Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man

Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man

Saudi Arabia, the great ally of Israel and its puppet nations, continues to lead the world in the number of beheadings carried out in the name of its regime. Saudis are clearly scared that the dissent will spread and the Saudi royal family’s days of ruling by birthright will end.

Video below shows one of the many executions the belligerent and panic stricken Saudi regime has carried out in the last few months. The absolute hardheartedness of the executioner, who casually walks away without giving a second glance at the man he had just decapitated tells you how beheadings became a cookie-cutter, conveyor belt vanity of elimination of the dangers to the rule of the House of Saud.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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  1. That shinny character must be their “alah” witnessing his followers carrying on with his sick deeds. 😆 Heh, well i dont blame him, he has one paying job, and after hes done, he can take a break or go have lunch, and all he has to do is having a bit of stomach to do it without questionng. So why would he care anyways? That being said, should the pig/cow/chicken slaughterers care of the lives of the animals they kill to put food on their tables as well?

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          1. There is always this outcry of human rights abuses from other countries about Saudi (which funnily enough is the one country the USA seems to forget to include on it’s list of rogue states) but after seeing these fast, clean, painless, cheap, humane and no fuss execution of the condemned, I don’t know how anyone could possibly argue that other countries methods like hanging, electrocution, fatal injection, firing squad etc, are more humane. That is absolutely the way I’d choose to go if in that situation…..

          2. @Dutchy – I think the outcry has more to do why they’re being executed. But, you’re right about the sword being more humane 😀 Personally I’d love to see the sickest murderers suffer through the worst executions.

      1. Funny story: I had no idea what the Campbell?s soup slogan was until I just googled it and it said “so chunky you could eat it with a fork” which kinda made me nervous and then I read that the new slogan is “mmm mmm good” and thought “well that’s a relief” lol

  2. What exactly is shocking about this? Many countries have a death penalty and this seems one of the most humane ways of carrying it out. The executioners is just doing his job, I’d be more surprised if he were touched by it..

    1. The surprising part is not so much the execution but how quickly and publicly justice is dealt in places like Saudi Arabia. People don’t exactly get a fair trial before ring executed in the street. If I was going to be executed though, I’d definitely want it to be by a firing squad or a swift beheading. The more “humane” methods invented in the 20th century, such as electrocution and lethal injection, have more room for error. Many cases have been documented where the execution does not go smoothly.

    1. Yes, crazy lil pop that……..I love it………what a cool sound…….POp…..pOp……poP……..pop………POP…..
      ( that’s how many times that great lil noise entertained me )……….

  3. And now, a few Muslim jokes for my sand monkey friends:

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
    A. Bisexual.

    Q. How do Muslims practice safe sex?
    A. They mark the camels that kick.

    Q. What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?
    A. Nothing, yet.

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
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    Also, my usual heart warming message to the Jews “go fuck yourselve and the goat you rode in on”.

    1. i guess it feel more like you punch your head pretty hard on an wall. you still conscious but you are almost KO. this shock will probably come from the fact the spin is cut (and so the nerves). still conscious, watch around wtf happen, feel extrem pain like headbutt an wall, but didnt feel anything else and turn KO bevore die 5 secondes later (my own opinion)

  4. Speaking of shows, for the older BG crowd from Canada (perhaps the US or others too). Back in the 80s and early 90s they had a parody section in the tv guide every month or so and I recall reading funnies like instead of M.A.S.H they had M.O.U.S.T.A.C.H.E. and so forth, kind of like a Muslim version of tv guide. BG mods, would be funny to bring such a contest right here on BG though it goes on a tangent from the gore…sorta 🙂 how many Muslim- turned tv shows can you come up with…

    1. I rewatched it closely a few times. It looks like the cut leaves part of his lower jaw still attached to the neck. If that angle hit it how I think it did, it is very possible that it was his tongue…

      1. The part is definitely solid, as it bounces on impact to rest in the blood pool. Part of severed jaw (previously said) sounds good. In some cool way, I pretend it’s his tongue, but that’s a (ahem) stretch

        1. Stranger things have happened…

          Besides, the piece possibly being his tongue is no bigger stretch than the stretch they put in their tongues while “snackbarring”, which we were luckily spared from on this video.

          1. i think it was a vertebrae or part of one popping out!? but still one hell of a execution job, hat of well done !
            if i am ever caught and are to be executed i would love to meet this man before anyone else!!

  5. Slash and dash…
    Chop and run…
    Hewn and bolt…
    Cut and bounce…
    Lift tops then kick rocks…
    Lop noggin, saunter off…
    Detach and beat tracks…
    Uncork and run for it…
    Uncap one and book it…
    Decrown and leave steps…

    1. its based on the charia.
      similar to all others country with law.
      execution is an punishment from law (based on charia)
      even the arabian king can be beheaded if needed, because he is not more important than the charia (nothing is bigger than god and his words)

  6. Wow what a clean cut!
    Good for him, he’s stepped up his game up from being a camel shit vendor, in a few years he will be royalty ,just like king salmon and his camel shit – connoisseur forefathers haha…
    S.A is finally coming to terms with the fact that the U.S has all its holes stuffed with Israeli cock , and is getting real friendly with Russia to make sure all the debts since FDR are to be paid. Good luck milking the u.s now that we’re hitting another recession…

  7. thats very weird video.

    pretty short , no snackbar screams…..
    and dat little “plop !” sound when the head is cut….
    i must say, this is one of the most weird and good video i have see from islam peoples. simple and good.
    no 3 hours of blablabla, no freaking snackbar sound. maybe little short, but its ok for me

  8. wondering how that person being beheaded once your head drops consciously for less a minute…what do you think he’s thinking, knowingly a swift severed head from your body not breathing but your thoughts!

    1. If I was in Saudi Arabia and about to suffer the same fate ..I’d honestly prefer this method over anything else… The swords in these low quality videos are always sharp and no prolong torture of suffering ensues. Unlike Brazil and other Latin American shit holes …However, knowing my luck…It would be carried out with the grace and poise of Mary Queen of Scott’s executioner Hahahahah
      All joking aside the executioner made it quick….he wasn’t interested in the gore of his actions… meh!! just another day at the office 😉

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