I can’t help but think what if this was my son on here like this? So sad, and yet my tax dollars are going to fund this kinda shit while the 4th branch of the government (the media) is telling me that the rebels are fighting for democracy. And that assad is going to use his weapons against the people of syria. Those of us at bg knew it was coming. And it did. Lies lies and more lies.

  12. First off, I’m a father of two small children. It’s always a tragedy to see children involved in these types of scenarios.
    However, due to the religious brainwashing in the middle east it is probable to assume that this child would have grown up to be fodder. Some clerics chanting several times a day would rot anyone’s brain.
    I’ve once read that in order to ‘normalize’ the middle east you’d have to begin by educating the children first; the problem is that the education is done by the elders that are completely whacked in the head with values that are completely ass backwards. With all this you could expect that your head is on a spike within 2 minutes of your arrival. (thinking ‘turn it all to glass’ at the moment)

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